For Annie Cresta the rebellion comes knocking at her door. Treason be its name and would she please come along.

Bright lights, harsh voices blare through the speakers.

"Where is Finnick Odair?"

"I don't know."

"Where is Finnick Odair?"

"I told you-"

"Wrong answer.

Two guards, towering like cliffs, keep her still.

"Tell me about Thirteen." The question's not for her.

In the corner of the room Johanna Mason is silent, all blood and beatings, and her lips don't say 'Close your eyes, Annie, and think of the sea'.

"Start talking, or else..." A knife glints at the edge of her vision.

Johanna says nothing about Thirteen and Annie learns to scream.

Through the vent Peeta Mellark asks, "And who are you?"

She says,"I'm Annie Cresta," and starts sobbing, because she'd rather be anyone else in the world than a crazy girl in the Capitol.

"Don't cry, don't cry," drawls Peeta from the cell-next-door. "You can't die from tears, so please don't try."

If Finnick is still alive, she's convinced he'll come for her. Any minute now, he'll come.

"Please don't please don't please don't nonononono"

Pinned against the ground, the stink of sweat, skin on skin.

"Don't you fucking touch her!" Johanna shrieks, wails, fights for both of them. "Get off her you sick shit! I'm gonna fu-"


"Let her go!" Buzz and Johanna sparks up.

"Where is Katniss Everdeen?"

Tongue to her ear. Hot breath down her neck. Where is Finnick, Finnick, Finnick?

"I don't know I don't know!" squeals Johanna, raw and sore and cooked by wires. "Just cover her up, godssake, just let her be..."

They return her to her cell, all sullied and broken and humiliated.

The sea, the deep blue sea. Hush! Hush! Hush! And down she goes.

Annie counts the walls, one two three four, until she finds a pace that goes with the screams next door.

"Do you know who she is?" asks Peeta through the vent.

"Who?" The only 'shes' are Johanna and herself. And he knows them by their cries so well.

"That girl. That fire-girl."

"Oh." Of course. "You mean the mockingjay."

"No. No bird. She's a girl." There's hesitation in his voice. "Arcane and stunning and ravaged by flames."

[Tape 59, 1:43]

[male voice] "Did you know about the rebellion?"

[female voice] "Yes."

[male voice] "Where is Finnick Odair?"

[female voice] "In District Thirteen."

[male voice] "Please state your name for the records."

(silence, then whimpering) [female voice] "Anyone! Anyone you want, just tell me who to be I'll be whoever, just say the answer. I don't know the right answer."

(sigh) [male voice] "Just say 'My name is Annie Cresta.'"

[female voice] "Oh. Alright. I can do that."

[male voice] "Please state your name for the records."

(murmur) [female voice] "I was her for so long, I wouldn't mind continuing for just a little longer."

[male voice] "Miss Cresta."

[female voice] "Yes?"

[male voice] "We'll do this again. Where is Finnick Odair?"

[female voice] "They reaped him for the Quarter Quell."

[male voice] "No. Where is he now?"

[female voice] "They reaped me too, you know."

(resignation) [male voice] "Tom, this one's round the bend. Been going this way for the last three days. Best keep trying with Mason."

[female voice] "Excuse me? I'm ready now."

[male voice] "What?"

[female voice] "I'm ready. Will you sound the cannon, please?"

Mags gone. Finnick gone. Annie gone. Keep swimming, keep swimming and out-drown them all.

Three dead mice

paying the price,

for a handful of berries

and a bird chirping lies.