Was, Is, and Will Be

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I'm not giving up on "This is the Start"! Or any other stories for that matter!

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So, with that said, I'll clear this up… This is a series of one-shots with Naruto and Sakura. As some of you know, I've actually made one of these before but I didn't like it so I deleted it and am re-doing it with this series instead. Make sense?

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It was a cold and chilly night in Konoha. Christmas was coming and the holidays were something to be mindful of. Though, for certain Shinobi of the leaf, only thoughts were being pondered.

Naruto POV.

I'll tell her.

Walking from my apartment in the chilly winter air, I find myself in front of her door. As I knock on the wood that separated me from her apartment, I can't help but feel nervous. When I hear footsteps behind it, my heart began to beat faster and faster with every upcoming thump.

And when it opens, I'm breathless.

"Naruto? What are you doing here? It's pretty late," she peaked from her warm abode to glance around. I heard her sigh and open the door wider, "Well, come on in… Baka." Her voice… why is it so soft?

I stutter out an agreement and meet her inside of her toasty apartment where a half decorated christmas tree was standing. "Uh… nice tree," I try to start a conversation in an attempt to avoid my fears that were scurrying inside me.

She let's a little laugh loose, "I'm not done yet, Naruto. I was in the middle of decorating it when you knocked."

"Oh," It grew silent.

"Do you want to-"

"Do you need any-"

Her blush was noticeable from where I stood, I'm sure my heartbeat could he heard as well. "I'm, sorry, you go first…" she voices and looks away.

I sigh, "Well, I was just wondering if you wanted help… you know… with the tree and all."

She flicks her head towards me, "Sure," she smiles, picking up an ornament.

It was quiet for another minute as I watched her put on the first couple ornaments. When she turns back to be she points to the box, "Well, don't you know how to decorate a tree?" she asked, in a slight mocking tone.

I shrug, "Well, I haven't ever gotten a tree before, ya know? I just never had the means to buy one…" I explain, grabbing an ornament and gently hanging it on a tree.

"Sorry, I didn't think of that," she replies apologetically.

"It's no problem, Sakura-chan!" I smile at her, hanging another on.

It went like this for awhile, I'd hang an ornament, she'd make a remark. I found myself enjoying it, and that's when I stumbled across an old photo. It was a picture of Sakura-chan and her parents. They were all standing with each other outside of the academy doors. Her smile amazed me, so care-free and innocent. I let out a faint chuckle when I saw it and let her hang it on the tree, it wouldn't seem right if I was the one to hang it.

"Here," I offered her.

Raising her head from the box that held the decor she grinned, "You can hang it, if you want…" she said, grabbing a random one out and pondering where it should be placed.

"Neh… it wouldn't seem right for me to hang it… it's your family, Sakura-chan." I reasoned with her.

"No really Naruto… it's fine, you can hang it… it doesn't matter to me," she sighs. Backing away from the tree, she stumbles over a loose box and began to tumble downwards towards my feet. Reflex took over my body and I reach out my arms to catch her before she made her dreadful impact.

Her eyes were shut tight when I look down at her to see if she's alright. When she carefully opened them back up, the lights from the ever-green made them come to life, causing my chest to flutter. She looked up at me, still wearing a befuddled expression, and blushed.

"I'm sorry, I should've looked where I was gone and-"

"No problem," I cut her off. My heals touch the bottom of her couch when I lean back to help her up and in less than a moment, her face is right in front of mine. For the hundredth time this night, silence takes over both of out bodies. I stare into her eyes as she stares back into mine… that's when I broke the silence. "Sakura-chan?" I ask.

She focuses her blurring eyes and looks at me, telling me to continue.

"Could I maybe get an early present?" I begin, "And… I'll do anything in return. I promise…" I breathlessly speak.

Her head nods, telling me it is okay to do whatever.

Gathering all of the courage I can muster, I steadily begin to descend my head to hers. Neither of us close our eyes, we only wonder them, learning each's other's looks from new perspectives. And with one final movement, I brush her lips with my own, my eyes only closed for a moment, but now, they look her over again.

I lean over to her ear and whisper… "Now, your wish is my command," My voice is scratchy and low from the lust I'm feeling.

I don't expect what happen's next.

In a hasty movement, she leans upwards, closing her eyes, and presses her lips to mine. My eyes widen when I feel the sensation of zero gravity as we fall to the couch that is behind me. I hold her close when I made an ungraceful landing on the cushions, and I feel her smile through the warmth of her mouth.

She pulls back, my head was spinning and my vision was lazy, but I could see her eyes glow when she presses her forehead to mine. "My one request…" she begins, looking strait into my longing eyes. "Is you."

She captures my lips once again and all I can do is return her loving gestures.

Oh my gosh… so much fluff… X_X But eh! It's a christmas special… whad'ya expect? Thanks for reading and don't be shy to tell be what you though! It's my first time trying this type of thing out!

By the way… I'm continuing this. Ironically, I'm starting with a christmas special… but it's gonna be a new one-shot series! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!