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My name is Katniss Joy Everdeen. My father died when I was twelve and My mum fell in to depression a couple weeks later. This is why I keep my heart protected. Well I did until a certain boy came into my life. His name is Peeta Mellark.

It wasn't bothering me that he kept staring at me. I was confused though. He could have any girl he wants with his golden curly hair, his dashing smile and his built figure. The thing which hooked me though was his eyes. They're as blue as the sky and show which mood he's in. When he's sad they go a light blue. When he's angry they go dark and when he's normal, they're normal.

All of it changed just last week though. I thought I could let me heart be unprotected. I was wrong... He now loves Glimmer Marshal. The schools bully, slut and the most stupidest girl you'll ever meet. It just so happens that she bullys me.

I should have known Peeta would do this to me... I thought I wasn't ever going to fall in love. No matter if I can't say it I know I have fallen in love with Peeta Mellark. This is why I keep my heart protected...

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