Remember, no fluff here. Lucius is not a pleasant person in this. He does not treat Ron well, be warned. And Hermione? ... Read on.

Tomorrow comes. Damn my cock. It practically forces its way from my trousers in its desperation.

I wait until mid-afternoon, as long as I can manage. The castle is silent. The others are away for now.

First I check on the Worm. He's awake. Good. We need his full attention.

I approach her cell door silently. I will surprise her this time, startle her, catch her out, see her jump.

I open the door suddenly and sweep in.

'Malfoy!' she exclaims, sitting up.

I lock the door and turn to her. Her hair forms an unruly bird's nest around her head, but she has never looked so delectable. It is as much as I can do not to throw her down and drive into her immediately.

'Miss Granger …' I start, adopting my stance of deferential confusion. I glance across. She is leaning forward, sitting on her haunches, every limb straining towards me. Her eyes are bright, her mouth open.

'I have come to apologise … I have spent days trying to make sense of my behaviour … let me assure you, you may be my prisoner, but … I will not take advantage. That will not occur again.'

Keeping a stern expression of mock remorse, I look humbly at her (well, I say humbly …).

She stands, slowly. I have released all wards on the room; she can move freely. 'Mr Malfoy …'

'Please … there is nothing you need say.' I make to turn for the door.


Oh, sweet victory. I manage to hide my smirk.

I turn around, my eyes hooded, and take a single step towards her.

'What happened between us …' she begins.

I sigh. Effective, under the circumstances.

'Please … I want …' she stutters.

Want. That's the word. Say it again, you beauty.

I take one further step towards her, my brows furrowed in apparent concern. 'What? What do you want?' I ask as if I may be expecting her to say fruit or a blanket.

'I want … it to be … momentous.'

The surge of triumph.

I shake my head a little to feign bewilderment. 'I don't understand.'

'Please … Lucius … what we discussed … I …' She turns away, wracked with her own disbelief.

'Surely not …' I must tread carefully. Too much prevarication on my part and I will scare her off. But I'm adoring this little dance.

'I haven't been able to think of anything else.' She turns her head and her back heaves. Is she crying? Oh, don't cry. First times are messy enough as it is. We don't want tears as well.

'Miss Granger … please … take this.' I hold out a handkerchief. Silk. I hope she appreciates it.

She turns and takes it and her fingers brush mine. She is reluctant to break the touch.

'I've waited so long. I've waited for this. I've waited for something to dominate my every thought, for it to consume my body and make me throb with longing. It's happening now. So … this must be it. It's extraordinary. It's unbelievable, but that's why it's so …'

'Momentous.' I answer for her.

She nods.

'But I am … your tormentor.' I say it as if it perplexes me as much as her. (It doesn't, of course.)

'Yes. You torment me because you make me want you and I know how wrong that is. But the paradox of it only makes me long for it even more. I think I'll die if you don't take me.'

Take her? Oh, sweet Merlin, she's using language I like very much. Taking her was exactly what I had intended. But I'll still feign reluctance, just for a little while longer.

'Miss Granger … What happened the other day confused me as much as you … I never intended …'

'Don't you want me?' she asks, almost sobbing at the thought that perhaps I don't. If she could see my cock, she would realise how utterly ridiculous that question is.

As it is, I simply look at her, my forehead creased. She is growing desperate.

'Am I not good enough? Am I not your type?'

I can begin the approach. 'Miss Granger. You are … perfection.' I note the brightness in her reaction. 'And how can I spoil perfection?'

'You won't be spoiling it. You'll be completing it.'

I hold her gaze and take one further step into her. I am planning my next subtle move when something most extraordinary happens.

She takes hold of her top and pulls it off, then her bra. Her top half is utterly naked before me. Her perfect breasts sway before my eyes, the nipples already tight and hard in the chill air. Fuck. Fuckety fuck fuck fuck. I confess to being a little taken aback. I'm gawping. How undignified. I really must not do that.

I distract myself by glancing over towards the Worm's cell. He's come to the glass and is staring, his mouth hanging like an ageing hound, his expression blank but his body tight. He stares at her.

'Miss Granger, please …' I turn my head away, adjusting to the situation rapidly. Things are going rather well, don't you think?

She hurries over to me now. Her breasts are there, right there. If I reach up I can touch them, stroke, flick the nipples, tug them. Would she like that? A little pain. A little nipple pull? I want to find out. I'd like it, certainly.

'Lucius … you. I want it to be you. Here. Now. Momentous. I can't think of anything else. I've dreamed of you and longed for you every moment of every day since you touched me. Please.'

She takes hold of my hand and brings it over to her knickers, pushing it down inside.

'I'm ready,' she says, most assertively.

As my finger slides down into her again, that is more than confirmed. She's as wet as anything.

'Don't stop this time. Please don't stop this time.'

Well … if you insist.

I work along her as I did before, still frowning, still feigning reluctance. She pushes down her jeans and pants and steps out nimbly. She's naked. The Granger girl is naked before me. Oddly, the first thing I do is warm the air around us. I don't like to think of her being cold.

I step in, not removing my hand, unable to. Now my frown turns to one of determination. And now there is no deceit, no foolery. What follows is utterly honest and truthful, I tell you. It is me and it is her. He watches, I know that, but I barely realise.

I look down, my own breath deep and heavy. 'Lie down,' I say, low but certain.

Together we move until she reaches the bed and falls back against it. Her legs part, willing me in. I stare down at her. Open, wet, glistening, ripe. I can do nothing else. I fall to my knees and push her legs apart. She sucks in sharply in anticipation.

My thumbs part her outer lips, exposing her clit which is red and full. So I taste it. I lick, one long slow lick, gathering in her juices then ending with a hard lave across it. She gasps.

Gods, the taste of her. Like a homecoming.

I flitter my tongue, over and over, darting it along her clit, then back to long slow laves. She moans, holding me upon her, clenching her body in time to my developing rhythm. Already I can sense our mutual instinct, our fit. I am so hard it hurts.

I pull back briefly and remember Worm. He is standing, hands against the glass, his face drained with despair, but unable to look away. I allow myself a little reversion to type and give him a sly grin before his woman pulls my head down to her sex again. I bury myself in it now, inhaling, licking, drowning in her ever-pouring juice.

'Oh, that's so wonderful … that's so wonderful …' she murmurs repeatedly, half to herself, as if she can't believe it. I will make it wonderful. I will make her believe. Her desire has been stoked, her pleasure is poised. Her clit is positively swollen. I close my mouth around it and suck, pulling it into my mouth between my lips.


She comes. Fuck, did I ever know a woman coming until now? She tenses, then shudders, all along her sweet body, then opens her mouth and cries out – a strange, disembodied sound of sheer abandon. She is out of herself and flying and I've done it. Me. Malfoy.

And now I must take her. Have her. Claim her. Break through her.

Her pleasure goes on. I don't take my mouth away until I'm sure it has left her completely. But now it's mine to take.

I try to hold back in case she has a moment of anxiety. I lean over her, stroking her face. She is glowing, red with pleasure, her eyes glazed, her mouth slack.

'I'll have you now,' I say. Fuck. I didn't mean it to come out like that. Is she alarmed? She seems only to arch towards me.

I stand up and pull off my clothes. She stares, her eyes glued to me as my body is revealed. I have a body hewn from years of hard work, dark work. I revel in letting the muscles flex and cord before her.

Her eyes drop to my groin. Patience. I move my fingers to my buttons and glance at Worm. He's banging silently on the glass now, the fucker. It makes my fingers nimble.

I push down and it lurches out, free at last. Her eyes widen. I'm not small, shall we say. I'll grant her a moment of intimidation. Any first time must be a daunting enough prospect, but when faced with a thing of such immensity …

For the first time a look of anxiety captures her. A strange sensation comes over me. I recognise it – it is concern, it is care. Instinctively, I lean over her and stroke her cheek.

'Are you sure?'

What have I said? Why did I say that? I think I meant it. How strange.

She looks up at me, her eyes wide and giving. She gives me a little smile, the most honest smile I've ever seen. Something inside hurts. I bend down and kiss her. A soft kiss at first, tender. She must be able to taste herself on me. She opens her mouth for more and I give. Our kiss becomes hard and searching; our breath mingles, drawn in in harsh drags.

When I pull back her lips are bruised and she arches up.

'I'm sure.'

Now. Now, Malfoy. My cock lurches and rears. I mutter a spell to raise the bed so that her open legs are level with my groin as I stand.

I glance over at Worm and lock eyes with him. His defeat is about to be complete. He is still staring but now seems slack and useless, as indeed he is. My cock swells yet more.

But back to her. All her.

I push her left leg to the side, opening her completely.

I'll hurt her, I know it. She knows it. Our mutual acceptance of the pain makes it quite delicious.

I position myself, wanting to delay yet unable to. I am compelled into her.

Our eyes lock and I push forward. Oh fucking bliss. I can barely get in but already I am joyous. But I can't go far. Her barrier prevents me, blocks me, holds me back. No, you are mine and I shall take. Determination surges through me. I grip her hips, clench my jaw and thrust, hard.

I break through. She cries out. I push through again, harder still, right in, tearing through her maidenhead. She is hurting. Another cry.

But I'm in. In her. And … sweet Merlin. Fuck! Oh Gods, save me, for I could lose myself in this woman.

Sensational. The tightness of it is like nothing before. And warm. 'Fuck!' I exclaim, head back, neck strained.

I pull back, not thinking of her pain, and then push hard through again. She cries out. 'Ow! Oww, you're so big!'

Her words make me focus, although the exquisite grip on my cock is such that it's impossible for me to go easy. 'I'm hurting you,' I state the obvious. She nods, but it's a nod of acceptance. I push through again and she gasps. 'Tell me all you're feeling.' I want to hear it. I demand it.

'Full. You've filled me. Oh God, you've filled me.'

'It's good to have that. It's good to be full, isn't it?'

She nods and clenches on me. Fuck! We're through the first level of mere pain. She wants it. She seeks it. Her cunt grips me and I swallow back my pleasure.

'More, tell me more.' I pull out, slowly, knowing her tender flesh will protest. Her face twists but she clings to me.

'Don't come out of me. Want you in me, fully, all the way. You're so big. So hard. I didn't know it could feel so hard. I like it. I like to feel that.'

I remember the Worm. One hand rests defeated on the glass, his forehead too. But his other hand is elsewhere. It's on his cock. The Worm is wanking. The little shit. The traitor. I laugh. I laugh in triumph and power into her. She cries out again. I move again and she does it again but still she clings to me. Worm's hand remains on his cock – his puny cock – pumping it frantically.

I lean down over her and kiss her before dipping a head to those beautiful breasts and sucking on a nipple. She arches into my mouth and moans.

'I'm going to make you come again,' I slur against it, nibbling on it, suckling on it, teasing it with my teeth. It swells and hardens on my tongue.

'But it hurts,' she whines, a sweet whine of confused delirium.

I pull up and take her face in my hand, forcing her to look at me. 'Use the pain. You can use it. I'm going to make you come now, Hermione, with me inside you, deep and hard. Do you understand me?'

She nods, wondrous. I stay close, leaning over her, and pull out a little. I reach between her legs and find her clit again, flicking it carefully. She moans and her eyes flutter in that delightful way she has.

I move her down a little so that her legs extend further off the side. When I push into her this time I know I've caught that special place inside as she sucks in a breath. Not a sharp breath of pain but of surprise. I keep stroking her clit and easing against her G-spot.

'Use the pain, Hermione. Feel me through the pain. Use it as a scaffold to pleasure.' I'm moving regularly now, squeezing into her tightness, pushing right into her, filling her.

She groans, a slight catch, but then more pleasure.

'Good girl,' I encourage. 'My good girl.'

She nods. Mine. She knows it.

Hellfire, I can't hold on. I need her to come. I want her to come. I start to move desperately, rubbing her clit, taking her hard. She must still be hurting, but it has changed to a sheen of sensation which she feeds off.

I push through, grunting out my need, exhorting her to come.

There. I feel it. Oh, fucking glory, I feel it. Her orgasm is so strong it grips me, preventing me from moving while it races through her.

'Lucius! Oh God, oh Lucius!' She is delirious. Her eyes, wide, unseeing, stare above her, trying to focus on me but unable. She shakes, she moans. And my cock is held so tight that I come too. I come so strongly I nearly weep. My seed shoots into her, my cock bursts out within her body. And she is mine.

And for now, that is all that matters.

There will be more. I'm really enjoying writing Lucius like this, even if it is a little unusual for me.

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