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Chapter Five

I slowly open my eyes as an odd warmth surrounds me. Not like a blanket warmth, more like the warmth of another body next to me. Or in my case, holding me against their chest. I smile to myself as I remember the series of events that had led to me lying in Peeta's arms with warmth surrounding me.

The nightmare about his death.

The rushing out in a thunderstorm and banging on his door.

The admission of not wanting a future without him in it followed by a fire-igniting kiss.

A smile slowly spreads across my face as I snuggle deeper into Peeta's embrace. Perhaps this was the start of something good. I hope so because I couldn't do with having a broken heart. It was hard enough not being around Peeta for about a month and I could only imagine what it would be like to see him marry someone else when it should be me by his side…

Did I honestly just think that? Marrying Peeta?

I was still too young to be thinking about anything like that. And this new thing between us was only a few hours old.

But if waking up to this much warmth each morning, then perhaps marrying Peeta might not be a bad thing. Plus there was so much more that we could do…

The thought quickly flees my mind and I hear Peeta take a deep breath like he is waking up. His arms tighten around me as he presses a kiss against my forehead. I turn my head up so I can see his face, before I turn so that I am laying across his chest looking up at him. He smiles at me as his thumb moves to caress the side of my face.

"Any more nightmares?"

I shook my head no. "You?"


I return his smile before leaning forward and kissing him deeply on the lips. I'm thankful that Peeta had answered the door the night before. I'm really not sure what would have happened if he had not.

A banging on the front door caught both of our attention as I pulled back from our kiss. "Stay here," he said, moving away from me. "I'll get it."

I sit up and watch him leave the room before hearing him open his front door. Then clear as day, I could hear Haymitch talking to Peeta. I can vaguely hear my name mentioned. Slowly getting to my feet and keeping one of the warm blankets wrapped around me, I move towards the front door.

"Well there you are sweetheart," Haymitch said in an exasperated tone of voice as I appeared behind Peeta. He would never call me 'sweetheart' unless he was upset about something or being sarcastic. "Your mother woke me up from my sweet dreams to help look for you."

"Look for me?" I asked a bit confused.

Haymitch nodded. "Disappearing in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm…ring a bell?"

Then it dawns on me. My mother and Prim must have been worried about me when they found out that I had disappeared sometime during the night. She must have gone to Haymitch to help look for me. But why not Peeta as well?

"You better get home," Peeta said, kissing my cheek softly as I pass by him.

"I'll come over later," I respond as I pull on my boots that are sitting by Peeta's door.

He nods in agreement.

Haymitch and I leave Peeta's and head back over to my house, where my mother and Prim are sitting in the kitchen.

"Katniss!" Prim happily says, jumping off the chair she was sitting on and running up to me as Haymitch and I enter the kitchen. She hugs me tightly. "We were so worried about you because of the nasty storm last night."

I hug my sister back as I look over at my mother who smiles slightly at me before turning and beginning to make breakfast.

"I just went over to Peeta's," I tell her. "I saw that he was up and we stayed up most of the night talking."

"Next time, leave a note," Haymitch said before turning to leave. I can't help but smile inwardly to myself.

"You need to hurry and eat before school," my mother says to Prim.

"Hey I'll walk to you to school," I tell my sister before she pulls out of our hug. "You eat breakfast and I'll go change."

Prim happily agrees and sits down to the meal of eggs and toast that my mother prepared her while I quickly go upstairs to change clothes. I throw on a pair of jeans, a ratty old shirt and I grab my father's leather hunting jacket before pulling on my boots once again. By the time I am back downstairs, Prim is ready to go to school.

"Ready little duck?" I ask.

She nods as she picks up her book bag. We tell my mother goodbye before heading out the door once again.

As we walk past Peeta's house on the way into town, I can't help but smile slightly. It is good to know that I have my boy with the bread back.

"You love him, don't you?"

I turn to look at my sister as we are walking. "Why do you think that?"

"You're different now," she says. "Ever since you returned home from the Capitol. I can tell."

"When did you get so smart?" I ask as I put my arm around her shoulders as we walk the rest of the way into town. Prim just smiles.

Deep down, I know that she is probably right. After waking up this morning, wrapped in Peeta's strong embrace, I felt protected – I felt safe. And I had not felt that way in a long time.

Yes, perhaps I am in love with Peeta Mellark. But I still needed to fully convince myself of it.

After dropping Prim off at school, I head over to the Hob to see if there is anything that I need or want. Since there is very little that my family will ever have to want for again, I try to share whatever I can with others in District 12 – especially those in the Hob.

Before I ever reach the Hob, I pass by a crew that is heading down into the coalmines. I can't help but worry whenever I see a crew head down. I worried when my father had left every morning for work and now I worry about Gale having to go into the horrid mines.

Gale. I do miss him.

Part of me does long for the old days when we could tell each other everything that was on our minds. But now things were completely different. It's almost like he is shutting me out because I went to the Capitol. I know it sounds weird, but it sure feels that way. Perhaps on Sunday, when we go hunting – if he decides to show up – we can discuss this. I know that when he finds out about my feelings for Peeta, he is only going to shut me out even more.

So why not make this a bit easier on him now?

If it was only that simple.

Just like I had promised, I did go back over to Peeta's house later that day. As soon as I entered his house, the most appealing smell filled my senses. "What is that?" I asked as he led me into his kitchen. "It smells delicious!"

"Cheese Buns," he said taking a rack of them out of the oven. I watched as he took them from the pan and placed them on a plate. He pushed the plate in front of me. "Try one."

I took one of the still warm mini loaves of bread from the plate and break a small piece off and stuff it into my mouth. I had been right – this was delicious!

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"These are amazing."

Peeta smiled at me before turning and placing another pan of the cheese buns in the oven. "I'll make sure to keep making them for you then," he said with his back turned to me. His comment couldn't help but make me blush.

"Hey why don't you come over for dinner tonight and bring some of these." I suggested, trying to rid the blush from my cheeks.

"Sure, why not," he said turning back to look at me.

I couldn't help but smile. Yes, it was good to have Peeta back in my life.

After an afternoon of baking mixed in with periods of soft kisses, Peeta and I headed back over to my house for dinner. I knew that my mother would not mind another mouth for dinner, since she always cooked too much anyways. But I wasn't expecting what we were met with when Peeta and I entered my back door into the kitchen, hand in hand.

"Hey Catnip."

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