Chapter 1: beginning

John hadn't been outside in so long. Sometimes he'd try to sneak a look out one of the windows. He knew better than to scream for help. But when he finally got caught staring out a window at some fluffy clouds on a bright sunny day Bro punished him by white washing all the windows so he couldn't look and see the world outside the apartment ever again. Bro liked to punish John in different ways. Sometimes it wasn't even a punishment. Bro was a sadistic fuck who enjoyed hurting John. The nights when Dave has to stay out later than usual killing and hiding bodies? Those are the worst.

Because it means Bro has more time to do whatever he wants to John, and there's no Dave to stop it, or at least to keep it lasting longer than usual. John likes Dave. John likes Dave so much more than Bro. Dave is a rapist, but he's a nice rapist who shushes John when he's done and cuddles with him when they're both in bed. Dave is affectionate even if he does do terrible things sometimes.

John lays naked in the bed Dave bought for him, it's a simple twin mattress on a sturdy bed frame. He is on his back, arms at his sides, legs in a V shape, just staring at the ceiling. John has free range to walk anywhere within the Strider apartment. It's just that John, being a fifteen year old boy liked to stay in his bedroom all day like any normal teen.

John's bedroom had one bed, one desk, one chair, a dirty clothes hamper, and a closet. He used to have a small TV and a Nintendo 64 console and a few games, until Bro took them away after John made the mistake of mouthing off to him one night. He's bored, and wishes Dave would be back from his work already. It gets lonely being trapped in an apartment all day.

He hears the door slam. He jumps up a little. His door is shut. John is tempted to open the door because he's really eager to not be alone for the first time tonight. But he waits, sitting up on the bed, his feet dangling off the floor. He hears the heavy boots on the hard wood floor of the hallway in their three bedroom apartment. John is suddenly filled with dread that the possibility that Dave isn't the one that just came into the apartment now.

His dread is justified when Bro Strider opens his door and walks in. John exhales in disappointment. Bro comes into his room, shutting the door and walking to the center of John's bedroom. He's just as intimidating as when John first laid eyes on him, all tall and lean with tight muscles. He's standing there in his long black coat and white pants and his yellow and black shirt. And those STUPID anime shades are covering his eyes like usual.

John looks up at him, eyes wavering between fear and heavily suppressed contempt.

"Hey there pet. You miss your daddy while he was away?" Bro asks him, a slight smirk on his face.

John knows exactly what Bro wants to hear because he's been trained like the pet that he is to respond obediently to his master.

"Yes daddy. I missed you so damn much." John tells him.

John feels disgusting when he sees the grin Bro gives him.