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Something just couldn't be hidden. No matter how hard the they tried, they just can't hide it. With hair, well, you could easily hide hair with simple hair dye and get on with it. With your body, you could simply by different clothes or better make-up. If you don't like your eye-color, you could get contacts and change it. There were a lot of things that one could change about themselves to "upgrade", but some things just always stay the same.

She hated it. If she had the courage, she'd die her hair a different color because the outrageous pink got old. If she wasn't training all the time, she'd get make-up to hide the embarrassing blemishes on her face. If she had the time, she'd keep her wardrobe fresh and new and the latest style. Really, all these things were fixable if need-be, but the one things that she hated the most was absolutely unchangeable. Or unfixable as Sakura liked to put it.

She could never change her grin.

No, not her smile, she could always think of a better way to smile for the camera, and she wasn't talking about a smile. She was talking about her grin. There's a big difference.

For a grin was reflexive and impulsive. Something that one couldn't hide when laughing or just plan happy, and she absolutely hated her grin. It didn't make sense that her least favorite thing about her was unfixable. Hell- even a boob-job was possible! And her forehead had been grown into! Why in the world wasn't there a "grin-job" or something!? I mean, plastic surgery didn't work for her grin. No matter what she did, it'd always stay.

Whenever she'd grin, she could feel her eyes squint and her lips curve. She could feel her cheeks crinkle and dimple and her chin pull back. She could feel her nose set back a little and her nostrils flare. No matter how you put it, it wasn't a good sight.

He loved it. If he had the courage, he'd tell her everything about herself was perfect. If he wasn't training all the time, he'd keep on convincing her to go on a date with him. If he had the time, he'd stop everything in the world for her. Really, all these things were fixable, and he was glad she didn't fix them. And the thing he loved the most, without a doubt, was her grin.

Uzumaki Naruto had fallen in love with her, yes. So naturally, you'd think he'd just say that he "liked" her grin and that it was "pretty". Sadly, he knew it wasn't too pretty, or not to a girl, he guessed.

He fell in love with her grin. When they were younger, he'd watch her laugh hysterically with her friends and he loved the small and short snort that was followed by an adorable, pink blush. He loved how her nostrils would flare up and her cheeks would scrunch up.

He wasn't a stalker, he just noticed these things about her.

So he told her. He found the courage, the lack or training, and the time to tell her. He had marched to her door-step and knocked on the door. He asked if he could come inside, which she said yes to. He sat down across from her on the cozy small chairs. His eyes grew serious and his face made a grin, "You're perfect, you know that?"

She was taken aback, she wasn't expecting him to say that at all, but for some reason, she knew he wasn't lying. "What?" she asked, wondering if she'd heard wrong.

"Everything about you, Sakura-chan! It's just… I… I can't even explain it. You're just… perfect."

She felt her cheeks grow hot.

"I mean, you've got all your girl problems or whatever-"

'Just like him to kill the moment with a comment like that,' she though, her face faulted.

"But honestly, I don't see why girls make them such a big problem. I say that whatever they make fun of, they just want! Like- like… like you're grin, Sakura-chan! I would pay anything to see you're grin everyday!" he vowed.

She smiled at that, there was no way he meant "grin". He probably meant her smile. No one could like her grin. She was expecting him to say "Yeah that's it, that's the one!" but he didn't. He just continued to stare at her.

"What?" she asked.

He shook his head, "Why don't you grin more often?"

"Naruto, I'm not that depressed. I smile a lot, mind you." She crossed her arms and let out a huff.

again, he shook his head, "No, I mean… yeah. You smile but I mean like… like the smile you have whenever you laugh! And not giggle- laugh! That grin you only have for like… a spilt second and then it's gone. But it's so… amazing really. Everything Sakura, imperfections and all, it makes you perfect."

Her cheeks reddened and her hands reflexively went to her heart. She followed him with her eyes as he approached her, he bent down to eye-level. Leaning forward, she didn't dare breath, as he touched his forehead to her own. He gave his comical and classic "grin" and stood up.

"See ya, tomorrow, Sakura-chan!"

She waved a silent good-bye and closed her eyes.


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