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"Hey! You know better than that! It's dangerous!" Jack shouted, standing up from steps he perched from in the Arendelle castle courtyard. He waved his arms at the small child that who was not more than five years old trying to climb a tree.

"I can do it, daddy! I can do it!" The young prince hugged the tree tightly, attempting to swing his tiny legs around the large trunk. Jack ran over, picking up the small child and taking him into his arms.

"I know you can, James. But daddy isn't feeling very well right now." He held the child against his chest tightly, kissing his hair and closing his eyes.

"Daddy…?" The boy tilted his head up "It's gonna be okay…" The brown eyed boy smiled brightly, putting his small hand to his father's cheek. Jack gulped back his tears as he saw his boy trying to comfort him.

"Jack…" A voice announced itself from behind him.

"Oh…Anna. How are you?" He turned, forcing a smile. Anna nodded her head in a greeting has her hands gently caressed her very pregnant tummy. "Any word on-"

"I'm alright." She interrupted. Something was on her mind, something very important. "Jack… I'm as worried as you, but Elsa is going to be okay. She-"

"It's been over two weeks. Has there been ANY word on where she was taken, Anna?!" Jack didn't mean to raise his voice, but he couldn't help it. Anna bit her lip, attempting to keep her voice calm in front of the young prince as he stared at her. While leaning his cheek against his father's chest, Prince James' doe eyes were locked on hers.

"There is word…" She gulped, looking back to Jack. Jack sighed, putting the boy on the ground.

"Go on, James. Go inside and see Sandy. He'll make you something to eat." Jack gave the boy a small nudge towards the door inside. Looking back to Anna, Jack nipped at the inside of his mouth by nervous habit. "Well…What is it then? I've been around the world hundreds of times trying to look for her. Who has taken her?! Why?! Is it Pitch?"

"It's not Pitch." Anna shook her head. She took a deep breath. "I took a trip to Kristoff's old home with him yesterday evening."

"Anna! Why did-"

"Kristoff took me. Jack, she's my sister. As much as I trust you, I wasn't going to sit around waiting to pop while my sister was missing." She motioned to her stomach. "I'm fine. Not due for another month the nurse said. Now back to Elsa." She insisted.

"You went to see the trolls…?"

"Yes. They knew she had been kidnapped."

"So, she didn't just run away again?"

"Would you believe it if she did?" Anna frowned.

"I was just hoping that's all it was." Jack leaned against the tone railing that outlined the courtyard. "So who…? Who took her?" Jack gulped. Anna took a deep breath, worry in her eyes.

"There was a reason you couldn't find them. They don't want to be found, Jack! Please!" Anna pleaded.

"Who?! Anna! Tell me!" Jack clutched his fists. Anna backed up a few steps.

"I…I've already lost my sister! I can't lose you too!" She begged.

"SHE'S NOT DEAD! I CAN STILL FEEL HER! NOW TELL ME!" Jack yelled, slamming his fist against the stone. The world went silent. Anna stared; teary eyed, at Jack, her lips quivering. But just barely, she whispered as a tear fell down her pale cheek.

"The Dragon Vikings."