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Chapter III

Grimm-Old Place

Harry was in a good mood after his visit to the ministry as he easily slipped through the floo fire. Dumbledore had left somewhere, likely trying to create some damage control, and Harry was off to find his godfather to tell him about his trial. It was obviously a good day, thankfully, and he could spend the rest of the Christmas holiday at home with his real family doing Christmas things, and celebrating the New Year.

He exited the fire, and he was spat out in the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place, and happily scaring the hell out of Sirius Black with his suddenly appearance. Sirius had been pacing back and forth, not paying attention to his surroundings. His godfather had been the only one in the room and after the shock he looked relieved to see his godson in 1 piece.

Sirius rushed over after several blinks of surprise and engulfed his godson in a tight hag, near suffocating him he squeezed so tight. It didn't help that the man's hygiene record was not exactly perfect, but then moping in a house, mostly alone that he never wanted to set foot in again could dampen one's 'care factor' when it came to simply washing regularly, and became more of a chore to be done when itchiness occurs.

"Oh Merlin Harry; I thought you were dead when we heard about the house. What the hell happened? Your aunts' house blew up. We've all been so worried. I've been going out of my mind, and Dumbledore didn't help. But if anything happened to you, James and Lily would kill me again when I go."

"Man, you're crumpling my suit, its satin and you're crushing me!" Harry complained, trying to pry him off.

Sirius let go with a sheepish smile.

"What the hell happened?" Sirius demanded quickly as he looked to the door of the dark and dank room, but no one was coming. "Dumbledore said it must have been magic. He said you might have attacked your relatives. He said you're trying to discredit him, and not to trust you. Said you said you were at Gringotts when he knew you were with the Dursley's, so did you. Did you attack them?!"

"What kind of question was that Sirius?!" Harry demanded while the man looked away, ashamed until Harry spoke again. "I only killed my uncle. The other two weren't home, and then I turned on the gas cooker and living room fireplace and left under my invisibility cloak! Everything else was destroyed."

"Harry! What the fuck...!?" Sirius demanded, grabbing his arms and shaking him. "You freaking killed a muggle. If anyone finds out they'll claim you're a muggle hater, and with the things Dumbledore was saying about this press conference-."

"I don't hate muggles, and the conference went well... for me," he interrupted, offended. "I just killed a fat piece of shit that was attacking me! I did the world a favour. It was... accidental magic, but... I really couldn't care less anymore."

"O-okay," Sirius said looking around in panic. "We can deal with this. If we just... no. You'll have to go into hiding before Dumbledore gets back-!" he stopped, flinching as Harry slapped him upside his head.

"Nobody can prove anything!" he quickly interrupted the man. "Stop being such a baby. It was Dumbledore's fault and I had just come from Gringotts before going to the ministry. That bastard has been committing fraud against my accounts!"

"W-what?" he asked, startled out of his panic. "B-but... Dumbledore..."

"Yeah, it got me thinking," he agreed with a shrug. "Dumbledore has so much power, had even more last year and the year before, but why couldn't he demand for the ministry to give you a fair trial? He could have done it easily while you were captured at the school. If he believed you were innocent, or cared to take the simple route.

"He wanted you kept from taking me from the Dursley's... there I only had him to go too, but not anymore. Fuck him and his bullshit! Anyway, I've gotten you your trial. Then I've publicly announced my support for you through the use of magical lore – you stupid dipshit. I am not going to let Dumbledore continue doing what he wants with my life, or anyone else's, even if I have to fight them.

"I'm gunning for him, Sirius!" Harry said coolly. "You can either stand by me and support my choice's or get lost and continue eating Dumbledore's shit. He almost got Arthur Weasley killed by a freaking magical snake. Whatever the Order is guarding isn't worth it. I doubt the old man has told anyone what it is, except maybe that piece of shit Snape that he trusts above anyone else, and its likely bullshit anyway!

"Then let's not forget Ronald attacking me with the twins, and then they get let off because they're grieving!" he snorted at the lack of humour. "Then to top things off I'm thrown out of my own house! While they get to stay in it! I get NO Christmas for being jumped from behind!"

"Okay, you've made your point!" Sirius said while rubbing his brow before double taking, frowning. "You've got me a trial?" he asked in surprise while Harry nodded. "So... that was what Dumbledore meant by... he said I couldn't trust you, and that you were going to turn on me next!"

"With you free and on my side we can start playing his game of magical lore!" Harry said, smirking. "The Potters and Blacks are two powerful houses. Together we could build alliances beyond the light and dark. Dumbledore is afraid that he'll lose control over us. Look at what he does. He trusts Severus Snape over anyone. The piece of crap that torments students to get his fucking jollies off, and Dumbledore lets him; laughing it off as if Snape isn't being a self-centred bitch... it's all just a big misunderstanding, yes. Because it's pretty clear that in life you have endless misunderstandings that make kids and adults hate you!

"I've had a long think while at the ministry, Sirius," he said while sighing tiredly. "The houses... Dumbledore just smiles in happiness while Gryffindor's pick on Slytherin's, and vice verse. He likes things the way they are. The Death Eaters are protected by Dumbledore because they're purebloods, giving them a 'second' chance. The Death Eaters are terrorists, and they need to be put down for the good of the people, muggle or mage.

"Dumbledore doesn't condone killing them, not because of some higher ground, but think on it. If we came out and killed them all; the pureblood population would drop significantly, and with that muggle-born mage and half-bloods would have to take over, and then-."

"The magical UK would change drastically," Sirius interrupted with wide eyes. "T-that would be why so many purebloods never went to jail-," he said to himself more than Harry in a small whisper. "Then they not only got away with some hideous crimes, but got to keep positions of power, and because of Dumbledore's control and the people who trust in him; he brushes it off and the muggle-borns don't try to start a coup!

"Then what about you?" Harry asked, startling the man. "Godfather to the Boy-Who-Lived. Do you think a man who knows too much didn't know about Pettigrew, and in turn, you? With you free I would have never grown up alone, easily manipulated with the wonders of friendships and teachers who would care, minus that prick Snape, but then he was to keep me down, so I didn't rise too far, but Dumbledore has fucked with me for the last time!"

Sirius sighed as he slumped into a chair. "Then the old man has to go down before he causes more innocent peoples' lives to go down the toilet to protect pureblood murderers!"

Harry was going to reply when the door slammed open and an older man walked in with a peg leg and a mad electric blue eye spinning in his left eye-socket. He wore a large brown coat and a lopsided sneer as he slammed the door closed behind him, swishing his wand the door sealed as he aimed his wand at the pair as they went for theirs while Sirius stood quickly.

"No need for that boys!" he chuckled humourlessly. "I happen to agree, but you shouldn't speak against the old fart without checking bases first!" he said as he placed his wand away into his coat. "The bastard left me tortured in that trunk last year. Dumbledore isn't stupid, and he has known me for years! Even with my... questioned mental state that old bastard knew with all of the blatant evidence.

"I've seen a lot of good people die in the previous war," he said gruffly. "Good men and women who could have gone on to doing great, most of them muggle-born, dying for the old man's 'ideals', not understanding the truth. Dumbledore led them to their deaths because they trusted him when it was always about control. Even then I saw it, but I chose to ignore it because I thought Dumbledore was ultimately working for the good of our world, but he is only working for the good of his morals and beliefs. I finally realised what he was doing when he left me to suffer."

"You only notice a bitch is being a bitch when they hurt you!" Harry said with a frown. "Welcome to the Order of Shut the Fuck up and Take no Prisoners!" he said laughing with Sirius while Mad-Eye-Moody rolled his one good eye.

"I saw your treacherous friend!" Moody growled suddenly. "He was upstairs, trying to get that annoying teacher's pet to touch him while she was being resistant. I would hurry up if I were you; boy had it out, and yes I can tell; this eye only see's shapes, like a muggle X-Ray-," he said trailing off as he saw Harry tear the kitchen door out of its frame with huge silvery grey fir clawed hands but they morphed back a moment later as he charged out of the hall.

Harry stormed through the hall and up the stairs while throwing the door to the side as he realised that he had touched Remus Lupin before and almost transformed into a werewolf in his anger. He didn't know how he could do that during the day as he had figured that he took genetic imprints of people, so maybe the werewolf could learn to control it.

He was on the 2nd floor in a moment and could sense the disturbance inside rather than hear anything, which was odd unless you knew of silencing magic. It was the same room he had shared with Ron for part of the summer, but he wouldn't again. He pushed on the door it was locked. However, Harry paused, and then concentrated on his body, more specifically his muscles, and then Hagrid.

He felt his body clench and tighten, pulsating as his muscles tensed and flexed beneath his suit without increasing too much in size as he forced the giant blood to condense his muscles, making him abnormally strong by human standards while still weak, even by Hagrid standards, (which he realised, showed Hagrid was so careful with people as to not accidently hurt them), before he chose to force out growth, or change in appearance.

Harry kicked at the handle of the door and it bust open in a moment. He paused as he looked around when he heard crying. Ron had obviously silenced the room, and Harry found Hermione with her shirt and bra torn while her left boob was on display and he had a nice look before she folded her arms over her chest, embarrassed.

There were 2 broken wands; Ron and Hermione's, and it wasn't Hermione crying, but Ron as he was on the floor, trousers and pants around his ankles, holding his crotch and rocking on the spot, grossing out the universe no doubt. The ginger boy was crying with tears running down his face, squirming on the floor in pain.

Harry turned to Hermione. She was pretty, but nerdy, and sometimes too needy, and even bossier, but he cared about her. She had long hair to the small of her back, naturally curly, or crinkly the longer it got while being straighter up top.

Her hazel brown eyes held a few tears but she looked relieved to see Harry as he pulled off his suit jacket and slid it around her. She moved her arms, and didn't mind him seeing her this time as her arms slid in, (he had already seen her anyway, and he wasn't her attacker, but her friend), and Harry did up the buttons for her, to give her back her privacy.

"Oh, Harry!" she said in relief as she hugged him, burying her face into the crock of his neck, and he held onto her for a moment as he had released the strength he took from the giant blood so he wasn't hurting her; he could seriously get used to having cool powers, other than the regular magic. "Thank goodness you're here!" she said taking a shaky breath while breathing in his sweet scent, comforted by him.

"Everything is going to be okay now, Hermione!" Harry said giving her a kiss on the cheek and let her go gently. Harry wondered whether recanting his earlier thoughts about her being his sister, but then shrugged it off as they still weren't blood related, so everything was awesome and hot.

Then they turned with wide eyes as Ron screamed in agony. They turned to see his sister, Ginny. She had long red hair tied back into a ponytail to her butt. She was slender at 15 with a small chest wearing black robes. She had brown eyes that were blotchy, red and puffy from crying, and she had her wand pointed to Ron with an orange spell blazing out at him and rage in her eyes.

"That's enough, girl!" Moody said sternly as he limped up the stairs and pushed her wand hand away breaking the spell. She looked at him in disgust before looking to Harry, her expression one of despair. "You're lucky I silenced the area when you did that or Potter here would have to declare war on the magical world to keep you out of Azkaban because shits like them don't care for reason!"

She looked away from Harry in shame while her brother whimpered on the floor. "I'm sorry, Harry, really I am," she said, shaking with adrenalin. "I-I just – he had attacked you and got away with it when you saved dads life. Then he attacked Hermione; the disgusting piles of crap – as if he was in her league. I just knew Dumbledore would make it go away, but he can't forget this; his punishment; his 'little' sister used the unforgivable on him; it just... I couldn't help myself...! You're my friends, and I don't have many people I could count on, and then, it's only right that you should count on me too."

"It's okay, Ginny!" Harry said quickly as he went to her and she melted into his arms. He took a deep breath of her powerful scent. "Sirius isn't the only one who hasn't showered in a few days," he said while she tried to pull away, mortified as she realised it was true, but he wouldn't let her get away. "But I like your smell; much more to my tastes," he said as she relaxed back into his arms.

"N-nothing's okay!" They were startled apart by the hiss. It was Ron as he spat out in spite, glaring up at them. "You'll be in Azkaban by dinner, Ginny!" he sneered up at her. "But leave Granger with me and I'll keep my mouth shut!"

"Moody... erase that pricks memory for me would you!?" Harry ordered and the man limped forward while Sirius was seen to have been watching in shock behind him.

"With pleasure!" he growled out with his wand pointed at the shocked boys face. "No offence boy but I've always thought of you as a useless twerp, jealous of things other people have forced on them and never wanted, because you have no idea how good you have it!"

Harry was sitting in Hermione and Ginny's room several minutes later after dealing with Ron and wondering what was wrong with him. Harry was sat cross legged on Ginny's bed leaning up against the wall, after having taken his shoes off. Ginny was sitting next to him with her arms around his waist, and head on his shoulder while Hermione, still wearing his jacket as she liked the feel of the silk and he made a mental note to get her some silk, whatever, for her birthday. She was in a slump back with her head in Harry's lap looking up at him, depressed.

"So... Dumbledore has been... oh Merlin, Harry!" Hermione said, rubbing her eyes as they were slightly puffy. "Then Ron!" she said shaking her head. "He said that Dumbledore promised he could have the 'no good for nothing muggle'!" she declared after Harry had told her what he had been up to, pleased he still had friends, and he wasn't the only one Dumbledore was plotting against.

Harry made an annoyed noise while she looked so confused. "Don't mind those pricks; you're still a very good witch. So you're not on my level of practical application of magic...or at least quick spells; you're still much better than Ron, and you're smarter in all the ways that you would need a brain, and he called you a muggle; he's pathetic. Anyway, muggles are cool, I like them, met some cute muggle girls who were all really nice."

"Thanks Harry," she said with a small smile before sighing as she turned over onto her side, hugging his right leg. "I guess, but I thought he was our friend but hearing him saying that he didn't care what we wanted and that Dumbledore promised him not only money he was probably planning on stealing from you, but me too!"

"I can't believe Ronald would be so heartless!" Ginny said patting her friends back before slumping in Harry's arms more to hold her friends hand and give her a half cuddle, which she took, holding back tightly. "Harry's always been so nice to everyone, and he saved my life and almost died doing that, likely because of Dumbledore," she said looking up at him. "I would never betray you for anything because I know you would stand by me if I needed it, and that is what friends do! He's like your very own Peter Pettigrew, hiding out to betray you to the 'light' rather than the 'dark'."

"I'm more concerned that Daphne and Astoria Greengrass are secretly nice and Harry never told me before now that his first kiss was Astoria!" Hermione said cheekily while Ginny laughed a little. "I always thought Cho was your first kiss, but this is wow, and another reason Ron would hate you and be jealous because that girl is cute, and even I'll admit that."

Harry chuckled nervously. "I liked... maybe still like Cho, but I never knew how to speak to her, especially after Cedric's death. Anyway, about Tori, I honestly didn't think you would believe I kissed her, and then I was kind of scared Ron would freak out and go on one of his stupid Slytherin hate rants for a few hours and then run off and pick on first year Slytherin girls. I really didn't want the bother because I would have to rescue them again, and I don't like seeing the looking so scared, and I hate bullies!

"After this thing with Umbridge he started taking it out on the innocent little first year snakes," he said with a sheepish grin as Hermione moved, nearly sitting up in his lap to look at him.

"Harry, why didn't you tell me?" she demanded in concern. "I'm a prefect. I would have told Professor McGonagall!" she reprimanded. "Ronald can't just go around bullying first years, especially when he's supposed to be a prefect too! What did he do when you stopped him doing what he wanted?"

"Laughed like I was joking!" he said, baffled. "He had Seamus and Dean with him too, and some other guys I'm not very familiar with from Gryffindor. They kept trying to hex the first years while I shield them and they thought I was tormenting the little snakes too. They didn't seem to comprehend a Gryffindor sticking up for the wee-snakes. I'm a freaking parselmouth; every time Ron insults any serpent, as in actual snakes, or any innocent Slytherin in some fashion it insults me!"

He sighed, slumping down into Ginny's pillows. "I mean, come on, no tact at all," he said while Hermione sighed while cuddling up with Harry, resting her head on his chest while Ginny curled up to his side, and he was practically lying down with them on top of him, but it was comfortable. "I just don't get the fascination about hating someone because they're different. Ron could be worse by far than Malfoy sometimes, and... I'm sorry Hermione. I guess I was trying to keep you from really looking at Ron and seeing he was a bully.

"I guess, growing up with my cousin bullying me I was used to it, and it took me a while to notice," he said sheepishly. "I could have shattered Dudley's teeth down his throat when he picked on me, but more the kids around me, but defending me or others from him came with a whale sized uncles child beating wrath. Ron was my first ever friend, and I guess that I let all of the bad slide. He was okay the first couple years, but then... I don't know, maybe Dumbledore preyed on his greed. But here, in the magical world I knew that I could stop the bully, but I just wish I attacked them now; I won't let them get away with it anymore."

"Good!" Hermione said as she turned so she was snuggling Harry while face to face with Ginny. "We'll both stand right beside you, right, Ginny?!" she asked and ordered at the same time but Ginny didn't mind.

"Of course...!" Ginny agreed readily as she took Hermione's hand, shaking on it, but they didn't let go; content in holding hands on his chest, which was covered in a soft black silk shirt. "We'll be here for you every step of the way to stop these bullies, from Dumbledore to V-Voldemort!" she agreed with a nod of satisfaction.

Harry laughed, and kissed both of his close and loyal friends on the forehead each. "Thanks girls, I-I umm... I love you both too!" he stuttered out while they giggled and held him tighter when suddenly they all jumped with both girls flying off the bed either side as Ginny's mum banged on the door.

"Girls!" she called out loudly. "I heard Harry was back safe and sound and he was with you!" she said, suspiciously as she rattled the handle as the door wouldn't open.

Harry grinned at the girls as they quickly climbed to their feet and he hoped off the bed and opened the door to reveal the plump woman. "Sorry, the door was locked. I was just hanging out with the girls, we were chatting about silly things really, but it's nice to lock ourselves in for a bit of privacy," he said while the woman look confused about the jacket Hermione wore. He laughed. "It's my jacket. Hermione caught her blouse on something and ripped it and being the gentleman that I no doubt am, I offered my jacket."

"Well, okay then!" she said with a wide smile. "Harry, Professor Dumbledore asked me to come and fetch you. He's waiting downstairs and he is truly disappointed in your behaviour," she was quick to reprimand him.

"You know, I love your cooking, Mrs. Weasley... no, I suppose that isn't right," he said thoughtfully. "I think Aunt Molly would be a better name!" he said shocking her. "You've been the only mother figure I've ever had. I've never had a family before because Dumbledore took everything from me after Voldemort took mum and dad. He took away my mother's friends, forbid them taking me home... he is a very powerful man yet even now I had to use my pull to get Sirius a trial.

"I've actually always liked cooking," he said thoughtfully. "It was always that one thing the Dursley's forced me to do since I was tiny that I actually enjoyed. I didn't get to enjoy the meals of course, and sometimes I was lucky to get a few scraps or some bread and butter. It was better than nothing I suppose. But it turns out that I own the Leaky Cauldron, and I've eaten there, and yeah, no thank you.

"I was thinking of renovating the place, and offering you the job of head chef, if you want the job," he said with a shrug. "I know how you probably get bored with all of your family, other than... Uncle Arthur having moved out or at school, and I thought it would be cool to have a place where I could go and work off some stress too, maybe try some of my own food for a change. Well you don't have to answer right away, but let's just say, I'm expecting a renovation to make quite the penny for my company."

Harry smiled while she looked flabbergasted. He knew she wouldn't be embroiled in the same as Ron. She was too much of a noble and honourable woman, raised to know lore and respect it, coming from a noble family, her brothers died in the first war against Voldemort, and she wouldn't want anyone else to die if she could protect them.

Molly Weasley would never sink so low as to steal, even under Dumbledore's 'Greater Good' because if the other side of her family found out they would kill her, and her husband might even divorce her as he was a good man and despite his ignorance about muggles he wasn't stupid.

Harry grinned and winked to his 2 favourite girls while they giggled and followed him out of the room, attaching them-selves to an arm each. It took only a few moments to reach the ground floor from 3rd, and the girls made mental notes to seal their room tight as Ron was with the old man Dumbledore, (just for the added security), and it was lucky the fool didn't know that he had been tortured for attacking Hermione, or they might have been jumped without remorse or recourse.

"Hello Mr. Dumbledore," Harry said with a fake smile as the old man looked at him but for once his mind was like a computer vault. "You are no longer welcome within these walls, and if you chose to not vacate in the next minute we will be forced to remove you!"

"Now Harry!" the old man said, laughing with twinkle mind rape eyes, but Ginny and Hermione wouldn't give him eye contact. "This is the base of the Order of the Phoenix!" he said as if he was speaking to a spoilt child, as if he was ever spoilt; he knew pain and suffering more than too many.

"No," he answered coldly. "This is my house, and I plan on breaking your face if you do not take your minions and get the hell out-!"

"See Sirius...!" Dumbledore said while Sirius stood to the side with Moody and Remus while other members of the Order stood around watching, confused. "Harry needs to be put back onto the correct path, friends with Ronald and Ronald's muggle-born girlfriend Miss. Granger!"

"Ronald will stay away from my friends if he knows what's good for him!" Harry replied snidely while Sirius glared at the old man. "He is nothing but a greedy bully. I've had to deal with people like him my whole life, so I know when to cut ties. I hate the way he picks on innocent little first years while laughing when I have to protect them!"

"They're nothing but filthy little Slytherins!" Ron declared and surprisingly Dumbledore nodded along in agreement.

Harry stepped towards him with a growl. "And you're a filthy fucking small cocked bastard who has the intelligence of an orange!" Harry hissed out in rage causing the boy to step back. "I no longer allow bullies to be my friends. I've had enough of it you pile of dung. You can't even bully anyone your own age, you remind me of Dudley Dursley; a poor excuse for a human!"

"Enough now Harry!" the old man said as he drew his wand in a flourish. "I shall have to put you on the right-!" He paused as he was tackled by Harry while he was busy trying to monologue. They crashed to the floor together where Dumbledore lost his wand and cried out for help as Harry hit him with a right punch to the face, breaking his nose in a splash of blood before jumping off the old man and grabbing Dumbledore's fallen wand.

"Avada...!" Harry hissed and the tip of the white wand that once belonged to Dumbledore lit up green and the minions stopped as they were about to attack. "My enemies are to take the old man and get out of my house!" he demanded in spite.

He would be surprised how many people stayed, but he wasn't surprised the criminals all went with Dumbledore as he kept them out of jail where they belonged. Ron had sneered at his family and called them traitors as he left with his twin brothers. They left mainly because they felt like tools, letting them-selves be manipulated by Ronald, and they would go home to find away to repent and beg forgiveness that they weren't sure they deserved.

Harry looked at Dumbledore's wand; now his. He felt it choose him. It had a strange black mark on it that looked just like the one on his invisibility cloak. He smirked as maybe they were some kind of signature. It was nice to think that they were a part of a set, but he wouldn't doubt Dumbledore would have known, so why would he have returned the cloak apart from some scheme, probably to allow him to sneak around and complete the challenges during school.

Turning his head, Ginny was hugging him from behind while Hermione walked around him and gave him a hug from the front, and he felt content in their arms. They were his girls, and his best friends and he loved them.

"Sirius!" he said as the girls let him go after a few moments. "It's time we remove his fidelius charm and place a new one."

"Right you are, mate!" he readily agreed, smirking. "After all as such an old and powerful house my family made provisions!"

"Good; get it done," Harry said, taking his favourite girls hands and leading them up the stairs with him. "I'm going to go and get some rest with my best friends. I'm a little sleepy but Hermione will hopefully help me with my homework before I'm off," he said laughing sheepishly. "The homework I completed was completely destroyed at the Dursley's!" he declared, sighing dramatically while the girls giggled and held onto him tightly.

to be continued...

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