Heat Wave

by Tempest35

"Uwah~ It's hot..."

The air conditioner just had to break down now of all days - during the peak of summer. So much for relaxing peaceably at home...

Even the electric fans, while they were doing their job to the best of their ability, even they weren't enough to alleviate the heat substantially.

And here lay Orimura Ichika, clad in just his boxers, a half-filled glass of water with ice cubes.

"Why did the AC have to break today..."

"That's my line," replied an equally fed up voice from the kitchen entryway. "Hnn, now this would make a nice blackmail photo: My little brother, lying around in just his boxers."

"I'm too hot to even care about that, Chifuyu-nee," Ichika regarded the elder Orimura standing at the kitchen entrance. After taking a quick look, he averted his eyes himself. "What you got on is much more scandalous anyway."

"Do that and die," Chifuyu sighed, that actually came out more like a growl, holding her glass of ice water to her head. A wife beater tied and knotted just below her breasts and cutoff jean shorts that displayed a sinful amount of her sculpted legs.

For the ten-thousandth time, Ichika cursed the fact that the woman standing at the door was his elder sister. Didn't she know that she was torturing his young adolescent male brain, among other things, with that getup? "What do you want Chifuyu-nee? You already got water..."

"If this keeps up, I'm going to go over to Yamada's place. I know she's got AC at least..." Several beads of sweat distractingly flowed down her smooth chest and disappeared beneath her shirt...

"Well, that's wonderful for you, but where am I going to go?"

"What, you can't go to Shinanomo's place? I thought they got a pond or something..."

"That's for the shrine's use! I can't go swimming in there! I'd also get attacked by I don't know how many shrine maidens..."

Chifuyu actually chuckled at that. "Fine, you can come, Ichika. I'll let her know."

"It won't be a problem?"

Even with her back turned, Ichika could hear the smirk in his sister's voice. "Knowing her, she'd be positively on cloud nine."

He shrugged, not caring at all. "As long as she's not dressed like you are right now, I should be fine."


Ichika gulped. That form of 'Ooh,' was usually the harbinger of some blunt force trauma...but...

"Are you saying you're fine with me being dressed like this now?" Ichika had no idea how she did it, it wasn't even a real pose! Just a small tilt to the side, her head and shoulder leaning against the wall, her left hand drifting upward from her hip to rest across her bare stomach...

He quickly turned away with a huff and a blush. "Q-quit it already!"

Chifuyu's mocking chuckles as she walked away only served to infuriate him even more.

T35's Thoughts :

Written last year's summer during a particularly hot day. This was where I started to try and capture Chifuyu's speaking voice, habits, and generally her entire character. Of course, I do think that Chifuyu is one of those women who can be 'sexy' no matter what she does. Sexy in a 'sensual' manner rather than a 'sexual' manner - it makes all the difference for those who can tell between the two.