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Summary: Murdock hears a squeak.

Warnings: None.

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The Squeak

"I hear a squeak!" Murdock announced suddenly, waking Face from the light snooze the familiar drone of the van's engine had lulled him into.

"Ain't no squeak." BA said quickly, almost a conditioned response Face thought with a smirk.

"There's either a bolt coming undone somewhere or we got mice."

Face grimaced at the look BA hurled through the rear view mirror. It would be a brave and reckless mouse indeed.

"There it goes again! Face, you hear it, right?"

"Ah, well..." he replied cautiously, glancing between Murdock's pleading eyes and the rear view mirror. "I might have heard something, but I can't be sure."

"Any more on the fence, kid, and you'll get a splinter." Hannibal warned, a wicked grin in his voice.

"That sounds uncomfortable." Murdock said as he pulled a face and shuddered. "There it is again! Now don't tell me you didn't hear that."

Face nodded grudgingly. "Okay, you win; there's a squeak. A small one." He felt moved to add as BA's eyes flicked to him and narrowed dangerously. "Sounds like it's coming from your seat I think."

Murdock frowned as he wriggled in his chair, trying to pinpoint the offensive noise Face supposed.

"Maybe it needs oiling."

"Shut up fool, before I oil you." BA was clearly unreceptive to the idea of anything going unoiled in his domain.

Face sniggered. "Now there's an offer."

A plume of smoke and a chuckle rose from Hannibal while Murdock paused to send him a dirty look before throwing himself back and forth in his seat with even more force. "It's definitely this seat, sounds like something at the bottom needs tightening."

"Quit squirming around back there! Ain't no squeak, you just hearing things that ain't there. Nothing new about that."

"There is too! Billy says he can hear it, Face heard it and I bet that mouse can hear it too."

Face shook his head, trying to decide how he felt about coming in an evidentiary second to a hallucinatory dog. At least he beat out the nonexistent mouse.

"Ain't no squeak, no mouse and there ain't no dog!" BA said in a tone that did not invite debate. "Shut up and sit still, fool!"

Murdock huffed out a sigh and glared back at BA through the mirror. "I'm telling you BA, there's a nut loose on this seat!"

"And there definitely ain't nothing new about that!"