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The Party


It was morning now. The boys had been interrogated, allowed some sleeping time, and then were ordered to clean up everything. And the house had one HUGE mess. It even slipped out into the front and back yards!

And Goten had pointedly refused to clean the bathrooms, which were used more for barfing than actaully using the toilet. So that's what Trunks was cleaning now - and with one hell of a hangover. You'd almost feel sorry for the guy, if he wasn't such a trickster.

Goten was grumbling and cleaning up the HUGE living room just now, with his Mother watching close by. Most of the Z Gang came by to see this, Trunks cleaning out a bathroom and Goten working on the biggest, but not ickiest, mess. Even Goku was here, who kept pleading with Chichi to let go home or at least get some more sleep. He kept stumbling from lack or rest!

Of course, this wasn't Chichi's house. Even if she *wanted* to let him go, she couldn't. It was up to Bulma and Vegeta. And those two were the most frightening beings on the planet when they agreed on something. Too bad for Trunks, though. Vegeta kept asking him loud questions, to punish him for getting drunk. Bulma didn't join in, but was instead making a list of the rooms to clean and checking off which ones were done.

By the time Trunks got done scrubbing the bathrooms clean he went downstairs, helping Goten with the living room. And Goten wouldn't even look at him.

Most of the Z Gang kept taunting the two, telling them how much they deserved this for the idea of having a party, at Capsule Corp., where Bulma and Vegeta LIVE, while they were GONE, and with the possibility of coming back at anytime before the said date, and for Kami's sake, this is BULMA and VEGETA we're talking about! Anyone with half a brain would know better!!

A few softhearts tried to help out the boys, like Goku, Gohan and Pan, but were pushed back. And eventually driven away. These two boys needed to learn *why* you didn't organize parties without parents' permission.

Currently Trunks was trying to get Goten to speak to him, making oddball statements in rather pathetic attempts at staying best friends. Goten didn't even look in his direction.

Getting fully frustrated, Trunks snatched the garbage bag out of Goten's hands to get a response. "You going to talk at *all*?!" he snapped.

Goten glared at him. "And what should I say?! I *told* you this wasn't a good idea! I *told* you we were going to be caught! Damnit, Trunks!! I TOLD you!!"

Trunks winced, holding his throbbing head. "Don't yell so much!!"

"Oh, don't worry," Goten said, more quietly. "Headaches get better - right after they get WORSE!!" he added last, right into Trunks' ear. Trunks grabbed a beer bottle form a bag and chucked it at Goten, who had leapty back. Goten countered by sending a ki blast to burn the bottom of the bag, dropping its contents onto the floor again and all over Trunks' shoes.

"STOP IT!!" Chichi yelled, in time with Bulma. They went to their sons and began shouting at both, at both boys were shouting right back. Vegeta was thoroughly enjoying this, or so it seemed, since he was smirking and leaning against a doorway.

All yelling stopped, however, when a lone girl wandered into the house, confused at the huge crater on the floor just before the door. She looked around at the mess and got questioning glances and even a glare from everyone present. She had black hair that shined violet, hald up in a ponytail, tanned skin, lavender eyes, a black spaghetti strap shirt, and low-cut red jeans.

Goten recognized her immediately. "Hey, Bree."

"This place didn't look so messy last night," she said, looking around.

Goten shook his head. "You didn't see it when it was being evacuated. Or . . ." He shut up there, not wanting her to get worried. After all, one of the first things Vegeta had done was slam them both around. And neither he nor Trunks had a bruise left to show for it, thank Kami.


"Or. . . after the two of us bailed - or tried to. We kindof knocked things around." True, if not entirely.

"And who's this?" Chichi asked, less angrily and more hopefully. If Goten knew her, that left potential for them geting together and her getting more Grandchildren!

Bree went right up to her and held out a hand, in the same way she did for Goten. "Bree."

"Chichi," she replied, shaking the young girl's hand. "I'm Goten's mother."

"Really? You look a little young to be a mother."

Chichi cmiled at the girl. That was a plain lie, but a very good one at that. This girl had practice.

"You look familiar," Trunks said, eyeing the girl. He could've sworn he'd seen her before.

"Yes. Last night you tried to get me drunk."

"I did *what*?!" Trunks took a step back, hoping nobody heard that except him.

"Mm-hmm. And then you tried to get me to dance. When I said 'no' enough times you said I wasn't worth it and went off to the nearest slut."

"Well, that's it," Trunks said, not realizing he was speaking aloud. "I'm never going to touch a beer again."

"BETTER NOT!!!!" Vegeta snapped, directly in his ear.

Now, *this* was going a bit far for Bulma. She firmly told Vegeta to not do that again and got an ice-pack for Trunks' headache. At least now he'll never want to get drunk again. Hangovers were the pits.

Chichi eventually decided on stopping the conversation between the two lovebirds, as she had deemed them. Though she'd not say it out loud. But, since Bree here was at the party, that meant she contributed to it. Chichi got her and Goten a garbage bag and told them to clean. Trunks was sent upstairs to sleep, Bulma having finally decided he could function better *after* the hangover died down. But she marked her list of rooms, picking out a third of them for him to clean when he got back up. Lucky for him Bree showed up.


Lucky Trunks, huh? Wouldn't want to see *him* drunk. At least not from beer.