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Chapter 1

"I don't want you to go Jasper!" Alice cried.

For a moment Jasper was tempted to listen to her. To ignore the insistence of his conscience and just stay in the neat corner Alice had made for him. When he was with her he forgot his demon. Forgot he was a monster. Well...maybe he didn't forget as much as was able to ignore it. Jasper shook his head. It wouldn't be right. It was his fault that Edward had demanded the family leave Bella. His fault she was in danger.

"I have to go Alice." He said.

"Peter is wrong Jasper. If you go to Seattle you will revert to your old ways. I have seen you with red eyes." Alice cried grasping his shoulder.

Jasper shrugged off her hand. She was right. He would have red eyes. He already knew this. He couldn't go where he had to with golden eyes, but he didn't intend on killing a human. He was never going to kill another human...vampires however... He needed red eyes and he would have them. He was already planning on stopping at a blood bank in Seattle.

He pulled his long sleeve shirt off his back and flung it aside. He felt Alice's emotions turn to pity and fear but he ignored it. He couldn't hide who he was now. He had to have any advantage possible. His scars elicited fear and he was probably going to need to intimidate people. He pulled a muscle shirt from the drawer and pulled it on. He turned from Alice and walked to the door, picking up his duffel bag on the way.

"You'll attack her again if you go." Alice whispered.

That made Jasper stop. She wasn't lying...but Peter had said if he didn't go and destroy Victoria that Bella would die. Peter was always right, but Jasper had attacked Bella before. He closed his eyes at the memory of the scent of her blood. Even the memory made his muscles tighten with need. He shook his head. No Alice was wrong. He wasn't even going to see Bella. He was going to Seattle. There he would get all the information he needed, find Victoria and end the threat. Peter was never wrong, sometimes Alice was.

He turned the handle and walked out the door. He could feel Alice's grief behind him. She was sure he was never coming back and she was probably right.

"So anyways Lauren said this new place was going to be so cool. They section it off. On the floor people drink and dance and have a good time. It has the best dj. Upstairs people lounge around and watch the dancers. Lauren said that only the beautiful people get to go upstairs. She said it's an honor or something. Of course she didn't get invited." Jessica said with a giggle.

Bella only half listened to her as she let her drag her through the street. She wished she was home, but she promised Charlie she would try.

"Are you sure we can get in Jessica?" Angela said with a frown. Bella knew she wasn't happy about being here.

"Lauren said if you looked good it didn't matter how old you were." Jessica said with impatience.

Hopefully that meant they wouldn't get in Bella thought.

"Here it is!" Jessica exclaimed dropping Bella's arm and clapping her hands. Bella gave Angela a pleading look. She knew Angela only came to insure Bella got out of the house. Jessica had dragged Angela over to her house and rushed her upstairs. They had done a mini makeover on her. Putting more makeup on her face than Bella ever wore. Bella tried to pull her skirt down, it was too short and she was uncomfortable. She had thought Charlie would object to the outfit and let her stay home. Unfortunately Charlie just grinned widely and told the girls to be safe.

Bella studied the door Jessica had walked up to. It looked like they were at a warehouse. The man in front was dressed like a security guard and Bella wondered briefly if Jessica had taken them to the wrong place.

"You girls shouldn't be out here at night." The man said.

"We heard this was the place to be." Jessica said confidently. Bella tapped her finger on her thigh nervously. Angela moved a little closer to her.

The man studied them, looking them over before shaking his head and telling them to move along.

Jessica stamped her foot. "You let Lauren in!" She yelled. The man ignored her but he looked at Bella again. Bella didn't like the way he looked at her and nervously ran her hand through her hair. Suddenly a flashlight was shown on her. She squinted at the glare and took a step back. The man grabbed her hand and looked at her wrist. He ran his thumb over the scar from James bite.

He turned and put his key into the door. He opened it and allowed Jessica and Angela to enter. He held on to Bella's wrist and followed them in, dragging her with him.

"You ladies go on through the hall that way. You will hear the music soon. Your friend is invited upstairs." The man told them.

Jessica squealed with delight. "Oh just wait till I tell Lauren. I knew you would be picked Bella!" She said clapping her hands excitedly.

Angela looked less sure and eyed the man with suspicion.

Bella was sure she didn't want to go. "I think I would rather stay with my friends." She told the man taking her arm out of his hand.

"Well of course if you don't want to but then you will all have to leave." The man said

"Let's go Bella." Angela said with no problem. Bella looked at her friend, she knew she would rather be sitting home too, but Angela needed to get out as much as she did. Ben had broken her heart and Angela had not been out of her room in a week. Her appearance with Jessica was a lot of the reason Bella had come.

"Sure, if you don't want to Bella we can go. I'm sure there is plenty other things to do in Seattle." Jessica said with a fake smile. Bella knew she wanted to get one over Lauren since the girl had accepted a date from Mike. Rumors were that she had done more than that with him and Jessica thought she had lost her chance with the boy.

"I'll go. Might be fun." She said with the biggest smile she could muster. It felt fake but it was good enough to fool Jessica. Jessica jumped a little and began to walk down the hall. Angela followed slower, studying Bella as if she were unsure.

"It'll be good for us Ang." Bella said.

Angela grimaced then followed Jessica down the hall.

"Up the stairs on the left." The man told her and waited to watch her climb the stairs. Bella had hoped the man would go back outside and she could sneak off to a restroom or somewhere else to hide. No such luck he watched her as she ascended the stairs. She squared her shoulders and pushed the door open.

Inside it was dimly lit. Comfortable and spacious. Tables surrounded by couches overlooked the dance floor. She could see the flashing lights below but couldn't see more without moving closer. She walked to the bar. Hopefully she could get a drink and be left alone. She would wait a couple of hours then go downstairs and find her friends. Even at a glance she could tell that the room was filled with beautiful people. She doubted she would be approached.

No sooner had she sat down than a drink was placed before her. She looked up in surprise at the bartender. He smiled at her and moved along. Bella looked at it nervously, she just hoped it wasn't alcoholic. She took a tentative drink and realized it was just orange juice. She felt eyes on her and turned sharply. Only to see a man with red eyes leering at her. Bella dropped her drink in surprise but the man caught it before even a drop spilled.

"Who do you belong to my luscious beauty?" He asked.

Bella's mouth dropped in shock, belong to? He picked up her wrist and brought it to his face taking in a breath as he smelled the scar.

"Has the vampire who marked you as a pet lost his interest? This mark is old. I would not neglect such a beauty." He said with a sinister smile.

Bella felt her heart pounding. "Pet?" She whispered.

The man laughed. "Did you not know? You had to have felt the burn from that mark. Not enough to venom change you but enough to hurt like hell."

Bella was confused. Hadn't Edward had to suck the venom out to stop the change? It had been a heroic act...hadn't it?

"What's a pet?" She asked, Edward hadn't told her anything about it.

The man smiled and stroked her wrist. "A pet is basically a meal kept alive so that we can feed from them again and again."

Bella gasped in horror.

"Oh don't look so horrified there is pleasure along with the pain and I promise you I could give you great pleasure. Give me what I want or...I will take it." He said suddenly yanking her toward him. She felt her hair being brushed from her neck. She wanted to scream but she was too frightened, she could do nothing but close her eyes and wait for the inevitable. She heard the man yell in anger and looked just in time to see him thrown clear of her. She stared at the back of her savior. Blonde hair and toned muscles...Jasper? No it couldn't be the man wore a muscle shirt. Jasper always wore long sleeves.

"I don't want any trouble Major. I didn't know she was yours. You should renew your claim so there is no mistakes." The man who had terrified her stuttered.

She felt cold arms encircle her and drag her off her bar stool.

"A private room." Her blonde savior said. Jasper? Bella tried to look into his face but it was hidden from her view by his hair and the dim lighting. The bartender gave him a key. She felt herself being dragged along. She should be fighting she supposed but she was still in shock over what the vampire had said and meant to do to her.

The man opened the door and pushed Bella inside. He turned and locked the door and Bella waited in suspense for him to turn around. She was unsure what she was hoping for. She was pretty sure it was Jasper. Would he use this as an opportunity to finish what he had started at her birthday party? Did it really matter now that Edward and the Cullens had left her? Maybe she was ready for death, life had become to painful and it was a fitting end to her life. A vampires lover killed by her vampire lovers brother. A tragedy or maybe a comedy. Bella let out a little bitter laugh.

The man finally started to turn. Bella held her breath and waited.

"Jasper." She whispered taking in his familiar face...eyes...his eyes were red. Bella backed away her knees running into a bed. She fell clumsily and scrambled over the side of the bed in haste. She squeezed herself in a corner, huddling into a ball. She felt his false calm reaching for her but she ignored it.

"Bella I promise I'm not going to hurt you." Jasper said his voice soft and deep.

She had always loved his voice but she wasn't about to let him fool her. She stayed where she was her arms over her head. She almost laughed at herself not even five minutes ago she was ready to die now she was terrified that was exactly what was going to happen. She heard movement and tensed even more.

She waited for him to grab her but when he didn't she opened one eye curiously only to see him pacing back and forth in front of the door. He was muttering to himself, to low for Bella to hear all his words. She could pick out some words. She heard him say ..the only way, something about a Raphael, mark, Victoria...That name brought her head up.

"Victoria?" She repeated. Edward had assured her that she was no longer in danger from James coven. Laurent was in Alaska and he said that Victoria hadn't been James mate. Maybe Jasper knew another Victoria, after all he was over one hundred years old. Surely he knew more than one Victoria. She looked up from her musing to see Jasper studying her intently.

"I'm going to mark you Bella. I can't think of another way to get you out of here safely." He said his voice confident.

"What?" Bella exclaimed. "No way. That stupid vampire told me that a mark means that I will just be some kind of walking bag of blood for you. Find another way." She finished sternly.

Bella screamed as he pulled her up from her huddled position. She fought as he pulled her closer to him but he easily pinned her arms and held them with one hand. He forced her against the wall and used his body to hold her in place.

"Shhh..." He blew as he brushed her hair from her neck. Bella shuddered in a mixture of fear and something else...His touch was so gentle. The hand that held her hands captive was like steel and the body that pressed against her was like a prison but his touch...her flesh goosebumped and she couldn't help but lean into him.

He wrapped a strand of her hair around his finger and brought it to his nose. Bella watched a look of pleasure cover his face as he closed his eyes and smelled her hair. She felt a butterflies dance deep inside her at that look. He opened his eyes and Bella looked into the deep red, she tensed slightly. He was going to mark her against her will she should be fighting.

With that thought she began to squirm until she felt his cool mouth brush her ear. Then she felt a small nip and she couldn't help the moan of pleasure. How was he doing this? Was he manipulating her emotions? She didn't think about it long before his lips traveled down her neck. He kissed and licked her in such a delicious manner that she felt her breathing become rapid.

She felt a sharp pain and then a slow burn. She should be fighting this... there was a reason she wasn't supposed to want this. Instead her arms snaked around his waist and pulled him toward her. His hands moved down her back, traveling over her waist and stopping at her butt. He pulled her to him and she felt the evidence of his arousal. She moaned and pulled him to her, wrapping her legs around him so that they were touching intimately while she moved her head further to the side allowing him further access to her neck.

Jasper began to move. Slowly at first but quickly picking up in speed. The pleasure that coursed through her body caused her breathing to turn into gasps and she moaned his name over and over. The sensation reached its peak and Bella screamed out his name as she climaxed. Jasper removed his teeth from her neck and buried his face in her neck licking, while his body shuddered against her.

How long they stayed there Bella was unsure but eventually Jasper raised his head and she put her feet back on the ground. She almost fell as her legs were too unsteady to hold her up but Jasper caught her and gently carried her to the bed. He pulled the blankets around her then pulled her body close to his. Bella knew she should be yelling at him but right now she was just to tired...and satisfied she thought with a soft smile.

Jasper hated this place. The humans below thought to have fun and meet the beautiful people when all they really were was a buffet for the vampires that watched them. He looked around and saw a few human pets amongst the vampires. He hated the practice of keeping humans as pets.

He scanned the vampires looking for Alissa. She was supposed to have some information on where Victoria was hiding. He had been sitting here for an hour and still she hadn't arrived. Jasper felt the blood lust from the vampires near the door rise and turned to see something he didn't think he would.

Bella looked around nervously before taking a seat at the bar. He reached out to feel her emotions, unable to help himself. She was lonely...with a deep sadness...she didn't want to be here. Hopefully she would leave before anything happened. He almost walked over to her but the memory of Alice's prediction stopped him. He couldn't take the chance. So he just watched her from the darkness as she took a sip of her orange juice.

The door opened again and Jasper looked over to see Raphael and a couple more vampires at the door scanning the crowd. Shit! Jasper moved deeper into the shadows and sent out a wave of disinterest. He hoped it would be enough.

He had killed one of Raphael's henchmen last week. The man had been terrorizing a young girl. Jasper couldn't just sit back and watch while the man raped and killed the girl. He had ripped the vampires head off, then cowed Raphael into letting him leave without a fight. It hadn't been a smart thing to do. He had hurt Raphael's reputation and pride. Now he was looking for him hoping to regain both by beheading Jasper.

Jasper knew he could take Raphael on one on one but Raphael always had five or more vampires with him. Maybe he could take on that many...maybe not but he wouldn't risk it till he was sure that Victoria was taken care of. The rumors of her building a newborn army concerned him. He had to make sure that Bella was safe and then he wouldn't mind risking his life in a fight with that arrogant bastard and his henchmen.

He felt a spike in Bella's fear and looked back over at her. A vampire was sitting next to her his hand brushing her hair from her neck. Jasper moved without thinking. He threw the man away from her and faced the man who dared touch her.

"I don't want any trouble Major. I didn't know she was yours. You should renew your claim so there is no mistakes." The man stuttered. Jasper growled in warning torn between wanting to tear the vampire apart and needing to keep Bella safe.

The need for her safety won out and he pulled her to his side.

"A private room." He barked to the bartender.

"You won't get her out of here unmarked Major. I saw at least five other vampires looking at her. If she comes out of that room unmarked you will have to fight your way out of here and I don't particularly want my club destroyed." The man said too fast for Bella to hear. He handed him the keys and glanced to the side, nodding his head slightly.

Out of the corner of his eye Jasper saw Raphael and his men being ushered out the door. He briefly contemplated making a run for the door, but he could feel the blood lust from others in the room. The bartender was right he wouldn't make it out of here without a fight and he couldn't be sure of Bella's safety if he was fighting so many.

He took the keys and started to pull Bella toward the room as fast as he could without panicking her more. He opened the door and ushered her in. He kept his back to her as he closed the door. He was afraid to turn around, afraid of her reaction to his eyes. He took a deep unneeded breath and turned slowly.

"Jasper." She whispered in recognition as her eyes traveled over him until they met his eyes and then she started to back away, stumbling over the bed before huddling in a corner. Her fear was so thick he could almost taste it. He tried to calm her with his gift but she wouldn't have it. She stayed where she was, eyes tightly closed, hands covering her head.

"Bella I promise I'm not going to hurt you." Jasper said in the most soothing voice he could manage. It didn't move her.

Jasper threw his hands up in frustration and began to pace in front of the bed.

"I have to mark her. I don't want to mark her but it's the only way. If Raphael hadn't been standing at the door I could have taken her out of here the moment I threw that creep off her. A mark...Edward would kill me. I should have listened to Alice but then she would have been in danger from Victoria..." He muttered under his breath.

"Victoria?" Bella whispered and peeked up at him. He could feel her confusion and fear. At that moment he decided he would mark her. He would just mark her as a pet, it would make her eager to please him but if he didn't actually try to order her around it shouldn't interfere in her life. Edward would be pissed but he really didn't have a right to say anything since he wasn't here protecting her like he should be. He would make the mark slight and then never see her again. He would find Victoria and kill her and then he would return to being a nomad.

"I'm going to mark you Bella. I can't think of another way to get you out of here safely." He said his voice confident.

"What?" Bella exclaimed. "No way. That stupid vampire told me that a mark means that I will just be some kind of walking bag of blood for you. Find another way." She said her eyes spitting fire at him. Jasper almost smiled but knew that wouldn't go over well. He didn't have time to try to convince her and he had doubts of his ability to do so. He lifted her up, pinning her hands behind her and forcing her back to the wall.

Bella screamed but Jasper blocked his ears. This was the only way...

"Shhh..." He blew as he brushed her hair from her neck. He touched her neck... her skin was soft and warm. Goose bumps broke out on her bare neck and he could sense her arousal. She leaned into him and Jasper almost growled with need.

He wrapped a strand of her hair around his finger and drew it up to his nose, breathing in her scent. It was intoxicating and he closed his eyes in pleasure. He felt a spike in her arousal and he opened his eyes. He could sense her confusion at the war within her between arousal and fear. He didn't want her to be afraid...she began to squirm and he brushed his lips along her ear nipping the lobe. She moaned in response and Jasper couldn't help his own reaction as he felt himself harden. He should stop this...just one taste...he ran his lips along her neck licking gently, tasting her. She was so good everything he ever dreamed of...Her breathing deepened and soon she was gasping in pleasure. All thoughts of stopping were gone as he sunk his teeth in her tender flesh.

The minute her blood hit his tongue he knew... it was in the instant awareness of her mind...in her reaction to him...his reaction to her. She was his made for him and he was made for her. He wasn't just going to mark her lightly as his pet...no she was his mate and he was going to claim her. Did she want this? He couldn't claim her if she didn't...Her arms wrapped around him pulling him to her accepting his bite...his venom...him. Jasper ran his hand down her back cupping her butt and bringing her into contact with his need. She surprised him by wrapping her legs around him. That short sinful skirt she wore pulling up and allowing him to grip her warm thighs.

He began to move against her and she matched his movements while arching her neck more for him. He growled softly at this sign of submission. She began to chant his name and he thought he would explode...but he held back waiting for her. The minute he heard her scream her orgasm he came. He held her while both their bodies shuddered with pleasure. He gently licked her mark, sealing it with care. He felt like he was lost, his love for her was overwhelming, more than he thought he was capable of feeling.

She put her legs down but they were too shaky to hold her weight. He caught her before she fell. He picked her up and gently laid her on the bed. He covered her in blankets then laid down beside her. She cuddled into him with a satisfied smile on her lips. He studied her face while she slept, every once in a while reaching out and caressing her face.

He hadn't meant to claim her. It was supposed to be a little mark. Alice was right he had attacked her and forced her ...no Jasper stopped his thoughts. He wouldn't have been able to claim her if she hadn't been willing. His fingers trailed down to his mark on her neck. She moaned in her sleep and he smiled. He didn't think she knew what this meant. He was sure she would fight him. He had learned a lot about Isabella while he was claiming her. She wasn't the shy subservient girl she portrayed herself to be. He looked forward to the challenge she would give him. She was his, he had claimed her, now he would protect her and...win her love.