Hey, I decided to start a new Bechloe fic! Yay! So… This is rated T for now, but that could change to M later, I'm not sure. If you are triggered by self-harm or child abuse, I wouldn't recommend this story for you. I wouldn't want anyone to become very upset as a result of reading my writing, so I strongly recommend that if you know those things trigger you, or if you aren't sure, don't read this. Anyways, here goes.

I was running to my dorm to meet Jesse, cutting through the throngs of people. When I finally reached the room, my friend Jesse grinned at me, pointing to the clock. "Just barely made it, Beca." He informs and I shove him, pulling out my phone. Immediately, I know something is wrong. 26 missed calls, 89 new text messages. All from an unknown number. I scan through the texts that don't say anything about who they are from, before redialing the number.

"Beca?" I hear the moment I pick it up. "Beca, is this you?"

"Aubrey?" I question incredulously, and Jesse's head whips to me, his eyes wide. "Why are you calling me?"

I hear her breathing frantically. "Look, Beca, I know that we haven't talked since last year, but I need you to come to the hospital. Right now."

"Aubrey, what's wrong?" I ask, sitting down.

"It's Chloe." She says, and it's then that I realize she's crying. "She-,"

"What about Chloe, Aubrey?" I ask, frantic now. Jesse's eyes widen again and then he holds out his hand for the phone.

I hand it to him, my hands shaking. "Aubrey," he says, his voice calm, "Calm down and tell me what happened." After a second he says "Okay, I'll tell her." He looks shaken, but his voice doesn't show it. He turns to me. "Beca…" He says, and I can tell by the hesitation that something is seriously wrong.

"Just say it, Jess." I say through clenched teeth. "What's going on?"

He shakes his head. "Chloe… Chloe got hit by a car last night." He says. "She's in a coma."

And then my world goes black.

My eyes flutter open and I see Jesse talking frantically into my phone. "I don't know, Aubrey!" He yells. "She just collapsed!"

I lean up on my elbows, rubbing the back of my head. "Jesse?" I say softly, and he whips towards me, letting out a breath and kneeling down beside me.

"Thank god." He sighs, and then he helps prop me off. "Aubrey? She's awake. We'll leave right now, alright?" After another minute, he hits end on my phone, handing it to me. "You really scared me, Beca." He tells me, helping me to my feet. I rush out the door, heading towards his truck, which is parked outside. I climb into the passenger seat and Jesse wastes no time starting the engine and driving.

When we reach the hospital an hour later, I go straight to the front desk. "I'm here for Chloe Beale," I inform the nurse stationed there, and Jesse comes in right behind us.

"What's your relation with Ms. Beale?" The nurse asks politely, but it gets on my nerves for some reason.

"I'm um…" a friend, an enemy, I don't know. "I'm a friend." I decide and the nurse nods.

"Well, I'm sorry, but Aubrey Posen is allowed to make decisions for visitors for Ms. Beale, she was the only one listed under emergency contacts." The nurse says with a sympathetic smile.

Before I can say anything, Jesse smiles politely at the nurse, and tugs me away. I pull out my phone and send Aubrey a quick text. In the main lobby. Nurse says you make decisions for visitors. Can u get us in now? –Beca

Her response is quick, and less than satisfactory. Sorry, can't leave rite now. U will have 2 wait, Doctor is filling me in. I will try 2 be quick, no guarantees. –Aubrey

I start typing fiercely. After a minute, Jesse grabs the phone from my hands and deletes the angry text I was just about to send. He hands it back after a couple of seconds. It reads B's a little worked up at the moment. Try 2 be quick. She's about to snap. –Jesse

Aubrey's reply is instantaneous. Beca, I'm srry, I'm trying 2 be as quick as I can b. Doc is worried about Chlo, I don't want 2 leave her alone. –Aubrey

I type back quickly. Aub, why don't u ask the doc to send a nurse down to let us in? Jesse's being over-reactive, I'm not 'bout to break. –Beca

It's alright if you are, B. I am 2. Nurse is on the way, she'll call your names and u 2 will need ur ID's to show proof that it's you. Precautionary measures. –Aubrey. Her reply reads.

I let out a sigh of relief, showing Jesse the last text. I pull my ID out and so does Jesse. Nurse isn't here yet. Thx Bree, means a lot 2 me and Jess. –Beca. Just then, a nurse pops her head around the corner and calls out "Beca Mitchell and Jesse Swanson?"

I shoot to my feet, Jesse close behind us. "That's us." I tell her, showing her my ID. After she checks Jesse's, she leads us back through the complicated maze of hospital halls and rooms, finally stopping before a room with the door closed.

"Now, she looks much worse than she actually is." She informs us, and when I nod she pulls the door open.

As I walk in, my shoulders tense and tears gather in my eyes. I walk over to Aubrey, whose eyes are filled with tears as well, and I pull her into a hug. Clearly not expecting this, Aubrey freezes for a couple of seconds before hesitantly wrapping her arms around me. She cries into my shoulder. I know exactly how she feels. She pulls away after a couple minutes and shoots me a grateful smile, wiping her nose with a tissue. Jesse walks over and sets a chair for me across from Aubrey, on the other side of Chloe's hospital bed. He himself sits in a chair by her feet. I reach over the railing of the bed and grab Chloe's hand. It's cold, too cold. Tears start to spill down my cheeks as I take in the multiple lacerations on her skin, along with the bruises and bandages. "I'm sorry." I whimper, and I don't know if I'm talking to Chloe or Aubrey or Jesse or myself, but I know that I mean it with all my heart.

"You still love her." Aubrey questions, except it isn't a question.

So I answer with a nod, tears still falling from my eyes. "I'll love her forever." I admit, and Aubrey nods.

"I know how that feels." She admits, and her eyes cut to Jesse, who flinches a little and lowers his eyes.