Cicada's chirruped all around District 6. It was hot, too hot for Elijah. The Jolteon groaned and rolled over onto his back. It was late at night, Elijah couldn't sleep. The following morning would be the reaping. Elijah was not looking forward to it. Sure, his mother had won the 49th Hunger Games, and the Quarter Quell after that. But this was the 51st Hunger Games and it was Elijah's eighteenth birthday on the day of the reaping, meaning his name would be in it more times than his siblings'. Elijah turned again and opened his eyes, adjusting them to the darkness. As his mother had won two hunger games' in a row, his family lived in what they called the 'Victors Village'. As the name would have it, the Victors Village was a small village consisting of luxury houses in which the winners of their District would reside. There were four families including themselves living in the Victors Village. Elijah being an antisocial Pokémon did not mingle as much with the other kids, but he did care for them. One time, one of the families' daughters, a Vulpix, had broken her foot and couldn't walk. Elijah came across her and helped her home, much to the relief of her family. Sighing, Elijah picked himself up off his bed and walked around, fatigueness hit him like a truck and he yawned, resting himself back down again, finally being able to drift off to sleep, he wondered who the tributes for tomorrow would be.

Tamara put her book down and rubbed her eyes. It was late at night and she had not been able to sleep. Her brother was snoring, again, so she walked outside of her and her brothers' room and into the main hall. Putting on a coat, she opened the door and into the warm, summers air. Tamara lived with her family in District 4. Her District was responsible for fishing, therefore lived in a coastal area. However, due to the negligence of some Pokemon in her District, the waters had recently become polluted, and fish were scarce. The capitol had threatened to eradicate District 4 if the problem was not solved as soon as possible. Tamara worried about the fate of her District and wanted to do something about it as soon as she could, so she and her friend, Amanda, were in charge of cleaning up the waters. Amanda was a Quagsire. While she was as ugly as a mule, she packed some serious brain power and had come up with a plan to clean the waters, which so far was working. However, Tamara could see a loop hole in her plan, but thought that Amanda would solve it in no time flat. Tamara walked along the small path that lead from her hut to the beach, enjoying the coastal breeze on her face. "Tomorrow is the reaping…" She muttered to herself, "so I better cheer for whoever gets reaped! District 4 WILL win these Hunger Games!" She punched the air and laughed to herself before turning and heading back to her hut.

The soft snores of a Cinccino were heard. His sister, Maria, covered her ears and groaned. "Harry, you're snoring again, can you please shut up so I can sleep?!" She hissed. No reply, just more snores. The Cinccino, Harry, was busy sleeping and dreaming of wonderful things. Cotton Candy, Fruit, Girls, Fashion, the Beach, Girls. Harry knew it was the reaping tomorrow, but had easily fallen asleep due to an elixir his father liked to call the 'Sleeper's Façade'. He had absolutely no idea what it meant, but it tasted nice and made him fall asleep a lot easier. Maria groaned again and rolled onto her side, trying to block out the sound of his brother's snoring. She had refused her father's elixir, saying it'd "ruin her beauty". She sighed and shut her eyes, imagining her brother getting reaped for tomorrow's Hunger Games and dying in the bloodbath. She snickered at the thought.