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0530 - The Crashdown

Jeff Parker saw the car pull up in front of the closed restaurant and recognized the couple that stepped out. He didn't know the Evans' well, but Roswell was a small town. He and Philip were both in Rotary, and of course they'd seen the two at school open houses and similar functions over the years. Maybe they should have gotten together when Liz and Max had started dating... gotten better acquainted, but somehow it just seemed like their relationship had snowballed so quickly, a first tentative date only two months ago and now... staying out all night? What got in to kids these days? Why on earth did they think their parents were going to put up with them doing such a thing? Raging hormones, I guess,' he answered himself. He turned the key in the door and opened it, offering his hand to Diane Evans as she entered.

"Hello... Diane, isn't it? I'm Jeff Parker,... Liz's father. Nancy will be here in just a minute."

"Good morning, Jeff. I'm... sorry about the circumstances of this meeting. Philip and I want you to know that we are as concerned by this is you are."

"Hello, Jeff. I called the Sheriff's Office, they have no reports of accidents or trouble. Oh, and I checked with our daughter, Isabel. She was aware Max and Liz were going out... couldn't really say where they were going or what they were planning on doing, but she doesn't know where they are either."

Nancy Parker came from the back, carrying a tray with four plates to the table that was already set for breakfast. She wiped her hands on her apron and then offered her hand to Philip Evans.

"Hi, I'm Nancy,... Liz's mom. It's Philip, isn't it?"

"Yes... and this is my wife Diane. We are so sorry about this, Nancy."

"Diane and I already met... when we got called in to the principal's office when Max and Liz were given detention for making too much noise making out at school. Well Diane, we have to quit meeting like this."

"The important thing is that we get this back under control," said Jeff Parker. "It's not that we have anything against Max, he seems like a real nice boy,... but he seems to have kind of swept Liz off her feet. Maybe he's just too experienced for her, she really hasn't dated much."

As he finished the sentence it was obvious that Diane and Philip were looking at each other in disbelief.

"What is it? What's wrong?" asked Jeff suddenly.

Philip Evans looked at Jeff and Nancy and said, "Well it's just... well Max isn't experienced... at all. Liz is the first girl he's ever dated."

The conversation continued over hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

"Even counting going to that Junior High School square dance with Alex, I don't think Liz has dated more than four boys. Kyle Valenti was the first one she ever went out with more than once, and even then she complained that all he ever thought about was football and... well she said, trying to get to second base once," said Nancy. "She was never even remotely serious with any of them. Then comes Max and... well, it was like she was spending every minute she could with him. Even after we got called in to the principal's office because they were making out in the eraser room, I caught her sneaking back in one night, up her fire escape after seeing him. We had my very best mother-daughter talk, and she was... well... so evasive. And now this..."

"I just don't understand it. Liz has always been the most reliable and honest kid you ever saw. It's just not like her to sneak around... to lie to us. Let alone, to get detention at school for making a public scene. This just is so unlike her," said Jeff.

"Well it's obviously not just her fault, Jeff," said Diane. "It takes two to tango, as they say."

"Yeah, but only one of the two gets pregnant."

"Nancy, you can't be serious. You really can't believe... they've only been going together about eight weeks," said Jeff.

"Jeff, the last movie was over at 1AM... the bowling alley closed at 11:30. The only entertainment teenagers have at this hour is... well, each other. If it hasn't happened yet, it's going to... unless we do something."

"It just seems so... bizarre. I mean... if neither Liz nor Max has ever been like this. If they've been... well,... shy, well what made them change?" said Diane.

"Liz has just been... different... since September... I wonder if it's some sort of post-traumatic stress reaction to what happened in September... to that shooting here?" asked Jeff.

Diane looked somewhat nervous. "Sheriff Valenti told me that Max was there too. I wonder if somehow, even though nobody got hurt, if maybe somehow both of them were kind of scared... kind of had their own mortality shown to them, maybe deciding to live for the day, rather than worry about the future. Max... well,... Max has changed since then too. He was really brooding after that... moreso than usual... at least until he and Liz started dating two months ago. Since then, he seems to live and breathe Liz Parker. I honestly couldn't believe it when the principal called the other day. Honestly, Max has just never even dated. He's gone from being too shy to ask a girl out to being totally obsessed in just eight weeks. I really can't predict what he'll do anymore."

"Well that's what we need to decide this morning, before they get here," said Philip Evans with Jeff Parker nodding in agreement. "How we ensure that we can control the situation. How we can keep them apart until they cool off... get some perspective."

"I feel the same way, Philip" said Jeff Parker. "We all try to teach our kids values and, up until the last few weeks, I'd thought we'd done a pretty good job with Liz. But I'm realistic... you know, if the kids had been dating steady for a year or two... I could maybe understand them getting a little carried away. If they had been dating since Junior High and were doing this... well, Nancy and I would probably have a long heart to heart with Liz and if she was adamant... well, we'd put her on the pill, I guess. But to do this... to stay out all night with a boy after only dating him a few weeks... to sneak out... lie to us... this isn't normal... this isn't our Liz. We need to protect our daughter, protect her from herself. If we can't make her listen to reason, we may need to send her to a girl's boarding school where she won't have the opportunity to get in trouble."

"Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that, Jeff. But if it does... well Diane and I will pay half of the costs, like she says, it takes two to tango. But before we take that step, we need to decide on a strategy about what to do when they do show up. We need to lay down the law to them. And as long as we are here waiting, let's decide what steps we think we ought to take, first if the kids listen to reason... then if they don't. Is that agreeable to everyone?"

The heads around the table were all slowly nodding in agreement.

"So, OK... what is the minimum punishment and restriction we'll give them, assuming they are contrite and totally agree with our actions?"