"I don't care!" The young woman ran off into the woods, quickly disappearing behind the thick foliage. The flaxen haired man sighed and turned away, walking in the opposite direction from where the woman had run. He stopped and turned back, his eyes filled with worry for her. It was dangerous in the forest, but she was strong and could take care of herself. Still, he had a bad feeling. He brushed it aside and continued to walk. He was too angry to care at the moment.

The woman stopped running and turned to look behind her. Her eyes were filled with sorrow, she was filled with an immense sadness for a reason she did not know. It wasn't because they had gotten into a fight....It was something else.. She turned back around and began to walk through the woods.

The man stopped. He just had a very bad feeling, for a reason unknown he felt like crying. A tear slowly slipped down his cheek. He turned around and began to run towards the woman. He ran quickly, the trees flying by him. He couldn't find her. He called out her name frantically but there was no reply. He ran faster, intent on finding her before anything could happen. Running into a clearing, he froze. Tears welling up in his eyes and then spilling over his lids. It couldn't be. He refused to believe it. It was not possible.

He slowly began to walk towards the form, his feet touching the ground tenderly as though at any moment it would disappear from beneath him. Dread filled him as he came closer to the figure. He was close enough to touch it now. He collapsed to his knees and grabbed her lifeless form, pulling it close to his body. He began to cry more fiercely. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have fought with you. This is my fault. I shouldn't have....I...I will not be able to survive this." He stroked the hair on her head. Her body was mutilated, she was covered in bruises and blood, her clothes ripped nearly completely from her, her eyes still wide open in terror. He raised his hand up to her now hollow eyes and closed them, his body wracking with sobs. He rubbed his hand over her cheek tenderly. Whispering apologies into the wind. She had been his best friend, and the only true love he had ever known. And now she was snatched away from him before they had even had a real chance together. He would surely die of a broken heart. He closed his eyes tightly, rocking her form back and forth.

The wind began to blow fiercely. He opened his eyes and looked at her as her hair was whipped around in the wind. Then, slowly the scar on her neck, which looked like a small open eye, began to glow a light blue. The wind began to blow more violently, the blue swirling up from her neck as the scar disappeared and was carried off into the wind. The wind died down and all was quiet. He closed his eyes tightly once more and he wept.