I had never been one for saying goodbye. I never thought that I would have to say goodbye. Just like that, in an instant, they had been torn from my grasp. Or I had been torn from their grasp. Literally.

Somehow I had managed to escape the wreckage and his mechanical grasp. I ran. I ran long and hard even when I grew tired of running. I weaved through barren trees, ducked my head from stray branches, and prayed that somehow I would make it out of this alive.

I broke free from the woods grip and came upon a clearing with a lake that shimmered in the sun's brilliant rays. There was a planet high in the sky that was tethered to the ground by a long metal chain. I thought about my sudden parting and this planet whose freedom was stolen. I somehow knew that the events were connected.

My head whirled around at a sudden sound in the forest. My heart stopped, my insides froze, and dread pumped through my body like adrenaline.

"No," I whispered, taking a step back as if that would do me any good. A sudden burst of wind caught me by surprise. I closed my eyes in waiting, waiting for the inevitability of my situation. When nothing happened, I slowly opened them. I gasped before I realized this was not the thing I was running from, though they were eerily similar.

He was blue, like the color of the ocean on a fine summer day. His eyes were the color of the grass when it was freshly cut. His smile was hope. He was the answer to my prayers. I just knew it.

He reached out his gloved hand to me. "Hiya," he said with cocky smile that only comes with experience. "My name is Sonic. What's yours?"


In that moment I knew my life was about to change. Forever.

I decided to take on the 100 theme challenge and each chapter will be a short drabble of sorts. I really want to work on my writing and I think writing short pieces like this might be best for me right now. I hope you enjoyed it and will stick with me for the ride! As always, please review and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!