"Stop pacing!" Emma growled from the bed, shooting him a reproachful look.

He paused in mid-stride, frozen on the spot, staring at her motionlessly.

"What are you doing?" Emma said exasperatedly, shaking her head, letting out a cry as the next contraction hit her. "Argh."

Leaning back against the pillow, she closed her eyes for a second, taking in deep breaths before the contractions would strike again. It was utterly quite in the room, no clapping of his boots anymore and she blinked her eyes open, tilting her head tiredly, smiling softly as she saw him still standing in the middle of the room, looking as if he hadn't moved one muscle since she told him to stop pacing.

"Come here, pirate." She said softly and he walked slowly towards her as if she could explode in his face at any second.

"Give me your hand."

He stretched out his fake one and she scoffed, rolling her eyes. "The other one. You should at least feel some pain too."

He grinned at her sheepishly, holding his hand out to her, groaning as she gripped it suddenly and squeezed it tightly as another contraction ran through her body.

"Fucking hell." She let out harsh breaths, not even having time to calm down before another hit her, leaving her panting for breath. "It's all your fault, pirate. I wouldn't be in this situation right now if you wouldn't be so fertile."

"I ..." He didn't even get to finish the sentence, her fingers closing around his so tightly that he thought she would break them.

"How is that even possible?" She breathed, looking up at him angrily. "You are over three hundred years old. Your semen should be shriveled by now, completely lifeless."

As he looked down at her, her face soaked in sweat, her eyes filled with pain he actually regretted getting her with child. This wasn't worth it. He couldn't see her in so much pain without being able to help her in any way.

And what if there were any complications. She was in the Enchanted Forest because of him. Away from the modern medicine she had in her realm. He would never forgive himself if anything happened to her.

His anguish must have shown on his face because she tightened her fingers around his hand, giving him a soft smile as he turned his eyes on hers.

"I'm fine, Killian. I've done this before. Remember?"

He exhaled a slow breath. She was right. She had done this before. But this was over a decade ago and there were still no guarantees that it would run smoothly with this one. But he couldn't ponder about all the things that could go wrong as Emma suddenly arched her back, reaching for her knees, her face going bright red as she pressed and he was holding his breath with her, fearing she would suffocate because she didn't take in a breath but then she groaned loudly, a shrill wail piercing the silence of the room a moment later and he stared in wonder at the small bundle Snow was holding up, legs and arms pumping as his daughter cried loudly, apparently not happy about leaving her mother's womb until Snow put her down into Emma's arms and their girl stopped crying immediately, fussing around against her mother's chest, her blue eyes wide open.

Emma's face split up with a huge smile, her fingers trailing down her daughter's cheek and she looked up at Killian, wondering why he was so quiet, seeing tears streaming down his face, his eyes glued to his daughter's face and he shifted, stretching out his hand slowly, brushing over her tiny fingers, letting out a surprised yelp as she opened her fingers and closed them around his.

"Welcome to the world, Hope."


Emma walked silently into the adjacent room, wondering why Hope hadn't woken her up like always at this time of the night, stopping in the doorframe as she saw Killian sitting beside their daughter's crib, his low voice barely audible.

"You have to be quiet, little lass. Your mummy needs sleep, you know? What about I'll tell you a story and when it's over we'll go wake up your mummy so that you can eat. That's a deal, lass?"

Emma smiled softly, her vision swimming as tears welled up in her eyes. She could imagine Hope looking up at her father with her big blue eyes, staring at him as if she would understand every word he was saying. He had fallen for his daughter the moment he had seen her for the first time but Hope was as in love with him. He was the only one who could make her stop crying besides herself. The moment she heard his lilting voice Emma could swear she tilted her head towards her father's voice, her eyes lighting up when she saw his face appearing in front of her, her hands pumping the air as if she was trying to pull him down to her.

She didn't interrupt them, listening to Killian telling his daughter a story about a mermaid falling in love with a prince, realizing that their story could be a fairytale as well.

Because who would have thought that the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White would fall in love with Captain Hook?

But it had happened. She had met him and he had brought love and light back into her life, healing all the wounds her past had left behind. Her fingers reached for the small band on her left hand, her mouth tilting up into a smile as she twirled her wedding band around.

She was happy. She had finally everything she had ever dreamed of.

Pushing herself away from the doorframe, she walked silently towards him, lifting her hand, brushing her fingers against his cheek. He startled for a second, looking up at her, his mouth curling up into soft smile.

"You are awake, love. We wanted to let you sleep for a little while longer."

"I love you, Killian Jones." Emma said quietly, slipping on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. "I love you."

"And I love you, Emma Jones." Killian replied, leaning his head against hers as they both sat there in silence, looking at the small wonder they had created.

Their daughter. The living proof of their love for each other.

Her name the one thing they both thought they had lost forever until they met.


Hope for a new beginning.

Hope for a happily ever after.

Hope for a family.

And they had found it all.

With each other.

The End

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