Hah! I just had to write this out. Something cute, quick, and funny at the same time and all for Chifuyu this time.

And just so that you're in the know: Valentines' Day in Japan is the day for the women to give out chocolate. The following are the categories of chocolate types:

Giri choco (obligatory chocolate) - co-workers, classmates, and male friends. Family too apparent can receive it
Honmei choco (chocolate for the man the woman is serious about) - Self-explanatory
Tomo choco (chocolate for the woman's female friends) - Chocolate binge party

For the guys who receive honmei choco on Feb. 14, they have their day on March 14th to give a present back. It's called 'White Day'. For those with a sufficient enough ecchi lvl, this is also self-explanatory.

And now you know.

Valentines - Keep the Vultures Away

by Tempest35

Yamada Maya looked out the door into the hallway filled with excited young women. Tomorrow was the sacred day for maidens all over the nation - Valentines' Day. She let her shoulders sag as her brain contemplated her dilemma. If only she had someone to give some honmei choco to… Her mind drifted to a certain young man with dark hair and ruddy tinted eyes, a strong body and gentle smile… She gave a very girlish sigh as she began to indulge in her little daydream of presenting the young man with a box of chocolate… And his reaction of embracing her small body with his strong manly arms…

*"Yamada-sen - no, Maya-san…thank you so much for this. It is truly touching that you would give me this."*

*"Oh, this is nothing...I just wanted to give you something for… kyah~"*

*"Then...let me give you your 'White Day' gift … early…"*

*"Ahhh~ O-Orimura-kyun~"*

"Yamada-kun," came the resonating voice of she who was feared throughout Heaven and Earth, "I would appreciate if if you didn't indulge in those kinds of delusions while on the clock."

"Yiiie! O-O-Orimura-s-sensei…"

The woman in question raised an eyebrow elegantly as her arms folded beneath the swell of her chest. "Not only is he a student, but that's my little brother you know… I do uphold my position as an elder sister quite seriously."

Maya was in near panic-attack mode. How does she do that!? "I wasn't thinking about Orimura-kun - honest!"

"Ho~oh," Chifuyu's eyes took on a dangerous glint as she looked down at the already diminutive teacher, whom was on the verge of tears at this point. The normally bubbly green-haired instructor was at a loss as to how to reply to the unspoken accusation. "Seems like I will be accompanying you tonight to make sure no vultures are circling.

"That's so rude," Maya stomped her foot with a pout. "I am most certainly not a vulture!"

Chifuyu chuckled. "So then, I'll be expecting you at the usual place." She turned to leave even as Maya blew a raspberry at her retreating back.

"... to think that I'll have to spend Valentines' Day accompanying Orimura-sensei to a bar…my best years..." The smaller woman whined, much to Chifuyu's consternation.

"Oh put a sock in it already," she barked, "It's not like we both have anything better to do."

"But you'll just shoot down any men who tries to pick us up anyway," she whined further, causing Chifuyu to growl.

"I didn't know that you had your sights set so low, Yamada-kun. Must I re-evaluate you soon?"

"N-no, I'm looking forward to tonight," she sighed, dejectedly. A flash of … something caused her to blink. "Ano, Orimura-sensei, what is that?"

"What is what?"

"That thing in your hand."

"Oh this," held up the small rectangular box. "Some giri choco for the idiot. No doubt that he'll be getting a ton of it today from nearly every female in this entire school, but still..."

"You're giving some to Orimura-kun?" Maya's surprise was evident.

"We used to exchange them between each other when we were younger - I always got the store-bought ones and he hand-make his for me. I tried to make some once but that failed spectacularly." Chifuyu glared off to the side - it wasn't one of her strong points to admit that she had failings in simple things but really, just why did the 1st Gen Brunhilde have to learn how to make chocolate for?

"Uwaaah, I'm soooo jealous! You get Orimura-kun's homemade chocolates all this time!" Whether or not it was the stress or something else, Maya-sensei nearly shouted in the small hallway just as a group of students were walking down the other side.

"Wha?! Don't go blurting out something like that!" Needless to say, this proclamation was very well received. It was too late for some girls already took off down the hall and around the corner to activate the ISA Gossip system. Within the hour, nearly 70% of the school was suffering from even more envy of one Orimura Chifuyu.