A small drabble based off the promo for 3x11. It's amazing how one glimpse can ignite something in the fandom.

Love you shipmates.


A Moment


You know those moments, those intricately woven moments that mean the world to you for no reason at all? Those tiny things that happen to make you smile or those crushing imperfections in time that leave you gasping for air and wishing life was different. All those little moments.

I remember the way my stomach dropped and my heart clenched when Henry introduced himself. I remember the way Mary Margaret had taken me in like her own family before she even knew she was. The way David had looked at me with protection in his gaze and absolutely no understanding of why he felt that way. Those perfect little bubbles of time. They're the things I want always to cherish, to look back on and use to make sense of my life.

The things before that, before them, before I had a family. Those moments hurt, they ache and they sit in my gut and feel like a storm brewing, but they built me, they made me resilient and strong. Family after family, Neal and losing my son – it kills me to think about it all, to remember back to those moments. But I have to.

I look up at the pirate standing next to me. Hook. His gaze meets mine and we share a grim smile, his thumb grazing across my cheek and taking with it a tear I hadn't realised had fallen.

I remember the way his hand had felt at the back of my head, the way he was gentle but insistent, how he couldn't seem to get enough. It almost makes me smile because thinking back, I know that perhaps I was the one who couldn't get enough. I remember the way his hook had just barely grazed my thigh, the way his stubble had prickled against my skin in the most tantalising way.

His hand reaches out to hold mine as we watch from our vantage point, the curse taking over Storybrooke, dragging so many people we love away from us. Henry's already waiting in the bug and we'll leave soon too, but I need this. I need this moment to remember, to know what I'm fighting for.

I lean against Hook, taking the comfort he so readily gives and god it feels good to have someone by my side, someone to rely on, someone to trust. It just makes me want to fight for this so much more.

I know we'll be separated eventually, I know the curse will catch up with us and tear us all apart, but if we can find this potion, if it really exists…

Hook's lips just barely graze my hair and he tugs on my hand, "Come on, lass. We need to move."

And I know he's right and we're running out of time, but I find myself wanting to stand here just for a second more, just long enough to feel his hand move to my back, just long enough to smell that combination of rum and leather that is just him, long enough to commit this moment to memory and hold onto it as we race into this great big unknown.