Serena's POV

The banging on the door could be heard upstairs in my room. I had music playing in the speakers and was also vigorously typing on my keyboard. Even through the noise I was making, the sound was loud and clear. My mother wasn't home yet from work and me being the only resident of the house left was all alone in the house. It was just getting dark outside, in the season of winter around five-o-clock. I stared at my door for a few moments wondering what to do. Not only did I not want to answer the door, I didn't even want to leave the safety of my room. Sure, Celadon City was not prone to paranormal activity or crimes like Lavender Town but there could still be a chance that I could die if I answered the door. Call me crazy and paranoid but I didn't want to take any chances.

My fear slowly churned in my chest as the banging continued after five minutes of waiting. Whoever it was, they needed something. If it was a criminal they would have broken the window or something instead of knocking on the door. Is that right? That's what I told myself as I slid off my bed and creaked towards my bedroom door. I opened the door enough to let me pass through and I gently tip towed down the hall even though the person outside probably couldn't hear me if I was walking normally. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I debated on turning on the light and/or grabbing something in defense. I decided against both so I wouldn't look ready to kill someone or end up having the light to see a headless man outside the front window. The banging continued getting louder as I got closer. I twiddled my fingers turning the knob while shaking from the vibrations of the persistent bangs. Once I turned halfway the banging stopped and I quickly before another heavy moments past turned the knob all the way and swung the door open.

My suspicions were automatically false as I locked eyes with astonished boy standing alone on the other side of the door. His eyes, a pretty grey-blue stared at me as if I was something strange or something. I couldn't blame him as I imagined how I looked; ruffled golden brown hair in a sleepy ponytail, wrinkled pink PJ's, wide fear filled eyes and a deathly pale face. I was also breathing heavily like some type of zombie with asthma. Yeah, this was defiantly normal. I calmed down when I realized he was no danger and that no mysterious shadows were lurking behind him. I sighed quietly and looked at him with a bit more confidence.

"Hello, do you need something?" I said with a smile.

"Is Grace Bayle here?" His voice was deep and almost sounding monotone. He looked around thirteen or fourteen, around my age and his voice sounded more like a eighteen year olds than a young teenagers'. Something about it shocked me but I ignored it focusing on his question.

"Yes, wait no," I shook my head. "I mean she lives here with me because she's my mother and all but she isn't here at this moment if that's what you mean." Of course he meant that, you idiot! His annoyed look made me think he was ready to say the same thing I told myself but he didn't.

"Do you know when she'll be back?" Something about this guy made me nervous. What could he possibly want with my mother?

I shrugged. "She doesn't come home at any special time. Hopefully soon." The last part I muttered. The boy nodded but stayed quiet. There was a long awkward silence between us and my suspicion was getting to the best of me. "Why do you need to see her?"

He was taken aback. "You mean you don't know who I am?"

"Ummm should I?" I tipped my head. Another awkward silence went upon us and for the first time I noticed he had two blue suitcases with him. "What's with the bags?" Again, speaking my mind!

He seemed irritated by my question. "What do you think?" he rubbed the back of his neck looking away almost looking embarrassed. "How could she have not told you?"

"Told me what?" Car lights glowed at us and my mom's small red car pulled up onto the driveway. She parked much faster and less precise than usual and swung open the door with uncaring speed and sprung out running towards us without closing the car's doors.

"Oh my I'm so sorry I'm late," she panted heavily giving the boy an apologetic look. The boy nodded silently saying there was no harm done. She then smiled stepping past me and turning on the lights, "Please, come in." I stepped aside a little bit farther and watched as the boy picked up both his bags and followed my mom in; before following also, I ran over to the car grabbing her purse and closing the car door. When I went inside, the boy was putting down his bags and walking over to my mom who was standing by the kitchen. I put her purse down on the front table and joined them.

"I hope your flight getting here was all well," My mother said in her normal kind chatter.

The boy nodded. "Yes, thank you. Thank you also for paying for the ticket."

"No thanks needed," she smiled. I stared at my mom with full out confusion and went she looked over at me she looked like she barely knew I was even there before that. "Oh, I see you've met Serena." She came over and patted my head. "She's a doll isn't she?" My cheeks flushed a dark pink and I looked far away from the boy.

"That's not exactly what I would call her," he spoke with an amused tone but to me it was insulting. Actually, I think it was meant to be an insult. My mother chuckled while I glared at him with the most deadly look I had. Zero damage made.

"Serena, I would like you to meet Calem," she gestured the boy. "He's the boy who will be living with us from now on."

I looked up at her astonished. "Wait, what?"

Her eye brows furrowed. "I didn't tell you?" I shook my head. She nervously smiled. "Oh my, I can't believe I forgot." At the corner of my eye I saw Calem give my mom a disapproving glare. "I'm sorry Serena."

"Why is he staying with us?" My mom's smile turned into a frown.

"Well, your father is dead." I jumped in shock. Nice choice of words!

"WHAT?" My mom was about to keep on talking but I interrupted her. My whole life I have never met my father which my mother always made excuses for. I knew he never wanted to see me and I accepted that. So why is she telling me this out of nowhere? The replay of a month ago came back to my memory. I had come down the stairs only to see my mother with her phone in her hands sobbing on the floor. When I asked her what was wrong she shooed me away telling me to go back upstairs. I never found out what happened. Was this the reason why? By the sad teary eyed look in her brown eyes I knew I was right. But why didn't she tell me then?

"So then what does that have to do with him?" I turned to Calem who was watching us silently. His blue-grey eyes bore into mine; my eyes reflecting his with what I realized was the color identical to his.

"Because Calem is his son," my mom spoke softly. "And he is also your twin brother."