Title: Apple of My Eye

Author: CSM

Summary: Anyone can have a baby, but it takes extraordinary person to be a mother. It's about loving and caring for your child unconditionally no matter the cost. Post 6x10.

AN: I recently started watching Castle, and have been itching to write my first Caskett fic. After watching 6x10 Beckett's hesitation around baby Cosmo, and babies on the whole I got inspired and thus this story was born. It's been done before, but I hope to put my own twist to things and that people will give it a chance.

Apple of My Eye

She slowly awakes the sound of the wind howling against the window pane bringing her out of her sleep. She frowns, the chill in the room tickling the hairs on her forearm as she pats the cold bed. This is now a norm for her, waking up to a cold bed in the middle of the night. She can't even be upset, because more often than not the tables are turned and she is the one to creep out in the dead of night leaving the cold bed in her wake. But this is what she signed up for, this is what her life is now.

She stifles a yawn as she swings her legs off the side of the bed, her toes digging into the plush carpet as she stretches. She glances at the bedside clock, frowning when she realizes its only 7:00 pm and not the wee hours in the morning, as she originally thought.

Naps at odd hours throughout the day also seem to be the new norm for her. Her body still getting use to the insane sleeping schedule.

The loft, though, despite the early hour is dead silent, that is, until she hears a small squeal coming from the living room, followed by Castle's booming laughter. She sits still on their bed, closing her eyes as she listens to muffled sounds coming from outside. Castle's booming voice as he narrates some flourish tale, no doubt having his small audience's utter attention.

She smiles as her mind's eye conjures up the utter chaos that is currently happening in their living room. Castle's no doubt moving around to give his story more life, she then laughs when she hears Martha's voice chiming in, informing Castle that he has reached the end, her own voice masked with drama and authority. Kate snorts as she listens to Castle beg for mercy, little giggles following his plea.


She laughs when she realizes she's being summoned, she slides her feet into her slippers, smiling at the loud babbling followed by that word. That word, that still gets her heart racing, as she tries to simmer the bubbling anxiety that follows it.

"Sorry kiddo, Mama is taking a nap. Something you should be doing." Martha's voice rings out in amusement.

Kate laughs when she hears a high pitched scream in response, followed by Martha's voice, "So deviant. Just like your mother."

Kate's chest tightens at the older woman's words. She is someone's mother now, something she still can't wrap her mind around. She then laughs when Martha mutters loudly, no doubt for her son to hear, "Or maybe more like your father."

"Is it necessary to brainwash the child, mother?" Castle protests.

Kate laughs, taking that as her cue to walk into the living room, "He's a smart kid, I'm pretty sure he'll figure it out on his own."

Martha laughs wholeheartedly at her words, but its drowned out by the loud screams and Kate doesn't even have time to brace herself as she feels a small body collide with her legs.

"Mama! Up!" He demands, little hands tugging at her sweat pants, little toes digging into her own.

"I hear you, Bub." She says affectionately grasping him under the arms and hoisting him onto her hip. She laughs when small hand slaps her face to gain her attention, despite the fact she is looking directly into his bright green eyes as he babbles enthusiastically to her.

Kate laughs as she nods her head, as though she is understanding everything that is coming from his little mouth. She looks across at Martha and Castle who are both grinning in amusement, "I'm going to miss this, when he starts making sense."

"Who's to say he will?" Martha quips, she points a finger at her son," I'm still waiting on this one."


Kate laughs at the exchange knowing when to not get involved in those two and their antics. She looks around the room curiously, "Where is…"


Kate sits up in alarm, looking around the dark room frantically searching for something, someone. She knows who isn't there, her heart hammers in her chest, plummeting on the reality before her. It was all a dream.

She looks out the window, to see that there is no snow falling on the ledge, the room is quiet, too quiet for her comfort. She rubs her eyes tiredly, and looks across the bed, sighing when she sees the empty bed.

Her heart clenches when she realizes that unlike her dream, there will be no loud giggles greeting her.

No small voice calling out to her.

She sighs deeply, her heart heavy as she slips out of bed, in search for her fiancé. Sure enough, she finds him in his office at his computer. The banging noise that pulled her from her sleep was probably due to Castle hitting his head against the desk when he fell asleep, if telltale sign of him rubbing his forehead is any indication.

"Castle." Kate whispers softly, as to not startle him. "It's after 3, come to bed."

Castle shakes his head as he begins to shift papers around the desk looking for something, "I can't. There has to be something in these notes…"

"Castle." Kate says softly as she takes a step next to him, "There is no loophole here, you can't make things up to suit you. This isn't one of your books."

"I know that." Castle says tersely, "This just doesn't add up. Why after 2 years, would he just suddenly appear again? Just, as things were being finalized? How did he even find out in the first place? It makes no sense why…"

"Castle." Kate pleads, "He is the father, he has rights. There is nothing we can do."

"No. I can't believe that." Castle says stubbornly. Kate's heart is breaking at his defeated tone.

"Rick, come to bed." Kate all but begs, as she tugs him from his seat.

"It's not fair." He says petulantly, his shoulders slumping as she guides him back to their bedroom. The childishness in his tone, not hiding the fact how true his words really are.

"I know." Kate whispers as they crawl into bed, Castle engulfing Kate into a warm embrace, she bites her lip trying to keep her emotions at bay as Castle's words echo in her head.

Despite her pleas for him to join her in bed, she knows she won't be falling back to sleep. She gazes out into the still of the night, not focused on anything, until her eyes catch the small stuffed turtle that's resting on her nightstand, leaning against a half empty bottle of milk. On seeing the two objects, she bites back a sob, as she squeezes Castle's arm that's hooked around her waist.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Three Months Earlier

The tires squeak against the sleet on the floor as the car comes to a stop against the abandoned alleyway. The taillights of the other police cars illuminating the poorly lit area like a Christmas tree. The lights reflecting off of clumps of snow that looks untouched, adding to the abandoned area. Twin doors slam echoing in the still night, as Castle and Kate both step away from the car, their conversation only pausing briefly for Kate to ask where the body was.

"I'm just saying that..."

"Castle, we are not going to Scotland for our honeymoon just so you can look for the Loch Ness monster." Kate says with a roll of her eyes, not even spearing him a glance as she takes off her gloves, slipping on the surgical gloves.

"But I've heard Nessie is excellent company."

"Well then maybe you should take Nessie on our honeymoon instead?" Kate quips, grinning at the frown that is now etched across Castle's features as he tries to rectify her comment.

"Dude, shouldn't you want to go somewhere with little clothing as possible? Scotland barely has sun." Esposito asks curiously, raising his hands up in defense when Beckett glares at him.

"Let's just focus on the case." Beckett says, cutting off Castle before he can make an inappropriate comment. She looks down at Lanie, who is currently crouched over the prone figure on the floor, "What do we have?"

"Victim looks to be about 35 years. Single GSW to the chest." Lanie prattles off, shivering slightly when a cold wind passes through them, "No signs of a struggle. Judging by the fact that she is lying face down in the snow, I'm going to assume she was shot in the back. I won't know till I get her on the table."

"The guys are checking the area for any signs of what happened. We're surrounded by abandon buildings and old offices, closest residential building seems to have heard nothing." Ryan informs as he walks up to the group flipping through his note pad.

He wrinkles his nose in disgust as he eyes the nearby dumpsters that are lining the wall, "Must they always choose the smelliest alleys in New York?"

"It's New York, all alleys smell disgusting." Esposito says deadpan.

Kate rolls her eyes at their antics ignoring Ryan's retort. She looks across at Castle who is uncharacteristically quiet as he looks around the alley curiously, "Something you want to share with the class, Castle?"

Castle frowns pointing at the row of dumpsters that at lined up against the wall, "These dumpsters, they all are against the wall, next to each other."

"What about them?" Beckett asks not understanding what the dumpsters' arrangement would have to do with their murder victim.

She then turns her head squinting in the distance as Castle points to the very end of the alley. More specifically at two dumpsters that are stacked one on top each other.

"Why would someone put a dumpster on top of the other?" Castle asks curiously," Can't exactly put garbage in it if they are on top each other."

"It's a dead end, Castle. Literally." Beckett says calmly, "Even if our guy fled the scene he would have no where to go. Besides this alley is short enough he didn't exactly need to go in that direction."

She shakes her head, watching as the wheels turn in Castle's mind as he looks from their victim and back to stacked dumpsters. She knows without even having to say it that Castle has already concocted some elaborate story; usually she is more than happy to listen to his rambling in amusement but tonight the cold February chill is seeping into her pores and it's bad enough this body dropped literally 5 minutes before her shift ended for the weekend. She needs a large cup of coffee, not one of Castle's over imaginative stories. Before she can begin to derail him a small flash catches her attention in the poorly lit end of the alleyway. It comes and goes periodically, just barely shinning from a tiny hole in the top dumpster.

"Beckett." Castle calls out, his eyes wide, wondering if she saw it too.

"I saw it." Kate says already pulling out her gun as she carefully makes her way towards the dumpster. The boys hot on her heels and she knows the other uniforms around the area are all on alert as well.

She stands next to the dumpster, listening closely but not hearing any kind of movement, she glances at Castle briefly before she grabs the handle of the dumpster, but frowns when she realizes the lid won't open. The plastic lid is glued shut, or more precisely melted shut.

"Hey guys, looks like someone closed it off with cardboard boxes." Esposito calls out as he grasps the flimsy pieces of cardboard. When he pulls back he frowns on seeing a whole no bigger than three feet in diameter. "I think someone was living in here."

Kate walks towards him peering into the small crease between the dumpster and the wall. The mysterious light they had seen before now gone. She shines her own flashlight into the hole and frowns when she sees a small toy car mixed up with some old newspapers and a ratty old stuffed rabbit missing an ear.

"Did someone have their kid in here?" Castle asks in horror as he too takes a step closer to the dumpster.

"I don't think an adult can fit in there." Ryan says solemnly, Castle frowning at the implications of his words.

"Step back, let me go in to make sure no one is in there." Kate says her voice soft as she puts her gun back in its holster.

Her chest tightens as she eyes the old toy and sees another toy truck missing its back wheels in the corner of the dumpster. She carefully maneuvers her way into the confined space, mindful of her head against the roof of the dumpster, she frowns when she realizes the end of the dumpster is cut out yet again allowing for access to the other "level" of the dumpster. She shines her flashlight in the corner seeing two more toys and more newspapers and magazines littering the floor when she hears it a soft muffle cry. She cautiously inches towards the opening, slowly raising her head to see onto the next level. She shines her flashlight upwards but not into the corner as to not startle the little person, she knows she will find there. In the very corner of the dumpster there is a small bundle of old blankets and a mop of messy brown hair just barely sticking out. She can only see it because of the light coming from between the folds of the blanket. Kate's heart clenches at the sight, no child should be living like this.

"Hey, there." She calls out softly, raising her own flashlight slightly so her face is only slightly illuminated not to scare the child, "My name's Kate."

The blanket slowly slips down from the child's face and two piercing green eyes stare back at Kate. On seeing Kate the green eyes widen almost in recognition but before Kate could even comprehend that look, a little body suddenly flings at her, tiny arms going around her neck clinging for dear life even more so the only word coming from the small child's mouth.

"Mama!" The little boy whimpers his face hurried in her neck as he sobs hysterically into her shoulder. Kate almost falls back on her ass, not from just the force at which he flung himself at her but his words, that he keeps repeating.

"Beckett! Everything okay?" Castle's muffle voice can be heard from outside.

She can see a flashlight shining into the small space and three heads at the entrance, "We're coming!"

She mutters not wanting to startle the hysteric child who is still whimpering in her arms, she feels a cold nose against her chin and frowns as she squeezes the child noticing the worn out hoodie and pants that are slightly soaked. Her stomach turns when she realizes she is feeling a cold soaked diaper. She rubs his back softly hoping to get some kind of warmth in to the shivering child's body as she makes her way out of the dumpster crouched in almost a sitting position so she can fit. Her thighs protesting at the uncomfortable position.

"Is that a baby?" Esposito asks incredulously as he moves back so she can step out of the dumpster.

"Can someone get me some warm blankets?" Kate calls out, she looks at the boys helplessly as she tugs her coat over the whimpering child in her arms, "Given his weight, I'd say about 10 months or so, but he spoke and was clearly hiding so I'm not really sure."

"What did he say?" Castle asks his blue eyes filled with concern as he looks at the child whose tiny hands are still clasped around Kate's neck, face buried under her chin.

Kate's wide eyes stops him short and he tears his gaze away from the baby to look at her curiously, but before she can tell them the child whimpers again loud enough for the boys to hear, "Mama, no go."

"Definitely not a baby." Esposito remarks, his own eyes wide in surprise, as he thanks one of the officers for the warm blankets. He offers it up to Kate but they both frown when the small child in her arms refuses to let her go.

"You and the victim do have the same build and hair colour." Ryan offers as Castle helps Esposito to drape the warm blanket over the kid, making sure to tuck it into Kate's hand so she can hold it.

Kate nods as she looks behind her to see their victim still laying on the floor, she rubs the child's back, hoping to call him down as he sobs silently into her neck, "It's okay."

"We need to get him to a hospital. Who knows how long he's been out here in this weather." Castle says quietly as he squeezes Kate's shoulder for support, he glances at the officers currently working behind them, "Any chance they can move her so he doesn't see his mother like that?"

"I'll talk to Lanie." Esposito says, casting one last look at Kate and the child before he walks off.

"Mama. No go." The small boy whimpers again as he clings to Kate's scarf, tugging on it.

She looks at Castle helplessly who nods his head towards the child, encouraging her to respond.

"It's okay. I'm not going." She says softly, hating that she is lying to the traumatic child, but knowing in his current state he needs the reassurance. She looks up at Castle and Ryan who are looking at her closely, she turns to Ryan, "We need to find out who is the next of kin…Castle, what is our vic wearing?"

Castle frowns at the question, but nevertheless looks over her shoulder, at the woman who is still lying in the snow, or more specifically at her bright yellow peacoat that is splattered with blood, her knee high leather boots just sticking out from the hem of her coat. His eyes widen, coming to the same conclusion as she did, "She's too well dressed…"

"To be living in a dumpster." Kate concludes, she shifts the toddler to her other side, tugging the blanket over his head, as a strong wind passes over them, "He couldn't have possibly living in that dumpster alone, someone had to have placed in that second dumpster."

"You thinking, the person who was looking after him, is the one that killed our vic?" Ryan asks looking at the kid, then back to victim. He shakes his head, "I'd say who abandon's a baby in a dumpster, but then again to shoot someone point blank…"

"Okay, get CSU to search for prints on the dumpster. Maybe it will at least help us find out who this little guy belongs to." Kate says with a sigh. She looks across at Castle, "We should head to the hospital, before we call child services."

"He needs proper clothes." Castle points out, already pulling out his phone as they make their way back to Kate's car, "I'll see if I can get someone to pick up a few things for him."

Kate nods not bothering to argue with him on that, she can still feel the child shivering in her arms, despite the two warm blankets and her coat that she's pulled across him, "You're going to have to drive."

Castle pulls the phone away from his ear to smirk at her, Kate rolls her eyes as she turns so he can fish her keys out of her coat pocket, "Don't get use to it bud."

"Beckett, we should record this momentous moment in history." Castle says seriously, well as serious as Castle could be with that shit-eating grin on his face; as he practically skips to the driver side of the car.

"Why Castle, think none of the guys would believe, you?" Kate teases as she slips into the passenger seat, mindful of the no sleeping toddler, as she cranks up the heat in the car, before Castle could even put the car into drive, "Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm breaking a lot of rules already as it is."

"Beckett, you wild woman."

"Just drive, Castle."

They are sitting in the ER waiting room, surrounded by crying children, coughing adults and a few mentally ill patients. The child is now curled up on Kate, his head resting on her chest as he sleeps, his breathing slightly laboured.

"What if he has pneumonia?" Kate whispers to Castle, as she runs her fingers through the toddler's hair, but frowns when she realizes how tangled up it is, despite its short length.

"Hopefully, he wasn't in that thing long enough." Castle says unconvinced.

They both have seen the dumpster, it looked like it was being lived in for quite sometime, the thought alone making Kate's stomach turn. She tries no to think of the conditions they found the toddler in shaking her head free from those thoughts. She's just glad that they even found him in the first place.

"Detective Beckett?" A doctor wearing dark purple scrubs calls out, a clipboard in his hand calls out as he looks around the room. Kate and Castle stand up immediately making their way to the doctor, he looks at the sleeping toddler with a somber expression as they exchange introductions

"The triage nurse told me about this case." Dr. Cooper continues softly ushering them to a nearby exam room, "She said you found him in a dumpster?"

Kate nods as she pulls back the blankets, all of the adults frowning at the dirty soiled clothes the toddler is dressed in, "He fell asleep in the car. He's been shivering since we found him. We brought him straight here."

The doctor nods at her words as he looks at sleeping child, "Let's get him out of these clothes and clean him up a bit before I examine him."

Kate places the sleeping child on the exam table and steps back as the doctor and his nurse starts removing the child's clothes and cleaning him with warm cloths. She grimaces when she sees them pull a soiled old t-shirt that was used as a makeshift diaper as they both clean him off as best as they can. Castle hovers near, biting his own lip in concern at the bright red marks on the creases of the toddler's thighs.

"No wonder he was crying so much." Castle whispers, taking a step closer to the still sleeping toddler.

"I'll look for some diapers and clothes for him." The nurse says hurrying off.

Dr Cooper has his hand on the toddler's stomach as he starts to do his examination, "Nothing a warm bath and some ointment can't cure, Mr. Castle. I'm more concerned about hypothermia or malnutrition."

He's just about to place the diaphragm of his stethoscope onto the toddler chest, when the toddler's eyes flutter open on seeing the unfamiliar face in front of him, he immediately begins to cry. He looks around the room frantically, once he sees Kate standing off to the side he immediately stretches his arms out towards her, squirming on the table.

"Mama!" He cries out in desperation.

"Whoa, there little man." Dr. Cooper says placing his hand on the toddler's stomach before he can roll off the table.

Kate takes a step forward pulling the naked toddler in her arms, as she looks at Castle and the doctor helplessly. Dr. Cooper smiles, "Well this is different. Attachment to the person who found him is normal, but it's almost as if he knows you."

"Yea, we're still trying to figure that one out." Kate explains sheepishly, "Will you be able to examine him like this?"

Dr. Cooper smiles warmly at her, "I've dealt with worse, don't worry Detective."

He then looks at the toddler who has calmed down considerably, his head now resting on Kate's chest as he peers at the doctor with apprehension. Dr. Cooper smiles at him, holding the diaphragm of his stethoscope in his hand, "Hey there, little man."

But the toddler simply burrows his head into Kate's chest, looking away from the doctor. Dr. Cooper just smiles warmly crouching slightly so he's eye level with the toddler, "Is this your Mama?"

Kate freezes at his words, but she bites her tongue, as the toddler peaks up at Dr. Cooper, a tiny hand now grasping her scarf. When the toddler nods against her chest, she tenses, her mind at a lost, unsure how she should feel about this. She prides herself in never getting emotionally attached in situations like this, but then again, she has never been in a situation quite like this before and the uncertainty of it all just makes her unease. She looks across at Castle, who is just looking at them in awe and she knows, without even having to think about it, she knows exactly where his mind is at. She steels herself, focusing on the child at hand, and pushing back her own emotions about this current situation.

"Hey bub." She says softly, the nickname slipping out before she can even realize, and the toddler looks up at her with wide eyes, "Dr. Cooper is just going to check you out, okay?"

Of course, the toddler doesn't understand her and just whimpers nudging his chin against her scarf, putting his back to the doctor. Kate sighs in defeat, but just as Castle is about to take a step towards them, she gets another idea. "Are you feeling cold?"

Bright green eyes look up at her and he nods, Kate smiles warmly at him as she takes one of the blankets, moving to hoist herself on the exam table, with the toddler still in her arms. "We just have to wrap you up like a burrito then."

She says it teasingly, her voice soft as she takes the blanket and wraps it securely around the toddler's stomach, so his arms, which are still around her neck are free, and his chest. She sits him on her lap and looks at his little toes that are slightly red, no doubt from the cold, "Oh, look your toes got away we have to hide them."

The toddler looks at her curiously, her excited tone already gaining his attention, she takes the other blanket and covers one of his feet, "Did we get all?"

The toddler giggles and wiggles his other foot at her, Kate smiles brightly at the toddler pulling at the blanket again. On seeing the toddler's attention is occupied she looks across at Dr. Cooper, who takes her cue and moves behind them to begin listening to the toddler's lungs.

Kate grasps the toddler's little toes, marveling how tiny they really are, but she then frowns when she realizes how cold they are as well. She then makes a big flourish of covering them as she rubs the warmth back into his tiny feet. She looks the toddler with wide eyes, who then giggles in amusement at her antics. She watches as he grasps the blanket, pulling it back and when he sees his own toes wiggling up at him he gasps, just like she did. Kate smiles warmly and looks up at Castle, who is smiling at her, his eyes shinning. His deep seated affection and awe, making Kate's cheek redden. She opens her mouth about to say, what she's not sure, but before she can figure it out, she feels a sharp tug on her scarf.

"Mama!" The toddler calls out to her, when she looks down he's pointing at his covered toes giggling.

Kate smiles at that, "Did you loose your toes?"

At her question he pulls back the blanket and wiggles his toes, Kate gasps accordingly, "There they are!"

Her shriek making the toddler shriek in response. Kate laughs at his response as the nurse walks into the room carrying a few things in his hands, "I was able to get a vest and a onesie, we don't have anything else."

"It's okay. I organized some things for him, we'll pick them up before we head back to the precinct." Castle says taking the clothes and diaper from the nurse. Kate bites her lip, knowing taking care of kids is in Castle's DNA and it must be driving him crazy to just watch on helplessly.

Dr. Cooper clears his throat as he looks at them seriously, "His temperature is a little low, which is expected given where you found him. I suspect he will be underfed. Given his size, and his level of understanding by how he interacted with Detective Beckett, I'd say he's about 13 to 14 months? I can't be too sure, his motor function seems to be around that age. Do you know if he can walk?"

"He hasn't let her go since she found him." Castle says with a warm smile, "Smart kid."

Beckett rolls her eyes at that, while the doctor and nurse laugh. Dr. Cooper shakes his head as he looks at the toddler who is now playing with Kate's hand, trying to touch her palm before she closes her hand around his finger. He shrieks in laughter when Kate seems to catch his finger between her own.

"At least he doesn't seem completely traumatized." Castle murmurs, as he walks up to the exam table.

The toddler on seeing Castle, burrows closer to Kate, hiding his face in her shirt. Kate rubs his back reassuringly, "Hey Bub, this is Rick. He just wants to say Hi."

The toddler peers up at Castle curiously, still clinging to Kate's shirt, and Kate can't help but smile at Castle's tentative smile as he waves sheepishly at the toddler. But the toddler only narrows his eyes at Castle, his grip tightening on Kate's shirt.

"Alright, I hear you. She's all yours." Castle says on seeing the protective gesture he as he raises his hands in mock defense, "Are you sure you want to keep her? She's a bit of a handful."

"Castle!" Kate, all but growls in exasperation, mindful of the doctor and nurse, who are watching the exchange in amusement. She pokes him lightly in the shoulder, and her eyes widen when Castle stumbles back dramatically, flailing arms and all.

But it's the laughing toddler in her arms, that stops her from reprimanding Castle. She shakes her head at the toddler giggles at Castle, "Of course."

"She's so easily ruffled too." Castle whispers conspiring with the toddler, who just giggles at Castle's antics, clearly not understanding anything Castle is saying, but just entertained by the way Castle moves and talks.

"It seems like you two have everything under control." Dr. Cooper says in amusement, as he hands Castle a box of the diaper rash ointment, "Put this on every time you change his diaper. He needs lots of warm fluids and start him off on easy digestible foods, mashed fruit or peas, nothing to elaborate. He should be able to eat like a normal toddler in a few days, but its better to be safe and ease him into things. Also, I called child services and they said they will send someone at your precinct."

Kate nods as she makes a mental note of everything the doctor says, so that she can inform the social worker when the time comes. She pointedly ignores the tug at her heart, when she remembers that they will be shipping the toddler off soon. "Okay, we need to get the little guy, changed and then head to the precinct."

"Actually, we have to swing by the loft first." Castle says as they begin to work together to put on the diaper and then the onesie.


"I know, it hurts." Castle says with a soothing voice, wincing as he applies the ointment on the toddler's rash. The toddler now whimpering for Kate, his eyes filled with tears, "You heard the doctor. Warm bath and warm food."

"Castle, I have a murder to solve." Kate says as she rubs the toddler's stomach in comfort, "Not to mention, we have to figure out whom this little one belongs to."

"I'd gladly take him to sort him out." Castle says, as he goes to pick up the toddler, but the baby just rolls towards Kate, grabbing onto her shirt to pull himself up, "But he seems to be very much a Mama's boy."

"Castle." Kate warns, but despite her tone, she finds herself already picking up the toddler.

"I know this whole thing makes you uncomfortable." Castle says seriously, "But, he's only one, and you seem to be the only one to calm him down."

Kate sighs knowing the truth behind his words, nodding as she takes the blanket from him to wrap the toddler up warmly. She buddies him up properly, taking the second blanket to cover his head, grinning when the toddler peaks through. "Mama!"

He says brightly patting her face, making Kate smile. Castle just watches on silently, "What?"

"This looks good on you." Castle says softly, as he rubs her back before they head out of the exam room.

Kate bites her lip, but doesn't comment on his words," I'm going to have to call Gates when we get to the loft."

Neither of them say anything as they head out into the cold dark night, towards the hospital car park. Once they are both situated in the car, Kate looks at Castle curiously, "So, what's on the agenda Mr. RHD?"

Castle laughs at her words, grinning across at her, "You're going to learn that bathing a one year old is completely different than a 3 month old."

Kate bites her lip at the thought, bathing Cosmo all those months ago was nerve wracking to say the least, and it's not to say she has any practice since. Castle on seeing her look of apprehension grins. "Don't worry when I'm done with you, you will have a HM in child care."

"A what?" Kate asks despite her better judgment, biting her lip to hide her smile.

"Hot Mama." Castle says with a grin, earning an eye roll in response, "Lesson One? Naming."

"Castle, he already has a name."

"Yes, but it's not like we can ask him what it is, can we?" Castle points out, he looks across at the toddler, who is now sucking his thumb, his head resting on Kate's chest, with his eyes closed. "And while I find Bub very cute, he needs a real name."

"Well then, you choose one."

"I chose the first one, now it's your turn."

Kate narrows her eyes at his words, "You do know that, when the time comes, we both will have a say in our kids' names."

"Of course," Castle says automatically. He nudges her knee lightly, "C'mon, you can't tell me, you didn't think of one. I mean look at that face."

Kate sighs, and finally relents, "Dylan."

"Ooh, Dylan Castle. I like it."

"Castle." Kate warns, her cheeks pink. It's one thing to talk about having kids someday in their future, but to admit that she's thought of names, is another thing.

She looks down at the toddler, Dylan, who is now sleeping in her arms, his little thumb in his mouth, while his other hand still has a grip on the tail of her scarf. Her heart tightens as his peaceful expression, she's usually so reserved with cases like these, but she's beginning to realize that this case will be different than any other case they have come across. The thought alone scares her more than she cares to admit

There is no blood relation between Beckett and Dylan, this isn't an X-File inspired fic where she was abducted and had a kid without knowing LOL. But there is a reason for Dylan's attachment.

Like I said this is my first Caskett fic so I'm a bit nervous. Let me know what you think?

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