There's No Way My Brother Can't Be A Campione!

Summary: I can't believe this is happening to me...I am a perfectly ordinary high school boy well almost ordinary as I've been forced my my own sister to play little sister themed eroge...YET why am currently involved with something that came out of a fantasy anime!?

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Disclaimer: I do not own Campione! or Oreimo

Chapter 1: There's No Way My Life Can Be Abnormal

Campione, —a godslayer—is a supreme ruler.

Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the sacrosanct, divine powers wielded by the gods.

Campione, —a godslayer—is a lord.

Since the power to kill a deity is in his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on Earth.

Campione, —a godslayer—is a devil.

Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his!

I yawned as I walked through the streets of Akihabara while nursing my bruised cheek. Even though it's been a few days after my confrontation with my father I still can't believe he let me off the hook with just a punch considering I said that I played little sister themed eroge...


That was not an incident I want to experience ever again thank you very much.

Like usual I followed my sister far enough so that she wouldn't be associated with me, although I hope I don't look like a stalker.

If I were to be arrested because I looked like I was stalking my own sister… dad would definitely kill me this time.

Seriously why did I do such a thing for my ungrateful sister?

Now that I think about it, every time she went to Akihabara I came as well. Why do I come with her!?

Unfortunately for me; what I thought was going to be a normal day...well as normal as it could be for my current life, all changed in an instant.


Just like that an explosion occurred without prior warning. It caught everyone off guard as the building to the right of us exploded.

Hell I didn't even know that it was the building towards my right until I stood back up and looked frantically around me.

I may have been bleeding but I was too busy looking for Kirino to notice.

Among the rubble I could see countless bodies, people moaning in pain, blood seeping from their wounds...I turned away.

If I kept looking I would try to help them against my own priorities at the moment.

I staggered through the piles of broken concrete looking for Kirino, but then something caught my eye; or rather someone.

That someone was a man standing in the center of the disaster wearing golden armor that seemed to give off its own light. He had blond hair that glowed like flames, inhuman scarlet eyes, pale skin, an elegant face, and he stood there in the center of the chaos as if nothing was wrong.

"You bastard! You just destroyed all my eroge!"

I snapped my head towards the shout and to my horror it was my sister. She ran up to kick him while swinging her bag at him, but...

Not only did he block the kick from sister, he grabbed her throat while she was in midair.

I froze as he stared ominously towards my sister while holding her up by the neck.

"You wench! How dare you try to strike me, Gilgamesh!"

"Hey! Let go of my sister!"

I finally shouted after breaking out of my stupor.

But either he didn't hear me or he ignored me. I'm betting for the latter as I was actually quite close to him.

ARGH! I shouldn't be thinking about such things I have to save my sister!

So I ran towards him, picked up a rock, and threw it at him.

However a golden ripple appeared behind the golden haired man and a light burst from the ripple destroying the projectile I threw.

I froze as he turned his glare towards me. The pressure directed at me was immense. I didn't believe in things such as killing intent before but now I do.

Damn it! Kyousuke, now's not the time to freeze, your sister is still being strangled! Breaking eye contact I bent down, grabbed a steel pipe and gave a last shout as I charged at him.


Ten more lights burst from ripples behind Gilgamesh and the next thing I knew was immense pain from my torso.

I looked down. Even if I was the one being impaled I couldn't help but marvel at the sight of such marvelous weapons.

Huh? Why am I so close to the ground right now? Wasn't I just charging towards that man?


I groaned as the man picked me up by the neck. Hehehe at least he wasn't strangling Kirino anymore.

Oy, Kirino run away while you still have the chance, while his attention is focused on me.

"Hey, mongrel. How does it feel? This is what it means to attack me! If you beg I might make your death swift. So how about it? Beg me, Gilgamesh for mercy!"

I can literally feel the blood flowing out from the cracks between my flesh and the sword. Not like it will matter since I'll die anyways.


"Mongrel, you dare spit on me!"


More swords impaled me, giving me even greater pain. Why haven't I died yet? Logically I should be dead by now. Why am I not dying!?

"GAHAHAHAAHA, get it now this is what you get when you mock me. How about now? Feel like begging yet?"

This bastard. If I'm dying I won't go down alone!

"Go to hell you narcissistic bastard!


More swords impaled and yet I haven't died yet.

"Don't you get it mongrel? My weapons are imbued with my power and by impaling you with them I can feed my power into them and by extension you, preventing you from dying."

Power? What the hell is he talking about? This isn't an anime!

"Even in such pain you can still move. I must commend you's time for you to die!"

I didn't feel it at all but as I saw Gilgamesh's enraged face. It felt very satisfying.

I looked down to see my hand holding onto a sword or maybe it was a knife (?) that I dug out of my own flesh and impaled Gilgamesh's body where his armor was weakest.

Hey, why is my body on the ground while my head is still up here? Why doesn't it have a head?

Whatever...I feel too tired right now.

The last thing I saw was a large explosion.


I woke up to find myself staring at a white ceiling.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to be skewered by over ten swords by that man.

Thus with a jolt, I abruptly sat up.


I shouted only to realize that my body didn't hurt at all. Looking down I touched my chest to make sure I was okay.

First I had to remove the hospital gown -Huh...I'm in a hospital- only to see unblemished skin. Touching it, I realized that it was in even better condition than before.

"What in the world is going on?"

I asked aloud. I was pretty sure the events that happened before was not a dream.

"I believe I can answer that."

Looking towards my right I saw a beautiful red headed male with a very pretty face in a suit sitting next to me.

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't even realize someone was next to me.

However that pretty face made me remember another person with an equally pretty face. Seriously though how can a guy have such a pretty face?

Guh! Now's not that time to think about such things!

"What happened to Kirino?! Is she okay?"

I started to fire out questions nonstop without any restraint. By the time I stopped my machine gun questions I realized that I just acted like an overprotective brother.


The pretty boy next to me just smiled in response.

"Don't worry Kousaka-sama your sister is fine."

"Wait how did you know we were sibling?"

Are you a stalker or something?

"Simple, we just checked the records."


"Anyways my name is Sayanomiya Kaoru."

Introducing himself, the man stood up and bowed like a vassal bowing to his lord. Of course I was embarrassed. I mean who wouldn't be?

A man who looked to be someone a part of the elite class was suddenly bowing to me, a normal high school student.

"Ummm, why are you bowing to me!?"

"It's common courtesy for an inferior being to bow to a superior being."

I gaped at her. Superior being? Me?

"I don't understand, I'm just an ordinary high school student!"

Kaoru-san stood up again with mirth in his eyes.

"You may have been a normal high school student but the current you is not something that can be considered human anymore. You who have killed a heretic god have ascended beyond humanity. You are now a Campione."


"Yes a Campione.

A Campione—a godslayer—is a supreme ruler.

Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the sacrosanct, divine powers wielded by the gods.

A Campione—a godslayer—is a lord.

Since the power to kill a deity is in his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on Earth.

A Campione—a godslayer—is a devil.

Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his.

That is a Campione."

I stood gaping once more.

"What nonsense are you talking about!? Gods!? Devils!? Are you delusional? And when did I ever slay a god!?"

Kaoru-san retained his smile, if anything it only grew wider.

"That man that you fought. What did you think of him?"

My mind wandered back to that man.

"Honestly? Other worldly. His face was even more elegant than the top model. His aura was like someone you could never reach. And his...arrogance is to the extreme.-"

I began to go on and on and on about what I thought. However, in my honest opinion words could never fully describe him.

"He is a god."


"But he said his name was Gilgamesh, wasn't he supposed to be a king from Babylon. And aren't gods supposed to be..."

My words died on my throat as I realized the words that I used to describe that man could be used to describe gods.

"Kousaka-sama there are many gods in this world and some of them are obscure and their legends may have been altered through time. Also some gods may have taken the names of heroes as their legends are also changed by time. Please think about this. I will come back at a later time. Here is a book that should tell you about the secret magic side of the world, including the Campiones and gods. "

Saying this he handed to me a very expensive and old looking book.

"Secret magic side of the world?"

I said unprepared.

Kaoru-san smiled.

"Kousaka-sama; if gods existed, surely magic can to."

With that said Kaoru-san left the book at my bedside and walked out the door.

"Ah, I forgot to mention. The people who were there won't remember it like you did. They will think it was a terrorist in place of the god."

"Wait, how did you even do such a thing?"

Kaoru-san tilted his head in confusion as if I asked the weirdest question.

"We hypnotized them of course."

"Oy! Don't say that as if it's the most natural thing in the world."

"But what other choice do we have? We can't let the general populace learn about magic and god after all."

That...made sense I guess. But somehow I can't help but feel uneasy that someone can just hypnotized me.

There was also another thing that bothered me.

"What do you mean "we"?"

"The History Compilation Committee. You can say we are in charge of preventing people from finding out about magic. And in the hierarchy the four heads of the Committee is actually higher than the Prime Minister."

"...I see..."

I couldn't get any more words out as the reality that I believed in was shattered. Honestly this felt like it was something straight out of an anime.


I heard the door close as Kaoru-san left. But I was still in a state of shock.


I groaned as I fell back onto the pillow.

I don't know for how long I stared at the ceiling, my brain trying to process the information that I was given.

Seriously, give me back my normal life.

Looking at the book by my side I picked it up and began to read. Not like I had anything better to do anyway. Although I do feel a little bit gloomy, I'm obviously an injured victim of the 'terrorist' and currently hospitalized.

Yet no one visited me yet...

The book was...interesting to say the least. But the more I read, the more disturbed I became at the implication of things.

I want my normal life back.

I looked away from the book as I heard the door open once more.

It was a nurse bringing me food.

"Kousaka-san, how are you feeling?"

The nurse asked as she propped my bed up using the machine controls on the side.

"I feel perfect, better than normal actually."

Now that I think about it, I really do feel better than normal. Did I really become a Campione? It seems farfetched makes sense or how else could 'someone' have done such outrageous things?

"Umm, I was wondering when I can be discharged."

"I'm very sorry, but I don't know. You'll have to ask the doctor. If you would like, I'll ask the doctor and tell you tomorrow if I have time."

The nurse said as she smiled while arranging my food.

"Yeah, that would be great, thank you."

With that said the nurse left.

The meal was very plain and tasteless just like you would expect from a hospital. It was okay, but I couldn't help but crave for more food.

I continued reading the book afterwards, even when the nurse came to take in my food. I was too absorbed to even notice that the bed return to being flat.

I must have fallen asleep while reading because when I awoke, the first thing I realized was that the book was pressed against my face.

The second thing I realized was that there was a weight on the right side of my stomach. Moving the book from my face I looked to where the pressure originated from to see light brown hair.

It couldn't be!?

There's no mistake, that hair pin belonged to my sister, Kousaka Kirino. She was laying her head on my side while sitting on a chair.

There was no way this is her though.


Because my sister can't be this cute and fall asleep next to her brother on the hospital.

Moving my hand towards the base of the bed carefully as to not wake Kirino up, I pressed the button that propped the bed up.

Yeah, now that I was sitting up there was no mistaking my sister for someone else.

Slowly my finger inched towards Kirino.





My sister moaned cutely as I poked her cheek repeatedly...shit, I did not just think that.

I must have been really shocked yesterday because I didn't even realize that there was a window in my room. I just realized that my room is single person too!

No, it wasn't separated by curtains either.

With a groan I stretched my body as I yawned.

Seriously, what happened? There is no way my sister would willingly visit me like this.

The door opened once again and I saw the same nurse from yesterday walk in. I placed my finger to my lips and made a "shushing" sound.

Aren't I a considerate brother?

The nurse smiled at me probably thinking about how cute this scene is. I don't how to feel about that.

Walking towards my left she took out the table connected to the bed but didn't place it directly in front of me as it would have hit Kirino.

"So did you find out when I will be discharged from here?"

"I almost forgot, the doctor said that there's doesn't seem to any problem with your body, but just to be safe you'll be kept here for another night."

"I see, thank you."

The nurse delivered my tasteless breakfast and left just like that.

Yet again I ate the dull hospital food carefully as to not wake my sister. As this crossed my mind I chuckled lightly.

If it was a month ago I would have kicked her out just like I did with Shiori from my first imouto game.

Hmmmm, maybe I should still kick her.

After a moment of consideration I decided not to. The things Kirino would do to me would not be worth it.

It was about an hour later when someone else visited me. That someone was my dad, Kousaka Daisuke.

If you hadn't met my dad you would think he was a part of the yakuza just by his face alone, and not just any yakuza but the boss himself! Though in truth he was a cop that arrested those yakuzas.

He looked grumpy as usual.

"Hello dad."

I greeted him quietly. If I didn't he would lecture me on my manners.

Nodding at my greeting, he took a chair and sat next to me while opening the newspaper that he brought.

Seriously!? You walked into your son's hospital to read the news!?

An awkward atmosphere settled in even as I read the book Kaoru-san gave me.



I unconsciously shouted my answer.


My loud voice seemed to have awakened Kirino from her sleep.


Kirino picked up her head as if still in daze, there was even a little bit of drool coming from her mouth.

...she was drooling on my bed sheet...gross



I said confusedly as she pointed her finger at me.

"You know how hard it was for me to wake you up!? Not only that you didn't even show signs of waking when I slapped with all my might!"

...Kirino, are you trying to injure me?

"But what is up with you!? I injured my hand trying to slap your face! Seriously, what is wrong with your face?"

Oy, Oy, that's mean. I'm going to cry.

"Sorry, sorry."

I said in a placating manner as I held up my hand up defensively.

"So, what are you here for then?"

Upon hearing this my sister stopped her enraged rant at me before donning a very familiar smiling...the smiling face she took when she talked about imouto eroge...and our dad was sitting behind her with Kirino being none the wiser.


Shit, but before I could stop her Kirino already started to speak.

"Since you've been in the hospital for three days you stopped doing your homework!"

Phew, it seemed like it wasn't about eroge. But Kirino without warning whipped out the laptop she lent me and practically slammed it into my lap.

"So I've brought my laptop and this!"

As if it was the holiest thing in the world she raised what was probably the newest eroge into the air.

I think time slowed as my sister started to dig her own grave.

"Be grateful I'm going letting you borrow one of my favorite eroges."


There was nothing I could do as I stare gobsmacked when Kirino began to describe the greatness of the eroge.


Kirino froze as if the grim reaper himself was about to take her life...which was a pretty accurate description considering what dad would do now that Kirino totally exposed herself.

As expected she started to shake as she began to slowly turn around to confirm her fears.

In a blink, Kirino's back was facing dad once more only this time her eyes were pleading for my help.

Seriously what do you want me to do? The last time we got off was because I said the eroge was mine. How can I help when you clearly said they were yours and you are lending them to me!?

Damn it! Don't look at like that!

I already went against dad once! I won't do it again!




...I'm the world's best brother...

I put on my best smile as I took the eroge from Kirino.

"Thank you for finding it for me. You can go now."

Right after I said that Kirino immediately ran off. ditched me immediately after I saved your skin; I can feel the love Kirino.

Cold hearted bitch.

I didn't dare look at my dad.


"You know I'm not stupid right?"

My head turned so fast I sworn I heard it snap.


My dad just gave me a glare that said, "Don't bullshit me."


I could only apologize and hope for the best.

The tense silence settled in once more only this time it was worse.

"Good job."

"Eh? EHHHHH!?"

I looked up to see my dad walking out the door.

What did he mean by that!?

Good job protecting Kirino's eroge? I don't think so

Good job protecting Kirino? Possibly.

Good with the Eroge?! No way in hell!

Good job at what!?

I who was sitting stiffly upright earlier sank back into the comfort of the mattress.


I laughed at the absurdity of my situation.

Me? A supreme ruler!?

Yeah right.

My dad could just easily defeat me with a glare.

Speaking of which he left his newspaper here.

I wonder if there is any news about the so called terrorist bombing.

Since the attack took place there, the media had to have something right?


I was bewildered for the second time this day.

Because on the page of the newspaper was my picture along with the destroyed street of Akihabara and the title was clearly printed as "Brave Students Stops Terrorist Bomber"

Yesterday, on August XX a tragedy occurred. A terrorist bombed the streets of Akihabara and killed 3 people. Luckily further casualties were stopped thanks to a brave high school student by the name of Kousaka Kyousuke.

Upon further investigation, there is evidence that the bomber was an otaku hater. Rumor was that his girlfriend broke up with him to be with an otaku and in revenge he bombed the streets hoping to kill that otaku.

I started to skim after that. Seriously this article was a bit weird. Not only did it seem to try to paint me as a gallant hero; it also seemed to promote a positive view on otaku saying that the boyfriend was actually mistreating his girlfriend, but an otaku stopped that.

Seriously it went beyond that story as it mentioned other things that promoted a positive image to sympathize with them!

What the hell!?

But at least I know why dad praised me. Honestly for someone who hardly gives out praises even to my outstanding sister this was momentous.

I felt happy.

Once more the door opened only this time it was the red haired pretty boy and a thought suddenly occurred to me.

"Oy, did you have something to do with this?"

I asked as I held out the newspaper with the story on front.

Kaoru-san nodded.

"Are you not pleased? I thought that by improving the image of otakus your social life would improve."

"Social life!? Why would it even improve!? I'm not even an otaku!"

Kaoru-san gave a surprised look at my statement.

"Really? Then why were you at Akihabara?"


I can't say it. If I do, they might find out about Kirino's hobby.

"Because I was. Anyways I'm not an otaku."

...I just realized how nonsensical I sounded...just like Kirino

"So what did you want to talk about?"

"May I take a seat Kousaka-sama?"

"Stop calling me Kousaka-sama, I'm about the same age as you. Call me Kyousuke. And stop being so respectful towards me, it makes me feel weird."

"Very well then, Kyousuke-san."

Kaoru-san said as he pulled up a chair and sat next to me.

"Kyousuke-san have you read the part about a Campione's influence?"

"Yeah. How many Campiones are there?"

"Including you, 7."

"So few!?"

Kaoru-san laughed aloud.

"Hey did I say something funny?"

"As a matter of fact you did. Kyousuke-san, killing a god is a feat that should not have been possible. Yet people are able to. These people aren't normal, in fact all of them have an extremely strong competitive spirit. And for your information, having seven Campiones existing at the same time is unrecorded in history. This is the only time that there has been seven Campione. The most Campiones that existed at one time recorded previously was 5. But it really was for about a single moment because one of the older Campione was killed by another Campione shortly after."

"I see. So what about a Campione's influence?"

"Yes, as you know a Campione's influence is vast. If they so wished, they can take any country and we would be forced to swear fealty."

"I know, the books said that a Campione is a supreme ruler but surely a whole army can defeat even one."

Kaoru-san grimaced.

"Impossible. In was attempted once in the past, but even the forces of three countries wasn't enough."

I was shocked. Were Campiones really that strong? I stared at my hand. Are we really that powerful?

"B-b-but I killed Gilgamesh easily by myself!"

"Kyousuke-san you are a Campione, a person who logic cannot be applied."

Oy, oy, oy don't say that as if I'm some sort of monster.

"Anyways what did you want to talk to me about again? It seems I keep sidetracking you."

"Not at all. It is to be expected, you were once someone who didn't even know magic existed until moments before. But back to the main point, you being Japan's Campione."


"And so we the History Compilation Committee would like to welcome you to a party to celebrate your rebirth as well as to present you to the world."

"But...I'm just a normal high school student."

I tried to complain but even that sounded feeble in my mind. I killed a god, that's already beyond normal.

"Kyousuke-san, Campiones naturally attract trouble. Even if you do not wish for it, you will attract trouble."


"One more thing Kyousuke-san. The appearance of a Heretic God usually involves them defying their legends, but the appearance of Gilgamesh wasn't natural. We think someone may have summoned him for his own reasons."

"Whatever, it doesn't have anything to do with me."

Screw this, I don't care. It doesn't have anything to do with me...

"We think that someone may summon another god. And if he does the casualties may result in the millions if someone doesn't do anything about it."

"Why can't you guys deal with it? The History Compilation Committee was created to deal with stuff like this wasn't it?"

"True, but you forget we are mere mortals. Only a Campione can stand against a god."

"Fine. Hey, does everyone know my name though?"

"No, not everyone. The world knows the birth of a new Campione but we are currently withholding the disclosure of your name."

"Can you keep my name a secret? After this I don't want to be involved anymore."

"Impossible, Kyousuke-san. Perhaps you may want to go by another name?"


"Is that so… then just call me Gilgamesh. Since I killed him, I'll take his name too. Arrogant bastard."

I muttered the last part as I silently rejoiced. He would be pissed if I got his name. If he ever defies his myth again, I'll enjoy his infuriated face.

"Very well then, Kyousuke-san. The party is this Saturday. I will pick you up from your house at 6 o'clock. Kyousuke-san is there anything else you would want?"

"Ummm. I'm fine right now. But I'm probably still in shock."

Kaoru-san smiled.

"Then I won't bother you anymore Kyousuke-san."

Saying that Kaoru-san stood up and left.

Well I'm alone again.


How boring.

"Damn it."

Picking up the computer that was left on the table I reached for the eroge...shit...Kaoru-san was just here and the eroge was just lying on my lap.

I want to die.

Crying over my misfortune, I booted up the computer and began to install it. Afterwards I made sure to hide it under my bed sheet.

If someone else walked in to see the computer I would die out of shame.

The apparent title of the game was called Little Sister War, Siscalypse or Siscaly for short. It was to my great surprise a fighting game. All in all it was basically a bunch of lolis fighting each other with the loser being stripped.

Seriously what is wrong with this game!? I can't even beat the first opponent!

The character that defeated mine was smiling at me as if mocking me.

"You've done it now mortal; I'll show you the might of a Campione!"

I don't know why, perhaps it was because of the competitive nature of being a Campione or maybe the fact that the first opponent acted to similar to Kirino I wanted to crush them no matter what.

And this was how I spent my day at the hospital...stripping lolis.

My innocence has been corrupted...

I stopped playing after I defeated the final boss in the story mode.

Closing the computer I slumped deeper into the bed. This was so boring~

I won't be discharged until tomorrow and there's nothing to do. I don't know any of the hospital staff so it would be pointless to go outside.

Picking back up the book that had Kaoru-san given me I started to read once more. Normally I wasn't this studious of a person but the secret magic side of the world is actually quite interesting despite the anime like setup.

"Huh, a Campione's body is nearly impervious to any magic except for authorities, but the same cannot be said for magic applied directly inside the body."

I heard a knocking on the door. Strange most people just walk in.

"Come in!"

I called out.

Unexpectedly, an angel walked in.

She was about the same height as Kirino and looked like a high class girl just like my sister but she had long black hair unlike Kirino.

Her face was good enough to be a model and although she looked to be in middle school she was growing up in the right places.

"Can I help you?"

I asked uneasily. Seriously this is like the development of a romance manga where a beautiful girl visits a patient and the fall in love!

"You're Kirino's brother aren't you?"

I knew it...she's probably goes to the same middle school as Kirino. Now that I notice her uniform, she definitely goes to the same school.

"Ah! Yes I am her older brother."

The girl made a relieved face. Hmmm speaking of which why did she come here just to ask me this?

"Do you need anything?"

"Ah, yes I need your help Onii-san!"

As she said that she held her hands together and made a pleading expression. Seriously sooo cute~.

"My help with what?"

"Kirino seems to be avoiding me lately. And not just me but everyone else too. When we asked her to walk home together she sometimes says she's busy. She doesn't have a boyfriend does she!?"

As she said that last sentence her eyes grew scary. Seriously, Kirino's friend-sama stop that! You're scaring me!

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure Kirino isn't avoiding you. She's just...been busy."

There's no way I could tell her that she was going to Akihabara...

"No way, Kirino wouldn't do that! She seems to be distancing herself too; I want to get closer to her. Please can you help me Onii-san?"

One problem after another. Is this what they call the "troubles that follow a Campione?"

How should I proceed? Hmmmm. That person may know!

"Hold on a sec."

I said as I started to dial Saori's number. She would definitely know what to do.



I thought so. Even on the phone I'm still put off by her way of speaking, although I am slowly getting used to it. I don't know whether I should be relieved or scared though.

"Yes, I have a slight problem..."

Saori listened to my dilemma thoughtfully. Asking questions as we went along that I answered to the best of my ability.

So the gist of it was that Kirino was not spending as much time with her school friends as before.

Her friend came to ask me for help.

Otakus are looked down upon so I can't tell the truth.

Minutes passed in silence when Saori finished listening to my story.

"Kyousuke-shi, I think I have an idea..."

I nodded as listened to her plan. It seemed to be a great idea, not only would help overcome the prejudice on otakus by letting her see why they liked anime so much it would

"Ah, sorry about making you wait-"

I stopped speaking when I realized that the black haired angel was reading the newspaper that I left on the chair.

"Ah, sorry Onii-san I just saw it and..."

"It's fine, don't worry about it. I was done reading it anyways."

Score! If she read that article her prejudice against otakus should be lowered already.

"Anyways, I just thought about this...but how did you know where I was anyways?"

Hearing this she blushed a bit.

"I got the idea after reading the article in the newspaper and asked Kirino if you were brother. After that I asked my dad where you were located. But it seemed he got really curious as to why I was looking for you though."

Seriously? What kind of dad do you have? Don't hospital patients have confidentiality here?

"It's fine, I can't do it right now but I may be able to help."


"Yeah, so can you come to my house on Thursday?"

Saori and I already planned this out. My parents won't be home Thursday and Kirino would be out of the house because Saori will be asking her to go to another offline meeting. But I hope Saori can keep her away long enough or else she might kill me if she saw me with her friend.

"I just realized this but I don't know your name."

"Ah, sorry I got excited about meeting Kirino's older brother that I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Aragaki Ayase."

"I see. I'm Kousaka Kyousuke."

"I know. It was on the newspaper."

"Onii-san, how about we exchange numbers?"

"Huh? Why?"

Why would you want the number of someone as plain as me?

"Because what if something came up and I can't come over. I would need to contact you."

I knew it.

"Onii-san are you really good at english?"

"Huh? No, it's my worst subject actually. Why do you ask?"

Ayase-san pointed her eyes to the thing next to lap, in other words the book on Campione.

I just realized this but the title was written in english...It seems I really am a Campione. *1


I still couldn't believe it. I read something in english as if it was japanese so I let out a surprised voice. In fact I didn't even realise it until now.

"Ahahaha, Onii-san you're so humble. You must be getting top grades at school."

No, no, no. My grades are just slightly above average.

"Thank you Onii-san!"

With that, Ayase-san left.

Afterwards, mom and Manami also came and visited me but that was it. Kirino didn't visit again and before I knew it, it was already the next day and I was discharged.

"Oh, welcome back Kyousuke."

My mother said when I first stepped into the house. Mom, shouldn't you be more excited instead of a simple greeting as if I just didn't come home from the hospital?

"I'm back."

Groaning that out, I started to walk back towards my room.

"Kyousuke, make sure you thank your sister! She went to your school to get the work you missed every day!"

I heard my mother shout that out as I neared my room. Kirino would never be this nice; she must want something tremendous from me!

But to my surprise Kirino acted the same way as before and didn't ask for anything from me...yet.

I refuse to let my guard down!

What's worse was the situation at school. People would keep asking what my relationship was with that "Beautiful Girl".

Hell some of them even asked permission to date her, I shot them all down. It was all for their safety of course.

A person who could put up with my sister would have to be godlike after all.

"Kousaka! Are you okay?"

My best friend Akagi Kouhei asked as he leaned on the edge of my desk.

"I'm fine."

I grumbled out.

"Really you look paler than before."


Of course I realized that I changed a bit. I noticed immediately when I was brushing my teeth last night. Not only did my face become more angular, my body became more muscular like a runner!

I even activated one of my [Authorities], [Disposition of the God King]. The authority changed my body from that of a Campione to that of a god's.

To explain even if a Campione's body is extremely strong and durable compared to a humans', compared to a god it was just like comparing a human's body to a Campione's. This authority allowed me change my body into a gods.

When I activated it; my hair spiked up like flames, my eyes turned crimson, and to my astonishment, even red tattoos would appear on my body and glow brightly shining through my clothes!

But to have a body of a god honestly made me feel invincible.


Out of my newly born reflexes I punched Akagi across the room. Yeah, I punched him across the room. Seriously, the body of a Campione is too abnormal!

Life went on just like this but I still honestly can't believe that I became a Campione when I was living my life so averagely right now.

And before I knew it Thursday came. I shouldn't be bothered but I just realized that I would be home alone with a girl since Kirino already went out.

My childhood friend, Manami doesn't count.

Ding Dong~

Calm down Kyousuke, calm down Kyousuke there's nothing to be nervous about. Nothing at all.


I smiled as I open the book for Ayase who was dressed in adult like clothing. Now that I look closer all of them are brand-name!

"Is something wrong Onii-san? You're staring."

I blinked, I didn't realize that.

"No, you're just really cute."

Upon hearing that Ayase-san blushed. She won't think that I'm hitting on her or worse …a pervert will she?

"Thank you Onii-san"

That blushing smile is too dazzling!

"Come in, come in!"

I said still dazed.

"Would you like anything?"

I asked as I motioned her towards the couch in the living room.

"A glass of water would be fine."

"Got it"

Getting barley tea for myself and a glass of water for Ayase I set them down on the living room table and sat a reasonable distance away from her.

I took a moment to calm my nerves before taking out the dvd case containing what was suggested to be a godly friendship anime.

"My solution to your problem is this!"

I said as I showed her the case. I expect a bit of revulsion, but I did not expect her to give me that scary face!

"Onii-san… are you an otaku?'


"Alright, Onii-san but if your explanation doesn't satisfy me..."

Why did you not finish the sentence! It's even worse if you leave it hanging!

"Ayase! In order to better your friendship, isn't better to watch how someone else does it first? By watching other people you can see both sides of the story and come to a better understanding!"

"I see Onii-san, but why not a drama?"

"That's because in this particular anime there are more extreme obstacles that block their friendship than you can watch in a drama! I figured that the more extreme the obstacle the better the understanding it would be!"

That was utter BS of course. The reason I chose anime was because it would help Ayase understand Kirino better in a way. Not only would she be able to get closer to Kirino if something happens but if Kirino is found out to be an otaku this would serve as pre-emptive damage control.

Ayase still had her scary look though...please don't kill me!

"Okay Onii-san, but if I find out it isn't as you say...I'll kill you~"

Don't say such things with a happy voice!

Nevertheless I placed the dvd into the played and hoped for the best. Saori if you lied to me, even as a ghost I'll drag you into the depths of hell with me!

The story was about 2 girls and revolved around their friendship.

Along the way obstacles such as their own respective love being thrown in, a hidden interest that is shunned by society being brought to light, meddling teachers, the class bitch, and much more.

However the story ended on a tragic note where one of the heroines dies to save the other.

By the end of it I was crying. Saori you horrible person, how could you choose an ending like this?

Yes, we watched all twelve episodes in one go.

I turned towards Ayase but couldn't see how she took this since her head was facing downward.



I gaped at her outburst.

"How could he move in on Naomi right after Katsumi sacrificed herself to save Naomi? It isn't right! He's just a selfish jerk who can't see anyone but himself! I mean she should've gone with Tetsuo instead of that bastard! Despite how average he is, he is super nice!"

"Ayase-san, I thought we were watching for the friendship..."

Ayase-san broke out of her rant as she blushed when she realized what she was doing and sat down shyly.

" what did you think of it?"

I was almost afraid to ask.

"So tragic, if only Katsumi could understand Naomi's interest in things it could've turn out for the better."

Ayase-san said as she started to tear up. I felt bad since I was the one who made her watch it and now it's making her cry.

"Here Ayase-san."

I said as I handed her the tissue box. The same one I was using to wipe my own tears earlier...I just realized I cried over an anime, it didn't matter how well done it was...

"Thank you, Onii-san"

"So what did you think?"

"I'm not sure. I need some more normal examples. Most of the examples in this series were too extreme."

"I see."

I said as I took out the dvd and placed it back into the case.

"Well, my friend recommended more. But we won't have enough time to watch it right now, so here."

I said as I placed the dvd back into the bag that Saori gave me. According to her I should make Ayase-san watch this first since it was so extreme, then give her the bag filled with other anime that she would be forced to watch since she would already be enticed by the friendship in the first series.


"Well I can't watch every single one of the anime with you, so this is the best way."

Ayase-san looked conflicted before she finally relented and took the bag.

As I gave it to her I looked at the time. It was 5:05.


I didn't care that Ayase-san was surprised by my outburst, but rather that Kirino would return home in 10 minutes.

"Ayase-san you have to go right now! Kirino is going to come back in 10 minutes!"

Perhaps it was because she didn't want Kirino to know that she watched anime as she would be looked down upon, but whatever the reason she began to look frantic too.

"Thank you Onii-san and bye!"

Ayase-san said as she quickly left.

Not long after Kirino returned home.

"Welcome back."

Kirino didn't answer when I greeted her; instead she started to sniff the air like a dog. I started to break out in cold sweat as she got closer and started to sniff my clothes.

"You brought a girl home didn't you?"

She said as she looked straight into my eyes, she was half a head shorter than me so normally it wouldn't be so effective but when my sister did it...


How did she know!? Only way to solve this is to deny, deny, deny, Deny, DENY!

"What? No!"

"Hmpf! So that's why you didn't come no matter what I told you! You're gross! Bringing a girl home with just the two of you, I bet you did something unspeakable!"

Urk...It was kind of true in a more literal way.

"It's not like that!"

I cried out but Kirino just crossed her arms and made the noise, "Hmpf!" before walking away.

I did this all for you and this is how you thank me!?

Seriously! My little sister is not cute at all!

Author's Note:

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Btw the if you're wondering how Gilgamesh died, he died because Kyousuke activated one of his the noble phantasm (the one Kyousuke impaled) Gilgamesh with. He can do this because Kyousuke was being fed Gilgamesh's magical power, he just used it to activated the noble phantasm unknowingly.

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*1At this point Kyousuke mentions, "I must really be a Campione," since magicians use magic to translate languages in real time. And since Kyousuke didn't learn magic beforehand by default it means he's become a type of magical being (his book should also mention about him being able to auto-translate).

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