Serena's POV

"Um. . .can you repeat that please?" I stared at my mom and then at Calem. Calem in my opinion looks nothing like me! Like really, he must have gotten mixed up while being in the baby room at the hospital. Sure he has those grey-blue eyes that were. . .similar (exact) to mine but come on that's not enough to make it proof that he's my brother; my TWIN brother. Calem stared back at me with an indifferent look like he already knew. I guess he probably did since he did have to find the address to our home and all and my mom did get him the ticket. But really? Ugh! I can't think straight about this right now!

My mom gave me a look of sympathy. "Like I said, Calem here is you twin brother."

"My bro-ther?" I tipped my head acting like a child learning a new word. Hell this was new to me!

"You heard her!" Calem rolled his eyes. "I'm your brother so can we get a move on already?" The irritation was clear in his facial features; another thing that shows how different we are.

"Yes," My mother started to head over to the stove. "Did you eat anything yet Calem?" So there we were; the three of us, in the most awkward position ever. For the next few hours it was mainly small talk but my mom didn't once ask anything about his past or his. . .our father. Calem didn't bother to give updates about my disappeared father either. Why wasn't my mom curious? I sure was and I really wanted to ask him. Still, I was smart enough to know that this wasn't the right time, place or even person to ask. Once the clock turned eight, I headed back upstairs to leave my mom and brother to do whatever talk they wanted to do without me. It went like how it started tonight; messing around on my computer while lying comfortably on my bed.

Sometime later, I heard footsteps down the hall and muffled voices. I didn't bother to join the party as I heard the door from the room next to mine open and close. I guess our guest room wouldn't be open for my friends anymore when they slept over. Great, now I have to endure Gertrude's loud man like snores and Lilliana's strange sleep giggles. Sighing at the thought my mood slowly became darker. Was Calem going to be with us for good?

My question was answered a few days later when three large boxes of Calem's stuff were shipped to our home. Like I said, it was a bunch of stuff; I couldn't see what was inside since Calem hurried to take it up to his room and lock his door as fast as he could. That's how it's been since he's got here! I see him early in the morning for breakfast and when I get home from school he is locked up in the guest room. The next time I see him is at diner which he swiftly finishes and rushes back in his vampire den right after. He will soon be joining me to my school also but I'm not sure whether to take it as a good or bad thing. Calem hasn't been keen on bonding with me and I sure as Hell won't be the one to ask for it. Maybe once he joins me on my walks to and from school he'll actually talk.

He didn't.

For a month it seemed like the same routine. We would walk to school together but refuse to be anywhere close to each other even in the classes we shared. He seemed occupied though; if I met him under school circumstances I would have thought he was hot. Half the girls in my grade looked like they had those exact thoughts. The whole school day he was either being flirted by a girl or being constantly watched (stalked) by girls in the background. Calem didn't seem to mind or appreciate the attention. Does he feel anything at all? The girls who were in his fan club weren't friends of mine but a few weeks of him in school I saw Calem's name on my friend Lilliana Londono's wrist; a creepy thing she did often.

I stared at the red ink that I saw made five certain letters and sighed. "Really Lily, just why?"

Lilliana blushed. "Hey, I just think he's cute that's all," she covered her wrist by pulling down her purple jacket farther. Gertrude Hamson my other friend stomped down the hall towards us occasionally slamming a nerd kid into a locker with her wide shoulders that took half the hall. She was a very wide, strong, masculine girl who most guys at this school get beat the shit out of. Though tough, on the inside was completely girly and Lilliana must have rubbed off on her since I blue pen saying his name down her arm.

"OH C'MON PEOPLE!" I face-palmed once Gertrude reached us; my big mouth earned a few stares.

"What's wrong Serena?" Gertrude cracked her knuckles. "Who hurt you? I'm gonna rip off their ass and stick it on the back of their neck!"

"Great imagination there Gertie," I shook my head. "Nothing has been hurt but my shame of being your friend." I point to her arm. "What is this?"

"Huh?" Gertrude looks down getting a bit pink on her round muscular cheeks. "Oh nothing, just something I decided to do during poke-history."

"Didn't you have anything better to do, or any name that was better to write?"

"What's so wrong about it Serena? We aren't like all over him like the other girls in school," Lilliana crossed her arms.

"Whatever. I can't understand why he's so appealing to you guys."

"He won me over by his kind voice," Lilliana giggled.

"I liked the way he wrestled me in gym," Gertrude shrugged.

"Wait, so you both interacted with him?" They nodded. "Huh?"

"He helps me a lot in math. He's so smart," Lilliana's eyes gleamed.

"He's my gym partner and he's a good sport even when I kick his ass each time," Gertrude grinned.

"What the Hell. How can you guys possibly be talking to him while I haven't?" I cried.

"Maybe you should try instead of him coming to you," Lilliana told me. "I had to ask him to help me. He doesn't seem like a straightforward guy."

For once I followed my friend's advice and went to him. Or at least I planned to but I couldn't seem to get words out of my mouth as we were walking home. Like usual his gaze was in front of him but his real focus seemed to be in another world. I stared at the ground trying to practice how to talk when I finally said something. "Calem?" At first I thought he couldn't hear me but he soon turned to look at me. Fuck, I got his attention, now what? This is why I don't have many friends; I don't like socializing with people!

"Yeah?" He spoke warily probably seeing how freaked out I was; I come from a family of Ryhorn racers, not actors.

"I'm sorry. . .I haven't been. . .exactly welcoming to you." Well I guess that was true but he wasn't very welcoming either.

Calem sighed. "I didn't ever expect you to. I am some stranger that popped out of nowhere after all."

"But you aren't a stranger," my voice got a little more confidence and feeling. "You are my brother. Sure I've never met until now which I am kind of sad about but as siblings we have an instant tie that strangers don't have." We were halfway to our house by then; Calem stopped in his tracks to look at me straight on. His eyes almost silver in the low light were as cold as stones.

"Do you honestly believe that?" I flinched at his question but still kept eye contact.

"Yes I do. I believe we have a connection that ties us together and that we are slowly loosening the more we separate ourselves from one another." Great poetic like words, I'm defiantly going to have to remember my words for my English slam poem tomorrow. "Now that we met why try and loosen the tie without even trying to make it stronger." As I finished my piece of literature Calem stepped closer. A few inches taller than me I had to look up to still keep eye contact. He closed his eyes chuckling with a small shake in the head and lastly poked me on the forehead with his index finger.

"You are interestingly weird Serena," he laughed. His sudden emotion change made me blink for a few seconds to recall what I was seeing. Like that the air lightened up between us; almost scary I noticed as we continued home. We didn't talk the rest of the way but we didn't have to. The silence was a good type and not the awkward kind we've had the past month. It felt good and maybe I could actually get the feeling of having a sibling.

But then my big mouth ruined it.

Many months passed and we were in peace with one another. My mom was shocked when she saw the change and in a way the whole feeling in the house shifted. Eventually Calem grew more comfortable in the town and home, staying longer at the table each time mostly in a deep discussion about pokemon training; something I realized he was very serious about. My mom had been a trainer and so had my dad from the small info I've gotten from him and Calem seemed overly passionate about it. My mom was overjoyed at his enthusiasm and loved to tell him stories of her own adventure but I couldn't understand the thrill. So many things could happen out there; why would you risk your life like that? I also thought pokemon battles were in a way cruel to the pokemon. How could you put such an amazing creature in pain just for some flashy badges? Even though I couldn't understand I stayed at the table fascinated by how much his eyes brightened when he spoke about him going on a journey all over the world.

We just finished diner one night and Calem was in a good mood talking again. Strangely, he has a very talkative nature under

"Your father was just as passionate as you are. The thrill never ended for him and his pokemon no matter how many times he traveled around the same place," her voice trailed off into silence. Beside me, Calem's figure stiffened and he stared down at the table. Since he came, not once had any of us mentioned our gone father; it was the kind of subject you wanted to keep unsaid. While these two seemed to be in their own dark little Hell hole I was still bright and happy. I thought "maybe I could get some more info about him."

"Really? Did you meet him while he was traveling?" I asked.

My mom nodded. "Yes, in Kanto. He had a break from the Elite Four for a few weeks."

"How did he meet you?"

"At one of my riding shows; he never went to a Ryhorn racing competition before." I knew I was being mean and making my mom feel pain by the look in her eyes but I was way too curious to stop.

"I guess he probably thought you were cool being one of the only female racers."

"He was actually afraid of me," she chuckled softly. "My Ryhorn hated him the moment he saw him and would look ready to charge at him. It didn't help that I told him if my Ryhorn started charging I couldn't stop it after that."

"Did he run away then?"

"No he laughed nervously and stayed away from my Ryhorn since then."

"Did he live in Kanto?"

"Eventually but at that time he lived in Unova. I guess I never mentioned him being the Elite four of Unova and not Kanto." Well looks like I have to start research; there can't possibly be that many elite fours in Unova since the Unova league was created.

"Why did he move to Kanto?"

"A good portion of his family lived there and most of all, I was living there then," looking closely I saw her blush.

"I guess he moved to Johto at some point since Calem came from there." I turned over to my brother to see his seat empty. My mom noticed soon after me and sighed.

"He did. In a way we knew we couldn't stay together with our constant moving around," My mom grabbed her plate standing up from the table. "So finally when you two were three years old, he was forced to move to Johto for a very long time and we decided to separate giving one kid to each of us." Her face darkened. "It was for the best but I wish we had kept in touch more." Thinking if I tried anymore my mom would cry I left her to be in the kitchen along with her thoughts. I headed upstairs and as I walked down the hall I saw that Calem's door was open for once. He was laying with his back on the bed staring up at nothing; gently I knocked on the wide revealing door to tell him I was there. He turned his head for a second to study me then looked back up.

"Hey, you ok?"

"You had to open your big mouth didn't you?" Completely insulted I stomped my foot hard on the ground.

"Hey, can't I be curious?"

"Nothing's wrong with being curious. What's wrong is that you don't know when to shut up."

"Well, I'm sorry I know nothing about our father while you and my mom are pros about him."

"You don't get it. You don't need to know anything."

"And why not?" Calem sat up and gave me a stone cold look that he once gave me when he first came here. I flinched recalling how scary it was.

"Because he's dead; knowing anything doesn't change shit."

"Aren't I given the right to ask? He is my family!"

"Not when the people you ask don't even want to think about it." Calem shook his head. "Grace was pushing herself to not cry and even though I wasn't even saying anything I couldn't stand being there anymore."

"Why do you call her Grace? She's your mother."

"Would you call your father 'Dad' after not seeing them for ten years?" I didn't answer. "Exactly, she may be my blood mother but it doesn't feel like it."

"So what is Mom then?"

"A caring woman who I am thankful for taking me in," something in his expression turned dark. "I know if it was the other way, our father wouldn't have taken you that easily."

"That's not true!"

"And how do you know? You didn't live with him!"

"I'm his daughter though, he would have." What the Hell is Calem's problem?

"If not by his choice he would have been forced to by custody rules. Even so, he wouldn't want you there he hates people with big mouths; just like I do."

"You know? You really are a jerk!" I bit my lip slamming his door closed and be-lining to my room next to his. I instantly went to the side of my room and sat at my desk. I turned on my computer and started searching up the Unova Elite Four since its creation. I was going to find him and I wouldn't need to ask my Mom anymore or even dare asking my asshole brother for any info. How many on this list could there possibly be?