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Hi everyone and welcome to my next story; Cyber Crush! I'm so sorry about deleting Heavenly Beautiful but it just came to a dead end with no more open roads to go to. But no need to fear I have a new idea that hopefully won't end the same way.

Plot: Austin and Ally have been crushing on each other but neither of them say anything. One night both of them meet new people online and move. But who are these anonymous users they're both chatting too? ... Each other. When will their secret loves be revealed, and what will be their reactions?

Ally's POV -

I sighed resting my head on the arm of my beach chair, admiring a shirtless Austin building sandcastles with Dez. "He's so cute" I accidentally let out. Trish, Austin and Dez all whip their heads towards me and I widen my eyes, "uh... George Clooney" I said the first thing that came to mind. "Pfft, yeah" I back myself up and lift up the magazine I was reading on my lap with a picture of George Clooney on the red carpet in a suit.

Austin shrugs and continues with his sandcastle. There's no point, either Dez will accidentally knock it over or they'll never finish. It happens every time we come to the beach.

"George Clooney? I'm checking out that cute life guard over there" Trish winks at the life guard. I roll my eyes and suddenly find myself squinting at the life guard "is that? No it couldn't be..." I stand up, raising my hand over my eyes to block the sun. "No way! It's Noah!" I squeal and run across the sand. "NOAH!"

Noah turned around with a flick of his hair and huge smile when he hears me calling. "ALLY!" he opens his arms for a hug and I threw my arms around his neck. "Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's you. When were you going to call and tell me you were in Miami" I joked. Okay so here's the situation...

Noah is my Foster brother. He came to live with us when he was 13 and left the house when he was 19 to move into an apartment with his pregnant girlfriend 2 years ago. He's 5 years older than me so I was only 8 when the Foster System sent him into our family's care. "How's Rachel?" I asked with a smile.

"She's great, we had a baby girl... Alia. It was a mixed name between my sister... you, and Rachel's sister Mia" he nudged my arm. My jaw dropped in awe, "Noaahhh, that's so sweet you named your daughter after me, well half of her" I joked.

"It's great to see you Alls, I've been trying to get a hold of mum and dad to get your new contact information but when I got here I found out they're in Hawaii at the moment for their anniversary" he shrugged. I chuckled, "yeah, while they're gone I'm staying at my friend Trish's house for 3 weeks until they get back"

"Well now that you're here I don't need to call you... Rachel and I wanted to invite you and your friends to our wedding. Rachel doesn't want Alia growing up in the city and instead here in Miami where she can be outside more, if that makes sense. So we thought to make it more special, we should have the wedding here"

"Noah that's fantastic, congratulations! I'd love to go, and I'm sure the others will too" I jumped up and down excited. "Great! Hey how about tomorrow night you come over to our new place for dinner. Say... 6 o'clock?"

"Not soon enough"

"Then how about tonight, Rachel starts work on Monday at Starr Records"

I nodded and gave him one last hug "okay I'll see you then. Here's my new number, text me your address" I pulled my pen from my denim shorts and wrote it neatly up his forearm. I always have a pen around in case I suddenly come up with lyrics and need to write them down.

I waved goodbye and skipped back to my friends. "When did he get back to town?" Trish shook her head unbelievably. I sighed happily "He didn't say when, but clearly recently" I stopped myself from continuing as I realise something... "Trish you just hit on my brother!" I gasped.

Austin and Dez burst into a fit of laughter as Trish went red, "well I didn't know that was your brother!"

I put my hands on my hips, "you still called him cute"

Okay so that was just a small taste of the story to introduce the characters a bit. You're probably wondering; WHEN WILL THE AUSLLY TEXTING THING-A-MA-JIG START?! Well probably most likely in chapter 3 or 4 perhaps?

~ Georgia