It was a boring, usual day in Egypt. Eons have come and gone with the usual earthquake, drought, etc. Yep, totally expected, boring....

"I'm needed here," said a blue cat that sat atop a building. His navy wings stretched out as he glided to the entrance of a magnificent building: a temple. Priests surrounded a table, bowing to something quite ordinary.

A litter of kittens.

Unnoticed, Chaos crept up behind the priests. The first priest, kissing an ankh, suddenly found himself kissing a purple ape. The second one found himself turned into Jerry Springer. The third priest got the head of an ostrich. The three of them were running around like maniacs, so Chaos was able to creep up to the kittens with ease. He leered at one in particular, a little black one, with wide black eyes and a look of nobility to her. Chaos patted the kitten on the head, and she bit his paw.

"Unexpected," he purred as a black collar with white stones materialized around the kitten's neck.

"Bestat," said Chaos, "Be worshipped and be normal until another day, then Chaos will come."

Sixteen years later, things had been going pretty normal, the pharaoh was a just ruler, and peace reigned. That is, until one of his wives told the pharaoh something quite upsetting.

"My lord," said one of the wives as she bowed to the priest, "I am worried about the cat Eve." The pharaoh looked at his wife and said nothing.

"She leaves for weeks at a time... and sometimes when she comes back, she has blood on her fur, it worries me."

"Let the gods do what they want," said the Pharaoh as he turned away, "They are not to be questioned, lest Bestat rain fire on us all."

Pandemonium had been risen in Agrabah for the last sixteen years. Multiple killings had been taken place, but there was no clue to who it was. The odd thing was....

"The bodies have been found partially devoured," said Razoul as he grimaced.

"These horrid crimes must be stopped!" exclaimed the Sultan as he pounded his plump fists on the armrest of his throne. Jasmine walked in the throne room, carrying a little bundle in her arms.

"Father! Look at what I found in the marketplace!" Jasmine opened the bundle to reveal a pretty black cat with a collar.

"That's nice dear, but you really shouldn't be out while this cannibalistic villain is walking on the streets!" Jasmine's eyes widened and she said, "A cannibal?" The cat's golden wings stretched out and she curled up and fell asleep.

"Yes, princess, you had better watch your back," said Razoul. Aladdin took a moment to look at the cat before saying, "Don't worry! I will find this murderer!" Razoul rolled his eyes.

The moon rose high over the palace walls as Jasmine looked at her beloved Aladdin parading around the palace with Razoul, keeping the Sultan and herself safe. Jasmine sighed and ran a jade brush through her black hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.

"So vain, princess," Jasmine whirled around, being caught off guard, and looked around for the speaker. Only the cat sat on the bed, flicking her tail, yawning lazily. Jasmine turned back to look outside, but was surprised to see the cat sitting in front of her.

"Come on, you haven't seen the old turn-around-see-foe gag?" said the cat as she lazily scratched her ear, "It's so overdone. Now, if you don't mind just turn around and well… just flop over and die, okay?"

"Do you mean to tell me that you're the cannibal?"

"Well, yeah, pretty much," said the feline.

"But you're a cat!"

"So is Mirage, and that never stopped her." Jasmine started backing up, and the menacing feline pursued. Jasmine threw the brush at her, but the cat only sidestepped.

"My name is Eve, and I'm hungry," said the cat as she finally backed Jasmine into a corner, " I could go for a princess burger and parrot legs." Suddenly, the hair rose on her spine and Eve let out a loathing hiss.

"Show yourself, Seer!" she exclaimed, turning around. Jasmine used this opportunity to sneak out onto the balcony and call magic carpet. The one-eyed Seer looked at Eve before saying slowly, "I've told you over and over to not harm those tangled in destiny." Eve gave Fashir the cutsey eye treatment, but he only stared.

"Cut me a break, old man," said Eve as she pawed at him. He picked her up by the nape of her neck and she glared at him.

"So what now?" she said, "Another warning? Another lousy speech?"

"No," he said, his face neutral, "You will have to be punished." Eve's eyes widened, "You don't mean…"

The Three Fates are generally known as Clotho, Atropos, and Lachecis. They were thought to only be in mythology, but instead they were the ones that gave Fashir his gift, so when Fashir showed up with a black winged cat in his arms, they were not surprised.

"This is the cannibal feline that you have been moderating, yes?" asked Lachecis as she looked up from the soul's thread.

"Yes, Lachecis, this is Eve, she tried to devour the princess of Agrabah: Jasmine."

"Jasmine, eh?" said Atropos, "How shall we punish the one called Eve? Perhaps I should sever her thread at this moment!"

"As predictable as ever, Atropos, that's all you do. Snip snip snip…" said a voice above Atropos' head. Atropos looked up and saw a blue cat looking down at her.

"Chaos!" exclaimed Clotho as she looked up from the glowing orb that the thread emerged from.

"Hi ladies," said Chaos as he floated down to the crystal platform that they all stood on, "Miss me? You three are the most boring Elementals I know… so, what do they plan to do with this.." Chaos was cut off as he saw Eve struggling in Fashir's grasp.

"Bestat?" he mouthed as Eve looked up, "It's been sixteen long years since I've seen you."

"Who are you?" asked Eve with a menacing glare.

"I am Chaos," said Chaos as he slithered over to the feline.

"Your name?" sighed Eve in exasperation.

"Chaos," the cat grinned widely and licked his muzzle.

"Stupid name," muttered Eve.

"Want me to get you out of this or not?"

"Hmph, I don't care, cat!"

"You're one to talk, a cat that mocks a cat, how interesting," Chaos licked his paw lazily and said, "Have you not noted the collar I gave you at birth?"

"This ol' thing?" asked Eve as she pressed her paw against the smooth surface of her black collar, "Yeah, what's it for?" Chaos only grinned some more and said, "Well, what is the least likely thing that collars do?"

"Give me the power to take over Agrabah?"


"Grant me wishes?"


"Turn me into a newt?"


"Turn me into a giant mass of tentacles?"

"No! It will turn you human!"

"Oh… that's too expected!" said Eve as she crossed her paws and smirked.

"Would you rather be turned into a newt?" asked Chaos, a bored expression on his face.


"Then click your heels three times and say 'One Eyed One Bearded Flying Gray Future Eater.'"

"I'm a cat, I don't have any heels," said Eve while Chaos chuckled at his own joke.

"Oh fine," said Chaos, "Ruin the fun… all you have to do is twist the collar to the right to turn into a human, and then twist it to the left if you want to turn into a cat." Eve was about to do this, but Clotho exclaimed, "Wait! We must punish her!"

"Don't be a drag," said Chaos, "We'll see what happens to her." Eve let her paws wrap around her collar as she twisted it to the right. She felt like something in the collar was probing into her skin. She sat, frozen for a moment, before her pupils constricted and she howled as a new pain swept through her young body. Bones melted and merged inside her, and her skin felt like it was being ripped apart. Fur sucked itself into her body until she was bare. Her tail disappeared into her spine and her back legs started to grow and change shape. Her hips grew rounded and curvaceous and her flat chest curved into the chest of a young lady. Black hair sprouted out of her scalp and flowed down her body while her whiskers disappeared and her nose elongated and her lips turned rose-colored. Her skin turned dark like the color of stained wood and her paws turned into long fingers while her feet had ten toes. The now human Eve lay there, with steam rising from the change. She was too weak to mind modesty, for she was nude (save the collar). The Fates gasped, and even Fashir had a look of weak surprise on his face. Chaos only grinned, looking at the mischief he had created. Eve sat up and looked around, "This can't be real." She groaned as she tried to stand up, but her balance was a bit off and she collapsed to the crystal floor.