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Unfortunately we have finally arrived to the final chapter of Cyber Crush :(

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Austin's POV -

"You still up for tonight?" I smirked against my girlfriends' lips. Ally giggles with one last peck, "of course I am. I'll meet you all at your car after I finish Home Economics" my gorgeous girlfriend untangles from my hands. We go through this same phase every day; we're naturally 5 minutes late to class because it takes too long to say goodbye. Unless we both have music.

This afternoon Trish, Dez, Ally and I had all planned to drive out of town to see the premiere of Zaliens. All the main stars of the movie are going to be there, and I'm quite eager to get Johnny Depp to sign my custom made Zaliens shirt. Now that we know Ally is into those movies, we can all go together.

"See you then" I wink, walking backwards down the empty hallway. Ally stops outside her classroom and blows me a quick kiss before opening. I can hear Miss Colton asking for a reason as to why she's so late and smirk to myself. She should know by now, it's been 2 months since her and I started dating.

Ever since the whole online catastrophe was cleared up Ally and I worked at getting to know the real us. Turns out Ally is into surfing just as much as reading, and that her dad had just makes her read a new book each week. Apparently Lester wants her to have read all the Summer Reading lists' of books Yale signs their students before she even goes to college. But from the letters the two of us are receiving at the end of this week... it's very possible we'll both be accepted into MUNY.


"Got everything?" I stared into the rear-view mirror directly at Dez. "Yep, I have my telescope, Zaliens mug, Zaliens T shirt, Zaliens slippers, Zaliens pen and a roast chicken with veggies made by my mom" Dez unzips his backpack, filling the car with an addictive smell of home cooked food.

"We made brownies in class this afternoon, so road snacks are sorted for the trip" Ally smirks knowing they're my second favourite food - after pancakes of course.

Trish climbed in after spending the last 10 minutes stuffing her several animal-print bags into the boot of my car. 2 of them were filled with makeup, an extra large one with enough clothes to last 2 weeks and another stuffed with one of her many Zalien costumes.

"Okay ready"

"Really Trish? You brought Hercules along with you?" Ally whined as she noticed Trish's prissy Yorkshire Terrier seated in the middle - not surprisingly dressed in a zebra print doggie dress. I looked through the mirror again and my smile dropped. She wasn't serious. That dog has more luxury than the Queen. Last time Trish brought along her spoilt pooch to a hotel in LA (I was playing Britney Spears' opening act) she spent almost $200 on room service. Apparently if Hercules didn't eat his morning waffles he gets aggressive.

"What, I'm not leaving my baby home alone with JJ and Aunt Ruth" Trish scoffed like it was obvious.

Trish's parents were away for their 20th Anniversary to Rio, and with Trish leaving for the weekend with us, that meant her horrid Aunt Ruth would be visiting. I didn't blame her for wanting out - that woman is horrid.

We had a brief meeting at her QuinceaƱera after Dez destroyed the place... She was not happy at all. But according to Trish, she never was.


"The stars are beautiful tonight" Ally whispered. It was past midnight when the Hotel gave Ally and I access to the spa after closing time. It was an outside deck, surrounded by a tropic and exotic garden along the edges of the glass fence that separated the spa from the swimming pool.

Ally looked gorgeous in her own white bikini with metal silver loops on either sides of her hips, and another between her cleavage.

Which I couldn't help but gape at every now and then.

"You're more beautiful than any star" I leaned back smoothly in a calming tone. Ally was close by my side and set down the glass beverage of sparkling water with a lemon wedge. She was then bunched up on her knees, closely to my hip level when her arms draped loosely on top of my shoulder. "You know," she whispers quietly. "After everything that's happened, I still can't help but love you. It's all I can do" she shrugs shaking her head, holding the largest smile on her face.

"I love you Alls, to the moon and back" I smirk and press my hands onto her back so she leant onto me better. Once our lips touched, I felt like I was reliving our masked prom kiss over and over again; the fireworks, the colours, the BANG. Everything exploding and warming my chest, there for me at the request of her lips.

This is love.

I dedicated my homework time to finish this my lovelies :)

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