Jan 1st 2014

I got my best friend back at Christmas. Actually, I've had him back for a while. The idiot just neglected to tell me.

That's right. To all of you who have been gossiping. I can confirm that Sherlock Holmes is not dead. He is very much alive.

He probably thought at the time that he was protecting me from the truth. I think this is the first time I've seen Sherlock's protective side. I kind of like it. To those of you who think Sherlock deserved to "die" that night you're wrong.

Sherlock faked his death because he cared. He sacrificed himself for the three people he cared about the most. No. Your eyes aren't deceiving you. Sherlock is human, please remember that. It's important. Because one day I neglected to remember that fact. I called him a machine. That was wrong of me. I shouldn't have said that. It's the furthest thing from the truth.

Sherlock is the most human, human being that I have ever known.

I never stopped believing in Sherlock. Even when I couldn't remember him I think something deep inside of me wanted to believe in him.

We should all believe in Sherlock. Because without him the world would be a dark, dark place. I reckon we all need someone a little like Sherlock in our lives.

I'm just luck to have the genuine article.

That's it for my first post I suppose. Sorry about Sherlock deleting my old blog. It was just his attempt to block out the past. I'll probably post some of our old cases up in the future. My memory is coming back slowly.

Thanks for all of those who have been supportive. Spread the word.


-John Watson