Chapter 7: seventh part

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Dave's length doesn't taste like anything but skin, and sweat. John can taste a faint hint of mushroom on the head, but that taste is on Bro too, and John thinks that must be some common thing for male anatomy. John can feel Dave getting harder under his ministrations, in his hand and mouth. John's saliva coats the head and shaft; he sucks Dave off slowly, making sure that his seventeen year old friend is enjoying himself.

While he's moving his head up and down the length of Dave's cock he sneaks a look up to see Dave has his head on the pillow, his chest rising and falling with the rhythm of someone on edge. His mouth is hanging open and he's panting, not moaning or gasping anymore. One hand is carding through John's hair; the other hand is twisting in the sheets.

John has to place his hands onto Dave's hips to keep him still. He hears Dave whine when his movements are restricted. John keeps his grip on his hips firmly, pushing them back down every time Dave tries to move his hips or his legs up. As much as he likes sucking Dave off, he doesn't enjoy getting his mouth fucked by a horny seventeen year old boy.

John can hear Dave whining, but his focus is on Dave's cock alone, and making sure he doesn't choke on it. John pulls back a bit to lick his lips, then he's back to just lightly sucking the tip, his tongue swirling clockwise circles around it. He takes Dave a bit further into his mouth centimeter by centimeter, carefully until Dave's cock is entirely in his mouth.

"Fuck, John, that's…fuck."

Dave isn't very coherent when he's in a position like the one he's in.

John keeps up his pacing, and soon it devolves into fast, loud sucking, and deep moans from Dave. John isn't sure how much longer he can last until without a warning from Dave except a whimper almost too quiet to hear His mouth is suddenly filled with thick, overly sweet cum. John stays still, and lets Dave shake his hips as his orgasm sweeps him away. John continues sucking because he knows Dave likes it when he does that.

Dave's cum is extremely sweet, like pure sugar glaze. Trying to swallow it all is difficult for John, but he manages it. He doesn't know why Dave's cum is so sweet. He's certain semen should be salty. Bro's cum is really salty. But Dave, he's on the opposite taste spectrum.

John pulls away and wipes off any remaining residue that might have gathered around his mouth. His lips feel swollen and he's certain the edges around his lips are red after what he's just done. He looks at Dave whose breathing is a bit steadier now, as he comes down from his high. John crawls back up to lay next to Dave, adjusting to get comfortable until he's on his side, facing away from Dave, head resting on his pillow. He can feel Dave moving, he can feel him drape an arm over him, he can hear Dave mumbling, and he can feel his lips kissing John's hair and neck. There's nothing left to do but take a nap.

The End.

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