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The Contract


Several knocks resounded through the small office followed by Anna's voice.


What could it be now?

This was about the fourth intrusion today while the Queen sat buried behind papers. She had enough work to get done without Anna bursting in every half hour or so. Documents had to be signed, trade agreements had to be made, and laws had to be passed or revoked all decided by the Queen. Resting her head on fingers, Elsa felt the pulsating headache that came with the privileges as ruler of Arendelle. Hearing another knock come from the door, Elsa reached her breaking point.

She could say no.

She could tell Anna to go away.

But Elsa knew that she did not have it in her to shut Anna out like this. Not again.

"Come in," the phrase still sounded foreign to Elsa.

The Queen's frustrations melted upon seeing Anna, remembering everything her sister has done for her. She climbed a mountain, faced a snow beast, sacrificed herself, and even believed in Elsa when she did not even believe herself. There was no question that Anna loved her sister dearly, and Elsa loved her immensely as well.

The princess held something behind her back, but frowned when she noticed Elsa's posture.

"Is this a bad time?" Anna asked.

"No," Elsa straightened in her chair, placing her hands in her lap. "No, I just have a slight headache."

"Would you like to make some tea?"

"That would be perfect." Elsa smiled as she stood and walked over to Anna. She cocked her head over her sister's shoulder to see what was behind Anna's back. "So what do you have there?

"First and foremost, we have a problem within the kingdom." Anna walked backwards out of Elsa's office, beckoning for the Queen to follow. Elsa rolled her eyes before walking out as well with her long gown trailing behind her.

"The problem being?"

"We don't see each other enough."

"We do too."

"No we don't. You spend at least three-fourths of your day in that stuffy office. I only get to see you for breakfast, rarely at lunch, and sometimes during or after dinner when you don't go to bed immediately."

"I'm sorry, Anna, but I do have duties to this kingdom as the Queen." Elsa folded her arms in front of her chest.

Anna paused. "So I come second?"

"No, you are definitely my first priority." Elsa admitted, "but I am still trying to figure out how to balance being the Queen and your sister at the same time. I'm out of practice."

"That's why I came up with this." Anna brought a piece of paper out from behind her back. Elsa took the document and read at the top of the page 'The Sister Contract'.

"You must be joking." Elsa shook her head as she skimmed through it.

"Nope! It's legal too. The Arendelle approval stamp is in the bottom left corner and the local judge has reviewed it also. It's official documentation." Anna said smugly.

"Percy read through this? I don't believe you." But as Elsa read the document, there was a line marked 'judge's authorization' where he left his signature. That surprised Elsa, but she scanned the document further and noticed the golden crest of Arendelle, a three petaled flower, inked to the left of the judge's signature. "So how did you sneak in to my office to get this stamped?" Elsa arched one of her delicate yet also dangerous eyebrows.

Anna knew Elsa caught her. "Well, you see, I may or may not have gone in there with the help of a certain snowman who may or may not be able to talk and unlock doors." Anna opened her mouth to say something else, but she caught her foot on the bottom hem of her dress and tumbled backwards to the ground.

"Oomf," Anna grunted.

Elsa suppressed a laugh by covering her mouth; but as she offered a hand to the clumsy princess, she could not fight the smile that played at her lips.

"Karma," Elsa said while grabbing Anna's hand. The princess squinted her eyes in return before springing up with the help of her sister.

"So what do you think?" Anna asked.

"Well, like all good documentation, it is best reviewed over a cup of tea." Elsa looped arms with Anna as she groaned impatiently, yet still made her way towards the kitchen. Once seated at the kitchen table, Elsa noticed that her headache had subsided and it wasn't from a cup of tea, for that was still brewing on the stove.

"I cannot believe you actually had this typed up. But before I consider signing it," Elsa began, "I would like to clarify a few things."

Anna nodded, waiting for her sisters questions.

"If I sign this, we are required to spend time with each other every day? For thirty days?"


"Why thirty?

"We need bonding time, however, I figure thirty days is long enough until we start doing things naturally with each other." Anna explained.

"I don't understand. Don't we do things 'naturally' now?" Elsa asked.

"Hardly," Anna answered frankly.

"What if I have meetings with prestigious individuals or a situation commands my attention?"

"Make time," Anna folded her arms. "Besides, who is more prestigious than I?"

"I can think of several."

"Name five!"

Elsa raised one of her slender fingers. "Ari Rehn, the Prime Minister from of Finland, Viktor Hartwig, President of Germany, Tonia Aldelmira, Queen Consort of Spain, and Patrick Uasal, a respected Irish dignitary."

"That was only four."

"Oh, you're right," Elsa clapped her hands together. "And Sven."

Anna clicked her tongue, squinting her eyes at her sister for the second time that day. "He's only a reindeer."

"Yes, but not just any reindeer. He also belongs to the duo of 'Arendelle's official Ice Master and Deliverer'."

"That's not a thing."

"Of course it is! I made it so."

Anna let out an exasperated sigh and leaned back in her chair. "You're getting us sidetracked. Do you want to do this with me or not Elsa?"

The Queen realized that even her sister's patience can be strained. Obviously this document meant a great deal to her, but the only issue for Elsa was truly finding the time to spend with Anna. What if they ran out of things to do within the next thirty days?

"How do you suggest we stay preoccupied?" Elsa sincerely asked.

"Well, I'll decide what we do one day and you pick the next." Anna explained. "Between you and me, the possibilities are endless!"

"Okay," Elsa nodded her head. She actually liked the idea of spending time with her sister, yet what was the catch? "What happens if one of us breaks the contract?"

"If you break this contract Elsa, it means chocolate is no longer allowed in this castle."

The Queen's jaw dropped, but she gathered herself quickly. "Now I know you're joking!"

Anna shook her head. "It's in there, and this is serious stuff. The grounds of Arendelle castle will be cleared of chocolate if either of us break this contract. So, will you sign it?"

Elsa pretended to consider her options, enjoying how Anna's impatience grew. The princess's fingers drummed against the table and she rested her head in the palm of her hand, giving Elsa a glare. Gerda walked over with the tea, and Elsa made a point to pour a cup before anything else was said. Anna groaned in frustration as the Queen slowly brought a cup to her lips, had a sip, then set it back down.

Elsa sighed contently before nodding her head.

"Okay, I'll sign it." She said with a smile.

"Really?" A huge grin replaced Anna's glare.

"On one condition."


"I get to decide what we do first."

"Deal!" Radiating with enthusiasm, Anna jumped from her chair.

"Gerda, would you fetch me some ink and a pen?" Elsa asked.

"Certainly, your Majesty," Gerda left the room and came back with the writing utensil and a glass container filled with the black liquid. She set it beside the Queen as Anna thrust the paper in front of her. Elsa signed and dated the document in her neat penmanship and Anna hastily signed it as well.

"When do we start?" The Queen asked.

"Right now!" Anna sprang up from the table and dashed out of the room. She popped her head back in the kitchen when she noticed that Elsa wasn't following her. "Are you coming?"

"I need to finish my tea, Anna." The Queen stated simply.

Anna groaned from the doorway, and Elsa giggled as she brought the cup to her lips.

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