another chapter:) This is more of the past from Regina/Daniel/Rose

He found on the last page a new story beginning. The dream walker. He started to read and gasped. He nudged her and Rose looked into the book too. She saw a picture of herself in 6 different ages. The first one was her as baby in Regina's arms. The last was her in Regina's arms not even some hours ago. "That's... that's me!" "And my mom... but she never had a boyfriend before her first marriage.",Henry wondered and Rose pulled him and the book off the bed towards the stairs. They bolted downstairs and Henry led her to the study. Regina looked up surprised when they bursted through the door. She saw the book and directly felt pain in her heart. She sighed. Henry probably had corrupted Rose into thinking bad of her. She was shocked when Rose showed her the last page of the book.

She saw herself holding a little child in her arm. Regina looked away and tried not to cry. Both children watched how Regina crumpled in front of them. Watched how Regina shut the book and just fled. "I told you that she is the Evil Queen.",Henry said and Rose sighed. "You know what, Henry? I don't even care. All I want is my mother and from what I have seen right now... She wanted me too..." "How do you mean that? She ran away and just looked at the pictures shortly. Not even taking time in what we wanted to show her." "It means that she thought that I was DEAD, Henry. She thought that I died directly after my birth. And the picture looks like it is from the day my father was killed. It was the day she lost the two most important things in her life. Her true love and her child.",Rose said and he looked at her confused.

"She never had a true love." "Yes she did. I know him because I'm ,like the story is named, a dream walker. I can cross the line between life and death. I can speak with the people who passed away. Who are waiting in a middle section between earth and heaven. I talked with my father. Once. He told me how much he loved her. How he wished that he could raise me. That they could raise me together. Living the peaceful life they always dreamt off. But he didn't told me who she was. What she looked like. He just said that fate would bring us back together." "So... if you are a dream walker.. is this book real then?"

"Is this the only thing which concerns you? Not what negative consequences your mother would have to endure? Like everyone wanting to behead her? Or slice open her stomach and taking out every organ in her body while she is still awake? Is that what you want? Because that would happen if the curse would break. And to answer your question. YES! This fucking book IS real. I know it because I was trapped with my grandmother for 27 years before I could escape last year in this world... Be happy that you had her your whole childhood. Because I would kill for this. I would kill for a loving mother who would soothe every illness. Who would rock me to sleep again when I had a nightmare. I lived for 27 years in fear of my grandmother who would beat the hell out of me."

"But if you lived with your grandmother... than you should have known Mom." "No. I just was allowed to call her mistress or majesty. She never told me her name... She took me to Wonderland and later when Regina casted the curse she took me back to the Enchanted Forest along with Hook. How that worked out is still something I don't really know. But I just want you to know that everything Regina has done is because she was forced to. No one ever gave her a chance to do things SHE wanted. Everyone used her as a pawn in their own games." "How do you know so much about it?" "There was a book which was a bit like this one. It was a storybook. But storybooks in the Enchanted Forest... the magical ones. They are rare. But they are true. Mistress ripped out the pages with me as infant. I read the story of Regina... And... it's... It's heinous what happened to her."

Henry looked almost ashamed. "We need to find her. I have to explain her what happened with me." He nodded and they ran out of the study. Henry looked around and tried to find indicators which told him where his mother was. He then saw that her things were still where they belonged and he ran into the kitchen. Rose quickly followed him and then saw Regina in the kitchen cutting vegetables. Rose told Henry to leave and walked to Regina who still hadn't heard them. Rose knocked at the kitchen island and Regina flinched before she turned a bit to look at the intruder. Rose looked at her with a soft smile. "When I first read about you I thought you would look ugly. I never thought that you would be the Evil Queen. And you aren't. You are just Regina. At least for me. And I think that's the most important thing right now."

Regina looked down at her own hands and than just walked over to a chair and sat down. "I'm sorry that I'm your mother... You deserve better." "Never be sorry for that. I'm proud that YOU are my mother because I ,at least ,know that you won't abandon me. Ever. And I know that you will protect me. I couldn't wish for more. You are what I dreamt of my whole life." "How do you even know me? These details about me?" "Dad... he told me before he went to heaven." Regina gasped. "Daniel? Daniel told you..." "Yes. Or no. He said that I definitely would find you but just gave me your age and that I would feel it. And he told me that I should tell you from him that he loves you and that he will always look out for you but that you have to love again... and that you have to let go of the anger in you... that it will kill you otherwise."

Regina studied Rose's face. And now she knew why she recognized Rose. She had Daniel's eyes. His hair color. His smile. Rose saw how Regina started to struggle and quickly wrapped her arms around her mother's body and held her close. "What did she tell you after my birth?",Rose asked after Regina had caught herself again. "That you were dead as soon as I had my contractions. That you just were... dead. I...I thought that I lost everything on one day... Firstly Daniel and then... then I lost you. The only thing which made my life useful.",Regina said and Rose looked at her sympathetically. "But I came back. I'm here now. And I won't leave. Because I missed you. I missed you so much even if I didn't knew you or your name.",She cupped her mother's cheeks and wiped the tears away. They smiled slightly and then hugged again. Regina was relieved and happy.

Her own child. Her biological child loved her even after she knew about all the crimes she had committed. Even after everything she had done. And she still had something from Daniel. Something what seemed like a gift of god. They stayed this for quite a while before they broke apart because Henry had tackled them in a hug. Regina wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. "I love you, Henry. Don't ever doubt that. I would destroy the world for you if you would ask me to." "But then we couldn't live either.",he said with a slight smile. She saw that he had cried. "You listened?" "Read rather... yes... and I'm sorry... I always was happy in my childhood. You made sure of it... and I never really thanked you for it... Thank you, Mom." She smiled at him and felt tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry that I'm the Evil Queen." "What Evil Queen?",he asked her with a soft smile and she looked rather shocked at him. "Fairytales aren't true, Mom, although it would be cool, wouldn't it be?" She smiled warmly at him and just pulled him closer. She looked to Rose who smiled happily at her. She mouthed 'thank you, Rose' to her and Rose nodded. Afterwards they cooked together and Henry realized how much he had missed the laughter of his mother. How much he had missed her smile or her jokes. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed spending time with his mother and apparently his sister. Then the door bell rung and Regina and Henry looked at each other confused. Rose hadn't even noticed it until Regina's hand had left her own which had cut the vegetables. She looked up and than saw how both looked to the kitchen door. She walked to the door and saw the shadow at the front door.

Rose shrugged and just opened it. In front of her was Emma. They looked at each other surprised before Rose stepped to the side and let Emma into the house. They walked into the kitchen where Regina and Henry had waited. "Miss Swan. What do you want?" "Ehm...Henry told me that he wanted to meet me at 6. I was concerned when he didn't showed up and just wanted to know if he is here...",Emma said and looked to Henry who blushed slightly. Henry led her outside. "We won't need Operation Cobra anymore... or at least not now. I want to get to know my sister." "Your sister?" "Rose... She is my Mom's daughter. Our grandmother apparently told Mom that Rose is dead and that's why Mom is how she is. She was sad that Rose's father died and Rose too and she just became a cold woman because she never wanted to get hurt again...I don't think that she can be an Evil Queen then."

"And this sudden change is just because you heard of that story?",Emma asked surprised. "Yes. Because Mom... she seemed changed as soon as she heard of Rose being her daughter... She ran... She never runs. She always fight her fears and if it has to be she drowns with them. She changed... She won't be angry at you anymore. At least not that often than usual. I promise that.",he said and Emma nodded. "She is really better?" "She never was bad. Rose explained it. Mom is bad because she feels threatened. She is scared that someone else takes her child once again. She just doesn't want to lose someone close to her heart again... and I hurt her...and I will fix this." Emma just sighed and then they hugged softly before she left. Henry returned to them and watched them with a smile. "I'm back." They smiled at him and he quickly helped them again.