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Bella's pov

its been six mouths sense Edward left me and jake put me back together but now he is ignoring me. I have had enough so today I am going to confront him and that's where I am heading now.

I pull up into jake's driveway to see him standing on the porch.

sick! I yelled as I walked up to him. you don't look sick to me Jacob black.

Bella you can't be here go home.

you don't want me I said wrapping my arms around myself trying to hold myself together.

Bella its me I am not good

oh the its me not you excuse.

its true Bella I am not.

you promised you wouldn't hurt me.

and now I am keeping promise now go home he said walking toward his friends.

I walked toward my truck opened the door turn toward the group and said goodbye forever Jakey I am sorry I was such a burden then got my truck drive home until I couldn't see and had to stop.

I lay down in the seat let myself cry the patch that Jake had put over hole ripped wide open and I couldn't bring myself care vicoria could come and get me I had nothing to live for now anyway, just then my door...

Jake's pov

I walked in to the forest with pack then herd "goodbye forever Jakey I am sorry I was such a burden". my knees hit the forest ground and the tears that I had held at bay broke free has I cried for the lost of my best friend who, I had put back together to only break worse then before I herd all her pain in how dead her voice was.

I was so wrapped up in my own misery that hadn't notice paul was clutching his chest in pain.

Paul what's wrong sam's question broke me out of my depression and I moved over to Paul.

imprint paul barely got out in a whisper.

you imprinted on bella sams eyes widen In alarm.

paul nodded

sam jumped in to action so quick that I thought he would fall on his butt.

jake, jared go get bella now if she's imprinted on paul then she's almost dead.

NO! paul screamed

wait what, whats imprinting? I asked.

its how a wolf finds his soulmate.

okay so paul imprinted on bella?


how can that lead to bella being almost dead?

Jake you don't understand when a wolf imprints they literally live for that person and when newly mated it can kill both mates to be apart and even after me bond settles it still cause great pain to be apart.

so right now both Bella and paul are slowly dying?

yes,now go get bella

okay me and jared ran until we came across Bella's old pick up truck I flung the door open to see an almost unconscious.

I picked her up out of the truck then looked toward jared and said I am going to run bella back you drive her truck back.

he nodded.I began to run.

oh bella I am so sorry I didn't mean anything I said I turned into something but it not my place to tell you what that something is then Paul imprinted on you and I can't let you get hurt bells imprinting is how we meet our soulmates. I love you bells like sister I can't let you die so please tell me you accept everything I just said.

yes I do and some how I already love Paul even if I haven't met him yet and also I know your wolfs cold one exist why wouldn't shapeshifters just please get me to my paul and fast I am fading.

okay bells we are here just hang on i said has I walked to sam who so trying to get paul to uncurl his body.

Paul bella is here but I can't lay her on top of you if you don't lay flat I stated.

paul reached up and plucked Bella from my arms and laid her against his chest they both sighed in relief I just wish they hadn't had to have hurt in the first place...