As Spring returned to the kingdom, Adam made an announcement to both his family and staff. "We're going on a trip, Papa?" Sora asked his father, his mouth full of egg. "Sora, sweetie, don't talk with your mouth full. It's very rude," Belle said to him. "Where are we going, Papa?" The boy asked after swallowing. "There's a small kingdom north of here under the reign of old friends of ours," Adam explained. "We are trying to set up a trading post there and we are needed to map it out."

"I don't know what that means, Papa."

"You'll learn when you're older. In the mean time, my friends have a daughter around your age. Maybe you two can play together or take a tour. Their castle has an excellent library."

The very mention of a new friend and the word library had Sora grinning from ear to ear. After giving a kiss to both parents, he rushed upstairs to pack, unaware of both Le Fou's plot, and how close he would get to his new friend.

(Game! who can guess what kingdom their in?)

It was a long journey to the strange kingdom. Le Fou could feel the sores he was getting from trialling the royal family. But he had gotten a tip that a new trading post was opening in a nearby kingdom and Belle and Adam were needed to plot it out. With the two parents distracted, he could easily do away with Sora.

Up ahead, the young prince rode on his black stallion he named Shadow, taking in all the sites. It was beautiful! The castle was tall and marble white with red bricked roofs, almost as if one of his story books had come to life. At the base of the castle was an enormous crystal lake(hint) with swans swimming around it(hint hint!). As his parents began speaking with guards that had come to greet them, Sora dismounted Shadow and walked up to the lake shore. Le Fou, who had been close behind, smirked. This was his chance! Le Fou silently creeped up behind one of the white Arabians that had been ridden by Cogsworth, who joined the family. Le Fou then took out a whip.


The white Arabian bolted from the whip, right in the direction of the prince. Sora, who had been sniffing the flowers heard the approaching and let out a terrified scream. Both parents ran in the direction of their son but would not make it in time. The horse reared up as the little boy shut his eyes, waiting to be trampled.


Sora's eyes flew open to see a girl around his age on the back of the Arabian, desperately trying to calm the creature.

"Easy! Easy! Woah! Calm down!"

Eventually, it did. Slowly, the mystery girl dismounted. She was a bit smaller than Sora with blonde hair and violet eyes(be honest those who still don't know). She was actually very pretty. Belle immediately picked up her son and checked him over.

"I'm all right, Mama."

"Thank goodness! Adam, what made Snow Flare act like that?"

"I don't know Belle, but let's just be grateful Sora's unharmed."

Belle hugged her son tightly, as if he'd disappear if she didn't. Eventually, released him and turn to the hero who saved him.

"Thank you so much for saving Sora!" Both parents said

She smiled, "Don't mention it!"

Sora walked up to her.

"Thanks for saving me. I'm Sora! What's your name?"

"My name is…"


The four heads turned to see two people racing to the shore. The first was a man about as tall as Adam with a crop of brown hair and sapphire eyes. He had a golden crown no unlike the one Adam wore whenever guess were around. The other was a woman with a white crown that took the form of a swan. She looked exactly like the little girl from the blonde hair right down to the violet eyes(really now it's just too painful). Carefully, the woman, Sora assumed was a ruler, picked up the little girl Sora also assumed was named Elise.

"What were you thinking!?" She asked, probably her mother

"That someone needed help and I couldn't just stand around!"

The man, also a ruler, probably Elise's father, said, "That was dangerous, young lady! You could have gotten hurt! Don't do something like that again."

"Okay, Daddy."

Adam suddenly chuckled

"Small world, isn't it Derek?"

The brunette man turned and smiled at Adam.

"Looks that way. Doesn't it Adam?"

The two shook hands as the two mothers greeted each other.

"It's wonderful to see you again Belle!" The blonde woman said to Belle

"And it's excellent to see you as well, Odette"

The four parents began to laugh as old friends would. Adam then asked, "So I assume this little heroin is your daughter?" Derek nodded. "This is Elise. Elise, say hello to our old friends Belle, Adam, and whom I assume is Sora. The princess cheerfully said,"Hello!" As the group hurried off to the castle, Le Fou growled in frustration. His plot had been foiled by a 5 year old princess.