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"There's nothing you can do, Harry –"

"Get him, save him; he's only just gone through!"

"- it's too late, Harry."

"We can still reach him – " Harry struggled hard and viciously, but Lupin would not let go . . ."There's nothing you can do, Harry . . . nothing . . . he's gone."

"SHE KILLED SIRIUS!" bellowed Harry, blinded by his anger and his all consuming grief, "SHE KILLED HIM - I'LL KILL HER!"

Remus watched as Harry sprinted away, scrambling up the stone steps as Bellatrix's robes whipped out of sight ahead of him vanishing back towards the other departments in the Ministry. Remus knew he should have followed and tried to stop the boy – after all he was a fifteen year old boy and Remus could have quite have easily stunned him - but he couldn't. He couldn't even move. He couldn't even move.

Sirius was gone.

In a one short second, of which Sirius's teenage arrogance had shown through for such a brief moment Remus had seen his old friend once more, he had perished. Defeated in battle against his cousin and was now gone forever. Remus could not understand it. He was the last Marauder. The last Marauder. There was something very daunting and very sickening about the thought. The last.

James and Sirius were gone and Peter was now a Death Eater and therefore as good as dead in the werewolves eyes. Remus had never felt more alone. Not even during his first train-ride to Hogwarts where he had worried no one would accept him for being a werewolf, despite how much his Mother had assured him that was not the case, not even when James and Lily had been murdered, Sirius had gone to Azkaban and Peter was supposedly dead. It was nothing to how he felt now.

He'd take that feeling again and again, the sheer numbness and loneliness, the feeling of abandonment and bitter grief and anger that he should have done something, should have been there to stop Sirius, or Pete or hell even Voldemort, he should have done something… Yes, he'd gladly take that feeling over the one he was experiencing now.

He would take that empty feeling, the feeling as if ever everything that made his life whole was gone, a million times over the feeling that clawed its way down his throat that very moment, that attacked his lungs and made it difficult to breathe, it tore at his stomach making him feel sick and weak. His legs felt like marshmallow and his hands were shaking.

Remus slowly sank to the floor besides Neville feeling as if his legs could no longer support him. The cold of the stone steps sent a slight shiver through the werewolf and he welcomed it, a jolt of feeling, a jolt of life when such a great one was just lost before his eyes.

Neville was holding the sleeve of his robes to stem the blood flowing thick and fast out of his clearly broken nose. Remus could heal it, he had healed many a worse injuries from Full Moons but he couldn't raise his wand. His arms felt dead and heavy, lifeless by his sides. He felt as if he was outside his body, a stranger to what was happening. As if he wasn't there, how he wished it was so.

He did nothing. He simply stared. He stared without seeing at the veil which was fluttering innocently as if it had not just taken his last oldest friend from the face of the earth. As if it had not just erased all evidence of Sirius Black existing. The werewolf sighed heavily as tears filled his eyes. He brushed them away impatiently, he did not cry, even now he would not, Sirius would not want him to.

"Profeddor?" Neville asked his voice thick and muffled by his robes, the teen turned his gaze towards the man who had once been his Professor (and was still without a doubt his favourite) "Ard you all righd?"

Remus looked at Neville, it was strange to see so much of Frank and Alice in him at the same time, he remembered the couple from the old Order days, young, eager and hopelessly in love, he remembered them during their school days, young, eager and hopelessly in love. A wave of sorrow washed over him at the thought of the no long young, or eager or hopelessly in love couple. He quickly looked away from the teenager's gaze that was so like his Mother's.

"I don't know Neville," Remus said honestly after a long moment of silence "I don't know."

At that moment Dumbledore streamed past them a mere spiral of brightly coloured robes and silver hair and bear. He flew up the stone steps his wand in hand his blue eyes as bright as flames. He ran with speed a much younger man possessed. Remus watched as the Headmaster retraced Harry's steps and too disappeared around the corner.

An anxious feeling of dread settled in his stomach, Harry!

"Remus." A soft voice said suddenly, jolting Remus out of his panicked thoughts of the teen that had gone after Bellatrix – Bellatrix of all people – on his own.

Remus hastily looked up to see the tear streaked face of Tonks, her hair was mousy and hung lank framing each side of her pretty heart shaped face. She sniffed and looked at Remus steadily, her usual dark twinkling eyes empty of emotion and suddenly seemed very big in her elfin like face, there was a small graze across her cheek that was yet to be healed.

"Remus," Tonks repeated her voice a little stronger, she pushed her shoulders back and Remus noticed the state her beloved deep red leather jacket was in torn here and there, "We have to get it together, all of us. We can't mourn him now; we will later, the git wouldn't let us not mourn him. But some of the kids are injured; we need to be there for them. And Harry. Remember Harry."

Remus nodded slowly, very slowly and carefully stood up the feeling coming back to his legs. Tonks looked at him for a long moment and the light Remus was accustomed to seeing in her eyes twinkled for a brief moment – he had never realized how captivating it was before….until she looked away and towards the still seated Neville.

Tonks raised her wand, her hand very steady and aimed it Neville's face muttering a hasty, "Episkey!"

Neville dropped his robes from his face as with a sickening crack, that rung louder in the cavernous room, and felt his nose with his hand before smiling gratefully at Tonks when he saw it was back in face.

"Thanks!" He said hurriedly wiping the residue of blood off of his face.

"No problem," Tonks said managing a smile before promptly asking, "Where are the others?"

"In a room with brains," Neville replied as he had for Remus, "Luna was hurt and so was Hermione, Ron was attacked by brains - he got hit by a really weird curse I didn't recognise - and Ginny broke her ankle I think,"

Tonks nodded a determined look crossing her face as she gripped her wand a little tighter in her hand, her knuckles turning a little white, "I'll go get them, stay here with Remus."

She spoke in a way that offered no arguments and Remus was a little startled by just how much she reminded him of Andromeda in that moment.

Remus tried to smile at Tonks as she walked past him, her strides long and purposeful but it came out as more of a pained grimace. As she passed, she rested her hand on his shoulder for a brief moment, so brief he only felt the warmth from her touch for a fleeting moment as if passing his hand over a lit candle. As she walked away up the dais, he dearly wished she had her warmth had stayed.

Moody limped over to the pair his magical eye spinning madly and rather sickeningly. A patch of his grisly hair was missing from where he had been struck over the head during the fight and he was scowling deeply, his scarred face twisting into a more ugly expression that ever. Neville shrank back slightly as he approached.

"Lupin, where's Albus?" He growled without preamble.

"He went after Harry," Remus replied heavily that knot of dread festering in his stomach from worry, "He went after Bellatrix."

"Has Tonks gone to get the other kids?" Moody growled his magical eye fixing on Neville for a short moment before spinning in every other direction once again.

Remus nodded in confirmation.

"You did well Longbottom," Moody growled softly, "You'll make a fair good Auror in a few years times."

"Thank you." Neville squeaked hurriedly.

Moody nodded shortly and limped away over to Kingsely who was shakily getting to his feet an arm held securely around his torso.
Remus turned back to the veil. He could hear a faint whispering, as if people were hidden behind that ragged curtain. He wished with every fibre of his being that it was so, that Sirius was merely behind the frayed material and that he would reappear at any moment, a grin on his face, a bark like laugh following.

But Remus knew better. Being a werewolf Remus had learnt not to expect much from life. He had been amazed by the loyalty of his friends, becoming Animgaus's for him so he wasn't lonely at his times of being a werewolf – the worst days of his life - the trust Dumbledore held in him despite being a werewolf and being a monster.

But that was all. Remus had lost the three greatest friends a wizard could have. He was truly and utterly alone now. Now that Sirius was gone. It was so unexpected. It shouldn't have happened, it shouldn't have!

Like James and Lily shouldn't have been murdered leaving Harry orphaned, like Sirius shouldn't have gone to Azkaban, like Remus shouldn't have been bitten by Fenrir Greyback, like Frank and Alice shouldn't have been tortured to insanity, like Gideon and Fabian shouldn't have died, like Marlene, like Dorcas, like, like

Remus put a trembling hand over his eyes blocking from the veil from sight. He knew Neville was still beside him but the boy was silent, which he was somewhat thankful for. He was most likely, Remus theorised, wondering how his friends were and whether they were okay. Remus dearly hoped they were okay.

He hoped Harry was okay.

Oh Merlin, Harry.

How was the boy going to recover from this? Harry had lost too much already, far too much for a boy his age. He had seen too much for a fifteen year old, he had the weight of the Wizarding World resting on his shoulders and now the last of his family was gone, he was alone as Remus.
Remus did not blame him for chasing down Bellatrix, not in the slightest (he had learnt after all from years of being James's friend to expect Potters to be reckless in every given situation). If he had not been so surprised, so utterly devastated, he would have joined Harry in his pursuit. But he felt as if the life had been drained out of him, like a thousand of Dementors were slowly sucking away at his soul erasing everything good he had in his life, like the veil had done moments before.

He did not know how long had passed when Tonks reappeared. But she was not alone. She descended the steps of the dais slowly and carefully her battered jacket fluttering around her knees as she did, the Auror was supporting between her with the help of Ron the limp form of Hermione.
Remus leapt up at the sight of the girl as did Neville his heart leaping into his throat as quickly as he had moved, he paled rapidly. He raced up the stone steps as quickly as he could towards the trio.

"Oh Merlin," Remus gasped swallowing away a lump in his throat, "Oh Merlin, is she-"

"She's alive," Tonks replied grimly, her eyes very serious, "But she was hit by something, I don't know what but I think it's damaged her ribs somehow, pretty badly as well from the looks of it."

"Here let me." Remus offered taking Tonks's place beside the teenager instead, supporting the young teen. Well, being a werewolf had some benefits – strength.

"Thanks Remus," Tonks replied once she had ducked out of the way, she rolled her shoulders and turned to Ginny and Luna, "How's the ankle?"

"A little sore," Ginny replied very pale beneath her freckles, Molly Weasley's eyes shining with worry as she looked over at her friend, "But it's not broken that's – hey, where's Harry?"

Tonks quickly glanced back at Remus biting her lower lip; the werewolf looked down as he helped Ron carry Hermione down the last few steps, the red head very quiet.

"He went after Bellatrix," Tonks replied softly gesturing for the girls to sit down beside Neville.

Ginny frowned deeply as she reluctantly sat, stretching her leg out in front of her and wincing as she moved her ankle a little too much. Remus hastily assisted Ron in carefully lowering Hermione to the ground, her head lolled on her shoulder, her thick bushy hair spilling onto her pale face.

"Why?" Ginny asked perplexed.

Neville sighed, the round faced boy passed a hand through his hair, he had a reason to follow Bellatrix, Remus thought grimly, "She killed Harry's friend."

Ron's blue eyes widened. He looked sharply at Remus then to Tonks, his mouth set into a straight line.

"What?" He demanded, "Who?"

"None of your family," Tonks said hastily knowing what was worrying the red head so much so, her voice shook her she next spoke "Bellatrix she – she– she killed Sirius."

"NO!" Ron howled in horror, his eyes going very wide and had it been any other situation it would have been comical.

"Oh!" Ginny gasped clasping a hand over her mouth.

"Do you mean Stubby Boardman?" Luna inputted in a dreamy sort of voice.

Tonks blinked at her in surprise.

"Ignore her," Ginny said anxiously waving a hand as if pushing the matter aside, "Sirius, he's gone?"

Tonks nodded sadly.

Ron sunk down onto the step beside his sister. Ginny was softly crying tears streaming down her flushed face, her eyes were blazing with a fire similar to Dumbledore's. Luna was gazing off into space as Remus checked over Hermione with his wand, analysing her pulse and trying to determine what precisely she had been hit with.

"How did Harry know him?" Neville asked curiously after several long moments of silence.

"He was his Godfather," Ron replied as he shook his head as if trying to understand what had happened, "He never killed those Muggle's, it was Pettigrew, one of Harry's Dad's mates, he betrayed his parents, that's why their dead and Sirius was in Azkaban."

Neville paled.

"Oh Merlin," The round face boy said horrified, "Harry went after Bellatrix! He might be hurt!"

Ron leapt up suddenly, his wand held tightly in his hand, the gangly teen was pale, his knuckles white around the handle of his wand, painful looking welt like cuts standing out like flames against his skin. He started forward in a determined manner only to be stopped by Moody, who had appeared rather suddenly with Kingsley by his side.

"Oh no you don't laddie," Moody growled, his eye fixing unwaveringly and unnervingly on Ron's face, "You're gonna sit back down and wait until we make sure you kids are okay, Potter's gonna be fine Dumbledore went after him."

Ron did not look convinced and Remus didn't blame him. But he knew better than to argue with Moody so he sat down again with great reluctance and a glare worthy of Molly Weasley. Kingsley sat down beside him still holding his stomach with a grimace of pain on his usually impassive face, he had his wand out and had it firmly pointed towards the Death Eaters who were unconscious and tied up not too far away from the small group.

"The Minister will be arriving at any moment Alasator," Kingsley said calmly with a small wince his lips turning downwards from the pain his injury was undoubtedly giving him, "Then Dumbledore will most likely send them back to Hogwarts before the Daily Prophet arrive,"

Moody grunted, resting his interlocked scarred fingers atop of his staff.

"Yeah, I expect Fudge will try and make a big story out of this, no doubt squeeze in something about Black's heroic tale making him out to be the misunderstood and wrongly accused criminal."

Moody gave a harsh and bitter laugh shaking back his grizzled hair. Neville shrunk back a little behind Luna, who was softly humming, her eyes faraway as she twirled a lock of her straggly hair around a slender finger.

"There are lots of Nargles in here," Luna said in a voice as faraway as her gaze, "Lots of them are around Hermione."

"Is she going to be okay?" Ginny asked wiping away her tears impatiently, ignoring Luna's interjection not that the blonde Ravenclaw seemed to mind.
Remus looked up at the tired and injured teens all bright eyed and bruised and battered.

"She will be," He said carefully, "We're not sure what she was hit with entirely, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been, it can be healed at least."

"The Death Eater was silenced when he cast it," Neville piped up.

"That would explain it, she's been very lucky."

"We all have," Tonks said quietly, folding her arms across her chest, "We'll have to get them back to Hogwarts soon Remus, it's not safe for them here, we can't treat Hermione properly, nor Ron, and I didn't do the best job on Ginny's ankle," She admitted with a slightly guilty look, glancing at the redhead who waved a dismissive hand.

Remus nodded in agreement, "We'll wait for Dumbledore he'll have word on what to do."

Tonks also nodded as she waved her wand around Hermione, casting a quick nonverbal spell, checking her vital signs.

"Professor," Ron asked in a shaky voice, "How did it happen?"

Remus looked at the redhead. He was trembling slightly, the deep painful looking welts on his arms seemed more pronounced before and he was soaked with foul smelling sludge of some sort that Remus's oversensitive werewolf sense of smell was picking up more so than usual. He was pale beneath his freckles. But he honestly seemed to want to know.

Remus glanced at the veil once more then back to the teens, the Weasley's watching him closely.

"Bellatrix hit him with a spell – a Stunner perhaps I can't be sure – he fell back through the veil, and then he was – was gone. It's the passage between the land of the living and the land of the dead, of course most people do not believe this, but after what happened…"

Ginny nodded slowly as the werewolf trailed off, his gaze drifting over to the veil, the teenager looked away gazing at the floor, at Hermione. Ron seemed dumbfounded and clearly did not know what to say. After a moment he too took to looking at Hermione's still form.

The group sat in silence for a long time, Tonks unsuccessfully attempting the revive Hermione and deciding to wait for Dumbledore or until they arrived at Hogwarts to do anything else on the teen in fear of worsening her condition. Remus watched the veil during this time wondering if the old rumour about the veil was true and that if he walked through it he would see his friends once more…

There were footsteps behind them.

Remus looked around as Moody turned around sharply his wand raised in a flash. But it was merely Dumbledore looking tired and wan and deeply saddened by something. Remus swallowed away a lump in his throat his stomach knotting so tightly he thought he was going to throw up.

"Where's Harry?" Remus demanded his eyes anxious.

Dumbledore looked at him. His eyes were very bright, but there was no twinkle. Ginny gasped as Ron paled.

"No," Tonks whispered, trembling fingers over her mouth, "He isn't-"

"I have sent him back to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said simply and Remus breathed a sigh of relief, for a moment he had feared

"I have to talk to Cornelius," Dumbledore said softly, "I will be no less than half an hour then I will return to Hogwarts to speak with Harry, I have arranged for a Portkey to take you all back to Hogwarts-" He added to the Weasley's, Luna and Neville, "-they will take you to the Hospital Wing, I have sent on a message beforehand to Madam Pomfrey."

"Is Harry okay?" Ron asked worriedly.

"I will allow Harry to tell you that Mr Weasley," Dumbledore said heavily, "If you would follow me."

Dumbledore flicked his wand conjuring up a stretcher beneath Hermione, he flicked his wand again and the stretcher floated beside him as he headed back up the stone steps. The others followed, Ginny leaning on Ron for support as she limped slightly on not quite healed ankle.

Remus watched them as they went as Moody and Kingsley began to talk about what Fudge could possibly want from Dumbledore. Tonks sat down on the steps and put her head in her hands, threading her fingers through her brown hair. Remus sat beside her once more suddenly missing the almost blinding bubblegum pink.

"It's my fault Remus," Tonks choked out suddenly startling the werewolf, "If only I had dodged that spell, then Bellatrix wouldn't have started to duel Sirius, if only-"

"It wasn't your fault Dora."

Tonks looked up at him surprised her mouth falling open slightly, her hands dropped to her lap.

"Dora?" She repeated, "Have you been spending time with my Dad?"

Remus smiled thinly. He had been quite close friends to Ted Tonks once upon a time, now he hadn't seen the man for years.

"It feels odd calling you Tonks; I know you don't like Nymphadora," Tonks scrunched her nose up at the name as Remus spoke, a slight smile curved the werewolf's lips, it was an adorable gesture he had to admit, "So I thought Dora was a nicer alternative."

"It is," Tonks admitted, nodding in agreement, "My Dad's always calls me it, he never wanted to call me Nymphadora, my Mum did that apparently."

"My Mother chose my name," Remus said unsure as to why he was sharing this, "She liked odd names."

"I don't think my Mum liked children," Tonks grumbled under her breath.

Remus had to agree to that, Andromeda had never been a kid person – parties and alcohol was how he remembered the Black (now Tonks), a female Sirius Black…

They were silent for a few moments.

"I should have been able to stop her Remus," Tonks mumbled angrily, "I'm an Auror for Merlin's sake! I shouldn't have been knocked by a Stunner so easily!"

"Bellatrix is much more experienced dueller than you;" Remus said bitterly, "I don't think any of us stood a chance."

"You're right," Tonks agreed glumly, "I wish I did though."

Remus neither agreed nor disagreed.

Some ten minutes later Dumbledore appeared once more. Remus and Tonks leapt to their feet as the old man descended the stairs, hoping he would deliver good news.

"They're all fine," Dumbledore assured them before either of them could form their worries into words (if that was even possible), "Poppy is attending to them now, I will be leaving in a few moments to talk to Harry. Cornelius is sending down Auror's to fetch the Death Eaters in a few minutes but I came to you before that happens, I want to know what happened before I talk with Harry."

"We came in here to see Potter and Longbottom trapped in with Death Eaters," Moody growled lowly, "Potter had that Prophecy and was about to hand it to Malfoy-" he jerked his head towards the limp tied up bodies of the Death Eaters, who Kingsley was still watching steadily his wand held tightly in his hand, "- cause one of them had Longbottom, we started duelling, Potter and Longbottom tried to leave but I was hit quickly, I went down after that."

"I was duelling Bellatrix," Tonks inputted, in a hollow voice, "But I was hit too, I fell down the steps and she went into the fight again."

"I saw Neville and Harry," Remus continued, "Dolohov hit Neville with Tarantallegra by the looks of it so he could barely move. Si-" he gulped but forced himself to continue, "Sirius started duelling Dolohov so they could get away, Harry cast a Body-Bind curse on him, Sirius told them to get out, a Killing Curse barely missed him then Tonks fell. The pair made it to the steps then Neville's robes tore and the Prophecy fell, it smashed."

"Did anyone hear it?" Dumbledore asked sharply, his blue eyes exceedingly bright.

"No," Kingsley replied with a wince as he gingerly poked his ribs, "We didn't notice until afterwards."

"Very well," Dumbledore replied clearly pleased at this information, "Continue."

"And then you appeared Headmaster," Remus said softly, "And then of course – you know what happened."

"Indeed," Dumbledore sighed looking like the weary old man he was, "Such a terrible loss, so horrible."

"What happened with Bellatrix Albus?" Moody demanded.

"Bellatrix was not the problem," Dumbledore said his eyes flashing once more yet his voice was steady, "As I arrived Voldemort was casting the Killing Curse on a wandless Harry."

Tonks gasped and Remus paled feeling as if his insides had turned to ice. Kingsley visibly gulped as Moody softly growled several curse words under his breath.

"What happened?" Moody grunted roughly.

"I duelled him," Dumbledore said not boastingly but matter-of-factly, "I overpowered him in the end but he attempted to possess Harry-"

"Just as we feared," Moody said in a harsh voice, "What happened to Potter then?"

"It did not last long; Voldemort could not survive in a body that possesses so much love." Dumbledore replied simply.

Moody appeared to be restraining himself from rolling his eyes.

"I will explain in more detail, but I do have much to explain to Harry," Dumbledore said, "If you would all return to Headquarters as quickly as possible and fill the others in on what has happened."

Kingsley nodded, "We will Albus." He assured.

Dumbledore inclined his head, "As well as tending to yourselves." he added.

Remus nodded. Dumbledore looked at them for a long moment before he turned and swept back up the stone steps.

"I'd like to stay for a moment," Remus said not looking at the others, "If you wouldn't mind…"

"We'll wait outside for you." Tonks said softly.

"Thank you."

"Help us get the Death Eater's Tonks," Moody growled, "We'll take them up for the other Auror's, you two can say you got here early or something."
Remus did not listen to what else they had to say, he turned from the other three and walked slowly towards the veil, his footsteps slowly and steady. Careful. He listened as the three of them walked towards the Death Eaters then as they conjured stretchers to carry them up the steps, their footsteps rang loudly as they left. When silence fell Remus stared at the veil. He was alone.

The whispering was loud and a haunting sound. He could not distinguish what it was saying or exactly where it was coming from just that it was there and very quiet yet very loud at the same time. It was unnerving to say the least. He thought of the barrier between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead rumour that had come for many years from the Death Chamber. It had been a popular rumour during his time at Hogwarts.
He had never truly believed it before, but now he had to admit it could be true or even entertain the possibility that it could be true. After all, if it was not, then Sirius would be here. He would be stood beside him worrying about Harry and cursing Fudge and his idiocy.

Remus felt the lump rise in his throat again and his chest constricted tightly. It was painful to think about him. It was painful to think he would never be able to say "I'm serious." again without hearing the age old reply of "No I am." He would never be able to say Padfoot and get a Moony in reply.
He would never see the bear like black dog again, or see the mischievous glint in those grey eyes. Never again would he see Sirius Black. Never again would Sirius spend hours talking about Harry and arguing how Harry should know about the Prophecy with Dumbledore.

Never again would he simply yell at his Mother's portrait to release some of his frustrations at being locked up for so long. Remus gulped and rested a shaking hand on the archway of the veil, it was deceptively warm.

It would be so easy to walk through…

He imagined them all there his Mother, Lily, James and Sirius sitting around laughing and talking. Young and immature once more, Lily scolding James for acting like a prat as Sirius encouraged it, his Mother, Hope, telling Lily they'd grow out of it one day and Lily merely rolling her eyes…
Perhaps Marlene and Dorcas would be there too, perhaps even Gideon and Fabian…
Remus took a quick step back from the veil.

He had people here who needed him. Tonks and Dumbledore. And Harry. Harry. Harry needed somewhere there, someone to comfort him because of Sirius's death, to be the parental figure he would need.

Remus took another step back. He remembered the warmth of Tonks's touch on his shoulder as if it was burnt into his flesh.

He belonged here. In the middle of the Second War, beside the fifteen year old son and Godson of two of his best friends. It was where he was supposed to be. He belonged beside that impossible pink haired girls side…

Remus sighed and turned his back firmly on the veil. He would not be tempted. No matter how strong the pain at losing Sirius was, no matter how much grief possessed him he would not give up. He was a Marauder, the last Marauder. And a Marauder did not give up.
Rather unexpectedly however there was a cold breeze in the room.

Remus whipped around his wand held ready as he stilled wondering what could have caused the wind. He imagined Death Eaters, though those they had captured were long gone though... He then noticed the veil flapping slightly, innocently, as if nothing odd had happened.
Remus frowned. How odd

Then so suddenly Remus had no time to react there was a bright light that blinded him and left white imprints on his retinas and left him, reeling and blinking harshly and Remus found himself lay on his back, his wand rolling away from him for someone had appeared and knocked him down. Someone had appeared from within the veil.

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