A/N: Just a cute, slightly cracky bit of fun I concocted. I just love this insult! Right up there with 'dingbat'. Sweeney out J

"Green-blooded hobgoblin!"

Nobody quite knew when it had made the transition from spontaneous jibe to semi-affectionate nickname-come-general expression of exasperation. Anyone coming into the situation from the outside might have thought McCoy's remark evidence of bigotry and dislike of the Vulcan first officer and been shocked or uncomfortable but the crew had seen time and again that nothing could be further from the truth of the friendship between Spock and the CMO. The two of them had great affection for each other, in spite of their frequent disagreements. The Enterprise crew had heard the phrase so many times it ceased to have any effect beyond mild amusement, perhaps a knowing glance at one's neighbour on the Bridge as a signal to listen up for a very entertaining verbal exchange between the two.

Today though, it met with a different reaction. A sign that perhaps living among a group of such eccentric, illogical humans was leaving a distinct impression upon the Vulcan. When the familiar gauntlet was thrown, Spock turned calmly from the science console he was usually bent over to face the doctor, a single dark slanted eyebrow raised (how he did that was a great mystery that most of the crew presumed was a quirk of Vulcan anatomy), an expression of serenity in his dark eyes.

"Red-blooded primate." He supplied.

McCoy's mouth fell open and Kirk almost knocked himself off the Captain's chair with the sheer force of his characteristic good-natured mirth. The rest of the crew were equally stunned by the development.