Title: A Natural Arrangement
Author: M. Edison
Fandom: Mutant X
Pairing: Brennan/Emma
Rating: PG
Status: New
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Summary: Emma & Brennan have an 'arrangement'.

A Natural Arrangement
by M.
Running the brush through her hair one last time, Emma met her own gaze in the mirror before her.
She stood still for a moment, just looking, drawing her thoughts together, composing her mind -
finding the stillness she needed to rest.

Reflexively, she ran a hand down her midsection, smoothing nonexistent wrinkles from her sleepwear.
She turned, reaching out to turn off the light before emerging into her bedroom.

Brennan looked up from his book, smiling at her as she approached the bed, and lifted the covers
with his free hand. She returned the smile as she slipped into bed by his side and he rested his
arm about her shoulders, holding her against his side, while the other hand idly turned a page.

She rested her head on his shoulder, casting casual glances at his book, as they sat silently.
He continued to read while she enjoyed the serene comfort of the moment. Soaking in the calm,
feeling it radiating through her, like a cat sunning itself. Absently, Brennan's fingers brushed
back and forth across her shoulder in a lazy, circular pattern that sent tiny ripples of pleasure
throughout her, coaxing a small, tranquil smile from her in response.

By unspoken agreement, both decided it was time to rest. Brennan closed his book and passed it to
Emma, who put it on the night table, before turning on his side, reclining on his elbow. Pushing
the book closer to the lamp, Emma reached up to turn it off then snuggled down next to him, her
dark hair standing out in stark contrast to the pristine white of the pillow it was splayed

Immediately, he draped his arm across her waist, drawing her back against him. She felt his lips
brush her temple then heard him say, in a sleep-husked voice, "G'night, Em."

"Goodnight." She replied in a soft murmur, resting her hand on his arm, closing her eyes.

Safe within the protective shroud of darkness, secure with each other, the two New Mutants slept.

Neither one was entirely sure how they'd fallen into their little arrangement. It seemed to them
that they had always slept this way - wrapped in each other's embrace. It was hard to remember
sleeping any other way, so natural was the feeling that overcame when they lay in that darkness.
It was instinctual to seek each other out when it came time to sleep, to curl together in the dark,
to entwine together and rest.

It wasn't sexual - not yet - but it was intimate. A connection of unimaginable strength, both knew
it, both welcomed it, both embraced it. They embraced the bond that tied them together, reveled
in that fine, unbreakable thread that shimmered between their hearts and minds.

As they slept, Brennan's arm stayed protectively about Emma's waist, holding her to him, his
embrace an ever present comfort to her slumbering mind which remained - on a subconscious level
- constantly aware of her surroundings. It was a comfort to them both, her security projected
into his mind and in her presence he rested.

It was a natural thing to do, to sleep this way, a natural existence, a natural arrangement.

It was just natural.

And together, they found rest.