Chapter 4

Kakashi was really starting to regret having stepped out of his home that morning. If he had not taken his former student's threat of burning his porn unless he visited her for regular checkups seriously, he would not have landed himself in this situation. Although a part of him felt happy at being able to support his other ex-student in a time of need, he really wished someone else could have taken his place. To say that Kakashi felt uncomfortable as he stood by Naru while she screamed from labor pain, would be a massive understatement.

It was bad enough that he had to allow her to crush his hand, and he was not exaggerating-the girl really did not know her own strength. He even had to ignore the pain in that hand (was he imagining the creaking sounds or were his bones being ground to dust?) as he used the other to reinforce her weakening seal. Minato-sensei's seal was strong, but he had only designed it to hold back the Kyuubi. The aftermath of the war had brought about a lot of changes, one of them being the difference between her former tenant and what she now contained.

Perhaps it was fortunate that the Kyuubi was aiding Kakashi's efforts to strengthen the seal- the man was not aware of the exact nature of the relationship that existed between Naru and the nine-tails but he did know that it was an amiable one. The Kyuubi's chakra was outlining the black lines of the seal with a reddish tint as the demon fox helped the delivery proceed smoothly.

Kakashi winced as the blonde Uzumaki's screeching reached a new decibel. His sensitive ears were suffering from his proximity to her as he idly wondered if his silencing seals could fail due to the sheer amount of noise being generated. He was roused out of his musing as Tsunade ordered," Well? Are you going to make yourself useful or not Hatake? There's only one of me and I'm delivering the baby. That seal looks stable enough so come and stand next to me and wipe the blood off the baby when it comes out."

With those horrifying words, she went back to gently coaxing Naru to push ("If you don't push more the damn kids wont come out you and it'll keep hurting so push HARDER you damn brat!"). The following expletives that came out of Naru's mouth would have made a sailor blush.

Kakashi could feel himself turning green and was sure that his mask was not doing a good job of concealing his emotions since he caught the momentary flash of amusement in Tsunade's eyes before her face scrunched up again, into a fearsome scowl. He would later realize that Tsunade had been capitalizing on his discomfort and that she could have easily created solid clones if she needed an extra pair of hands instead of beckoning him close to the Naru's legs, forcing him to witness all the gory details of childbirth.

At that moment, he was thanking Kami that he had been born male- he would never have to undergo this torture, he thought, trying his best to suppress the urge to hurl. He had never needed the emotional control training from his ANBU days as badly as he did at that moment. Fortunately, shinobi instincts kicked in and allowed him to detatch himself from the situation. Thus he mechanically accepted the squalling infant placed in his arms and gently set about completing the task he had been given, trying his best to dispel the traumatizing images from his mind. Well, he definitely had new material for the T&I department's genjutsu team- those horrific images would definitely break the mind of the most hardened shinobi.


By the time both newborns had been cleaned, Naru's rapid healing and Uzumaki resilience had allowed her to regain enough coherence to demand to see her babies. She had been too indisposed to hear Tsunade proclaim the gender of the twins and was pleasantly surprised at finding out that she had just given birth to two wonderfully healthy daughters. They were obviously not identical twins since one had a tuft of brilliant red hair while the other had sandy blonde hair. While they were definitely the most beautiful babies in the world in her eyes, she was sure Kaka-sensei and her friends would agree that the girls were going to be heart-breakers when they grew up- they came from an excellent gene pool after all.

On that note, she wondered why he had such a peculiar expression on his face. He looked weird; oh well- her babies were so adorable! With her eyes averted, she failed to notice that Kakashi's mildly nauseous expression vanished, and his face became unreadable when he observed her glowing countenance as she beheld her first offspring. The obvious adoration in her eyes made his visible eye soften and crinkle into a crescent shape.

Tsunade, looking at the new mother, decided to postpone her interrogation for a while and turned to the silver-haired man with a meaningful look. Just because she was unwilling to disturb the blissful new parent did not mean that she would not receive answers to her questions, and she had a lot of them. Their body language had made it quite obvious that Hatake was not the father, so he should have no problem in finally giving her some well-deserved answers. The man caught onto the meaning behind her subtle gesture and he raised a hand, wordlessly asking her to wait for a moment before turning toward the oblivious mother.

Kakashi really could not contain his curiosity anymore and had to verbalize the question that had been gnawing at him for a while. "Ne, Naru-chan, have you finalized their names yet? You seemed to have a lot of ideas for their names the last time I asked…" he trailed off, subtly encouraging her to respond.

"Yup! I've made up my mind," the young woman chirped. Her eyes flicked towards the medic who was unobtrusively listening to them and she carefully chose her next words- "I'm naming each girl after the grandmother she resembles the most!" Tsunade huffed at the obvious concealment of the interesting information that could have given her some telling hints.

Kakashi deliberated on Naru's response and told her, "Hmm….seems appropriate. I bet your husband will be very happy with your choice." He conveyed a smile through his lone eye before straightening up and speaking more formally. "I am sure Tsunade-sama would like to know more about this unusual situation that we have found ourselves in. How much would you like to disclose?"

Tsunade noted the mild deference in his tone and was mildly surprised before she realized that the woman, (she had been called Naru, which was another coincidental link between her and Namikaze Naruto, just like the seal, whisker marks and sunny-blonde haie) had also straightened up. The commanding, charismatic aura she exuded, so reminiscent of Minato, caught the slug sannin off-guard. She wondered how she had not noticed the inner strength and self-assurance that seemed to radiate off this kunoichi, who suddenly seemed a lot more formidable in Tsunade's eyes.

The unknown jinchuriki responded-no, it was an order, Tsunade's subconscious mind corrected- " We have nothing to hide so you can answer Baa-chan's questions. However, until we determine the exact nature of our….displacement, it would make sense not to reveal any news that would….affect this place that we are in."

Kakashi translated Naru's words into the underlying orders- answer the questions and find out which time period this is and thus only hold back any information about the future of this time. He nodded to signify his understanding and, knowing that this particular tidbit would inevitably be revealed, could not resist taking revenge on Tsunade for the torture she had put him through. He verbally responded to the unspoken order with a solemn, "Hai Hogage-sama!" and flourished it with a small bow, immediately turning around with a smirk, just in time to catch Tsunade's gobsmacked expression.

Naru watched them with an expression of fond amusement; Kakashi's antics had reduced some of the gravity and terseness from the atmosphere and her countenance. She was glad he still acted like the mock-cheerful man that had once taught her, at least most of the time, because the war had dealt a lot of emotional blows to her surrogate-family member. That he had managed to recover and carry on, was probably because his female students had tried their best to be there for him and always dragged him away for a spar if he started brooding too much at the memorial stone. She was startled out of this trail of thought as little Kushina-chan started to wail. Naru dismissed her musings and started to nurse her daughter.

A/N: Yes her seal is stronger than Kushina's and after the war it is unlikely Kurama would actively try to escape, but I have my reasons for needing someone to strengthen the seal. All will be revealed much later when I delve into some of the specifics of the outcome of the war. Bear with it.

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