In which Lily feels extremely stupid and curses her lack of foresight, has a head of house who for the first time is actively concerned about her education and future, and decides to stick to what she knows best.

Oh, History of Magic, still professor-less and pointless as ever and Lily's first class of the brand-new year. This class held such fond memories like putting Pansy Parkinson in her place, skipping this class entirely, and just sleeping through it. It had, in fact, been the last class at Hogwarts she'd ever attended: the one in which Neville had confronted her, where she'd left halfway through and lit herself on fire, and then promptly never been seen again.

All, of course, while learning absolutely nothing about any history of any magic that had ever existed.

One could say that History of Magic held a special place in Lily's heart.

And today she was making yet another fond memory that was just a sign of times to come.

Instead of sitting with moody Hermione, Zabini, and Greengrass in their third year Transfiguration course, Lily was here crammed between Luna, Rabbit, and Ginny Weasley. In other words, Lily was currently sitting in the second year offering of History of Magic.

The first of Lily's second year courses, even though Lily, thanks to time travel, probably wasn't just thirteen but pushing fourteen and then some.

She felt like a giant. A very stupid giant trapped here for reasons that were not her fault. All the munchkins in Munchkin Land were just staring at her in such wide-eyed awed that they hadn't even started on "where have you been, Potter?", "ding dong is You-Know-Who dead?", or "follow the yellow brick road". Ginny Weasley couldn't keep her eyes off Lily's face, had in fact been staring since breakfast, and still hadn't dared to breathe a single word.

And so, they all sat in dreadful, perfect, silence for at least five minutes of what was going to be the next hour of the rest of their lives.

Luna sneezed. In the silence it was loud enough that it could have been a gunshot.

Sniffling, Luna offered a weak smile and a weaker apology, "Sorry, I'm allergic to wrackspurts. They're in season, you know."

Of course they were.

The story of how Lily had been unceremoniously held back a year, officially making her more incompetent and dim-witted than Carbbe and Goyle: despair of the Wizarding World's future generation, was a simple one.

It was all that fat bastard Slughorn's fault.

Immediately after the welcome feast ended Slughorn escorted Default members new and old to his office just as Dumbledore had only the year before. And when Lily said immediately, she meant that she barely had a chance to sit down after returning from the hallway with Malfoy before he pounced. Which, of course, meant she didn't get to finish that treacle tart.

Slughorn's office felt like it was trying a little too hard to be Malfoy's study, it had a few comfortable leather armchairs, a roaring fireplace, a bookshelf lined with thick tomes. It was all nice enough quality, Lily supposed, but it lacked the "I'm too rich for you, dirty peasant" vibes that one could always get from any corner of the Malfoy estate.

More, unlike the fine wizarding art collection the Malfoy's possessed, Slughorn had a few souvenirs and photographs placed in key positions to catch the viewer's eye.

There, for example, was Slughorn and a young woman in a professional quidditch uniform in an autographed photo. There was Slughorn again in another signed photo, this time with a very academic looking young man holding up an award. There was Slughorn with a man that Lily was pretty sure was the current minister of magic.

And speak of the devil, there was Slughorn and none other than a young Lucius Malfoy and several other young and snotty looking aristocrats of near the same age. They each stood with a flute of champagne in hand, looking like they were only barely tolerating Slughorn's beaming presence ruining their photo. The young Lucius Malfoy, who looked as if he'd gotten lost on his way out of a shampoo commercial, could barely keep the resting sneer from his face.

Then there, right on the mantle place, Lily almost did a double take. There was a photograph of what must be Lily's parents, James Potter and Lily Evans. They stood next to each other and Slughorn, grinning, and the woman… Once again it was like looking in a mirror, because Lily could so easily see how her features would transform into Lily Evans' given enough time. She looked… She looked almost exactly like she had in Wizard Lenin's memory, that day in Diagon Alley that had damned her and changed the course of Lily's life. Even in a mere photograph, there was a kind of glow around her.

Lily quickly tore her eyes away from it.

Each photograph, cheerfully smiling across at Lily, looked as if it was just dying to answer her unspoken questions of where it had been taken, why, and what exactly Slughorn had to do with it.

Lily could just be being paranoid, everyone was due their mementos, but she had the terrible feeling that her photograph would soon be joining the others.

And Slughorn was beaming at Default the same way he beamed in the photos.

"Welcome to the new year, Default students," Slughorn said, clapping his hands together enthusiastically, "Oh, I have heard so much about each of you. Lemon drop, anyone?"

And this year, it appeared that Luna had learned her lesson, as no one reached out to take the proffered lemon drops. However, unlike Dumbledore, Slughorn seemed to mind the awkward silence that followed.

"Right, I suppose we should get down to business then?" Slughorn asked, raising bushy eyebrows as if to ask if that was alright by them. Nobody said a word.

"As our headmaster mentioned, I am Professor Horace Slughorn, and was previously head of Slytherin house for many years. In fact, I taught many of your parents and even your grandparents. Headmaster Dumbledore asked me to step in while Professor Snape is on sabbatical, and in turn I offered to help lighten his load and head Default house. While it's not Slytherin, I'm looking forward to the time we have together and building Default up from its foundations."

Once again, no one said a word, in fact they all looked at him rather dumbly. Lily imagined they were all thinking about how the last two years of Hogwarts had gone. Enjoyable was not the word Lily would have used to describe any aspect of them.

Slughorn's smile dropped completely.

"Yes, well, let's see," he coughed, clearing his throat to cover the lack of noise, "Per the Headmaster's suggestion and after speaking to your professors I have decided to keep the same delegation of roles. Hermione Granger and Lepur Rabbitson will remain Default prefects—"

You could almost hear Zabini's jaw drop the floor, "Him?! Are you kidding?!"

Blaise pointed at Rabbit, who had returned to staring mindlessly into space as if the patch of wall right behind Slughorn's shoulder was the most interesting thing he'd ever seen.

"Rabbitson is not capable of being prefect!" Zabini spluttered, face flushing a bright mortified purple, "He's not even capable of passing his classes!"

The thing was that she was pretty sure that Zabini felt it was beneath him to be Default prefect and had no interest in doing any of the tasks required. She couldn't picture him patrolling corridors after hours, confronting students about hurt feelings, or whatever it was prefects did. He just didn't want to be passed over for the job for Rabbit.

Lily couldn't exactly blame him, losing to Rabbit was a low blow.

Even though, technically, she'd been passed up for the job by Granger and Rabbit too and you didn't see her upset about it.

Zabini wasn't done though, he slammed his hands on Slughorn's desk, "Sir, you may not know this, but he's not even capable of eating lunch by himself! Potter spoon feeds him! For the love of Merlin, just make the male prefect Potter already, she's practically a man anyway!"

"Me?!" Lily balked as Slughorn looked over at her in confusion and alarm, "What did I do to become prefect?!"

And then, after a second's thought, she added, "And what do you mean practically a man anyway?!"

Zabini didn't have time to explain though, because right then, the worst thing in the world happened.

Rabbit's cold, black, infinite eyes turned to stare directly at Zabini. His perfect lips curled into a gleeful shark-like smile. Then, his bell-like voice rang out and said, "Do not presume to mock me, mortal upstart."

Everyone recoiled in instinctive terror, shivers running up their spine, even as Luna weakly said, "Rabbit, you talk! That's wonderful, I mean, that's—"

"Time is short," Rabbit said, his smile now a cheerful and almost polite thing, "Try not to waste it."

And just like that, he went back to staring dispassionately at the wall. God in heaven, Lily had to get rid of those dementors. And if he didn't return to normal after that…

Well, then Lily could not be held responsible for her actions.

Slowly, everyone turned back to look at Slughorn who, rightfully, had no idea the magnitude of the events which had just occurred. Voice strained, Lily suggested, "You'd better just go ahead and make me prefect."

Let's not give Rabbit any kind of authority, he could use it as justification to eat the students he found after curfew.

Slughorn opened his mouth, closed it, and then weakly said, "Then I suppose, against my better judgement, that Miss Hermione Granger and Miss Eleanor Potter will be our Default prefects this year. I'd ordinarily choose at least fifth year students but, Default's demographics being what they are… I suppose we must all make do. Prefect meetings will be once a week on Mondays—"

"Oh!" Ginny said, raising a hand with wild abandon, looking as if she was desperately vying for attention despite the fact that there were only a half-dozen of them in the room, "If Ellie Potter's prefect, that means she's not quidditch captain anymore, right? Can I be quidditch captain? Can I? Please?"

Slughorn looked over at Lily once again, likely taking in her complete and utter apathy at the prospect of losing her position as quidditch captain. This was matched by the apathy of every other house member besides Ginny at the prospect of anything quidditch related let alone being captain.

Still, maybe Lily should stop this. It was one thing for Tequila to be in Default, with Lily's begrudging permission, it was another thing for her to try to dive straight into the heart of it by becoming quidditch captain. Lily didn't have to let it go this far, she didn't—Then she saw Ginny's eyes, shining, and the shadow of that morning fading away.

"You better go ahead and make Tequi—I mean Ginny Weasley quidditch captain," Lily said with a sigh. Why did she have the feeling she'd regret this?

"And I suppose Miss Ginny Weasley, a… second year, will be our new quidditch captain," Slughorn added lamely.

"Yes!" Ginny said with the fiery determination that could only be found in those who actually gave a damn about sporting events, "Oh this is going to be awesome, you guys! I'm wizard at quidditch. I swear, on my honor as a Gryff—as a bloody Default, I will turn our record around and destroy the competition! Slytherin's not going to know what hit them!"

Yes, Lily was regretting this already.

Slughorn, on the other hand, seemed to have regained his footing thanks to Tequila's passion, "Excellent resolve, Miss Weasley! Though I must warn you that most the teams will not only have older and more experienced players but more of them."

"They can keep their Nimbus 2000s," Ginny said with a feral grin, an unholy fire burning in her dark eyes, "We've got Ellie Potter as seeker."

What was that supposed to mean? As far as Lily remembered she wasn't good either. Sure, she was decent on a broom but that didn't mean anything. Seriously, what was that supposed to mean? Lily was just marginally better than Hermione Granger and the rest of "I'll just bench myself while you go have fun" Default.

"Indeed, we do," Slughorn said with a smile and a hearty laugh, as if he knew exactly what Ginny was talking about, "Must take after he father, he was a phenomenal chaser."

Here he gave Lily a pointed look, as if just daring her to ask about her father, who had apparently loved quidditch. Lily said nothing, instead it was Hermione who asked, "Are you going to give us our schedules, sir?"

"Right, yes, of course," Slughorn said, "Well, first, I want you to know that as my house students you are free to come to me with any problem you may face throughout the year."

Hermione gave her thinnest, most displeased, smile, "The schedules, professor."

Slughorn was looking like he was regretting volunteering for this position. Too bad, Lily thought, she was pretty sure she'd brought it on himself.

With a flourish and a swish of his wand Slughorn summoned the small squares of paper dictating how they were about to spend each of their weekdays for one year. If they had Potions and Defense back to back again, Lily was going to light something on fire.

"Ah yes, here you are Miss Granger, Miss Greengrass, Mr. Zabini, Miss Lovegood, Miss Weasley, and could you stay behind one moment, Miss Potter and Mr. Rabbitson?"

Before Lily could pluck the schedule out of his fingertips it disappeared leaving Lily to almost fall flat on her face as she reached for it. She turned to look around, but Hermione was already ushering out the rest of them out of the office to make the long ascent to the Default common room.

The traitors.

Lily tried and failed to smile at Slughorn, "May I have my schedule please, sir?"

"In due time," Slughorn said with a smile, "First, I wanted to know that you especially can always talk to me. You have gone through more than most people can even imagine in these past few years, and I want you to know that I am and will always be here to listen."

"That's great," Lily said with a strained smile, "But the schedule—"

"You may not trust me now, understandable given your circumstances, but I hope that in time your opinion will change."

"Sure," Lily said, "I'll think about it, but the schedule—"

Slughorn looked at Rabbit first, who looked blankly back. Lily wondered what he saw, an unnervingly good looking and unnervingly dim schoolboy? Was that how the staff described him? Or did they even use the word unnerving? Perhaps, to them, Rabbit's disguise was exactly what he was, some traumatized Albanian schoolboy who still hadn't picked up English.

Slughorn, having enough of soul searching in Rabbit's eyes, sighed, "First, Mr. Rabbitson. Although it pains me to do this, the faculty has agreed that your performance was… better when you shared classes with peers, particularly with Miss Potter. While I can't in good conscience pass you onto your second year, I also cannot in good consciences have you repeat your first year an unprecedented third time in a row with no housemates to accompany you. Instead, you will be given intensive remedial instruction by tutors to catch you up to speed in each subject and I will expect weekly updates and substantial improvement."

Rabbit, as expected, gave no indication of either an opinion or even a thought regarding his less than stellar academic performance.

Lily had news for whatever poor upperclassman tried and failed to tutor Rabbit. They were about to spend many long hours staring into his dark eyes waiting for some or any sign of life let alone intelligence.

And then he'd probably eat them because that's what Rabbit did these days.

Maybe Lily would have to come along to those tutoring sessions.

"Do you understand, Mr. Rabbitson?" Slughorn asked slowly, seeming to catch on that he was talking to someone with the intelligence of a wet towel.

Rabbit gave no response.

"He gets it," Lily quickly cut in and at Slughorn's bewildered and dubious look added, "I'll go over it with him later. It's fine, Rabbit just takes a while to process things."

Except not nearly as long as he used to or should have and that was a sign of the end of times and oh god Lily had to get those dementors off the school property.

Slughorn didn't need to know that though.

"In that case, I suppose that was all I had to say to you, Mr. Rabbitson," Slughorn said slowly, and, on seeing Rabbit standing there like a dumbass, "You may go back to your dorm now, Mr. Rabbitson."

Rabbit failed to move.

Slughorn opened his mouth, likely to insist, but Lily beat him to it, "Actually, he can stay. He'd probably just get lost out there, so I'll need to take him back with me. He can listen to whatever you have to say to me, it's no big deal."

More importantly, there was no chance in hell that Lily was letting him wander the halls alone in his current super Rabbit state. There was no telling what might disappear or what he might do when she wasn't watching.

She was going to have to tell Luna to be ten times more vigilant this year. No, she was going to have to somehow trust Luna to be more vigilant this year. She'd thought Luna had it mostly under control, but when Lily had disappeared, she'd just let Rabbit…

The important thing was that everything appeared to still be standing.

Slughorn looked at Lily, looked as if he desperately wanted to ask if there was something wrong with Lepur Rabbitson. Lily just smiled cheerfully and explained, "He's still traumatized from Albania. And Squi—I mean Quirrell, and, you know, last year what with that whole Voldemort kidnapping thing... Trauma for everybody."

Slughorn did not appreciate Lily's cheer. In fact, something about what Lily said struck the fear of God into him. Strange, Lily usually had to try to do that, she didn't think she'd ever done that by accident before.

Was it something she said?

"So, you have a schedule for me?" Lily finally asked.

"Ah, yes, about that," Slughorn said, shaking himself out of his terrified stupor, "The thing is—"

"The thing is?" Lily said slowly, a terrible feeling sinking into her stomach.

"The thing is, I'm afraid, Miss Potter, that I cannot move you onward to your third year of Hogwarts."

"Say what?"

Slughorn cleared his throat awkwardly, "You see, the third year of Hogwarts is a very special year where one begins to make decisions that will affect the course of their education. After missing the majority of not one, but now two, Hogwarts years the staff unanimously agreed that you were not ready to begin selecting electives."

The staff? Hadn't the staff, unanimously, the year before decided that Lily was too good to stay a first year and was expected to pass with flying colors through her second?

Lily felt as if she'd just been gutted. She could almost hear Wizard Lenin laughing at her. She'd joked about it at the time, but god, Lily really was almost a Hogwarts dropout.

"Oh, sir, but I—That is—Are you sure that's what they decided?"

"I am sorry, Miss Potter, but the fact remains you are not prepared for your third year. You are undeniably and unprecedentedly gifted in every subject you've taken, noted by every professor I've talked to, and were you to take your OWLs tomorrow you would have record breaking scores in the practical portions. However, your grasp of theory has always been minimal at best, and last year took a turn for the worst. Only a few weeks into the term you stopped turning in homework, began sleeping through class, and often would skip class entirely, clearly giving no thought to your future. More, given what has happened to you—That is, the staff, and I myself feel it's best to let you take a breath, try again, and have time to sit down and think about your future."

"My future?!" Lily blurted.

What the hell did that even mean? Everyone knew Lily, Ellie Potter that is, didn't have a future. She just got kidnapped or shanked or something every year and then showed back up. She didn't—

Slughorn, however, didn't agree, "It may seem early, but graduation's only a few years away. By May of 1998 you'll enter the world and should have an education to match."

What alternate dimension had Lily just stumbled into? Had Rabbit eaten Scotland while she was passed out on the train? Neither Snape, her head of house in her first year, nor Dumbledore, head of house in her second, had ever given a single damn about Lily's performance inside Hogwarts let alone preparing her for the world outside of it.

The best reaction she managed to get out of them were series of detentions, the label of quidditch captain, a few sparse meetings, and a whole lot of lost house points.

"But I—" Lily stopped, stumbled over her words, and felt herself flush as she admitted a terrible truth she'd never even thought about, "I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up."

"With your talent, my dear, the world is your oyster! You could become an auror, a curse breaker, an enchantress, take your father's seat in the Wizengamot full time—"

Lily felt like she needed to sit down.

Her future… What would that even look like? She just assumed that Wizard Lenin would be doing his thing and she'd be… Well, what the hell would she be doing? For now, she was at Hogwarts but what if the door between them was still closed later? Could she really just wait in his shadow forever? And even if it wasn't, she couldn't just eat Cheetos on his couch for eternity. What would she do when she was fifteen, sixteen, or even twenty-six?

Would she have her own apartment, her own job? Would Dumbledore still be alive, if so, what would he want with her? What about Wizard Lenin, would he have some role for her to fulfil or would it be like now where he left her to her own devices? Did Lily even know what she'd want to do with her own devices and an entire world set out in front of her?

Why could she not picture her life beyond this school?

"Miss Potter?" Slughorn prompted, looking more than a little concerned as he stared at her.

"Right," Lily said, squashing her own concerns down like the needless things they were, "Look, I can take the third-year classes. Just put me in one of the electives, I don't care which—"

"And that is exactly the attitude we're trying to avoid," Slughorn chided, "Miss Potter, you have got to take control of your education. This year won't be like last year, you will attend every class, turn in every paper, and every week you will be reporting to me to discuss what you've learned."

Jesus, between him and Malfoy Lily was never going to get an evening off, was she?

Well, that was no skin off her nose, a little obnoxious but—

It was exactly at that moment that Lily realized the terrible difference between this year and last year. Wizard Lenin not only wasn't in her head, he wasn't in the building. Those assignments she hadn't turned in, there'd been a reason for that, a very large reason called 'Wizard Lenin knew all the answers that Lily had never bothered to pay attention to'.

Oh no, Lily was going to fail Hogwarts.

Now, sitting in History of Magic, all Lily could think was that she was still going to fail Hogwarts. She was going to fail her second year her second time through and it was going to be terrible. Unless, by some miracle, she got her act together and read her textbooks.

Probably just easier to fail.

Wizard Lenin would understand.

She could get expelled for terrible grades, couldn't she? Except, then how did Crabbe and Goyle keep plugging along? Maybe failing just meant that Lily would be stuck here forever.

With quidditch, and dementors, and Rabbit.

She'd just get taller and taller while the children in her classes got smaller and smaller.

Maybe she could beg Hermione for help. Hermione still owed her for that whole parents thing, didn't she? Well, if she didn't, then if there was thing Hermione seemed to believe in it was making bargains. She'd certainly agree if the godlike Lily then owed her some favor or another.

Maybe she could just beg Wizard Lenin for help through letters. He might answer with something useful in a timely manner, maybe.

Was History of Magic always this long? Surely, she didn't have to worry about this class. With no professor she could leave anytime she felt like it. Slughorn couldn't be that on top of his game, could he? Unless one of the eager second years went and snitched on her. Except, even if they did, what could he do? Take away house points? She'd been there. Detention? She'd been there too. If he thought that he had any power over her then he needed to have a nice long chat with Snape.

Lily had more important things to worry about than Slughorn's feelings and her own future. Like Rabbit, sitting right next to her and smiling at her with genuine fondness, or the dementors that Lily could see floating off in the distance outside the classroom windows.

Those combined with Dumbledore's mysterious death hand and the capture of Pettigrew were far more worthy uses of her time.

None of which changed the fact that Lily was about to fail her first round of essays.


Lily jumped out of her seat and nearly fell onto the floor at the sound of Ginny Weasley's voice.

"Don't do that!" Lily hissed out, trying to regain her composure.

"Oh, I just," Ginny flushed, stammered, and desperately averted her eyes from Lily, "I just thought that maybe, you know, since it's History of Magic and all… Maybe we could talk?"

Lily was very tempted to say no, extremely tempted, but she held it together, "Sure, talk about what?"

"I just—" Ginny's voice was far too loud in the oppressive quiet, and Lily could tell that every student in the room was hanging on this conversation, "You know, we didn't really get a chance to meet properly."

Lily wondered if she'd pointed out that, for some definition, they were already quite familiar with each other. Did Ginny even know that? Could she remember any of it? Enough to piece together what had happened, clearly, or at least that he'd been possessed by the dark lord himself. However, whether she'd been any way present for those conversations was a mystery.

Ginny suddenly bent her head forwards, "I'm sorry!"

"You're what—" Lily hastily put up a notice me not charm, drawing all eyes away from the confession that Ginny Weasley should not be having in public. Well, all eyes except Luna and Rabbit's, they were hanging on every word.

"Whatever I did, or said, I mean if we met last year—" Ginny said, face flushed bright red as she stared down at the table, "If you happened to meet me last year, then I wasn't me then. Whatever I said, whatever I did, it wasn't me. I kept hoping to meet you, putting it off, and then when I realized what was happening it was already too late. I'm just—I'm so sorry."

"It's fine," Lily lied through her teeth. It was not fine, it was never going to be fine, but Ginny didn't have to know that. That was reserved for Wizard Trotsky.

"No, I want to start over!" Ginny said, and with that she threw her head up and stuck her hand out towards Lily, "I'm Ginny Weasley. I love quidditch, tried and failed to be a Gryffindor, I have six older brothers who suck, and I am your biggest fan!"

Lily, trying to smile but only managing a grimace, took Ginny's hand and hesitantly shook it, "They call me Ellie Potter. I hate quidditch."

That… was not the right thing to say, was it? Lily glanced at Luna, she was frantically flinging her hands back and forth and shaking her head, the universal gesture for "no" and "bad idea". Lily looked back at Ginny who looked like she'd been run over by a bus.

Why was Lily doing this again?

"That's it!" Lily stood from her seat, "Why the hell are we sitting here when we have a job to do?"

"A job?" Luna asked, "Already, Captain Prefect?"

"That's right!" Lily said, "As your illustrious prefect I cannot leave the school in danger any longer. It's time to find Scabbers!"

There was no telling where Sirius Black was, if he had any brains he'd be halfway across the channel by now, so that was going to have to wait.

"Scabbers, you mean Ron's rat?" Ginny asked, eyes bugging out of her head, "But wasn't I supposed to ask him about that?"

"We don't have time for that," which was to say Lily didn't have time to sit here and have terrible conversations with Ginny and Scabbers was the best and most productive excuse she had.

Lily banished her belongings back into the void where she could summon them in time for their next class. An hour was enough time to catch an out of shape rat, wasn't it?

"Hold on," Ginny said, packing up her things in a mad rush, "I'll come with you! Ron, not to mention Percy, will kill me if I don't!"

"Oh, us too," Luna said as she packed up both Rabbit and her own belongings, "Default never leaves a man behind!"

"Wait, no, no that's not what I said!" Lily tried to say but it was too late, they were all looking at Lily with such hope in their large, adoring, eyes. Lily wasn't just an authority figure to them, Default prefect with a shiny new badge on her chest, she was an authority figure who had yet to let them down.

That didn't change any of this though.

"Trust me when I say that you guys do not want to be there for this!" Lily said because god only knew what would happen when Lily double checked to make sure that Scabbers really was Peter Pettigrew.

"For what?" Ginny asked and then, growing pale, "You're not killing Scabbers, are you?"

No, but he'd probably wish he was dead by the time Wizard Lenin was done with him.

"No, just—" Lily tried to find an acceptable explanation, "You don't want to know."

"Last time you said that you were kidnapped by an angry ghost and we didn't see you until the next year," Luna pointed out, "Therefore, your Default comrade in arms should come with you!"

Lily couldn't do it; she couldn't disappoint them like this. All that hope in their eyes, it burned, it was like a physical pain Lily couldn't bat away. Suddenly, she really didn't like being a prefect.

Lily was going to have to take them with her. Maybe Tequila coming along would actually, somehow, make it all easier.

She'd just capture Scabbers with them, no need to confirm what or who he was with all of them watching. If it all worked out, then Ginny never needed to find out that Ron had been technically sleeping with a naked man for the past three years.

Everything would be fine.

And, more importantly, it was better than sitting in History of Magic.

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