Adam paced back in forth in complete terror. Belle had gone into labor with their first child hours before and still no news. Cogsworth and Lumiere tried desperately to calm the prince before he had a nervous brake down. "She will be fine, master," Lumiere told the prince in his thick Parisian accent. "Quite right, Lumiere!" Cogsworth assured, "We have nothing to fear." In some way, it calmed Adam down somewhat, but still they saw fright in his eyes. No surprise there: it was their first child. "Master, just picture the little bundle of joy that is arriving!" Lumiere tried. He did wonder about it. Ever since they had found out about Belle's pregnancy last Christmas, he couldn't help but wonder if it would be a boy or girl? What would they look like? Would they be more like him or their mother? Suddenly, Mrs. Potts opened the door. "Well come inside, Master!" She insisted. "Your son is waiting to meet his papa!" A son? He had a son? Adam rushed in, while Mrs. Potts closed the door and left the new parents alone. The prince walked over to his wife who was holding their baby. Belle looked exhuasted but happy. Staring into her doe brown eyes, Adam kissed her and looked and his child. He looked much like Adam, except for the small crop of hair on his head being brown like his mother. "Adam," Belle said,"Isn't her wonderful?" Her prince, who had tears of joy in his eyes only nodded. "Now for his name." Upon this, the baby gave a yawn and opened his eyes to reveal two crystal orbs. A name began to poke in the back of the couple's minds. A name of an old friend of theirs. "How about," Adam said."Sora?" The baby smiled, obviously liking the name. Belle also smiled. "Sora. It's perfect!" And so, hence forth, the castle was now home to Prince Sora