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"Major!" Peter cried and hugged him. Jasper broke the embrace. He wanted to find out what was going on and get to Bella. He knew she was safe, he felt it, but he also knew she wasn't here with Peter.

"Who's this?" Jasper asked looking at Benjamin. He liked the man instantly. His emotions were curious and optimistic.

"This is Benjamin of the Egyptian coven. Has a real handy gift." Peter told him.

Jasper shook the man's hand. "It's an honor to meet you Major Whitlock." Benjamin told him.

Jasper felt a little uncomfortable with the man's awe and shuffled his feet a little. "So what is your gift?" He asked.

"I can manipulate the elements." Benjamin told him with some pride.

A smile started on Jaspers face and he grinned bigger than he had in months. "Oh this is going to be perfect." He told them.

Chapter 18

Bella looked around at the vampires hidden around the square. She was a little surprised they hadn't been challenged yet. She rubbed her chest absently, the ache was almost nonexistent. Jasper was here somewhere and she had to work hard to keep from projecting her happiness at the prospect of seeing him. She wished he'd hurry up and find her.

She looked over at Tanya and Kate. They were pacing anxiously. Eleazar, Carmen and Garrett were having a hard time holding them back. They wanted to charge in and find Irina. Bella could feel their worry and fear but she wasn't yet capable of projecting calming emotions. She could only project what she was feeling and even then she doubted she could calm the extent of their anxiety. She had no doubt they would carry out their part in this plan with ferocity.

Rose put her hand on Bella's shoulder and Bella turned around and smiled at her. Rose, Emmett and Char were with her, east of the Volturi's head quarters. Amun and the Egyptian women stood toward the south along with the Amazon coven. Amun was trying hard to convince Zafrina to join his coven. He was fascinated by her gift.

To the west Carlisle, Esme and the Irish coven stood patiently. Bella gave a tentative smile to Maggie. They had met on the way here but she knew instantly she liked her. Her rebellious attitude and thirst for truth made her likeable to Bella. Edward didn't like her though, they had been fighting since she arrived. It made sense, Bella thought with a shrug. Edward had done nothing but lie and Maggie had the ability to see lies and she frequently pointed them out. Neither would admit it but Bella felt a great deal of respect and attraction from Edward toward the woman, along with a healthy dose of annoyance. Maggie wasn't immune to Edward either and fought her own attraction. Bella wasn't sure if this meant they were mates, she would have to ask Jasper later.

They were waiting for Peter to show up with Benjamin and tell them what the plan was. They were supposed to locate Jasper and Charlie so that they would be able to free them before the battle started in earnest. Bella didn't think either man would fight against them. Jasper was free of his promise since Aro had sent the assassin after her, but did he know that? Was he here to spy on them or help them?

Charlie should have already found out Alice's plan and come back to them. The fact that he hadn't shown that they had some way of making Charlie stay. Was it a threat to Jasper that kept him there? But Charlie's shield should allow him to get them both out of there. Something else was happening and that scared Bella.

Bella felt a tingling along her spine and turned around. Her undead heart leapt in her chest as she saw Jasper coming toward her a grin on his face. God she loved that grin. Without a thought she ran into his arms. He caught her and they kissed passionately, forgetting where they were or the danger they were in. Bella felt his love surround her and she pulled away gasping.

She put a hand to his cheek and stared into his red eyes, so full of love and happiness. If she could cry she would. She sent her answering emotions to him. Her love and admiration, happiness and hope. His grin widened and Bella added a healthy dose of desire to the list of emotions she was sending. She looked toward his neck and the mark she had placed there. A thrill went through her, he was hers and no one could take him from her. Not Alice, not Aro.

She heard him chuckle as she began to growl softly. Bella was a little embarrassed but he quickly kissed her and let her feel the pleasure he felt at her possessiveness.

"I missed you darlin." He said. Bella shivered at his voice and his use of his pet name for her. She loved when he called her darlin.

"What's the plan?" She asked not being able to help the smile on her face. She should be afraid. She should be scared for her father and the vampires who were about to risk their lives. She wasn't, though, being with Jasper made her happy.

Jasper grinned and reached out to touch the mark he had made on her. She felt his love and contentment, she nearly purred as he gently rubbed his thumb along the mark.

"Benjamin is going to shake things up when he does that we are going to attack. I'm going with you till you get to your father then I will go to the throne room. Peter is giving orders to the other groups. I'm sorry I can't stay with you Bella but you need to go to Charlie on your own. We are hoping that he will let you in his shield then you can neutralize Chelsea's gift. If not the battle is going to be much tougher." Jasper told her.

Bella took in a gulp of air. They wanted her to go alone to find Charlie? They doubted he would let her near him? She was suddenly frightened and unsure. Jasper feeling her emotions pulled her close.

"Shhh darlin. I have every faith in you." He said kissing her temple. "He is with Chelsea. We aren't sure if they are really mates or Chelsea has bonded herself to him. What ever is the case we know he is going to protect her. She is..." Jasper paused trying to find the words. "She has been using Corin's gift. It makes the recipient content, happy but when it stops the person feels paranoid, scared, and a bunch of other things. You need to help her, project peace while you neutralize her power. But first you need to get Charlie to let you near her. We are hoping if you go alone that he will let you in." Jasper told her.

"I can't project that Jasper, I haven't been able to project anything other than what I am feeling. You need to come with me." She told him in a panic.

Jasper took her hand and guided it till she touched her own mark on her neck. A feeling of peace settled over her and she leaned into her hand hoping to get closer to Jasper. He grinned. "When he let's you in touch your mark and remember this feeling. You can do this darlin." He told her projecting the confidence he felt.

Bella nodded wide-eyed. He made her feel like she could do this. She just hoped the feeling lasted even when he went to do what he needed.

"I'll lead you to the room they are in. The Volturi aren't certain of Charlie yet and have them locked in a room. I'm sure Charlie could have gotten out but he hasn't tried." Jasper told her.

The ground began to shake and Jasper pulled Bella toward him. She willingly let him lead her through the falling walls, she caught a glimpse of the others moving out of the corner of her eyes and prayed silently that everyone would be okay.

Charlie felt the room begin to shake and pulled Chelsea closer to him. She was shaking in his arms. Corin hadn't been here to see her since he had arrived and Charlie guessed she was suffering some kind of withdrawal. She had begged him only two hours ago to take her to Corin. It had broken his heart but Charlie had denied her. He hadn't seen a lot of addicts but imagined they acted a lot like she was.

He wasn't sure he was doing the right thing. He wanted to take her out of here, far away from Aro and his coven, but he waited. He wasn't sure what going cold turkey would do to her and he didn't want to leave if he needed to find Corin to give Chelsea her fix. He growled softly at the thought. He prayed that Chelsea would be able to get over what ever hold Corin's gift had on her.

"What's happening?" She asked her eyes wildly darting and her arms circling him.

"Well I imagine the Volturi are under attack." Charlie said, smoothing her hair back.

"Corin..." She whispered and buried her head in his chest.

Charlie sensed two people outside his door and strengthened his shield around them. One of them was female...Bella! He looked down at Chelsea, torn between his desire to open the door and draw his daughter into his shield and his desire to protect his mate. What if Bella was here to harm Chelsea?

The male left and the door was flung open. Charlie pulled Chelsea with him into a corner of the room. He really didn't need to, even Bella couldn't get past his shield if he didn't want her to, but he was reacting on instinct. His instincts screamed at him to protect his mate and he found himself growling at his daughter.

Bella's eyes widened in shock but she knelt down and put her hands out palms up. She bared her neck to him and Charlie felt himself calm slightly. He still held Chelsea tightly and eyed his daughter warily but he had stopped growling.

"Dad let me in..." She asked softly.

Charlie didn't answer, he wanted to but he just couldn't. He couldn't let harm come to Chelsea, she was holding him so tightly, trusting him...

"I won't hurt her dad. I just want to help. I can help calm her and I can stop her gift. If the people she has bonded are set free it will save lives." Bella said reasonably.

Charlie looked down at Chelsea as she shook in his arms. He felt a moment of panic. What if she had bonded him to her? What if she wasn't really his mate? What if all he felt was fake? Would he lose this feeling? Charlie didn't like that idea he wanted her, manufactured or not he wanted her.

"Please dad...let me help..." Bella whispered.

It was hard, harder than it should have been but Charlie fought against his need to protect his mate.

"Come..." He whispered between gritted teeth.

Bella didn't hesitate as she rushed in. Charlie pulled Chelsea closer to him and growled softly but didn't move away as Bella laid a gentle hand on Chelsea. He felt Chelsea calm and she began to stop her trembling. She looked up at Bella with wide grateful eyes.

Bella smiled and Charlie felt the peace she was sending. He saw one of her hands resting on her neck, on the scar left by Jasper. He felt her peace but his unease was still there. He still felt the all encompassing bond to Chelsea. Had Bella nullified her gift?

"Bella..." He started to ask but Bella interrupted him with a smile.

"Yes dad I have nullified her gift what you feel for her is real. She is your mate." Bella told him.

Charlie growled and pulled the woman up to him and kissed her thoroughly. She responded with an equal intensity. He wondered briefly if she had doubted herself?

"Ahem." He heard Bella's fake cough and pulled reluctantly away from his mate.

"We should get you two out of here dad." Bella told him when she had his attention.

Charlie stood up, drawing Chelsea up with him. "Where do they need us?" He asked. He was ready for this battle and eager to enter it.

Bella looked unsure as she looked from him to Chelsea. "Jasper wanted me to take you and wait outside the building. I had thought to ignore him and return to his side but now I'm not sure." Bella told him.

Charlie understood. He didn't really want Chelsea in the battle, even with his shield he was afraid something would happen to her.

Chelsea pushed away from his arms and stood up. Her jaw firmed and she looked at the both of them. It was the first time Charlie had seen a show of strength from her and he admired it.

"We will go together. Your shield will protect us and Bella needs to be by her mate." She said with authority. Charlie grinned and kissed her soundly.

"Come on!" Bella said a little annoyance in her voice but it was tempered with a smile.

Jasper ran as fast as possible, avoiding all vampires and debris. He needed to make it to the throne room, he had a score to settle with Aro. Everyone seemed to be heading for the throne room and very few fights were breaking out. He supposed most people assumed he was still part of the guard. He really didn't care.

He slammed open the doors to the throne room to see chaos. Aro, Caius and Marcus fought in the corner, well mostly Caius fought. They were surrounded by fighting guards, but Jasper's eyes were drawn to Alice as she cried out to him. Alice was dodging and blocking someone or something that Jasper couldn't see. Even knowing what he knew he felt an urge to go to her...to help her...He shook his head in frustration. He had thought that the gift Bella had given him would stop him from feeling the bond Chelsea had placed on him. He supposed it had to a certain degree but it was hard to see the woman he had loved for fifty years fighting for her life and do nothing to help her.

"Noooo!" Alice screamed suddenly. In her distraction she was thrown against a wall and fell down momentarily stunned. Jasper watched as Irina suddenly appeared holding a long tube and aiming it at Alice. Alice looked toward Jasper as the flames shot toward her. He saw and felt her anger and disbelief as she went up like a torch.

All around guard members looked around themselves in bewilderment. Jasper decided to help that along and sent out a huge wave of confusion. Benjamin appeared beside him and moved his hands, manipulating the fire that had engulfed Alice and sending it toward the kings. Unfortunately the sprinkler system chose this moment to go off and the room was drenched in water. Benjamin didn't even blink an eye before he started manipulating the water and sending it where he wanted. Jasper tapped him on the arm.

"Take care of the guard, I will take care of the kings." He told him.

Jasper couldn't help but grin. It would have been too easy to let Benjamin end the kings in such a simple manner. Jasper was glad he would get the pleasure of ending their reign himself.

He ran forward through the milling confused guard. Caius somehow managed to pull himself out of the confusion and met Jasper head on. Jasper laughed out loud glad for the chance to test himself against the vampire.

They met halfway both grabbing each others necks, but Jasper kicked out his foot and knocked Caius off balance. The man started to fall trying pull Jasper with him but Jasper twisted out of his hold grabbed one of the hands using his teeth to tear a bite off his thumb. Caius howled in pain and rage, he quickly pulled himself up and faced Jasper with a glare.

Jasper just grinned, he had the vampires measure and was confident he would win. The question was how long did he want to play with him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Aro sneaking out of the door. Well that answered that question, he thought. He quickly ran forward, grabbed Caius' arm and spun throwing him into the melee near where he knew Peter stood.

"Thanks Major!" Peter called with his own grin. They had fought so many battles together they were able to pinpoint each other on the battle field. It was a handy skill.

Jasper surveyed the room before taking off after Aro, he wanted to make sure that his side would win. He nodded his head when he was certain and ran out the door. He caught up to him rather quickly.

"Hello Major." Aro said staring at Jasper with confidence that Jasper knew he didn't feel. Jasper studied him and waited, wondering what Aro would try to get out of this.

"We have a deal Major, or are you a dishonorable man?" Aro asked with a sneer.

Jasper threw his head back and laughed. "Good one, Aro." Jasper grinned. "I know about the assassin you sent against Bella. I told you what would happen if you attacked any of my family."

Aro's false confidence fell away and his fear now showed on his face.

"I think that you need more of a punishment though." Jasper told him.

Aro drew himself up. "My guard will be here shortly." He said.

"I don't think so. I think that those that remain loyal will have their hands full." Jasper told him still studying him.

"You have seen in my mind my victims. You have seen the thoughts of your victims but I don't think you can get the full impact without feeling their emotions...Yes I think it's time you felt the pain you deal out." Jasper told him.

He sent out every feeling of terror, resignation, hopelessness, horror that he had ever felt from his victims, magnifying it. Aro screamed and fell to the ground. Jasper watched him with narrowed eyes not letting up. This man deserved this and more for attempting to kill his mate. If Jasper could he would continue this for eternity. He could tell the battle was winding down though and he wanted to make sure that Aro died. He didn't trust that Carlisle in his soft heartedness might attempt to save him.

Jasper reached down, putting one hand on Aro's chin and the other behind his head. He twisted, pulling and ripped the vampires head off. He continued sending out the emotions as he pulled out a lighter and lit the vampire on fire. He was glad the sprinklers weren't going off in this room. He didn't stop with the projection until all that was left was flickering flames and ashes.

He felt Bella's presence before he saw her. He grinned as he saw her come into view with Charlie and Chelsea. He had known she could do it. She ran to him and jumped into his arms. Jasper chuckled as he pulled her to him and began to kiss her. They didn't even notice when the sprinklers went off drenching them once more.


Bella watched Charlie teaching Chelsea how to fish on the dock of their lake front house. It was peaceful with the sun setting in the distance and Charlie quietly laughing as Chelsea got her hook caught in the back of her chair.

Bella laughed to herself. She didn't think Chelsea was ever going to get the hang of casting a fishing pole but her father loved trying to teach her and Chelsea indulged him.

It had taken a long time and a lot of help from Bella and Jasper but Chelsea had finally kicked her addiction. She was happy with Charlie and Bella was happy they were all together. They had all taken up an animal diet, partly in deference to Jasper who still had a hard time with killing humans, but also as their new born year had drawn to a close the desire for human blood had lessened to an extent where it was manageable. Chelsea liked to hunt and was glad for the change of diet.

The three Volturi kings had been defeated and Amun, Carlisle and Eleazar had taken their place. The Denali sisters had stayed along with the Egyptian coven and Garrett, becoming part of the new guard. A lot of the old guard stayed on. Dimitri in particular was glad to return to Amun and stayed on. Jane and Alec stayed not knowing what else to do. They were a much gentler guard and no longer searched out talented vampires, forcing them to join. They also showed more mercy and no one was compelled to remain in the guard.

Peter and Char had stayed with them for a while but resumed their nomadic ways. Bella missed them at times. They were always fun to have around, though Peter and Jasper together could sometimes be a handful.

It turned out that Maggie was indeed Edward's mate. He returned to Ireland with them and was happy. Bella never returned his gift and Edward was grateful. He liked having the silence in his mind. Maggie was a good influence on him and he was learning honesty and integrity.

Rose and Emmett stayed with them at times but also joined Carlisle at times, helping when needed. All in all Bella was pretty happy with how things had turned out. Her hand went to her mark and she smiled as she ran her hand across it remembering the day Jasper had found her in that club and marked her. It had been a long road to get here but worth it.

"Hey darlin, look who I found tramping around in the woods." Jasper said with a big grin. She looked over to find him standing with Peter in a head lock, both of them muddy from head to toe.

"Jasper Whitlock! I hope you plan on cleaning off before you step foot in the house!" Bella said with her hands on her hips. Sometimes he was still such a boy, she thought with annoyance.

Jasper's grin got bigger and he dropped Peter and started to advance on her. Bella wasn't sure what he had planned but knew that grin. She squealed and took off running. Jasper caught up with her in a moment, throwing her over his shoulder and running for the lake. He jumped over Charlie and Chelsea and landed with a big splash in the lake. She pushed away from him under the water but he caught her before she hit the surface and began to kiss her. They were still kissing as they broke the surface.

Bella could hear Charlie cursing Jasper for splashing them and Chelsea giggling beside him. She could hear Peter in the back ground running toward them and felt another big splash as he jumped in the water to their right. Jasper finally pulled away from her his grin firmly on his face.

"I love it when your angry with me darlin." He told her.

Bella began to smile and she leaned in to kiss him again. Oh how she loved this man, she thought fingering the mark she had made on him.

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