I woke up to find no Nick in my bed, was it all a dream? No, it couldn't have been I'm in my bed naked right now? Aren't I? I peeked under the covers to double check. Yep, definitely unclothed, so where was my Nick? All the sudden I became a bit nervous, what if he'd left me again? I ran out to the kitchen and found him.

"Oh, thank god."

Nick called from over his shoulder as he began frying up some eggs "What, Jess?" Oh shit, did I really say that out loud? way to go Jess you don't sound desperate at all right now.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything."

"Really, 'cause I could've sworn you just whispered 'oh, thank god for having this hot, sexy, scruffy, molto bello, bartender in my kitchen right now.'" He bit is lip as he finished his self absorbed sentence and smiled.

"You added the hot, sexy part."

"Yeah, but you were thinking it."

"Oh, so true." And with that, I leapt towards him and planted a quick kiss on him, but he stretched it out going from slow and sweet to a fast and hot make out sesh, not that I minded, but he was cooking this wasn't safe! With that I pushed his chest.

"Nick, your in the middle of cooking!"

"Oh, right." He said as he turned back around to the stove to shut it off, then he turned back to me and continued where we left off.

As we kissed, he lifted me onto the counter. We broke apart for only a second to stare into each other's eyes and he removed his shirt. As I reached for the belt on my rope the door swung open.

I quickly fastened the belt back on and turned around to find Schmidt.

"Hey." Nick and I both waved. Nick with a slightly frustrated face, because Schmidt just interrupted sex and Nick had a growing erection in his sweatpants. I just stared awkwardly at Schmidt with eyebrows raised and shocked eyes.

"Please tell me, you weren't just about to have sex in this very public part of the loft."

"We weren't." I answered fast.

"Yeah, we'll go somewhere more private." Nick, suddenly threw me over his shoulder and instead of stopping at my bedroom went into the bathroom. Oh yeah, shower sex. I silent led cheered in my mind and squealed at loud.

I don't know how the guys pulled off what they did for Nick and I, but I imagine in went like this:

"Come on guys, get in here!" Schmidt called to Coach and Winston.

The three of them ran into my room. Shower sex with Nick and I could go on until there was no hot water left for the rest of the week so the guys had plenty of time.

"Schmidt, how are we gonna do this?" Winston, unfaithfully asked him.

"There's no way." Coach answered Winston's question for Schmidt.

"Shut up! We have to at least try! I can't deal with those sex addicts anymore!"

"Alright, we can at least try I guess." Winston said.

An hour later Nick and I were about to leave the bathroom when the door was locked, "um, Nick why the hell is the lock the other way?!"

"Well we got the place like that, but never thought anyone would actually lock it!" Nick said trying to open the door. "Looks like we're stuck in here."

"Or we could just yell, Schmidt was home when we came in here, he probably still is."

"Or we could just stay in here." Nick had a devious smile on as he started to kiss my neck and step forwards making me go backwards and into the shower once again.

Back to the guys:

"Okay, good job guys. Now we just gotta get this crap downstairs to the moving truck."

When they were finished so were we and the door unlocked.

"Guys we have some stuff to work out," Coach began with a serious voice when Winston then took over.

"Schmidt and I can't deal with this constant sex every second and everywhere."

"So," Schmidt held up a brand new pair of keys "we got you guys your own apartment and first months rent is on me since we're kicking you out."

Nick and I's jaws both dropped. I was excited, but Nick was probably scared so I kept quiet closed my mouth and swallowed.

"Hello?...you guys okay?" Winston looked at us both with concern.

"Yeah, perfect actually." Nick smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I returned the smile, I was so relieved he didn't moonwalk away and I planted a kiss on his cheek.

When we all headed over to the apartment our jaws dropped again.

"Schmidt we can't afford this." I said with just the first glance of the place. It was a little smaller than the other apartment but now the cost was split between two people instead of four.

"Actually, you can. You'd be paying almost exactly the same as you are now." Schmidt corrected my statement

Winston then chimed in as well, "$10 a month less than you were before actually."

"Guys this is incredible." I began and then Nick, "Thank you." He looked at Schmidt with a little sadness that he wouldn't live with him anymore but a little happiness he would finally only have one roommate and that was me.

After we had a few beers and reminisced about loft memories, the rest of them had left. Nick and I now had the place to ourselves, we would have to get furniture and bring in our boxes tomorrow but tonight no one and nothing else.

"So," I began "what should we do now?"

"Maybe a little of this." His hands wrapped around my waist and he ducked to kiss me.

The next morning awoke on the mattress shivering, our covers were also in the moving truck.

"Hey." I said stretching my legs.

"Hey, beautiful." He leaned in to place a kiss on my forehead. "I was thinking we go get breakfast and then come move our stuff in."

"Sounds perfect."

When we were both dressed we took a walk to the coffee shop around the corner. Because we were both tired and hadn't been on this block in awhile they had completely forgotten the coffee shop was owned and operated by Artie.

We walked hand and hand to the cafe and then took a seat outside.

"Jessie!" I turned my head, it wasn't my name but was close enough.

"Artie!" I yelled back surprised and put on a fake smile, I stood up to hug him but as his hand creeped lower I pushed him back. "So," I took my seat once again "how have you been?"

"Great, and you?"

"Me too. I mean I'm doing good as well, you remember Nick right?"

"Oh yeah, he's the guy you dumped me for." He laughed and shook Nick's hand.

"Well, Artie dumping requires dating which never happened between you too." Nick felt the need to say it to this jerk. Well I did lead him on, he was pretty nice actually.

"Well, Nick I fully unclothed in her bed." Nick clenched his fists and I blushed.

"So I think I'll just have a water for now, I still need a little time to look over the menu." I said trying to break the obvious tension."

"Sure, Jessie." He winked as he turned to walk away.

"Nick, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot he owned this place."

He was silent and just nodded. In fact he didn't make a sound the rest of the meal and the walk back to our new home.

I tried as we got into our new loft to talk with him once again. "Nick, I really did forget I'm sorry."

He mumbled something back, but I couldn't have heard him right because it sounded like he said "That's why I'm upset." And then more loudly he said he'd go grab a few boxes from downstairs.

"I'll come."

"No, I don't want you lifting the boxes. There heavy and I can handle a few boxes if the other guys can."

"Yeah, there were also three of them."

"Jess, it's fine I got it. I'll be right back."

I smiled a sad smile. It was sweet of him to not want me to carry the boxes, but I knew it was really because he wanted to be alone and when he didn't come back until midnight drunk I really understood how much today upset him.


"What Jess? Did I interrupt a little Artie and Jess time that you'll forget by tomorrow?"

"Are you drunk?"

"I am not! I maybe tipsy but I am not drunk." He said as stumbled, tripped, and fell to the floor on his ass. "Okay, maybe a little drunk."

"A little drunk is tipsy! You're freakin' wasted!"

"Shh, why are you screaming babe?" He said remaining on the floor, his hands rubbing over his temples.

"Maybe because I'm angry!"

"What do you have to be angry about? Every time we go out, girls aren't always staring at me, hugging me, reaching for me ass-"

"Hey! I pushed him off me, it wasn't like I enjoyed it!"

"I know, I know," He sat up and brought his hands over his face from forehead to chin where it remained playing with his stubble. "I barely even know why I'm frustrated right now, I just hate seeing any guy with you, and I trust you I do, but I don't trust the other animals out there. I even hate when one of the guys whistled at you when you look amazing for a night out with me. I don't know..."

"Nick, I get it, I understand being frustrated but don't be angry with me and it doesn't mean you have to go out and drink."

"I know but it wasn't just that...when you said I completely forgot, I didn't want you to. I wanted you to remember that was the night I called you my girlfriend for the very first time that night was-"


"I was gonna say special."

"Nick," tears started to come to me.

"Hey, Jess don't cry." He wrapped his arms around me tightly and sniffed my hair as my face dug into his chest.

"We're here again Nick."

"Jess, don't say that."

"It's true."

"No, it's not. We're serious this time, no silly, dumb things in our way. Look at us moving in together all alone."

I stared up at him, "Just because our address changed, doesn't mean we did."

"Jess, couples fight. It happens, and then we work it out."

"But clearly we're not working it out, if it's the same fight. Over...and over."

"Jess, don't do this."

"I'm not, I'm just thinking."