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Chapter 1 : The Ascension

Konoha, evening, 23 August, 6 years after the Kyuubi attack.

The night air was cold as the last days of summer were passing and autumn fast approached, the people moved about their business as they had done in the days before, shops where closing, children returning home from playing with their friends, parents making dinner for their familys, night shifts began for the guards around the walls of the village, the people were unaware that this day would soon be marked as a turning point in Konoha's history.

Near the forest of death lay a villa, now covered by roots and vines, intricate seals could still be seen beneath them, many regarded it as a historical monument of Konoha, a place where one of the strongest shinobi of Konoha had lived, many claimed that it should have been reclaimed, while others thought that it was a ruin.

Many had tried to gain access only to fail, the more stubborn had soon discovered that the seals would harm those that were persistent in their attempts. With the disappearance of the owner before the first shinobi world war many had attempted to enter the place and claim it's treasures, only to fail in attempting in their task. The Hokage had quickly passed a law that none should attempt to enter the building, that it would remain undisturbed until its owner returned, however long such a thing would take.

It is within the house, in a secret chamber, where seals covered the walls, in the middle of it a golden tank with seals written on it's sides, filled with a crystal blue liquid could be found, the sound of glass slowly breaking was heard coming from underneath it, the sound became louder with each passing moment until like a torrent bursting forth the sound of a thousand glasses breaking could be heard within the chamber.

A figure emerged from the golden tank a woman with tanned skin, icy blue eyes and waist-length dark blond hair with two bangs framing her face. Her attire took the form of the an old shinobi armour, consisting of dark red traditional armour — similar to that of samurai — worn over a simple black suit. The armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along her body, in particular: chest, shoulders, thighs and forearms. Each collar of her shoulder guards bore the Uzumaki and Konoha symbol emblazoned on them.

The woman smiled, the seal had worked, to what degree she would soon discover, if everything was on schedule she could begin her plans in earnest.

She made her way towards the door and activated the seal on it to open the door, her steps showed purpose, with a quick hand move, several clones appeared behind her.

The clones had one knee on the ground, their right hand on their chest, their left hand on the ground as well, it was the stance of a samurai swearing fealty to their lord. She stopped for a moment, and gave them a quick glance, the clones nodded then quickly took off, each had a task to perform.

She managed to reach the control room of her villa, the heart of the place, she smiled at this, it had taken her a great deal of time to design and build this place, just as she wanted it. All the blood, sweat, tears and time lost, but she had managed to create the home she desired.

She swiped blood upon the door leading to the control room, as she entered the room a pedestal with an intricate red seal upon it could be seen, the seal stood out amongst the others as it seemed to be connected to all of them, seals of different color adorned the walls of the room some leading to their own pedestals. She swiped some of her blood upon it then pressed her hand in the middle of the seal, it quickly began to glow, before subsiding. The seals on the left and right side of the wall began to glow as well, good that means that the clones are doing their jobs, she pressed her hand on the red seal again.

Satisfied with what she had discovered threw the seal, the woman began to make her way out of the house, a brief smile appeared on her, the seals had held up, save for the growth of some plants around her home, it was intact.

When she reached the gates of her villa, the woman stopped as a moment passed, before a small army of clones appeared around her, one was to her right, twenty to her left, and twenty behind her. Save for the one to the left they all gave a head nodd, before quickly disappearing, each had a job to do, some would hunt for food, others would go to bring water, some would go shopping using the valuables she had, she would need to exchange some of them for the currency used nowadays, a few would explore the village and the last group would help to remove the vines and roots that had grown.

After she and her clone exited her villa, the woman looked up a the night sky, the stars were shining so brightly, crickets could be heard, the beasts in the forest of death seemed to be especially active tonight. She breathed in the cold night air, everything was so peaceful, so wonderful, she would do whatever it took to preserve this. A moment later both her and her clone disappeared.

Hokage tower

The aged old kage looked upon the village, it looked so peaceful, not many knew of the turmoil underneath it all. Things had not gone well either for him or for Konoha in the last few years. It started with the Kyuubi's attack six years ago, they had lost good people that day, the attack that the fox had launched tore threw the village and would have done much more damage had the Yondaime not stopped it. A sad smile crossed his face, the young kage had made the ultimate sacrifice for his village, barely in office and already sacrificing his life.

The loss of the Yellow Flash had been another blow for Konoha, one greater than the loss of shinobi lives, the Yondaime had beaten an army before and he could do it again. The Hyuuga incident followed swiftly, whether it was the boldness of Kumo or whether they believed Konoha weak with the loss of the Yondaime, they had decided that is worth attempting to kidnap the young heiress, to add the bloodline to their ranks. What they attempted to do to a child was beyond words, unfortunately he still needed to make peace with Kumo and had to make a sacrifice.

Konoha had been involved in small war shortly after the Kyuubi attack, some of the smaller villages had been more aggressive towards Fire country, making raids into the land. While most had stopped when leaf nin arrived and began guarding the border in larger numbers, two had continued their attacks and began to use bandits to add to their numbers, war broke out after that.

With those killed and wounded in the Kyuubi's attack, those needed to guard Konoha and fulfill their current obligations, their numbers for the war had been stretched thin. Young shinobi had been thrown into the thick of the fighting, the border had been littered with bodies from both sides. Konoha needed the peace treaty with Kumo, with it signed, the two smaller villages were pushed back and soon made peace giving large settlements for it, one of the villages had been disbanded and Konoha had taken what they could from it.

Now the most recent issue was with the Uchiha, the clan was dissatisfied with their current position in the village, many of the villagers still viewed them with suspicion after the Kyuubi attack, his old teammates as well viewed them with suspicion and had taken steps to isolate them. He had attempted to negotiate with them and find a better way, but it all seemed for not, as the clan make seemed too far gone to make any sort of deal at the curent time. He hoped that it would not come to blows, but with the recent news it appeard that blood would almost certainly be spilled, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a voice from behind him.

"Ah young monkey or should I call you old monkey now?"

The age old kage quickly turned around and almost had a heart attack at who he saw in his office.

"Have you forgotten me young monkey?" the woman asked a small devilish grin on her face.

Sarutobi fealt as if his heart had jumped to his throat, forgotten her, how could he, here in his office in full battle gear stood what many believed to be the strongest kunoich and fastest woman to ever walk the Elemental Nations, called the best that Konoha had, her only real opponent for the title was his former student Tsunade Senju.

The woman's armour looked like it did when he last saw her, small scratches could still be seen upon it, battle marks that she wore with pride, her icy blue eyes that were said to freeze people in their tracks, she bore six whisker marks upon her face. The woman had managed to defeat Madara Uchiha in his prime and had fought Hashimara on even ground, barely losing to him, here and now in his office garbed in full battle gear stood Naruko Uzumaki.

"You seem surprised, I did say that I would eventually return, while away I had time to think about an old conversation with wood boy"

"Conversation?" He asked still shocked at seeing her.

"Yes I decided that wood boy was right after all, and as such I will become Hokage, you can announce your retirement again old monkey, hand over the hat and tell the village that a fifth Hokage has been chosen."

If this day seemed a normal one, the aged old kage had a feeling that this night would be a long and troublesome one.

Naruko was quickly making her way towards her old apartment soon she would meet her other self, well other version of herself, this time around this Naruko would have someone to teach and be there for her growing up. She regretted not being able to awaken earlier but the sacrifice would be worth it, she would make it worth it.

Her icy blue eyes seemed to melt as her thoughts drifted to her friends, to the good times she had with them, to the missions they had gone on, and then to the wars, and how badly it had gone. She could still remember as if it had occured only days ago, the battle with the Madara clone and the Edo Tensei Madara. The battle had been brutal, and the Shinobi alliance had taken staggering losses during the fight, she remembered her friends and comrades dying, she remembered Kurama's sacrifice and the suicide attack they had used. Madara's reaction to her attack had made it all worth, his plan would never succeed with her last move, the Biju would be gone from their world and forever out of Madara's reach.

Perhaps it was because they were so similar, that both the Madara clone and Edo Tensei Madara had both used their wretched eye techniques on her, the result was not what anyone would have expected. Her body had felt as if she had been sinking in water, slowly being dragged to the bottom of an ocean, she could see the attack work, Kurama leaving her body and both the clone and Edo Madara's bodies being affected by the attack. Naruko smiled her last thought was how she had finaly got the bastards.

Naruko had hoped and expected to meet her parents again, on a grassy field and they would welcome her to the afterlife, what she received was being poked with a stick and people attempting to steal her sandals. In hindsight that had been her mistake believing that things would end so easily. No rest for the wicked, oh how true those words are.

She didn't know what had happened to her, she was convinced that only death awaited her, after meeting her would be robbers and exploring the area she was in Naruko came to the conclusion that she was alive.

If the Fourth Shinobi War had been a short bloody series of great battles, then the Warring States period had been a long series of bloody battles, were shinobi discovered new ways to kill themselves. Living threw that brutal period had honed her skills and abilities more so them before, her thoughts went to the young Madara she had met, she had beaten him in his prime but Hashirama stopped her killing blow, he wouldn't let her kill his precious friend. As much as she hated the Uchiha clan not all were monsters, back then they were in great numbers and could scatter to the winds to lay low, it was better to have them all in one place. And worse was that they were needed to help build Konoha, she gritted her teeth at that, she ended up siding with Tobirama more often than not when it involved that clan.

Being able to fight Hashirama in his prime had humbled her greatly, the chakra Kurama had left her, gave her a devastating advantage, adding her sage mode and she quickly made a name for herself in that period, only for Hashirama to counter it and go beyond what she had with his skills, the man was a force to be reckoned with, that the history books did little to speak off. Hashirama had his own sage mode, his use of wood release was far more then what she had thought possible, she shivered when she remembered his attacks, wood dragons, wood projectiles, wood barriers, his wood clones had torn threw her shadow clones with such ease, if her shadow clones were impressive his woods clones made them look like a child's toys. The man was good at taijutsu, ninjutsu, could fight with a blade and a multitude of other weapons, had knowledge of seals, thanks to his incredible chakra control he could almost instantly detect genjutsu and dispel them, while he never created something similar to Tsunade's super strength techniques or her regenesis technique, he had created other that were medical jutsu that were impressive.

It wasn't that she was far weaker then him, she had spent most of her life fighting S class threats, she had lost the fight but it had been a close call, in her defense she had refused to use killing blows, throwing a sage powered rasenshuriken at the first Hokage was not something she wanted to be known for. With her growth over the years, she was certain that now she had a good chance of defeating him in an all out fight.

She grimaced when she remembered how she had instinctively used a rasengan during a fight and soon she was known for that attack, that would mostly likely hurt this version of her father's reputation.

Naruko arrived at the building where she had lived and walked up the stairs to her old apartment, everything was she remembered, a few cracks here and there, the same dark green paint on the walls. She sighed soon she would meet a younger version of herself and things could be changed for the better.

She stopped in front of the door to the apartment, her heart racing a mile a minute, she carefully knocked on the door a few times, at this hour she was certain her younger self was inside. She arched an eyebrow when she got no response, she was certain things had played out in a similar fashion as in her dimension, the seals inside her house had picked up Kurama's chakra so the attack must have still happened. The people she had "questioned" confirmed the presence of a girl who was the container, they would be punished soon enough for revealing classified information.

As she prepared to enter the apartment using shunshin, she thought of the past, when it looked like history would repeat itself, with Konoha and the Uchiha, witg her being powerless to stop it, she decided to make her own plans to change things later on. No one would truely belive her that she was from a different dimension, and even if they did she doubted Hashirama would act and kill the Uchiha clan, Madara gaining future knowledge was out of the question as well. Things seemed to follow a certain pattern and she could change very little of it, the Senju and Uchiha would still create Konoha, Hashirama would still marry Mito Uzumaki, Kazuzu still attacked Hashirama and ran away battered and broken. It seemed that the world had found ways to keep her away from some events, she had been present when Konoha was founded, but had been away when Kazuzu attacked, when Madara defected and Kurama was sealed.

She soon realised that very little could be changed then and decided that since everyone seemed to have some sort of long term plans she would make one herself. It had taken her years to and countless nights lost spent on working on her own plans, until she was satisfied and began to prepare for everything. She had spent a few years on the road to gather everything she would need and to prepare things. Meeting her clan and spending time with them, learning about her clan from them and seeing Uzu before its destruction had been one of the happiest periods of her life. When Hashirama began to capture the biju she had aided him fighting against them, no matter how saddened and angry she had been at the time, she had insisted that the seven tails be given to Uzu, only to discover that Hashirama had offered them the eight tails but was refused by the Uzumaki clan, claiming that they didn't need or desire such a thing. To say she was shocked and flabbergasted was an understatement, she had at least tried to convince them to strenghen theri defences as people would soon attack becouse of their seals and the need for stronger ones to hold the biju within hoasts.

Jiraya's teachings about seals had aided her greatly and with Mito's and the Uzumaki clans training she had pushed beyond and created a few new seals that would have made her parents and Jiraya weep.

She had laid the ground work for her plan and would use it later, one grave concern had been to find other summoning contracts, the toads betrayal had still hurt her dearly, but with them teaching her sage made and Jiraya's teachings about them during her training trip she didn't truly needed them anymore, she could teach others what they had taught her, it would just be more difficult, their realm would have made learning sage mode easier but not impossible in other places. Their combination attacks however were what she would miss, they had helped during the war in more then just fighting the enemy.

A great deal of her plans relied on her younger self, this wasn't Naruko's true world, she knew that back home the chances of the shinobi system surviveing was slime with the loses they had taken, and even then the smaller villages would have the perfect time to strike at the great five. With Kurama sealed inside of her this Naruko would be in the middle of events to come and she would make sure that this Naruko would be prepared from the start.

Naruko quickly sunshined into the apartment expecting to find a younger version of herself, only to stare wide eyed at what she saw, mouth hanging slightly open in shock. There in the middle of her old apartment stood two child versions of her parents. Naruko knew that because of her arrival in this dimension there was a chance that she would not be born in this dimension but she still held out hope.

As she looked at the two, she could see how similar they were to her parents yet different at the same time. Both had wisker marks on the cheeks, the two were holding hands and looking at her, the boy held a knife in one hand while holding on to his sister with the other, he had their father's spiky blond hair and tan skin, their mother's violet eyes, his looks were more of their father but the build of his face was that of their mother. The girl had long red hair like their mother's, her skin tone was much lighter then her brother's, blue icy eyes stared at her, that reminded her of her own father, the girls jaw line was similar to that of their father as well, she even had the chubby cheeks as their mother, though not as much as her. All in all she looked like a young version of her mother. Naruko remembered the photos she had seen of her mother from when she was younger. What amused her was that the girl was holding a spoon in one hand while holding her brother's hand with the other. A spoon? I'm being threatened with a spoon?! Well, at least now I could say that I've been threatened with a spoon as well, besides the legendary swords from the hidden mist village, and surviving bijudamas thrown my way.

"Who are you? what do you want?" The boy asked, as he glared at her.

Naruko knew that look in his eyes, it was the look she had when she had been a small child, years of glares and harsh words had done the same to her, she had slowly adopted a mask and overtime could barely tell the real her from the mask, only a few had managed to ever see threw it.

Naruko tapped into Kurama's chakra to sense the two better, her eyes widened at what she felt, they were both containers, what has this version of my father done?, she grimaced, how will we be able to make Kurama whole again? The extraction had worked for her because her father was already dead, it wasn't known if it could work without killing anyone. The thought of two containers also threw more things into the loop, Akatsuki could come after either of them to accomplish their goals, they could send two teams at once after them. Though, she had always desired siblings, and now in a weird way she had them, for better or for worse.

"Pack your things, you're coming with me" she told them regaining her composure.

The children looked shocked, the boy spoke "No, why should we? you still haven't told us who you are?" The girl still looking at her waved her spoon "yeah, were not going anywhere"

"Child I have been threatened with many things, but never with a spoon, that is a first for me" she couldn't resist, her mother had hated the nickname, she wondered how the girl would react "are you deadly with a spoon tomato – chan?" she asked in a teasing tone of voice.

The small girls face darkened, a shadow seemed to form behind her, her brother had let go of her hand and had a panicked look on his face, oh she definitely takes after mother. "What did you say?" She asked in a sickly sweet voice, one she knew all too well, it was cute but she needed to nip this early on, she simply looked in the girls eyes and flashed a bit of her chakra scaring the little girl.

The twins looked taken aback by her now and had taken a few steps back, the girl still had the spoon in her hand "Well are you going to throw it or not little red?" Naruko asked. The girl's face seemed to go threw a miriad of emotions before she suddenly spoke "Don't underestimate me dattebane" she yelled before throwing the spoon directly at Naruko.

Good aim, Naruko quickly grabbed the spoon that was fast approaching her forehead and threw the spoon back, it imbedded itself in the wall behind the girl. Hmm perhaps I should try a different approach.

The twins blinked both had seen the spoon heading towards the woman before it vanished they weren't sure what had happened.

Naruko took a few steps forward and the twins took a few steps back, she stopped and knelt in front of them, revealing more of her face "Little red look at my face" she noticed the girl simply stare at her, "Now look at your brothers face", she could all but see the wheels turning in the girls head, "now look at your face" the girl used the window in the room to do so
"And now back to me"

She noticed that both were now looking in a new light unsure what to say. Finally the girl spoke up "you look a bit like brother and I" the girl gulped "Are you our mommy?"

That line had Naruko shaken and it was only her training that kept her jaw off the floor. This was something that she taken as a possibility in meeting her younger self and had a plan to deal with it but seeing the twins had shaken her and she had forgotten it.

"No" the children became saddened at that, "but we are related" and suddenly the two perked up "My name is Naruko Uzumaki" she motioned to them, the girl spoke up first "My name is Mito Uzumaki" she said with a smile on her face, of course they would name her that, heck I probably would have been named that as well if things had gone differently back home, she smiled at the girl "My name is Naruto Uzumaki" the boy spoke, well no surprise there, the name did come from the pervert's book after all.

"Why do you want us to come with you?" Naruto asked.

"For the Uzumaki clan" the childrens eyes widened at that "family meant everything, and you two if things went as I predicted may be the last of our clan"

"We have a clan?" Mito asked with exuberance, Naruto looked interested as well, was I this much of an energy bunny when I was young? "Wait! what do you mean we may be the last?" Mito asked.

"Yes we have a clan. It was respected and feared because of our skill with seals, it should be taught in history class at the academy in later years. But we can talk more about it later at your new home"

The twins still seemed to be reluctant "I will also be training you two, you do want to get stronger?" Naruko asked.

"Damn straight brother and I are gone fight it out for the title of hokage dattebane!" Mito yelled raising her arms up fists closed, yep definitely takes after mother, perhaps the boy takes after father a bit more, she looked at him, being an older brother could have made him more serious.

"Ma ma ma nee-chan I think I'll let you wobble around a bit before I take the title dattebayo!" he said with a smirk, or maybe he has mother's personality as well.

In response, Mito clenched her fist and asked the boy with closed eyes and a pleasant smile on her face "I don't think I heard you nii-chan you want to repeat that please?"

The boy slowly backed away and with a terrified look on his face, is this how things went with mother and father?

"I um asked if you're really strong" he said pointing at Naruko, Mito whirled around and looked at her as well "Hey yeah are you? do you know any cool jutsu?" she asked

Good save boy. Naruko smiled "Well I thought Hashirama Senju and did well so yes I consider myself strong"

Both childrens eyes widened comicly "You what?" they both shouted, shock evident on their faces.

"but that's impossible... he.. you.. he lived a long time ago when Konoha was founded"
Naruto began and Mito quickly continued "yeah that would mean you really old lady"

Naruko ruffled their hair faster then they could see her hands move "I was here when Konoha was founded" she quickly placed a finger over their mouths "As to how I'm still young I used a combination of seals to enter a sort of hibernation that would keep me young and fit while the years passed, I did say that our clan were skilled with seals didn't I, a lot can be done with them." She already knew what they wanted to ask "As to why I entered that state, that is something personal"

"Are you stronger than the old man?" Naruto asked.

"When I last saw him that young monkey was 13 years old" the twins couldn't even imagine the old man being so young or someone even stronger than him.

"How about we go talk to him? I have a clone there already" the two looked puzzled "a solid clone, and a special one that I created" she said guessing what they thought.

The two nodded and Naruko quickly grabbed them and then used a sunshin to exit the apartment and began making her way towards the Hokage tower, neither of the twins noticed the clones that began to pack their belongings in the apartment.

"What do you mean?" the Sandaime asked, he still couldn't belive the woman was here, everything about her was as he remembered, her stance, the presence she had, the chakra she released felt identical.

"Just what I said, I will become the Godaime Hokage, wood boy told me that I had the will of fire and what it took to become Hokage, that he wouldn't be surprised if one day the hat may end up in my lap" she snorted "he was an idiot" she looked at the floor for a few seconds before looking at the Sandaime again "How did he die ?"

The Sandaime sighed before his face took a saddened look "He used a great deal of chakra to heal our troops, and even our allies troops, and died of chakra exhaustion after a battle."

Naruko smilled for a brief moment "I figured the idiot would die that way, helping others, him dieing in battle would have taken the other kages teaming up and even then he could have stood on even ground with them" the Sandaime nodded and smiled, his old teacher had fought the biju and had massive amounts of chakra, he would have lived if he had not insisted on saving as many of the troops lives as he did.

"What about water boy?" the old kage looked at her again, he fondly remembered how Naruko would often find new nicknames for Tobirama, and Hashirama would roar in laughter at the two when they began to bicker, as much as the two seemed to agree with each other on many things it seemed that they took some sort of pleasure in stepping on each others toes.

One particular memory stood out in his mind, his old team had just finished a rather brutal training session with their teachers and Naruko arrived to discuss something with Hashirama, only for her to look at Tobirama and ask him if he had that look on his face because he was constipated, he remembered seeing Hashirama roar with laughter and his other sensei glare at Naruko.

"He died in the first great ninja war fighting a special force from Kumo who had already killed the Nidaime Raikage and were after us, they where pseudo jinjuriki and had stole some of the best weapons Kumo had. He sacrificed himself to ensure our retreat, and made me Hokage before heading off to fight them."

Naruko nodded her head before speaking again, "Looks like the little monkey managed to reach the top of tree, congratulations" she said giving him a small smile, something the old kage new was rare.

"I take it the fourth died against the Kyuubi?" she asked

The old kage nodded "How did you know that?"

"Yoy may not be aware of this but I visited the newly created valley after the battle between Hashirama and Madara and know how the Kyuubi's chakra feels like, the seals around my house picked up on it, I figured Mito would eventually have to pass the Kyuubi onto someone else and that would be the perfect time for an escape attempt."

The old kage nodded his head, he knew Naruko was close to Mito Uzumaki, and had helped to look over the seals used to lock away the biju. His old sensei Tobirama had explained to him why Naruko had dissapeared after he had asked him about it, many of her nightmares seemed to be occuring one after another and she couldn't stop them, Madara's defection and the subsequent battle, the unending wars, the creation of the biju hoasts, that many viewed as weapons of mass destruction, even how the other nations seemed to set their sights on the Uzumaki clan.

She had tried to end the wars but failed, she tried to kill Madara when she was young but was stopped by Hashirama, she warned him not to trust Madara, she warned the Uzumaki clan of the looming threat and wanted to shove one of the higher bijus down their throats. The Uzumaki clan had declined the biju Hashirama had offered, they weren't arrogant about their strength but simply refused it, a mistake perhaps on their part, as later Uzu had been destroyed out of fear of their seals and longevity, they could be far better hoasts and the other nations believed they would eventually hunt and capture their own bijus.

He could still remember the day he had received the eagle asking for aid to be sent from the Uzumaki clan, little Kushina had arrived in the village not long ago. He had prepared a force to be sent to aid them only for disaster to strike, Iwa, Kumo and Kiri had launched simultaneous attacks on Fire Country heading towards Konoha's territory, Kiri attacking from the East by sea, Kumo from North – East and Iwa from North – Weast. The battles had been brutal, the attack on the Uzumaki clan sparked the second great war, and soon the other nations either joined willingly or were dragged into it.

He had personally lead the troops to aid Uzu, even Danzo believed that aid should be sent to the Uzumaki clan, he had sent Danzo to deal with Kiri, Koharu do deal with Iwa and Homura to deal with Kumo.

By the time he and his group had broken threw the resistance force sent their way it was already to late and Uzu lay in ruins the combined army had suffered casualties but they had managed to accomplish their goal and only a part remained behind while the rest retreated, with their objective secure the alliance had fallen apart within moments.

The second war would drag on for many more years and would lay the seeds for the third, the Land of Frost and Hot Springs had suffered greatly as Kumo marched threw it to be closer to Uzu for their attack, a part of Iwa had managed to join in the attack on Uzu marching threw the Land of Hot Springs as well. It was in this war that his old students had gained their reputation as the Sannin. Naruko had warned people of what she saw on the horrizon but many chose to ignore it or had a hard time believing such things could occur. He could understand this, he had managed to change a few things and made preparation only because he had the damn hat, he wondered if his old sensei would have chosen her if she had been around during the first war.

As he looked at her, he knew the woman had the strength to be a kage, though time had passed her reputation still remained, she had experience leading troops, had been at the founding of Konoha and had aided the Shodai during the early days of his rule. She would need to be brought up on the more recent events, but she was by far the only true candidate for the position he had. Jiraya had the strength but not the desire, Tsunade was the same, his old friend turned rival Danzo had the desire but lacked the strength of a kage, oh he had skill but his injuries would make him the weakest of all the kages. This didn't include Danzo's desire to turn all shinobi into emotionless killing machines, no she was the best choice for the title.

"You have managed to lead to village well Hiruzen but you retired once when you realised you had someone to entrust the future to and old age had crept up on you, only returning to your position after the death of your successor, retire once more for many have seen fit to trample on your words"

He furrowed his eyebrows at her words and noticed how she referred to him now "What do you mean?" he asked with steel in his voice.

"I sent clones threw out the village and overheard a few of your shinobi talking about demons, when asked they were more than happy to tell me in part of the village they were located, the building and even the apartment number. I'm curious what would have occured if an enemy shinobi had discovered this" she shook her head "why are the identities of the curent jinjurikis revealed and the former aren't?"

Hiruzen felt his blood boil at her words before he forced himself to calm down "I will need to know who those shinobi were".

"They have already been dumped at the Torture and Interogation facility" she told him.

Hiruzen sighed "It was the desire of the Yondaime that they be seen as heroes for containing the beast, though sadly the people would not accept this and I passed an S class law to prohibit them for speaking about what they contained, make no mistake I will punish those who broke the law"

Naruko sighed and rubbed her forehead"You decided to honor a dying man's wish and gambled the childrens future on the villagers, the same villagers who were probably still mourning their dead" she shook her head "and now look at the result they willingly break your law and sell the children out to whoever intimidates them even a tiny bit, are you sure the childrens identities aren't know by the the other villages?"

"Yes I am"

"This only adds to my point Hiruzen, you should retire, the shinobi do not respect or fear you anymore if they willingly break S class laws what about the rest? what else are they doing behind your back?"

He flared his chakra and killer intent and glared at the woman but she seemed unfazed, before
a wake of killer intent washed over him, he knew Naruko esd right but it was still insulting to him, for the villagers to begin to act this way, to risk so much, he had made mistakes, one of which was turning a blind eye to some of Danzo's actions and allowing him to deal with the darker side of the village and now it seemed that he finally could see the results of his actions, he had gotten softer and many had seen it as an act of weakness. The killing intent in the room dropped when the door to the office opened and in walked another Naruko with two small children.

"Old man" the two chipped.

Hiruzen smilled "Naruto – kun, Mito – chan" he looked at the Naruko that he had been talking to and she quickly took a few steps back while this new one stepped forward taking her place. A clone! He should have known to woman was a master at using clones and even managed to create new ones.

"Old this lady says that she's our relative" Naruto began "Yeah and that we have a clan" Mito continued "Why didn't you tell us about our clan?" the both asked.

The old kage let out a small breath he knew that this conversation would have occured eventually, he didn't get a chance to speak as Naruko began before him "It was done to protect you" the two gave her a curious look

"You were given the name to have a connection to the clan from a young age, however seeing as how there are no other clan members in Konoha nor are you old enough, the rest was kept secret to help keep you safe. I already told you that the clan was feared if our enemys found out that two young Uzumaki children were here they would have sent assassins after you. Orphans are often given names in honor of fallen allies this way people simply assumed this was the case with you two, belive it or not there is safety in anonymity."

The two children looked from Naruko to the old Kage who simply nodded at her words. Then the two looked at each other before Mito spoke "Do you know who are parents are?"

The old kage sighed, this night was getting worse and worse for him, he had lied to them before and it killed him on the inside, they looked like young versions of their parents, he had hoped to reveal it much later.

"What Naruko said is also true for your parents, they had a lot of enemys and until you are older and stronger I can't tell you who they are" he finished in a somber tone, however the look of betrayal in the childrens eyes felt as if someone had stabbed him in the heart.

Naruto glared at him "So all this time you knew who our parents were?"

Naruko gently squeezed the childrens shoulders "Every ninja makes enemies both from outside the village and within, and those enemies often stupe so low as to attack their children as revenge, if he had told you their names and you mentioned them to someone else then there was a chance that their enemies would have discovered it as well and you would have become a target. He has already told you that he had plans to tell you everything when you were older, while I would have done things differently he did what he could given the circumstances. With the Kyuubi attack the village forces suffered casualties, destroyed buildings and low morale due to the death of their leader, he had to retake his position, bury his wife" both the childrens eyes widen at that "and find a way to keep Konoha strong as it's enemys could have used this chance to invade."

Mito smiled and looked at the old kage "Ok , I guess, it still hurts's that you didn't trust us old man"

"You can keep a secret tomato-chan?" Naruko asked with disbelief in her voice. Mito seemed to explode at that. "Oi I'm going to kick your ass dattebane!". Naruko quickly ruffled her hair in response getting a scowl and pout from Mito and smile from Naruto and the Sandaime.

Naruto suddenly seemed to jolt as if he remembered something important. "Hey old man is she strong?" he asked pointing at Naruko, Mito looked interested as well at this.

"Yes Naruto she is very strong, at one point she was called the strongest kunoichi and fastest human alive, in fact many belive that she is still the strongest kunoichi to have ever walk our world." Naruto and Mito stared at him with wide eyes. "Wow really? she said she fought Hashirma Senju and Madara Uchiha" he asked.

The old kage smiled at him "She did Naruto, she was here when Konoha was founded and in many ways she is actually older than myself." Again both children's eyes widened almost comicly.

"I am strong enough that I will be taking that hat and become the Godaime Hokage." Naruto and Mito's jaw opened and their eyes bugged in comidic fashion, before they both exploded.

"What?! But old man nee-chan/ni-chan and I where going to fight it out for the hat!" Naruko smiled at how in sync the two were.

Hiruzen pondered that for a few moments before sighing "It is true Naruto – kun, Mito – chan she will become the Godaime Hokage"

Both Mito and Naruto simply stared at him before a voice spoke from behind them "It's been a long night and you two should get some rest and see your new home" the old kage quickly looked at her when he heard that.

The Naruko clone that had been in the back of the room came forward and grabbed the children before disappearing in a burst of speed before the children could say anything else.

"How did you know about my wife?" The Sandaime asked.

"I noticed the picture on your desk and saw how you looked at it, it is the same as my own when I look at the picture of my loved one." she replied.

"You decided to accept I thought it would have taken a bit more before you relented"

"You are right in that I retired when I thought I found someone I could entrust the future to, I realised that my time had passed and someone else needed to carry the torch" he sighed "I have made many mistake during my reign, and questioned if I did the right thing on a few occasions."

"In one year I will take over in full force, but I will punish those who break the law in the village and those who willingly ignore the laws, in this one year I will catch up on what changes have occured in the world and I will travel threw the nations to remind the world of my name"

The third hokage nodded "I will start compiling on the situation on the world and the village, but I don't recommend traveling the nations"

She shook her head "I'l travel around our borders with the stronger countrys, do missions in the smaller and neutral countrys, a few S ranks." The third nodded once more, having her seen threw fire country would spread the rumors of her return, if the border patrols see her they would be able to confirm her return to there villages, a few bandit exterminations near the border here and there, especially if it coincides with a patrol group would do well.

"I will eventually tell them of their burden, though later when things have calmed down more, their training shall be interesting" she said in a tone that sent chills down his spine, it was the same tone that the Nidaime used before a particularly brutal training session.

"You would have still made a claim for the title had I refused" the tone of his voice made it clear that it was not a question

"Yes, I would have gone to the public and the clans, this way things will not escalate and be dragged out" she responded in an even tone, not batting an eyelash.

He nodded, when Naruko reached the door and touched the handle she spoke once more.

"Enjoy retirement once more, help raise the young generations and spend time with your family young monkey you have earned your rest" she turned around and gave him a rare smile "the burden of leadership lies with me from now on." She exited the room and he could see his Anbu guards tied up outside his office with seals on them.

The old kage took a moment to breath before he began to make his way towards his tied up Anbu to untie them, I don't know how the Uchiha clan will take this, it may just escalate things, but now though he did feel as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders, mostly likely it will be better when I take the hat off one last time.

Naruko stood on top of a tower in Konoha, she had a grin on her face, it was time to give Konoha a wake up call, Uzumaki style, they needed to know who had returned. She inhaled some air, and began to focus, she had to be sure of this. She exhaled, and a pillar of light quickly burst from her shooting towards the sky before an explosion seemed to occurs and a wave washed over the village. There it's done, from the strongest ninja to the lowest civilian will feel that, a shame I had to make the old monkey's night more troublesome.

She waited a few moments before she was quickly surrounded by leaf nin, Anbu and some of the Uchiha police force, she stood there, allowing them to get a good look at her before she took off in a burst of speed. They are still too young to match me in speed.

When she returned home she found the twins in the kitchen with a clone of her's, she quickly sat down on the chair next to the table.

The twins looked at her "Are you really going to be Hokage?" Mito asked, she simply nodded. Naruto continued for his sister "We always thought the old man would stay on until we fought it out for the hat"

"He is old, you call him that don't you?"

They both flinched "Yeah but we don't mean it likes that we um" Mito began.

"Don't worry I know what you mean, but you shouldn't worry, to much, if you get strong enough and have what it takes to become hokage you can take the had from me, I will be training you to be as strong as you can be and then to go beyond that. You can still meet the old monkey, perhaps even more than before and besides getting training from one of the strongest kunoichi in the world doesn't sound appealing to you?"

They both grinned after that. "so what are we eating?" Mito asked looking at the Naruko clone.

"I have traveled all over the Elemental Nations, and have gathered recipes and ingredients from all over" she motioned towards the cupboards "but there is only one true food of the gods."

She looked at both of them and in a hushed tone of voice said "Ramen"

"What!?" They both asked.

"Yes you're eating ramen but not just any ramen, one made with the recipe and ingredients from Uzu itself."

"Will you tell us about the place?" Naruto asked.

Naruko nodded "Later though best not to talk while eating ramen" the twins nodded vigorously as the Naruko clone began to serve them their dinner.

"Ah man that was great" Naruto said as he padded his stomach.

"You said it nii-chan" Mito said doing the same thing as her brother.

"I hope you enjoyed it" Naruko said looking at the two

"Yeah it was the best I can't wait to have more" the twins chirped together.

"Well that the last ramen you'l have for a while" she told them in a serene tone, the twins quickly palled.

"What?" they asked in a panicked shaky tone of voice.

"Well I'll be taking over your training that includes what you eat, don't worry you can still have some from time to time, and I'll even teach how to prepare some of the recipies."

"But but but it's so good" Mito told Naruko looking at her with shaky hands.

Naruko nodded "I'm glad you agree, now off to bed with you"

They stopped in front of a door, "Your things are in here, you can decide tomorrow who gets the other room" the twins looked at her with wide eyes again "We each get a room?!" Naruko nodded at this. "The bathroom is right next to it, I'l have a clone wake you up tomorrow and show you the way to the academy from here."

"Ano do we have to get separate rooms? We lived together since we were little" Mito asked holding her brother's hand. Damn they look so cute.

"You can continue to share the same room for now, but eventually you will want your own room, especially when you grow older." She quickly ruffled their hair "Now off to bed with you little ones."

The twins took turns going to the bathroom and changing before long they were both in bed snuggled next to each other.

"What do you think nee-chan?"

"She seems ok, and the old man is giving her the hat, she even told us we have a clan"

"Yeah this place is better than what we had, and she said she'l train us"

"Yeah and she likes ramen" Naruto nodded at that.

"Goodnight nii-chan" she said snuggling closer to him.

"Goodnight nee-chan" and Naruto snuggled closer to her.

Naruko exited the control room of her home, almost everything was up and running, barely a few function weren't yet active but would be by morning.

She quickly made her way towards another room that had just as much protection as the control room, once she entered it she quickly looked threw it, everything was just as she left it, books, scrolls and maps. Her eyes fell on a set of scrolls entitled Hope, Rebirth and Regenesis.

Naruko rather quickly opened the one entitled Hope and retrieved a map from there, she placed it on one of the walls and began looking over it. She smiled looking over the locations once more. Oh yes she had quite a few locations to visit and now, now the game was afoot.

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