Hope Through Overwhelming Firepower 1.1


Power lanced forth from Taylor's palm, a streak of red light aimed straight for an old, derelict ship in a now unused portion of the old docks.

Coming down towards it at an angle from above, the red light broke through the deck of the ship like so much tissue paper.

The ship's structure groaned, having lost a large chunk of the material that went into maintaining it, and began to emit a slight bubbling sound as it rapidly took in water.

"That was only twenty, and it still pierced all the way through the ship.I'm not sure what would happen if I used all of them, but it's unlikely to be anything I can use without telling everyone I'm here." Taylor decided.

A final "blurp" echoed, signaling the last of the previously derelict, and now significantly more than derelict ship's attempts to stay above water. Parts of the top of it bumping into other ships in the graveyard during it's decent.

"...And that, I believe, is enough for the night."Concluded Taylor. There was only so much devastation she could cause before someone noticed. And all the way out here, at this time of night? Unlikely to be anyone friendly. And running into any of the gangs out here was the last thing she still hadn't managed to get her lasers below a setting of, "likely to vaporise the average human," and while she was sure there were worse ways to start off a super heroing career than vaporising a bunch of skinheads, she was having a difficult time thinking of any off the top of her head.

And while she could probably get away from them, her power came with a respectable physical ability boost as well after all, she wasn't exactly thrilled with revealing her parahuman status to the world before she had even the slightest costume down. A scarf, and a pair of goggles, did not an effective costume make. At least, while one is leaping and jumping around.

Inhaling deeply, Taylor brushed some errant dust from her jeans, and began the slow trudge out of the docks.