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Challenge word: flake

300 words on the dot!


'John Winchester's an ass!' Pastor Jim thought as he watched the man's children playing in the snow. The boys were having the time of their lives attempting to catch snowflakes something they'd been doing since the first flakes had started falling. It was both boys first snowfall and John was missing it.

Jim sighed. He understood this day was hard for John. It was after all the first anniversary of his wife's death. But he had children to thinkā€¦Jim's thoughts stalled as an angry voice called out.

"Dean! Sammy! Inside now!" John growled from the bottom porch step.

"Yes sir" Dean replied. Grabbing his little brother's hand, he obediently trudged over to his dad.

Oblivious to John's bad mood, Sammy happily toddled through the snow. His hand outstretched the youngster watched the snowflakes fall all around his gloved hand. And then much to the boy's delight a small flake landed right in his palm. Giggling in glee, Sammy pried himself loose from his brother's grip and plodded over to his father. "Daddy! Loot! Fate!" he exclaimed, holding up his prize.

John's stern expression faltered at the look of wonder on his baby's face. Squatting down, he took his son's gloved hand in his. "Whatcha got there, Sammy?" he inquired.

"Fate daddy!" Sammy proudly answered. "Sammy gots a fate!"

John examined the wet glove. "Hmmmm, it's a snow flake alright." He agreed before frowning. "But it looks mighty lonely."

"Fate sad?" Sammy questioned, cocking his head to one side.

"Yeah, the snowflake's sad, kiddo." John replied. "I think it needs some company. What do you say we go catch it some friends?"

"Daddy pay?!" Sammy squealed.

"Yeah buddy daddy's gonna play." John answered.

Jim watched as John and his boys played in the snow. Maybe there was hope for John yet.