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We need somewhere to learn to fight . . . he thought. Just give us a place to practice . . . somewhere they can't find us . . .

By the time Misty and the other house elves had prepared food for them, the other occupants of the house had joined them and they were all sat clustered around the large table, Happy the house elf was once again sat on the table yapping happily to James.

Harry was sat in between Ginny and Hermione, both who looked like as if they hadn't slept at all in the past few hours, a dishevelled looking Bill and Fleur were sat beside them and it wasn't difficult for Harry to guess what they had been doing in the past few hours instead of sleeping.

And from the tired, half hearted glares Mrs Weasley was shooting in their direction, Harry knew it wasn't difficult for her to guess either.

The last of the true Marauders were sat opposite Harry with Tonks sat beside them. He noted that James looked as if he hadn't slept at all either yet he appeared alert, not wide awake, but alert. There was a determined glint in his hazel eyes.

The other Order members and Weasley's were sat around the table as well enjoying the delectable house elf food – Hestia Jones, Mad Eye, Charlie, Fred and George, Snape, Hagrid (whose seat had been magically expanded and fixed by Misty after he had broken it), Kingsley and surprisingly Dumbledore.

"When did he get here?" Harry muttered to Hermione, glancing over at the Headmaster who was cutting his lamb whilst listening intently to something Moody was telling him.

Hermione looked up, her brown eyes tired with black circles surrounding them, "Sometime in the past few hours most likely,"

"Did you sleep at all 'Mione?" Harry asked her with a frown.

Hermione shook her head, "I couldn't,"

Harry nodded understandingly, "You really should try though, maybe ask for a sleeping potion or something,"

"Maybe later," Hermione replied.

"Wanna look in the Library?" Harry guessed, referring to the large Library in the Potter Manor that held even more books than the Hogwarts Library, which was really saying something.

Hermione smiled tiredly at him, "Am I that predictable?"

Harry shrugged slightly as he returned the smile, "We have to be predictable otherwise we'd go insane,"

The Muggle-born nodded in agreement before turning back to her food.

The large group ate in relative silence, odd mutterings between them growing but fading quite quickly. The only continuous sounds in the room were that of Happy, who continued to talk in his happy squeaky voice to James, and the sound of knives and forks scrapping across plates.

Once they were all finished, which took very little time considering, James pushed his plate away and Harry looked up at him questioningly at the movement.

"We need to figure out how to save Ron," The older Potter said, his voice echoing slightly in the dining room.

A silence overcame the group, Harry sat up straighter and turned to look at James, and out of the corner of his eye he saw several other people do the same.

"Voldemort will use Ron against Harry," Hermione said.

Harry noted that no one flinched at the sound of Voldemort's name, not even Mr and Mrs Weasley then again saving their youngest son was more important than fearing a name.

"And we'll use that to our advantage," James said.

"You think he'll do what he did last time?" Harry asked, "Place a false vision in my head?"

"I wouldn't put it past him," Sirius muttered.

"But he might change tactics," Remus pointed out, "Given last time his plan didn't exactly work,"

"Yeah, half his Death Eaters caught and only one victim on our side, not a successful plan," Fred said.

"He'll still find a way to use Harry though," Ginny said.

Hermione nodded, "There are plenty of methods he could use and plenty of spells so that he wouldn't be able to ask for help,"

"He wouldn't apply those spells to asking you for help though," Kingsley said in his calming voice, "He underestimates you,"

"Even after the Ministry?" Ginny asked with raised eyebrows.

"Look at it from his point of view," James replied, "Hermione was nearly killed, you broke your ankle, Neville broke his nose and wand, Ron summoned a tank full of brains – he's not expecting much,"

"And again, we can use that to our advantage," Tonks said.

"He'll expect me to ask for help from you guys," Harry said gesturing to the Order members, "But not people like Hermione and Ginny,"

"And us," The twins chimed in.

"The Dark Lord believes himself and his followers to be much more powerful than Potter and his friends," Snape inputted.

"Therefore he'll believe whatever trick he pulls on Harry to work because he thinks he'll be alone and unprepared," Remus said.

"Which he won't," Hermione said.

"This is a ridiculously dangerous idea," Mrs Weasley said in a shaky voice.

"But it's the only idea we have," Bill pointed out.

"Bill is right," Fleur agreed with her fiancé, "We 'ave no other option,"

"But they're just kids!" Mrs Weasley cried, her voice shaking more than ever.

"Just kids?" Harry repeated, "Mrs Weasley I've been fighting Voldemort every year since I was eleven, so has Hermione, so has Ginny and Fred and George aren't exactly kids anymore no matter how much they act like them. We stopped being just kids a long time ago,"

"And if it saves Ron…" Hermione said, "I'd risk it,"

"We'd risk it," Ginny corrected her.

"Who else is going to save our prat of a brother?" Fred questioned.

"They're right Molly," Mr Weasley said in a resigned voice, "We should stop arguing with them and carry on planning, we need to bring back Ron,"

Harry turned to James, "Any ideas?"

"The Dark Lord is planning on waiting as long as possible," Snape answered before James could open his mouth and all eyes flicked over to the Potions Master, "He wants you all to be more fearful and therefore more reckless, the longer he has Weasley under his capture he believes it will make it easier for him to capture and kill and Potter,"

"So he's not killed Ron?" Charlie asked with some difficulty.

Snape shook his head slightly, "He plans to keep Weasley alive until he has Potter," he answered.

"Which means we'd have only short time frame to actually save him," Harry said.

"Do you know where he is keeping Ron?" Remus asked of Snape.

"He was at the Lestrange Manor initially," Snape replied in his usual drawl, "He has since been moved to an undisclosed location, no one knows where,"

"Another Manor perhaps?" George suggested, "What about the Malfoy Manor?"

Sirius shook his head, "Too obvious, he'd think of somewhere we wouldn't immediately think of,"

"Or somewhere no one would know about but himself," Dumbledore inputted quietly.

"A place Tom Riddle new?" Hermione demanded, suddenly sitting up straighter in her chair.

Harry quickly racked his mind for all he knew about Tom Riddle which in retrospect was very little.

"He lived in an orphanage didn't he?" Harry said slowly, "I remember from what I saw in the diary, maybe there?"

"That orphanage was taken down long ago laddie," Moody grunted, "Middle of Muggle London as well, nah, Voldemort wouldn't take him there,"

"And I doubt he would have gotten into the Chamber of Secrets," Ginny said.

"If he did he's an idiot, imagine the smell! A rotting Basilisk there for four years," George shook his head.

"No Mr Weasley," Dumbledore said, "Voldemort has not taken Ronald to Hogwarts,"

"But he has him somewhere only he would know," Ginny said in a frustrated voice.

"Less riddles old man," James said coolly, "Tell us what you know,"

"I believe Harry can answer that question," Dumbledore said calmly.

Harry noted James's eyes narrowed slightly at his answer but couldn't say anything as all eyes turned onto him.

"Er – right," Harry said uncomfortable at everyone suddenly staring at him, "Well, his Father was a Muggle right? And his Mother a witch and he's the Heir of Slytherin which would mean his Mother was most likely a Pureblood and therefore she'd have a traceable Pureblood family right then?"

"How do you know that?" Sirius asked in surprise.

"He told me, well the Riddle that came out of the diary did," Harry replied.

"His Mother was called Merope Gaunt," Ginny said in a quiet voice.

"He told you?" Harry guessed.

Ginny nodded, "He wrote it in the diary, it was only personal piece of information he shared with me to be honest,"

"Gaunt?" James repeated the name, "Why do I know that name?"

"Because they were the last of Salazar Slytherin's ancestor Potter," Snape drawled, "Merope, Marvolo and Morfin,"

"Marvolo?" Harry said quickly looking to the Potions Master, "That's Voldemort's middle name, well Tom Riddle's,"

"We're on the right track then," Remus said.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle to Lord Voldemort…felt a bit full of himself didn't he?" Fred said.

Bill rolled his eyes, "It's an anagram he just rearranged the letters to create a new name,"

"Still suddenly decided to call himself a Lord," George shrugged.

"He thought as Salazar's descendant he was royal in a way," Harry said with a small shrug on his own.

"Back to the matter at hand," Tonks said, "So we know Voldemort's related to the Gaunt family or what was the Gaunt family, how does that help?"

"Because the Gaunt's would most likely have a Manor," Kingsley replied.

"Voldemort was born decades ago though laddie," Moody said, "Meaning his good old Mum died decades ago, otherwise he wouldn't have ended up in an orphanage would he? That Manor is long gone,"

"There has to be something," Hermione said somewhat desperately, "A trace, perhaps a village nearby? Maybe we could be something there,"

Harry frowned slightly, he remembered the recurring dream he had had two years before. He'd seen Voldemort before he had regained his body in a house with Wormtail and Barty Crouch Junior and his snake Nagini he had murdered a Muggle…a Muggle named Frank Bryce.

"Before he regained his body," Harry said slowly, "He was staying in a house, he must've known it otherwise he wouldn't have been there. He killed a Muggle there, Frank Bryce,"

Dumbledore nodded, his eyes twinkling, "Frank Bryce was murdered in the village of Little Hangleton, in the Riddle house,"

"I'm guessing Voldemort killed the rest of the Riddles?" Charlie guessed.

"In his teens yes," Dumbledore replied with a nod, "He blamed the murders on his Uncle who was sent to Azkaban and died whilst there,"

"Poor bloke," Sirius said, his eyes darkening slightly as he spoke.

"His Grandfather, Marvolo, died sometime after being released from Azkaban after injuring several Ministry personnel," Dumbledore said, "He then killed the rest of his living family, the Muggle's he was in his eyes unfortunately related to,"

"So Ron might be in Little Hangleton then?" Mr Weasley asked, his eyes shining with hope.

"Possibly," Dumbledore replied, "Or the Gaunt Shack in the woods outside of Little Hangleton,"

"We have to go check there then!" Hermione cried, "To see if he is there,"

"If we go charging there Voldemort will without a doubt kill Mr Weasley, Miss Granger," Dumbledore said.

"So we have an idea where he might be and we're not going to do anything?" James said, his voice level but his eyes cold, "Good plan Dumbledore,"

"We have no idea if he is there though James," Remus pointed out, "And if he is and we go there-" he added gesturing to the those around the table no longer in their teens, "-and Voldemort does have Ron like Dumbledore said, he'll be killed in second,"

Harry sighed in frustration. He felt as if they were one stop closer to saving his friend and simultaneously twenty steps further from saving him. He understood what Remus and Dumbledore meant, the possibility of Ron being held captive somewhere in Little Hangleton was not strong but not weak either and they could not risk searching the area in case it led to Ron's demise.

The mere idea of it made Harry's blood run cold.

He nodded, "They're right Dad," he said reluctantly, "We go there and we could end up being the reason Ron dies, I doubt wherever he is Voldemort has him just tied to a chair or something, they'll be Death Eaters there keeping an eye out for anyone and if we show up well – we're kinda of easy to recognise, we're not exactly a subtle group are we?"

James sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, "Right, so we have an idea where Ron might be then, that's a start. If Voldemort tries to trick you into saving him with your death, which is a very likely thing, we have an idea then where you might end up,"

"And a way to help you then," Sirius added.

"We won't be able to save Ron if Harry and half the Order turn up," Ginny said, "And it might lead to more lives lost,"

Hestia nodded in agreement with the younger witch, "We'll have to be careful about this,"

"And you lot will need some more training," Tonks said leaning back in her chair, "If you're going up against Voldemort and Death Eaters in a place rigged by them you'll need to be as prepared as possible,"

"Thank Merlin Harry's already helped with that," George said.

Fred nodded in agreement with his twin, "Definitely,"

"Well," James said standing up, "Now we've agreed on some things, we should get to it,"

Hermione looked at him faintly alarmed, "Now?"

James chuckled lowly, "Don't worry Hermione, we'll start of simple,"

He glanced at Sirius as he spoke who smirked and stood up as well, "And one day you will thank us,"

"But it might not be in the near future," James added.

"Ominous," Harry muttered.

"You'll see what they mean," Remus said standing up as well.

"I gotta see this now," Bill said with a roughish grin as he stood up, linking hands with Fleur and pulling her to her feet. She gave him a dazzling smile in return.

Harry glanced at Ginny who shrugged slightly at him. With a great scraping of chairs, they all stood. Happy squeaked excitedly and leapt from the table with surprising speed and took a hold of Harry's hand, much to the young Potters surprise.

"Master Harry will like this!" Happy squeaked, "Master Harry's Grandfather Master Charlus built it!"

"Er – I'll take your word for it," Harry said as the house elf dragged him out of the room weaving in and out of his friends and family causing Harry to collide with several of them and quickly mutter apologies.

Happy grabbed James's hand and suddenly shot forward pulling the two Potters forward with surprising speed and strength. Harry and James both stumbled slightly at the sudden speed the tiny elf possessed and the resultant stumble led to them colliding and bumping heads.

"Ouch!" The two of them chorused.

Sirius's bark like laugh echoed from behind them, "Smooth," he snorted.

"Shut up Sirius!" The two Potters snapped at him, much to the Animagus's amusement.

"Well, this is interesting," Charlie stated his lips twitching.

They had been led to a room, quite simply a room. It was high roofed, with plenty of windows but empty. Nothing was in the room.

"Is it like the Room of Requirement?" Hermione asked of James, "Do we ask it to give us a training space?"

James smiled, "Close, but no,"

Harry looked around the room more closely, there were several niches along the walls, countless candle brackets and – he squinted slightly to see – what curiously looked like buttons underneath them. He frowned and looked around the room again spotting dozens of the buttons around the room, in different colours and sizes hidden on the walls, floor and roof.

"The buttons," Harry said pointing to one nearby, "They do something don't they?"

Ginny squinted slightly as well and followed his finger, "They look like the stuff that's on all that Muggle stuff Dad has,"

"Was your Dad obsessed with Muggles as well?" Fred asked James.

Mr Weasley rolled his eyes, his lips twitching with amusement at his sons question.

"Without a doubt," James replied.

"Probably why he loved Lily so much," Sirius said.

"Probably, yeah," James agreed, "But my Dad found this big old empty room, used to be a ballroom centuries ago, and turned into something we could use,"

He walked over to the wall beside Kingsley, and pressed a small blue button beside the black mans shoulder. Instantly parts of the wooden floor vanished to be replaced with a small slightly elevated pad with a stretch of soft floor before it that resembled the type of mats Harry had had at his Primary school for PE.

"Who's brave enough to try it?" James said with a smirk.

"What does it do is a better question," Tonks said.

"Don't spoil the fun Nymphy," Sirius grinned.

"I'll try it," Harry volunteered drawing his wand.

He stepped onto one of the mats, which was soft and squishy beneath his feet, and instantly a figure appeared on the pad before him. It was eerily realistic, their face shrouded by a black cloak and with a wand in their gloved hand.

"Diffindo!" The figure suddenly yelled.

Harry quickly cast, "Protego!" and the Shield Charm burst from the tip of his wand and the curse harmlessly rebounded back to the figure who cried out in pain as its own curse rebounded. Harry was surprised and mildly horrified by this but the figure had raised its wand again.

"Impedimenta!" He yelled and the black cloaked figure suddenly froze giving Harry the chance to cast, "Stupefy!"

The figure keeled to the ground.

"Nicely done Harry," James said, "Get off the mat now before it ups the anti,"

Harry obediently stepped off the mat and the figure vanished.

"Now I see the need for the mat," George commented.

"Marvellous," Kingsley said, "Simply marvellous, and your Father created this?"

James nodded, "The power of combining magic and Muggle,"

"This isn't even the start of it though," Sirius said.

"What else is there laddie?" Moody asked as he leant on his staff.

"Like James said," Remus replied for Sirius, "The power of combing magic and Muggle,"

"Question, should we be worried?" Fred asked.

"Let's put it this way," Sirius said, "Prongs didn't talk for about a week after his Dad first showed him the room,"

"Is there still a choice to back out?" George asked.

"Nope," James replied with a smirk.

"Oh quit complaining," Ginny said, "This room is basically a bigger better version of the room in the Room of Requirement the DA used last year,"

"Ever so slightly more violent as well," Fred said,

"Yeah, which is surprising especially when Harry was going through his moody emo phase," George added.

"Hey!" Harry said indignantly.

"Anyone who wishes to enjoy the pleasures this room has to offer, stay," James said to the group over the teenagers, "Anyone who wishes to stay for their own amusement, you're very welcome too,"

"Can't pass up that offer now can I?" Bill said with a grin nudging Charlie with his elbow,

Charlie grinned in return, "Definitely not,"

Dumbledore inclined his head slightly to James, "Whilst the offer is most tempting James, I must decline there is business I have to attend to,"

James only shortly nodded, acknowledging Dumbledore's words. The Headmaster turned on his heel and swept out of the room, his vibrant purple robes swirling around him as he did. Harry watched him leave, shortly being followed by Hestia, Kingsley, Hagrid (who was mumbling about the horses in the fields and how they weren't being properly cared for) and Mr and Mrs Weasley, who left after the plump woman had tightly embraced all of her children, Harry and Hermione.

Harry then witnessed something very odd. Snape distinctly looked at James, he did not glare or scowl or sneer but rolled his eyes as the Headmaster somewhat dramatically left the room. James smirked in return and then Snape left.

"Harry, what are you staring at?" Ginny asked.

Harry shook his head and looked at her; she was by his side uncomfortably and pleasantly close at the same time. He breathed in and his nostrils were filled with an overwhelming aroma of flowers that made him speechless for a moment.

"Er – nothing," He said lamely.

"Oi! Lovebirds less flirting!"

Harry felt his cheeks warm at his Godfather's words, he quickly glanced at Ginny who had turned slightly red as well but laughed and called back to Sirius, "At least we're not snogging Sirius!"


"Well move you're arses," James chuckled, "I am now not only you're Father but your teacher,"

Harry and Ginny moved over to the far wall with the others who had stayed behind. Moody was stood in the corner, watching the group fixedly with both eyes, normal and magical. Happy the house elf was sat by his feet, a bright grin on his face.

"Whoever would trust you with children is mad," Tonks shook her head and Remus chuckled.

"Hey!" James said gesturing to Harry.

"You used him as a human Quafflle," Remus pointed out in a dry voice.

"Sirius's idea," James said holding his hands up in defence.

"Ah, so that's where I really got my scar from," Harry said with a grin, "Being used as a human Quafflle,"

"Secrets out," James chuckled.

"Poor Harry," Ginny teased.

Harry rolled his eyes, "So, why are we all huddling over here then?"

"Less chance of one of you guys accidentally leaning on a button," James said, "Or standing on one,"

Fred and George suddenly stood up straight from where they had been leaning against the wall.

"Also we need to explain how the room works," Remus said.

"Quick question," George inputted, "Is it just called the room?"

"Is that really what you ask?" Hermione sighed.

"Yes," George said simply before turning to James, his eyebrows raised.

"No, we've called it many things over the years," James replied, "The room of death-"

"The room where dreams go to die-" Sirius added.

"-the room my Father decided to try and kill us with-"

"-the room that gets us out of chores-" Remus said.

"-the scary ass room with scary ass things-" James said.

"-and the room that will drive us insane," Sirius concluded.

"I'd rather just stick with the room if that's all right with you," Bill said.

"Good call," James chuckled.

"Anyway," Remus said, "The room of whatever you want to call it, is designed to test you, maybe break you along the way, but rebuild you and make you stronger, faster and better. It focuses on your weaknesses and enhances them, it tests your strengths and enhances them, it brings forth new strengths you never knew you had it. It'll show you how to use your skills and in some cases your weaknesses to your advantage,"

Hermione eyes were shining when she next spoke, "Amazing! Like…Harry's fast and agile but not very strong, he can use that to his advantage! His speed means he can dodge spells best!"

"Why use me as an example?" Harry asked her.

"First person I thought of," Hermione replied, her cheeks slightly pink, "Sorry,"

"No," Remus said sounding very much like he was teaching a class, "Carry on Hermione,"

"Well, like I said, Harry's fast. On his feet and mentally, he thinks of plans quickly and impulsively that helps us and him out of sticky situations," Hermione continued, the pink fading from her cheeks, "He's a strong flier as well and has a high pain tolerance…he always is a Parslemouth, talking to snakes must come into use somehow. Perhaps against Voldemort himself! He's not exactly book smart more street smart, he knows how to play dirty like the ones we're fighting."

Harry stared at her as she spoke wondering when on earth she had noticed all of this. Hermione looked around at the rest of the group, who were staring at her as well.

"But…because he's impulsive it can lead to him acting rashly," She said slowly and Harry was painfully reminded of the events in the Ministry, "His pain tolerance means he can be seriously injured but ignore it which could lead to problems and often does, him talking to snake isn't a bad thing not at all but its make others think he's bad in the past and could do again."

Again, the bushy haired girl looked around the group a calculative look in her eyes.

"Ginny's also a good flier, she's hot headed like Harry as well and also has a high pain tolerance, she's stubborn," Hermione said looking at the red head who was staring at her open mouthed, "Which means she couldn't be swayed by the other side or tricked easily, she's fast as well and powerful, people underestimate her size. Her size can be a weakness however as stronger Death Eaters could overpower her if she lost her wand. Fred and George…" she turned now to the twins who arched their eyebrows at her, "Like Harry, definitely more street smart than book smart. They don't need their wands to break out of somewhere; they just need a few hairpins. They're strong as well, not the fastest but not the slowest either. They're biggest weakness is each other though, if the others hurt or missing or if they're separated they lose their head, they act irrationally and dangerously which could lead to serious problems."

She blushed again, noticing everyone staring at her.

"No, this is great Hermione," Remus urged her, "Carry on,"

"Bill…he's great with curses, fantastic with them, he copes well under pressure and in tricky situations – you have to being a Curse Breaker and is very knowledge in old magic as well a foreign magic but as he's the oldest Weasley kid I'd say seeing his brothers and sister hurt or in peril would make him reckless, it would cause him to slip up even. He most likely possesses this mindset to keep his family and friends safe no matter what which is why he pushed Harry out of harms way from Greyback," Hermione continued, her eyes were shining very brightly now and she seemed unable to stop her analysis of those around her, "Charlie is similar, he's older and more protective and also fearless, compared to dragons everything else seems like nothing but he has the same weakness – seeing those around him hurt and thinking about Fleur's the same except that would power her on. When Gabrielle was in the Lake for the Second Task she was driven to save her, failing doesn't bother her much but gives her the urge to fight on harder and better to try again but she's a part Veela and her natural Veela charm would attract the more twisted of Death Eaters…" she trailed off uncomfortably as Bill put a protective arm around Fleur and kissed her temple. The part Veela did not seem affected by Hermione's words and briefly, Harry wondered if she had already been met by a similar situation Hermione was talking about before.

He suddenly felt very sorry for the French girl.

"Tonks is obviously clumsy, she's a good dueller but if she loses balance she loses focus and its could lead to her being injured," Hermione carried on in a soft voice, "But as a Metamorphmagus she can confuse people she's fighting and aid herself massively, she just needs to work on being able to stand on two feet for a little longer." Tonks gave a small laugh at her words as Hermione paused.

"Remus is well, filled with self doubt in himself, he's a brilliant wizard more than skilled with Defence Against the Dark Arts but he doubts himself for being a werewolf, his friends are his family and seeing them hurt would effect him deeply, maybe cause him to act rashly but generally logically as well, he'd be focused on saving them than fighting those who had hurt them. Being a werewolf is extremely useful as well," Hermione said looking at the werewolf thoughtfully, "Heightened senses and reflexes and he's faster and stronger as well, he can use it to his advantage and others but his fear of what he is prohibits him from doing so."

She took a deep breath and turned to James and Sirius, "Sirius, he's definitely recklessly, definitely brave and definitely hot headed. He fights with magic and Muggle techniques as well which takes Death Eaters by surprise and gives him the upper hand, he's strong and fearless and has a high pain tolerance from what I've seen and heard and Padfoot is very useful to him but like most of us…seeing the people we care about hurt breaks him, seeing them in danger makes him fight harder but sometimes more recklessly, he can be arrogant and cocky and it can lead to…" she shifted awkwardly where she stood, "Yeah, and James, he's brave, reckless but logical, he can dodge pretty much any curse and is a strong dueller, he's fast and overpowers the person he's fighting by tripping them up – rather like in chess, he leads them into a false sense of security. But half his mind is always focused on those around him, whether they are okay and if they need help he thinks its his job to help everyone and anyone no matter what the cost, he's fast and strong, he could fight Death Eater without a wand because he can also dodge the spells,"

Hermione paused and sighed, "And me, I'm not fast but I know a lot of spells and I think logically and of the best and safest solution to fix the situation. I'm not strong but I'm brave, I'll risk my live to help others any day but without a wand I can't do much, I'm not strong enough to fight physically but I have the sense to help others with a wand by using my knowledge with spells to help us, without a wand though I can easily be overpowered and I'm better at creating Shield charms than dodging curses"

"Very good Hermione," Remus said after a moment, "You've accurately assessed our weakness and strengths, how they can hinder us and how they can help us and that is exactly what this room will help us do,"

"To fight Death Eaters, to fight Voldemort," James said, "We have to be the best of what we can be, so what if we're more book smart than street smart? We can't pick a lock but we can logically think of something to break it with the things around us, we can't fight them physically but we can still cause damage, we're not big or strong but we're wicked sharp on a broom or with a wand, seeing others hurt distracts us – we have a need to save the ones we care about most in the world but it also drives us on to fight with vengeance. Our weaknesses aren't just that – weaknesses, they can be our strengths too,"

"Well, I feel fully violated," Sirius said with his bark like laugh, "Like seriously? Am I that predictable?" He ignored the choruses of 'yes' and carried on speaking, "Whose ready to try this?"

"I went first last time," Harry said, holding his hands up.

"I'll go," Bill said, removing his arm from around Fleur's waist.

"Step forward then William and try not to get kicked out of a window," James smirked, his eyes shining.

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