"The Virus"

OK, here is the second part of the Digimon Movie. After this series, then we're getting to when TK, Kari and Dai meet the second generation. Please enjoy and review!

It's been about a month since we last saw our digimon or been to the Digital World after we defeated the Dark Masters and Apocalymon and saved the world.

Everyone's spread out now doing their own thing as the adults have been trying hard to suppress the memories of what happened this summer.

Anyway, right now Sora and Tai are in a fight because brother dear got her these hair clips for her birthday last week and they got into a fight about whether or not he liked her hair and he said something about her hat.

I tune him out when he rants about stuff!

He's been trying to apologize, but she doesn't listen to him.

Hurt a girl's ego and you're in trouble.

As for me, well…


Take a wild guess.

Kari sighed as she pulled on her new pink party dress.

"Still not feeling well?" she asked me.

"No." I moaned.

Yeah, I'm sick, nothing new about that, huh?

I was under the covers of my bed, sniffling a bit as my nose was all stuffed up, but it was only a cold and nothing life threatening even though I was used to that kind of stuff by now.

"You know, it's too bad you can't come to Mari's birthday party. I heard she's having a magician come over to perform." Kari said as she walked over and smoothed out the skirt of her dress.

"Uh huh. Sucks to be me right now. Could ya still bring her the present I got her?" I asked looking over at the desk where two small presents were sitting.

One was a yellow box with a dark pink ribbon while the other was blue with a red ribbon.

"Of course I can. You just stay here and rest up. Maybe Mom can make you some soup to eat." She said.

We both then looked at each other.

"Or I can do that before I leave." She suggested.

After we got back from the Digital World Kari had really taken to the role of my big sister, more so than she had before.

She used to just treat me like I was her friend, but now we're actually acting like sisters.

"That just might be a better idea." I said.

Kari giggled before she went out to the kitchen and I sat up in bed, then grabbed the hair brush off of the night stand and started to brush out the tangles from my hair, wincing every time I found a big knot that wouldn't give.

About ten minutes later Kari came back into the room carrying a tray with a bowl of tomato soup with alphabet noodles and vegetables in it while there was a glass of water and children's aspirin too.

"All right, here we are." She said as she placed the tray down on the desk and I got up, grabbing my blue bath robe which was hanging up next to Tai's orange one and Kari's pink one, then walked over to the desk.

I got up in the chair and then picked up the spoon.

"Ah, ah, ah. Take your medicine first." Kari chided.

I pouted at her, but did as she told me, then started eating which made her smile as she checked the time to see when she needed to leave for the party.

She would be leaving to meet up with a group of girls from class so they could all head over and then present the gifts to Mari as one to make things even more special.

Looking over to my blue party dress that had been hung up last night for me to wear, I felt a bit bad since Mom had bought it just for today, but I guess I could always wear it for my own birthday in a few months.

Suddenly, there was this negative wave that passed over me, Kari also tensing up as it happened, but it was gone just as soon as it came.

"Whoa, did ya feel that?" I asked.

"Yeah. I wonder what that was." She frowned.

We were both shaken from our thoughts as we heard Tai's voice and then we went to go see what he was complaining about this time, Kari taking the presents with her.

Our brother was found in our dad's study and we both silently walked into the room as he was spazzing out about an e-mail he wrote.

"Not love! I mean from! I mean…oh." he groaned as he sat back in his chair.

"Who ya writing to, Tai?" Kari asked in a teasing tone.

He yelped and swung around quickly and then placed his hands over the screen to bloke our view of what he had been writing.

"It's just an e-mail joke. What're you two doing in here anyway?" Tai asked.

"I wanted to show you my new dress. I'm going to a birthday party. I got my friend a pink Power Ranger." Kari said showing off the two presents.

"I picked up a blue one." I said.

"Give me that!" Tai said as he reached out for the boxes, but Kari moved her arms out of the way.

"No." she said.

"Gimme!" he said.

"Not happening." She sang.

"Oh, who cares?" he sighed as he leaned back in his chair with his arms behind his head.

"If you wanna send the e-mail, you have to click this. Click!" Kari chirped as she used to the mouse to push the send box on the screen.

She then made a run for the door as Tai gasped in horror and got up close to the screen, staring at it in disbelief.

"I wasn't gonna send that letter!" he yelled as he turned to Kari who poked her head back in the room.

"Then what did you write it for?" she asked.

"Aw, go to your party." He frowned.

"OK." She pouted before leaving.

He groaned in annoyance before looking down at me.

"Why aren't you going?" he asked.

"Sick." I said.

"Huh." He said, then looked back at the computer that had a tiny dinosaur with a letter in its mouth walking across the screen with two houses between him.

"I can't believe Sora's gonna read my letter." He whined, but then the computer beeped.

"Wait a minute. Unable to deliver?" he asked then started jumping around in the chair in anger.

"I can't believe she's not gonna read my letter! You try and tell a girl you're sorry and your computer's such a dumb-"he yelled as he then slipped since the chair had wheels and fell to the floor.

I looked down at him as he groaned.

"You want some ice?" I asked.

He gave me a curious look.

"For what?" he asked.

"Your bruised ego." I said.

Snarling, he then picked up a book making me run and scream as he threw the book at me, but it just hit the door, slamming it shut behind me.

"Jeez, learn how to take a joke." I pouted then went to the bathroom to go take a bath.

After I finished up, I got dressed in a pair of blue shorts, black spaghetti strap top with a gold heart on the front and then put my hair into two pigtail braids.

Walking into the kitchen I found Tai was looking in the fridge while Mom was unloading the groceries she had picked up, Dad being at the office working.

"Mom, uh, can I make a complaint?" Tai asked and Mom hummed in response.

"Well, Kari's eating birthday cake right now and all we have is left over tofu." Tai said.

"I can make you a cake, Tai. Hand me an egg please." Mom said.

"No." Tai moaned.

"I needed to use up the rest of the wheat germ anyway." Mom said as she continued to unpack while Tai took out an egg, then the doorbell rang.

"I got it, Moooom!" I called before running off to the door.

Getting to it, I pulled the door open just as Tai came up behind me to see a sweaty Izzy was standing there panting like he had just ran a marathon which was weird since this was, after all, Izzy we were talking about.

"Izzy, you're all sweaty. What's wrong?" Tai asked.

"Well, it's…about the egg." Izzy panted.

"Egg?" I asked.

"The egg has already hatched." He said.

Tai and I both looked up at the egg that my brother was holding.

"Oh, not that egg!" Izzy yelled.

"Oh." We said.

Well, duh, how could have already hatched if it was in the fridge?

"A digi egg." Izzy said.

We were silent at that, letting the information sink in and when it did, our eyes went wide.

"WHAT?!" we yelled.

(Later in the Kamiya siblings' room…)

Izzy opened up his laptop to view a strange looking baby digimon was walking back and worth blinking, the pink jellyfish having only one orange eye.

"The digimon analyzer doesn't even recognize it." Izzy said.

"Looks like a cross between a jellyfish and a contact lens." Tai said.

The three of us were eating popsicles while we talked and looked at the new digimon that had a message box that said 'Hello!' on it.

"I think its part digimon, part virus." Izzy explained.

"A digimon with a virus? So?" Tai asked.

"Are you kidding? If it stays on the internet, it could wipe out all technology as we know it." Izzy said.

"Got it, it's bad and needs to be deleted." I nodded as I sat in Tai's lap to see the digimon better.

"If it just hatched how do you know about all this stuff?" Tai asked.

"This kid I met on the internet e-mailed me. His name is Willis and he lives in Colorado. I don't know where he gets his information. He's smart though. He's only in elementary school, Daisuke's age actually, but he's already taking classes at Colorado State." Izzy said.

"Whoa." I exclaimed with wide eyes.

I never thought there would be someone smarter than Izzy.

Tai then scowled in jealousy at this.

"So what? I'm in junior high school and I take classes at junior high school." He said.

"No one cares." I stated making him scowl at me while Izzy had an amused look.

Before Tai could retort, the computer beeped and we all looked to watch as the Fresh digivolved into an In-Training that looked like a blue hand with claws, floppy ears and a red eye.

"Look, the jellyfish digivolved." Izzy gasped.

"He's sending an e-mail. It says 'I'm Hungry'. What, am I supposed to call for a pizza?" Tai asked sarcastically.

The screen then changed to this black place that had orange numbers and letters, the digimon eating it all up like Pac Man.

"Oh no. He's eating computer data and when he's done in this buffet line, he's gonna look for a data base with more food!" Izzy exclaimed.

"More food, what does he expect to find, a grocery store?" Tai quipped.

(A few minutes later…)

I had walked out to get a drink while the guys were unhooking Izzy's laptop and packed it up to bring to Dad's study, but I stopped by the TV when it came on with some interesting information.

"In super markets all over the city, computer systems are failing causing congestion at the registers. And now for the weather." The news caster said.

"That is so not funny." I scowled from the irony.

Mom was looking at the report as she walked over to the room with a plate that held three drinks that she had made.

"Tai, I made beef jerky shakes." She said.

OK, that is so gross.

Who in their right mind would drink that stuff?

Tai then opened the door and ran out, almost knocking over Mom as she quickly moved to the side.

"No thanks, Mom." He said.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"We need to use dad's computer." Tai called as he ran into the room while I grabbed a water bottle.

"Don't you want your shake?" Mom asked as Izzy came running out, but turned back and grabbed the glasses and actually downed them much to my horror.

"I'm glad someone appreciates my recipes." She said.

"Thanks Mrs. Kamiya!" Izzy called as he ran into the study and I followed.

Tai was carefully moving things so he could pick up the computer while Izzy set his stuff down and I saw in the wheelie chair, watching them since I didn't know much about computers.

"We've gotta be careful with our dad's stuff." Tai said.

"Get out of my." Izzy said as Tai stepped back.

Izzy then pulled the cord out and picked up the heavy computer, not caring that some disks feel to the floor.

It's ironic when our parents try to get us to clean our rooms when they clutter just as badly as we do.

"A digimon is eating the internet and you're worried about a few books?" Izzy quipped as he brought down the modem next.

"Our dad likes his mess where it is." Tai said.

"So what are you doing?" I asked.

"We'll have more capability if we network our computers together." Izzy said as he turned the computer and laptop on.

"Hey Izzy, why don't we just call up the digimon on the screen and then hit delete?" Tai suggested.

Izzy shot him an annoyed look while I gave him one of disbelief.

"Don't you think I've tried that?" Izzy snapped.

"If this thing is so dangerous, maybe we should call someone important like the principal or Bill Gates or someone." Tai said.

"They won't listen. That kid Willis warned his internet carrier about the new digimon, they said 'Great! Let's sign him up and give him fifty free hours.' All right, we're on line." Izzy said.

On the screen was the digimon who was bigger now which made us stare in shock.

"He digivolved again!" I gasped.

"My name is Keramon." He said.

"I think he's at the Rookie level." Izzy said.

"This soon? He's digivolving too quickly." Tai began to sweat.

"He's probably at a fast food website." Izzy joked.

"Now what?" Tai asked.

"Nothing now." Izzy said.

"You mean we have to sit here and watch that thing eat the world out of house and homepage? I wish Agumon was here to help us." Tai slumped over sadly.

This made me look down sadly as I thought of V-Mon, Wizardmon and Kaitoumon, wishing they were here as well along with all the other digimon.

"Tai." A warped voice from the computer came.

"I can almost hear him now." Tai sighed.

"You can hear me now." Agumon's voice came making Izzy look over to the laptop.

"It's like he was here." Tai said.

"He is here, you stupid goggle head!" Kaitoumon's voice rang out making Tai jump up and look around.

"That's a little rude." V-Mon said.

"V-Mon?" I asked going over to the laptop.

"Tai, I'm over here." Agumon spoke up again.

"Agumon, where are you? I can barely hear you. Take me off speaker phone." Tai looked around.

"It's a transmission." Izzy announced.

"From the Digital World." Izzy said as Tai came over.

There on the screen came an image of Gennai in his home with Agumon, V-Mon, Kaitoumon and Wizardmon all staring at us and smiling.

"Tai! Tai!" Agumon jumped happily.

"Hey there, Princess." Kaitoumon waved showing off the ascot with a wink.

"Dai, I missed you so much!" V-Mon held his arms up, my ascot still around his neck and it made tears come to my eyes.

"It's a pleasure to see you all again." Wizardmon greeted.

"V, Kai, Wiz." I smiled.

"Agumon." Tai smiled.

"And they're with Gennai." Izzy said.

"It's been a long time." Gennai chuckled.

Suddenly, pink smoke appeared next to Gennai revealing a certain lady bug.

"Don't forget me." he sang.

"Tentomon!" Izzy smiled.

"Who else is there?" Tai asked.

The door behind them opened up as the digimon started to pile in.







"We need to talk. Something is threatening the internet." Gennai said.

"We know. The digimon's already causing major problems in our world." Izzy said.

"I'm not sure it is a digimon." Gennai said.

"But it is dangerous. The evil Dark Masters were cupcakes compared to this guy." Agumon said.

"Please tell me that's a joke." I begged.

The Dark Masters were not only annoying, but extremely difficult to defeat and it nearly tore us all apart.

"That's it then. Let's do it." Tai said.

"We found a way to enter the internet." Gabumon said.

"We'll help you guys because you're the best friends we've ever had." Patamon chirped.

"What better way to express friendship than to save your world?" Tentomon asked.

"Tentomon." Izzy's eyes sparkled with unshed tears.

"Please, don't get so emotional." Tentomon begged as he sounded close to tears.

"Thanks a lot guys. You won't be alone. We'll be right here on the computer. Izzy, digivice?" Tai asked.

"I'm one step ahead of ya Tai." Izzy grinned as he held out his digivice.

"Our digivices will help you digivolve and together we'll squash that bug." Tai snapped his goggles on his head.

The digimon then cheered.

"It'll take a minute for Agumon, Tentomon and V-Mon to get on the net. My modem's older than I am." Gennai said.

"I'll call the other Digidestinds so their digimon can help too." Tai got up to make the calls.

We waited on him, then Izzy looked over at me.

"Did you happen to have a vision about something bad happening today?" he asked.

"No, but Kari and I both had a strange feeling." I said.

"Strange feeling? Like what?" he frowned.

"It was just really negative and dark. We weren't sure what it was." I answered.

"I wonder if Kari can sense anything wrong right now though." Izzy mused.

I shrugged at that.

Izzy and I waited for a few minutes before we got up and waked out to see Mom riffling through the fridge while Tai was on the phone looking frustrated.

"Hey Tai, any luck yet?" Izzy asked.

"Would you like a glass of potato juice, Izzy?" Mom offered.

"Great, I'd love some." He smiled at her.

I love that he's a really nice guy, but he's going to need his stomach pumped if he keeps drinking or even eating Mom's stuff.

"Be there, be there, be there, be there, be there, be there. Oh, hello there. This is Tai... No, my name is Tai." He said to the phone.

Who the heck was he talking to?

Curious, I walked over to listen to the conversation better.

"I'm looking for Matt or TK… That's great. Are they there? Right now? Can I talk to them? …Please, I need to speak with them right away!" he said.

Suddenly, he had a really annoyed look on his face and I heard the dial tone meaning whoever he was talking to hung up on him and I bit my lip to not laugh.

"I…can't…take...this." He growled as he slowly lowered the phone.

"You know Izzy, I can never get Tai or the girls to try any of my recipes." Mom said as Izzy sipped some of the juice.

"I think they taste great." He said.

"Want to try my spinach cookies?" Mom offered.

"I've got Mimi's machine!" Tai exclaimed making me look back to him.

"Mimi, I—"he growled meaning he couldn't leave a message and hung up.

"That girl loves to talk." He said.

"It is Mimi. Maybe she has plans today." I pointed out.

"You're a real natural in the kitchen just like me." Mom giggled as she whisked cake batter and Izzy was shaking flour out of a container.

"Mom, I need to get a hold of Kari right away. Did she take her cell phone with her?" Tai asked and I thought over it.

"So do I have enough of this stuff?" Izzy asked.

"Beats me. it's the first time I've used flour to bake a cake." Mom said.

"Mom!" Tai cried.

"Of course she's got it in case of emergencies." Mom told him.

"Emergency? What does she think this is?" Tai muttered as he grabbed the notebook and started dialing the cell number.

"Kari, I need you to come home right away." He said.

"Whatever, just tell the half with feet to come home soon." Tai said before he hung up.

"What?" I asked.

"She can't come because she volunteered to be sawed in half by the magician." Tai muttered.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that." I said.

"Hey, Izzy, I can't get anybody on the phone. I want you to call Sora for me." Tai called to the redhead.

"But you and she are really good friends. It makes more sense for you to call." Izzy said confused.

"Just do it!" Tai hurled the phone at Izzy who yelped and barely caught it.

"Are more friends coming over? I'll make three bean salad." Mom offered.

Tai and I walked over to the table and sat down as Izzy dialed Sora's home number.

"Nobody's coming over, Mom." Tai growled.

"Oh, that's all right. I only have two beans anyway." Mom said as she checked the fridge for more ingredients.

"Hello Mrs. Takenouchi, may I please talk to Sora?" Izzy asked.

Izzy frowned as I heard someone yelling on the other line and even a door slamming shut which made me roll my eyes.

"Sora said she's not home." Izzy announced as he hung up.

Tai hummed into his drink with an annoyed look while Mom and I looked back and forth between them as they talked.

"Do you two have an argument?" Izzy asked.

"None of your business." Tai said.

"You must have been a real jerk if she doesn't even wanna talk to you." Izzy stated rather bluntly.

Tai jerked in annoyance as his face turned red in anger as he slammed his fist on the table.

"I didn't do anything!" he yelled.

"Uh, I meant that in a good way." Izzy slouched down in his seat nervously.

"I can't believe she's still mad at me! This whole thing started over a lousy hair clip!" Tai stood up and ranted.

"Oh, stupid teenagers." I sighed crossing my arms.

To be continued…