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Rizza in her years as a vampire had never stepped foot in Italy, though it was the country her father was from the girl had never quite made it there. She'd always intended in tracing her routes and visiting the places (if they still stood) in Rome her father had spoken to her about as a child before his death and her turning.

There were parts of her human life that were complete holes like the two years coming up to her turning, when she first awoke after being rescued by Carlisle who unfortunately had not turned her but found her writhing in pain in her house in New Orleans she didn't know or remember anything. It took her six months to remember basic things, her name being the first which by then she'd invented a new identity and it didn't suit her anymore so she kept the nickname 'Rizza' she'd created though as it seemed it did almost sound like a nickname for her name, like calling someone called Samantha 'Sam.' After that came her age, her birthday…

Slowly but surely she began to remember her mortal life but there was much she still could not recall.


She did not think she'd come to Italy on a rescue mission to stop her brother Edward from basically signing his death warrant revealing himself to humans within Volterra because of his belief that Bella was dead….

And that's how they ended up here in Volterra Italy.

Alice broke the lock on the side door and entered the hallway to Bella, Edward, Felix and Demetri.

"Come on guys." She smiled. "It's the festival."

A light gush of wind and a painting rattled against the wall and a girl appeared leaning against it. "We wouldn't want to make a scene right." She asked putting her hood down and Edward smiled lightly as the sight of his two adopted sisters.

"We wouldn't." Felix agreed and then…she came down the hall.

"Enough." The petit blond said and Rizza zoomed to stand on the other side of Bella as she approached.

"Jane." Edward whispered.

"Aro sent me to see what was taking so long." Was all she said before turning around again and this time Edward followed.

Bella looked a bit confused but Alice whispered. "Just do what she says."

And Rizza brought up the rear both Volturi guards walking behind her.

They entered the elevator in silence Rizza standing close to the back hands in her pockets yarning for the door to open.

And it did, into a lobby. Where a human receptionist greeted them.

Rizza shook her head and absently played with the single drop angel wing earring that hung from a stud that connected onto a chain and hoop, the hoop connected to the side of her left ear while the right was double pierced on her ear lobe with two diamonds. She usually played with it when she was uneasy.

"Is she human?" Bella asked referring to the receptionist.


"Does she know?"

"Then why does she….she wants to be?" Bella said as it dawned on her, the human wanted to be a vampire.

"And so she will be." Demetri stated.

"Or desert." Jane said.

The blond vampire opened the double doors that led into the throne room, a large dome and sitting up on a marble platform you had to climb a few steps to get too sat three men on thrones.

"Sister. They send you out for one and you return with three…and a half. Such a clever girl."

Rizza's eyes automatically narrowed, cocky asshole…

She looked at him. Okay, really hot cocky asshole…

Really familiar cocky asshole…

Where the…

"What a happy surprise." She looked away from him and too the man who stood up from the middle throne smiling like a mad man (that he was.) and coming towards them. "…Bella is alive after all. Isn't…that wonderful? I love a happy ending!" He took Edward's hand. "They are so rare."

Alice and Rizza exchanged a look.

"La tua cantante." Aro whispered and Rizza's eyes snapped up at the Italian. 'Your singer…'

She'd heard it once before…but where…

"You're blood appeals to you so much, it makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?" Aro asked.

"It's not without difficultly." Edward replied stiffly.

"Yes." Aro lightly chuckled. "I can see that…"
"Aro can read any thought I've ever had. With one touch." Edward told Bella and his siblings he retracted his hand. "And now you know everything. So get on with it." He told him.

"You are quite a soul reader yourself." Aro replied slowly ignoring his request. "Though you can't read Bella's thoughts…" He said turning his gaze to meet the humans. "Fascinating."
He took a step back. "I would love to see it. Are you an exception to my gifts as well?" He wondered out loud. He offered her his hand. "Would you do me the honour?"

Slowly Bella gave him her hand and he clasped it. His eyes widened.

"Interesting…heh….I see nothing…" He said. "I wonder…" He said turning to face his brothers and his guard. "Let us see if she's immune to all our powers?" He smiled. "Shall we Jane?"
"No!" Edward rushed forward.

"Pain." Jane said and he fell to the floor.

Sheer agony retched on his face as he crumpled to the floor.

"Stop! No please stop!"

Alec moved to try and stop Bella but the human found herself being flipped over the shoulder of a younger looking immortal Cullen and Alec found himself staring into the eyes of a fifteen year old vampire who stared in total defiance at him.

He sucked in an unneeded breath. "Melarisa?"

And that's when everything clicked, horror dawned in her eyes.



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