In which Wizard Lenin remembers that he hates children, the new transfer student tells his rather graphic and horrifying tale of woe, and Ginny Weasley decides to take another health day.

Lenin Rabbitson, symmetrical, pleasantly smiling, leaning on the wooden crutches Lily had made for him earlier, looked out at the captive audience of the second year Gryffindor, Slytherin, Default Defense Against the Arts class, who all just stared helplessly back.

Of course, in Wizard Lenin's defense, he'd expected interrogation from Dumbledore or else Snape, and true there'd sort of been a brief impromptu meeting at breakfast. Where Dumbledore had summoned her, Wizard Lenin, and Rabbit to the head table, sort of smiled at them all with a twinkle in his eyes and declared that Lily was being docked ten points for smuggling in immigrants but was being given twenty points for aiding war refugees in need.

And he'd left it at that, in spite of Snape's spluttering, McGonagall's spluttering, and Wizard Lenin's glare of utter doom and bafflement.

And of course as Wizard Lenin hobbled away, under his breath to Lily, he muttered, "He is planning to stab me in my sleep; that underhanded, manipulative, son of a whore."

So he was probably distracted by asking himself what Dumbledore was planning, over and over again, and why he hadn't jumped at the chance to interrogate Lenin or at the very least throw him out of the castle for appearing literally out of nowhere in the middle of a monster hunt.

That or he'd completely forgotten how to interact with people.

"…You know, I really don't know why I'm surprised that this is happening. Because really, we've been overdue." Blaise commented under his breath, more to Daphne than to Lily, but loud enough that Lily could hear him and wonder if she agreed with him or not.

"Wasn't that what the Chamber of Secrets thing was for?" Daphne whispered back, still staring up with raised eyebrows at Wizard Lenin, who wasn't fidgeting, in fact was worryingly not fidgeting, was instead spending his time glaring at Lockhart with enough force that Lockhart should probably be on fire right now.

"No, no that's legitimately terrifying, we've been overdue for… weird."

Lily didn't know whether she should feel insulted or not, but she did feel that she should probably have something to defend herself with, unfortunately she did not.

"Hello everyone, my name is Lenin Rabbitson, and I'm Lepur Rabbitson's half-brother. I recently... moved, I suppose, from Albania and decided to transfer to Hogwarts and reunite with Lepur…. I was sorted into Default this morning. That's it." Wizard Lenin stopped then, still with that too pleasant look on his face, which usually meant he was pissed as hell, and hobbled his way back to his seat on the left of Lily.

Which was all well and good except that Hermione Granger was sitting on the other side of Lily, which would be fine if Hermione and Wizard Lenin weren't insisting on spending every second staring each other down into submission, which would be fine if Lily wasn't sitting in the middle of their staring contest.

Not to mention, since everyone was turning their head to stare at Lenin Rabbitson, it meant they were also staring at Lily.

Luckily Gilderoy Lockhart, while looking slightly unnerved, also had stars in his eyes and seemed to have decided that this was a great opportunity, "Albania? Such a dangerous place these days, you were very lucky to get out while you did, Mr. Rabbitson. You and your brother. Of course, I myself have been to Albania on numerous occasions."

"Oh, really, professor?" Lenin Rabbitson, his eyes lit up delight, asked Gilderoy Lockhart. This caused certain populations of the classroom to stare just a little bit harder, in even more disbelief than before, because only certain portions of the classroom actually took Gilderoy Lockhart seriously anymore.

"It has always been a place filled with dark creatures and untold dangers; this recent vampire revolution has done nothing to change that fact. Albania, I think, has always had something of a heart of darkness."

Judging by the slight gritting of Lenin Rabbitson's teeth, as he smiled pleasantly back at Gilderoy Lockhart, he found something in that statement really grating. Although it was hard to tell exactly what, because frankly there was a lot grating in that sentence.

It was great for A.L.F.'s publicity though, which in turn just increased Riddle Inc.'s publicity, so it was all good news for her. She should probably check in with Frank, now that she thought about it, see how the Albanians were doing and if they were still holding the country. Last she'd heard it was a complete shit show still, with all of these wizard revolts springing up, but then a lot of the wizards were already dead so she doubted the new regime was that unsteady.

"Yes, well, at least before it wasn't overrun by vampires." Lenin pointed out, again a bit too pleasantly, although now there was an undercurrent of danger in his childish voice that would put any observant person on edge.

An observant person such as Hermione Granger who was gripping her wand with white knuckles. Which was probably fair since Wizard Lenin was convinced she was a puppet dangling from the thin, brittle, fingers of his better half.

"Oh, but it was, you see when I was in Albania, as you may recount from your required reading, I had not only numerous run ins with hags but also with several vampires."

Lily blinked, blinked again, and she just couldn't help herself, "What?"

"It was perhaps one of my most dangerous adventures to date, certainly one I will never forget. See, I had taken to wandering the countryside, and had come across a village overrun by…"

Lily really couldn't help herself, "No."

Now that she thought about it she remembered some vaguely Eastern Bloc adventure with vampires being mentioned somewhere in this class but she just couldn't handle it. Claiming to be attacked by vampires was Squirrel's thing. You just didn't do that anymore it was too… It was too Squirrel.

Gilderoy Lockhart's grin became a little tighter, "Ten points from Default, for interrupting, Miss Potter. Remember, that while you may have…"

Lily threw her hands in the air, past her limit already, which was really far too early in the day to be past her limit in anything, "And you may not stutter but I have heard enough about vampire adventures in Albania to last me three life times."

For a moment he blinked, then looked a bit horrified and then strangely chagrinned, a rather odd and unnatural expression on his face, "Oh, yes, of course, I forgot that you yourself… spent time in Albania."

And now people were really staring.

Right, Lily had almost forgotten about that. Not the spending time in Albania bit, but that Quirrell had supposedly kidnapped her to Albania before suffering a terrible death, she had really just been referring to Squirrel's stuttering explanation of why he had a speech impediment and wreaked of garlic, which was more than traumatizing enough for anyone.

She had also forgotten that she'd sort of wriggled her way out of explaining that to anyone by conveniently joining Default. Not to mention the whole Chamber of Secrets fiasco had managed to distract everyone from what Ellie Potter did or didn't do the previous summer. Unfortunately, it looked like she had just inadvertently reminded everyone.

And that now it looked like everyone truly expected an explanation, "…Yes, yes I did. It was… extremely violent."

For a moment the good professor Lockhart, and the rest of the class, just stared at her. Then, slowly, Professor Lockhart said, "Bottling up your feelings will do you no good, in the end, Miss Potter."

What did he know? Lily had been bottling up her feelings for years and she was perfectly fine. Well, most of the time, she was fine most of the time. And really, who could ask for any more than that? Lily was great at compartmentalization; she was perhaps the master of compartmentalization.

She did not need tips from Lockhart of all people.

"Think I'm good." Lily said, and Lockhart just pityingly shook his head in response, as if there was so little about the world Lily knew.

"Perhaps now, but one day your own feelings will overwhelm you and you will have to deal with them."

"…Sure, alright." Lily said, hoping that this would be the end of that, and whatever it was that Lockhart was up to, but apparently it wasn't.

"I had planned to spend today, on this special occasion of receiving a new transfer student, to speak of my own adventures in Albania in a lighter age, but you've all read about my adventures. Perhaps it's best I pass the torch, so to speak, onto the next generation."

Oh, well, shit.

"No, you know what, you can talk about your communist vampire adventures, I…"

"No, no, you're right Miss Potter," he said motioning for her to rise and move to the head of the classroom, "More, you're in need, as no one has heard your tale yet."

Then Lockhart's eyes landed on Lenin Rabbitson, "Perhaps you would like to join your friend, Mr. Rabbitson, as you yourself were recently in Albania."

Now, knowing Wizard Lenin as well as she did, Lily knew that this was a terrible idea and at this point and that if he wasn't masquerading as an alarmingly symmetrical twelve-year-old Gilderoy Lockhart would probably be on fire.

"Oh, no sir, I couldn't possibly… I'm much to traumatized." The pleasantness was heavily strained, almost gone, and instead Wizard Lenin's routine dry, frustrated, and displeased tone was seeping in.

Professor Lockhart still looked extremely expectant, the entire room looked extremely expectant…

Lily glanced at Wizard Lenin, he didn't even bother to look back at her, well they could just leave, skip class, she'd already skipped… Well, frankly a lot of classes. It was actually surprising that no one had done anything about that, of course she had detention pretty much every night and weekend, but still you'd think at some point there'd be some threshold that would get her suspended or just expelled. Shouldn't Dumbledore be talking to her about that, actually?

(Actually, shouldn't Dumbledore be talking to her about a lot of things? He'd been surprisingly hands off, even for Dumbledore. Maybe she should be concerned about that…)

Wizard Lenin seemed to have made the decision for her, because he stood, looked down at her in silent expectation. She looked back up, clearly portraying silently that she had no desire to… Make up a lot of bullshit on the spot to get through this class.

According to Wizard Lenin's face, he did not accept this excuse.

Awkwardly, she sighed in the dead silence of the room, and wandered up to the front, Wizard Lenin hobbling up with her.

She then stared out at her audience, marking faces here and there.

Well, there was Hermione, staring at both of them blankly and with an edge of panic, still gripping that wand with all of her might. Which, again, fair enough, because if she did give him half a reason then Wizard Lenin probably would try to kill her… Less than half a reason, actually, he could kill anyone with only half of a reason and he already seemed hell bent on suspecting Hermione which was reason enough for him.

He was probably thinking less, 'why kill her' and instead 'what's stopping me from killing her'.

On second thought Lily should also make sure that Wizard Lenin and Hermione were never left alone together.

There was also Neville, looking oddly torn and completely out of his element, just as he had the day before with the snake. And she'd promised she'd talk to him, and she would, just…

Then there was everyone else who looked more or less as stunned as Zabini and Greengrass, except for some of the girls, they looked extremely interested in Wizard Lenin, more than extremely interested… The kind of interest they usually gave professor Lockhart or else Rabbit.

Which, glancing at Wizard Lenin's expression, he did not at all appreciate.

And they were all still staring at her and Lenin.

"Lenin, I think you should go first." Lily finally started, shifting the focus to him.

"No, Ellie, having only just crawled my way through the vampire infested countryside I think you should go first." He said, that strained pleasant smile breaking at the edges, his eyes boring holes into hers.

"Well, to be honest, the utter trauma of having been kidnapped by Squirrel all summer while also traversing the vampire infested countryside has left me way too traumatized to go first. So you should." She smiled back, perhaps a little more pleasantly, but also with that same intensity to let him know that she wasn't doing this first. Hell, he was actually good at this stuff, or said he was anyways, perfect time for him to prove it.

"Alright, fine, I'll go first," he paused, then started, looking frankly a little terrifying standing there next to her, "Twelve years ago my father made some very interesting life choices which haunt us all to this day…"

"Uh, Lenin, that's kind of a long time ago for Albanian adventures." Lily interrupted.

"No, no, Lily, you said that I should go first. I'm going first," his pleasant tone had become decidedly less pleasant as he cheerfully smiled at her, worse he had even slipped and called her Lily, and didn't even seem to mind, "You see, Albania is indeed filled with dark and dangerous creatures. You must always watch your step and watch yourself lest you become the victim of calamity, as my father found himself, shortly after the death of my mother. My mother was a beautiful woman, but she was fragile, and died in childbirth leaving my father devastated. He passed me off to my uncle, who with took me carefully into his arms all while asking just what my father was thinking, and wandered alone into the forest where he would not return until a month later. And in that time, in his rage, his grief, his utter despair, a great and terrible being came upon him and seduced him. He wandered home shortly after, something integral missing from him, like a central piece of a jigsaw puzzle had been taken and lost somewhere in the ether. A few months after that Lepur was delivered to our doorstep, small, pale, and looking like the spitting image of my dead mother and I."

This was, not what Lily had been expecting, at all. Also Wizard Lenin was getting eerily into the story, to the point where Lily wondered if this really had happened to him, she was pretty sure it hadn't from the pieces she did know of his past, but he was getting ridiculously passionate in this rather gruesome tale.

She also had the feeling that this was his passive aggressive way of telling her that she really should have gone first.

"Now, we were all quite happy for some time, or as happy as one can be when their father's soul has been devoured by a demon, their brother is some sort of reality devouring abomination, and their mother is long since dead. However, we got by, and I didn't mind it. That is, however, until my father became very unlucky one day and wandered across a desperate Russian vampire travelling swiftly west. He looked as if he had crawled out of a gutter, covered in grime, eyes glowing like stop lights, and when he saw my father he didn't even seem to notice my brother and I following only a little way behind. The vampire ripped out my father's jugular, and like a young man in a university's fraternity, guzzled him down without hesitation or stopping for a breath. He then dropped my father's corpse, my father's neck bent at an unnatural angle, and stumbled off drunk towards the west, leaving my father staring at us with the glazed black eyes of a cod at market. And then we no longer lived with my father."

Why did Lily have the feeling that this was only going to get worse as it went on.

"We then went to live with our uncle, a much more reasonable sane man, for some time. I liked my uncle, liked him more than I had ever liked my virtually absent father, and while I lived with him I was quite content. However, my uncle also had certain opinions about our government, and trusting me and my brother he felt safe to tell us that he harbored these opinions. He shouldn't have. There was a local school in our village, where Lepur and I would go daily, and they had told us that if our parents or anyone espoused certain ideas then it was our duty as Albanians to tell our teachers so that they might see the error of their ways. And so one day, I did, and they gave me a medal, had a celebration for me, I was declared the hero of the class. And my uncle, that night, boarded a train to Siberia and was erased from every single photograph ever taken of him. And then we no longer lived with my uncle."

Did Soviet wizards do that too? Also, Lily was pretty sure that was a Stalin thing but Wizard Lenin was on a roll and the student population, and Gilderoy Lockhart, looked horrified. Now that she thought about it, in spite of having encountered many dangerous foes, Lockhart's stories really weren't as gruesome as they could have been.

That probably should have been a sign from the beginning that it was all bullshit. Having been in Albania herself Lily remembered it being quite gruesome from time to time.

"But we had a second cousin who was still alive and in the country, so dutifully my brother and I packed our bags and went to live with him. He wasn't a terrible man, he was a drunkard, he clearly saw me and Lepur as an imposition, but he took us in. He unfortunately also gambled, and by the end of the year, had failed to pay his debts to the goblins. And then we no longer lived with my second cousin."

"Oh, Lenin, you just have the worst luck when it comes to relatives." Lily commented rather awkwardly, which did nothing to distract the audience from the pit of despair that was Lenin Rabbitson's tragic Albanian past.

"Life has never made any pretense at being fair," he commented, side eyeing her with those, too sharp, and too pale, blue eyes of his, "You of all people should know that."

Of course she knew that, she had known that for a very long time, perhaps since the very beginning she had known that.

That didn't make Wizard Lenin's story any less ridiculous though.

"Having no relatives left in the country, no friends, Lepur and I had no choice but to enter one of the few magical orphanages in the country. There, if we were fortunate, we would be adopted by a childless wizarding couple searching for an heir. But Lepur and I were already too old, and though clearly gifted, were too unsettling for adoption. But we lived, and we survived, at least until the orphanage burned down in the first vampire revolt."

Here he finally paused, but not stopped, no he had a wistful look on his face as if he was looking back and back into his dark memories. A look which only added to his extremely violent tale, "Long before the blood thirsty A.L.F. made a name for itself, long before the English noticed anything wrong with my country, there have been vampire rebellions. And while the wizards, my countrymen, will tell you that we won each and every time until this past year, the orphans and I can tell you a different story. Because do you know who has been feeding the revolution? It isn't Riddle Incorporated, no, it's the blood of orphans, those who have nowhere else to turn and might as well disappear. But my brother and I did not disappear, for years we survived, and gathered slow but sure plans to leave the country. I did not realize Lepur would leave first…"

Here he paused, you could practically see the betrayal and devastation in his eyes, "It was by luck I ran into Eleanor Lily Potter last summer, as she herself traversed the country to return to England, as well as her friend the abomination Lepur Rabbitson. And I too realized that I must leave, make my way by any means necessary to England and Hogwarts. And this proved rather prophetic, as I made many decisions that I am not proud of, sacrificed perhaps far too much to crawl my way here. But I am here, and my brother is here, until of course this castle burns down with all the rest I have ever inhabited." He took a deep breath, then glared over at Lily, "And that, Ellie Potter, is why I am far more traumatized than you are and should not have gone first."

Oh, was that the point of that, was that… A joke? A really bad Lenin-esq joke that nobody was getting. As it was half the audience had tears in their eyes, from Pansy Parkinson to Neville Longbottom, and even Hermione looked more than a little ruffled (if still terrified).

"…Yeah, I guess I should have gone first after all." Lily just settled on.

"Well, it's too late for that now. As all of my relatives discovered, regret is the most useless of all emotions."

Made Lily wonder what had happened to his actual relatives. She was pretty sure he'd mentioned something now and then about killing his father as well as the rest of his paternal relatives and that he'd framed his maternal uncle for the murders but beyond that… Actually, that was probably most of his relatives.

"Um, well, as you all know I was kidnapped by Squirrel last year… I, uh, ended up stabbing him in self-defense as he tried to concuss me to death?"

This seemed like the right thing to say, it was true after all, if a little out of context… And she'd never told anyone before, and even as she said it, and the memories flashed behind her eyes with surprising clarity, she felt a little lighter for being able to say it out loud.

But only for a moment, because then staring out at her stunned audience, still staring at Lenin Rabbitson, she wondered if any of them had listened to or believed a word she'd said. And even if they did, did any of them care at all?

After all, none of them truly cared about Lily's confrontation with the basilisk and the heir.

(And why had she, for a single instant, expected a different reaction from them?)

"Right, well, that's that then." Lily said, shoving her hands into her pockets, feeling a little more flustered than she probably should, and stalking back over to her seat with Wizard Lenin hobbling behind.

No one said anything, which was rather surprising as usually this was the part where people talked, they just kept watching Lenin Rabbitson's pitiful progress over to his seat. And then even as he sat down, picked his quill back up, and stared attentively at the board, they kept staring.

And kept staring.

And clearly they weren't going to have class today, even a Lockhart class, which was usually beyond useless anyways.

After battling a basilisk, turning Wizard Lenin into an Albanian transfer student, Ginny, the heir thing in general, Hermione, coaching Default into not dying, quidditch, and more, Lily decided that she had more than enough of a right to bail.

"Right, well, Lenin and I are also too traumatized for class." Lily said, grabbing Wizard Lenin's arm, and then said, "So, bye everyone, see you later."

Then hauling ass, with hobbling Wizard Lenin in tow, she ignored all shouts behind her and began to head towards the one place where no one would be around in the middle of class. Even with Wizard Lenin bickering in her ear.

"Was that really necessary, Lily?"

"Are you serious? Are you really necessary?" She tugged him down the stairs, perhaps harder than she should have, given that he had a bit of difficulty with them, but she wasn't in the mood to humor him either.

"I forgot how much I detest children." Wizard Lenin offered, as if this was enough of an explanation, "Besides, now they won't ask about Albania."

Because that made it all perfectly reasonable and didn't top Lily's already, frankly, surreal and unpleasant morning.

"Well, you could just tell them everyone you knew there ever died. Oh wait, no you already did that."

"Oh, no, I could have been far more graphic. I didn't even describe how I got out of Albania." He offered her a rather thin smile, grimacing as he almost stumbled down the steps, clutching at the hand rails along with his crutches.

"Let me guess, you fed the vampires orphans."

"Am I that predictable?"

No, no he wasn't, because she never would have pictured him doing this, "I thought you were good at the people thing!"

"I am great at the people thing."

"Really?" Because Lily never would have guessed after that performance.

He then gave her a look, a narrow eyed glance as if she was missing something completely obvious, "Do you think Dumbledore will refuse to see me after something as glaring as that?"

Well that was… Not exactly surprising but still the worst plan ever, and she'd think it was something of a tangent if it wasn't Wizard Lenin obsessing about Dumbledore. Because she had almost managed to forget how much he seemed to enjoy doing that, "You want to talk to Dumbledore? Why do you want to talk to Dumbledore? You hate Dumbledore."

"I find his silence far more unnerving than his high handed lectures." He said before adding, "Don't you find it odd, Lily, how he doesn't seem to look at you all? In spite of everything that's happened, in spite of my own appearance in the middle of a fifty-year-old crisis, nothing. And after that last time he truly spoke with you…"


"There was once a time when he stopped talking to me altogether, where he stopped offering moral advice and instead became almost unnervingly polite." He paused, assessed her, and then said, "Let's see how far he's willing to push this recent bout of neutrality."

Well, that was certainly Lenin-like logic if there was any, but he could have gone about it… better. She was abruptly aware that Wizard Lenin hadn't talked to anyone besides her in over a decade and maybe that was starting to show.

"I think you just didn't want to sit through class."

He grimaced, "I was barely in that class Lily, you hauled me out before he even started lecturing."

And that just showed how few Defense Against the Dark Arts classes he had attended with Lily this year.

"…Lenin, that was the lecture."

For a moment he looked a little stunned, "Oh, you know, it's a wonder you aren't all dead."

It really was, but by that point they were already there, at the one place no one would ever think to look…

Except for Ginny, because somehow she had forgotten that the dungeon bathroom was Ginny's favorite place, even when class was going on. There she was, staring ahead at the wall, leaning against the entry way, looking a little paler and thinner than she probably should have, but also looking like there was nowhere else in the world she'd rather be.

"Shit." Lily uttered, almost turning around, with Wizard Lenin still in tow and looking more murderous by the minute but it was too late.

Ginny's eyes caught on her and they widened slightly, and for a moment there seemed to be no emotion there at all, or rather something far too complicated, conflicted, and strong for Lily to parse correctly.

Then she grinned, stepped forward, her eyes lighting up from the inside with excitement.

"Oh, Lily and…" Ginny trailed off, her look of excitement falling and replaced by an oddly blank look as she and Wizard Lenin made eye contact.

Wizard Lenin's eyebrows rose, but then his look of dubiousness vanished and was also replaced by that oddly blank look, one she also couldn't really manage to read.

And Lily's day somehow got worse.

"So, Margarita, this is Lenin Rabbitson. He's Rabbit's half-brother, also from Albania, he recently watched every single relative he had die and made his way here to reunite with Rabbit. Uh, Lenin, this is Tequila… She goes to school here."

The look on both of their faces faded and Ginny thinly smiled back at Lily, "It's Ginny, Lily. And it's nice to meet you, Lenin, I'm sorry about your family."

"Don't be, that was years ago." Lenin certainly didn't sound too hung up over the death of his hypothetical Albanian family.

Ginny seemed to take that as a sign to move on, "You know, Lily, I was hoping you'd stop by today. I was wondering how you were doing after…"

For a moment Lily couldn't quite grasp what Ginny was talking about, there was that slippery feeling again, the feeling of missing something important, then the chamber came flooding back and she remembered that Ginny had been… Somehow involved with all of that, Lily vaguely recalled her being in the bathroom at the time, or maybe she just talked to Lily after the speech. Still, it felt like she'd talked to Ginny and that Ginny had been concerned, and weird, like always, "Right, yeah, I'm um, super. Never better. Sort of busy with Lenin though at the moment. War made him a little crippled."

"Right," Ginny said, her eyes flicking to Wizard Lenin then dismissively back to Lily, "Well I'm glad you're alright, I was worried, you know. I doubt most people could live after slaying whatever it is the heir keeps locked in the basement."

Lily really doubted most people could slay a basilisk, or at least, she'd like to see them try.

"Of course, I never doubted you." Ginny then insisted, as Ginny always did when her respect for Ellie Potter was in question, "If anyone could do it, should do it, then it would be you, Lily."

"Why are you calling her Lily?"

And then there was Wizard Lenin, staring at Ginny with a little more focus than he had before, and for a moment Ginny's look of ease disappeared and there was that cold assessing look again. But it was gone in a moment, and that pleasant, chagrinned expression was back, "Well, I've always thought she looks more like a Lily."

It was at this point, where the two just stared at each other, that Lily noted that Ginny really didn't look good. She was paler than usual, her hands shaking slightly, and it looked like there were bruises beneath the sleeves of her robes if Lily stared long enough. She looked… Well, almost as bad as Lily herself probably did.

Lily could think about that, could wonder what it was Ginny got up to in her free time, but frankly Lily didn't really want to know. Frankly, the less she knew about Ginny the better.

"Right, Ginny, don't you have class or something?"

Ginny smiled, "You're very concerned about my schedule, Lily."

Lily grimaced, and ground out her poor excuse which probably didn't fool anyone at all, "Well… your education is important."

Ginny nodded, clearly not fooled at all, and then shrugged stating, "I needed a health day."

"A health day?"

Ginny sighed, "There's only so much Severus Snape one can take in a week. I'm afraid I've reached my limit. Besides, you seem to be here too, along with your Albanian friend."

Lily had absolutely no reason to attend class though, plus she'd been skipping classes regularly for two years now, Ginny had no right to comment on Lily's own attendance problems.

"Right, well then, I guess Lenin and I will just head back upstairs then." Lily said, since Ginny didn't appear to be going anywhere.

"Oh, no, you don't have to leave." Ginny said, flushing and raising her hands in defense, "Really, I didn't mean to interrupt, even though you sort of snuck up on me."

"No, no, it's cool… Lenin probably shouldn't be hanging around a girl's bathroom anyways." Lily said, which was one of those things she thought about in retrospect, although if the entrance to the Chamber was in here, and he'd opened it when he was younger, then he'd probably spent an unnatural amount of time in this bathroom.

"No, really, it's alright…"

But Lily had already turned around, dragged Lenin with her, and whispered, "Just keep walking, don't look back, it will just encourage her."

"Please, don't go."

And Lily was sprinting, dragging Lenin behind her, him barely managing to hold onto his crutches and he sprinted and panted behind her as they made their way up the stairs, "Jesus Christ, Lily!"

But Lily didn't stop until she reached the seventh floor, panting herself, staring down the stairs to where Ginny was still waiting. And as she breathed, hunched over, and Lenin stared at her, she wondered why she had been so…

Panicked, in that last second, with those last words she had been terrified.

Not of Ginny, not necessarily of Ginny but…

"Well, I can see why you call her unnerving."

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