The fur on Chaos' neck rose slightly, but he soon sighed and shook off the rage.

"Now, listen to me you feisty girl," said Chaos, "I want to make you a deal. If you do something for me, then I can bring time back so Genie never found out about your identity." Eve's eyes widened slightly as she said, "What would I have to do?"

"Well. I'll think about it for a moment, so do we have a deal?" Eve's eyes narrowed into slits, "First tell me what I have to do." Chaos chuckled and he circled the black cat, eyes never leaving her.

"Well, you'd have to be a. servant, for three days. You'd have to do whatever I commanded, and obey to my every whim. This is rather unlike me, but it will make things more interesting in this place, no?" Eve looked down at the sand that stood still below her feet and thought about it.

"Reduced to a servant," she muttered, as she stared at the sand getting beneath her claws, "You drive a hard bargain, Chaos. But for the sake of my human form, I'll do it." Chaos grinned as he let his ears twitch.

"I'll do my end of the bargain first," he chuckled as he twitched his tail slightly. In a blast of light, Eve looked at the world around her rewind like videotapes. She also watched her body rewind- though her mind did not. Soon, she was back in her uniform, and Chaos, the Genie, and her human form were chatting merrily.

"Chaos, you do realize Al will figure this out sooner or later, right?" said the Genie as he cast a wary eye on the false prince.

"I'm sure that Aladdin will understand, he did such a masquerade himself once, did he not?" While Chaos and Genie continued to talk, Eve's eyes were blank as she stared aimlessly at the air before her. She flexed her fingers for a moment, as if forgetting how they had worked for a moment. She dazed in and out of reality for a few minutes, just walking. She probably wouldn't notice if she stepped on a scorpion or hot coals like acrobatic performers.

"Eve?" Eve looked around blankly, as if she hardly heard someone mention her name.

"Eve? Don't we need to discuss. payment?" Eve slowly turned her head and looked at the handsome figure. Her eyes looked a bit hazy, and she swayed on her feet like a drunkard.

"Huh?" Eve rubbed her eyes and looked at Chaos, "But what about Genie?"

"He left two minutes ago," chuckled Chaos as he crossed his lanky arms, "I was starting to wonder if time magic gave you the effect of too much alcohol!" Eve rubbed the crown of her forehead and muttered something about her sinuses.

"All right," muttered Eve drearily, "What is the first thing I have to do?" Chaos' lips stretched into a grin that was unnatural for a human face.

"The first thing you have to do is. hit on the Sultan." Eve did a double take.

"Repeat that?"

"You heard me, flirt with the Sultan. Act like you are smitten by his debonair and." Chaos paused for a moment, lifting a tanned finger to his lip, "Charm."

"You are nuts," whispered Eve as she placed her hands on her hips, "Absolutely psychotic!"

"They don't call me Chaos for nothing," he chuckled, his eyebrows raising. Eve's black eyes widened and she uttered silently, "You're being serious, aren't you?" Chaos slowly nodded, his grin never leaving his handsome face. Eve huffed and raised her hands up in a mock-surrender.

"Fine, a deal is a deal. You will soon see how pleasing my acting skills are."